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3,102 Possible Causes for &, 2004, Crous,, Diplodia, Niekerk, Van, porosum

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  • Adenovirus

    ., van Tol, M. J. and Kroes, A. C. (2005). Internally controlled Real-time PCR monitoring of adenovirus DNA load in serum or plasma of transplant recipients.[] METHODS: Surfaces of the barracks and medical clinic of a training camp were swabbed in 3 studies in 2004 and 1 study in 2007, and tested with culture and polymerase chain[] KEYWORDS: A-kinase anchoring protein; E1A; adenovirus; cyclic AMP; evolution; protein kinase A; protein-protein interaction; replication; viral AKAP; viral mimicry[] […] you differently: Bronchitis : Cough , runny nose , fever, chills Colds and other respiratory infections : Stuffy and runny nose, cough, sore throat , and swollen glands Crou[] Hiroyuki Mizuguchi Research 01 August 2018 open Baojie Lv , Jingjing Li , Meng Li , Yujie Zhuo , Ke Ren , Erguang Li & Guang Yang Research 25 June 2018 open Petrus Jansen van[] ., 2004). Claas, E. C., Schilham, M. W., de Brouwer, C. S., Hubacek, P., Echavarria, M., Lankester, A. C., van Tol, M. J. and Kroes, A. C. (2005).[] HAdV-5 E1A is known to use mimicry to rewire cyclic AMP (cAMP) signaling by decoupling protein kinase A (PKA) from cellular A kinase-anchoring proteins (AKAPs) and utilizing[]

    Missing: Diplodia Niekerk porosum
  • Salmonella Infection

    Van Soesbergen 1 J. K. Van Der Korst 1 1. Department of Rheumatology Slotervaart Hospital Amsterdam Netherlands[] In a large case-case study in England between 2004 and 2007, the association between exposure to reptiles and Salmonella illness was investigated using multivariable logistic[] Atg16l1(f/f) Villin-cre mice also had fewer Paneth cells and abnormal granule morphology, leading to reduced expression of AMPs.[] Common clinical manifestations include fever, bacteremia, and chronic permanent asymptomatic colonization of the bowel (Schneider, Krülls-Münch, & Knörig, 2004).[] Van der Putte L.B.A., Berden J.H.M., Boerbooms A.M.T., Hissink Muller W., Rasker J.J., Reynvaan-Groendijk A., van der Linden S.M.J.P.: Reactive arthritis after campylobacter[] BACKGROUND & AIMS: Intestinal epithelial cells aid in mucosal defense by providing a physical barrier against entry of pathogenic bacteria and secreting antimicrobial peptides (AMPs[] […] and small-intestine tissues were collected for immunofluorescence, histology, and quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction analyses of cytokines and AMPs[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia Niekerk porosum
  • Adenovirus Infection

    Hyg. 78 , 293 . van der Veen , J. & van Zaane , D. J. ( 1963 ).[] ., 2004 , 2005 ).[] […] you differently: Bronchitis : Cough , runny nose , fever, chills Colds and other respiratory infections : Stuffy and runny nose, cough, sore throat , and swollen glands Crou[] George D 1 , El-Mallawany NK , Jin Z , Geyer M , Della-Latta P , Satwani P , Garvin JH , Bradley MB , Bhatia M , van de Ven C , Morris E , Schwartz J , Cairo MS .[] Available online at (accessed December 23, 2004). Gompf, Sandra G., and Wendy Carter. "Adenoviruses." eMedicine , July 19, 2004.[] Schilham MW , Claas EC , van Zaane W et al .[] Available online at (accessed December 23, 2004). Maureen Haggerty Teresa G. Odle Stephanie Dionne Sherk Other articles you might like:[]

    Missing: Diplodia Niekerk porosum
  • Linezolid

    RESULTS: We identified 94 and 313 patients who were administered LZD and VAN, respectively.[] Pankey GA, Sabath LD (March 2004).[] Diacon 2 , Daniel Everitt 3 , Carl Mendel 3 , Christo van Niekerk 4 , Pauline Howell 5 , Kyla Comins 6 , Mel Spigelman 3 1 Univ of the WItswatersrand, Johannesburg, South[] Hong Kong Ltd. in 2003 and 2004[] Neely MN, van Guilder MG, Yamada WM, Schumitzky A, Jelliffe RW.[] Clin Infect Dis . 2004 ; 39 : 1010 – 5 . DOI PubMed Sharpe JN , Shively EH , Polk HC Jr .[] The incidence of lactic acidosis after LZD and VAN therapy was 10.6 and 0.3%, respectively.[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia porosum
  • Ficus Benjamina

    Hautarzt. 1996 Oct;47(10):780-2. 22. van Ginkel CJ, Dijkstra AT, van Eyk CL, den Hengst CW, Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA.[] Plant specimen donated to UC Riverside in 2004. Last edit 8/6/05. October Photo[] Neoscytalidium belongs to the family Botryosphaeriaceae , being a recently created genus ( Crous et al., 2006 ).[] Homans LNS, Van Gils GE (1948) Fresh Hevea Latex. A Complex Colloidal System. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Rubber Technical Conference. London. p. 292. 29.[] Backer CA; Brink RC-Bakhuizen-Van-Den; Jr, 1963. Flora of Java (Spermatophytes only). Vol. 1 : Gymnospermae, families 1-7; Angiospermae, families 8-110. Vol.[] Clin Exp Allergy. 2004 Aug;34(8):1251-8. 37. Sesztak-Greinecker G, Hemmer W, Götz M, Jarisch R. [Allergic contact urticaria caused by a chameleon.[] By contrast, the species of Botryosphaeria, Macrophomina, Neofusicoccum , Dothiorella, Lasiodiplodia and Diplodia are grouped in phylogenetically different nodes ( Figure[]

    Missing: & Niekerk porosum
  • Burn Injury

    […] injury, NOS , Burn, NOS , BURNS French BRULURE , Brûlures SAI , Brûlure , Brûlure de site non précisé, de degré non précisé , Brûlures Dutch brandwonden NAO , brandwond van[] Patients admitted to this unit from July 2004 to December 2006 were enrolled.[] […] and AMP activity, and greater production of proinflammatory cytokines known to be induced by AMPs.[] Van Niekerk A, Rode H, Laflamme L. Incidence and patterns of childhood burn injuries in the Western Cape, South Africa. Burns 2004;30:341-7. [ PUBMED ] 5.[] For example in follow up studies by Van den Berghe, the intensive insulin therapy had no beneficial effect on survival rates.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 17 patients with penile skin defects underwent scheduled two-stage reconstruction using scrotal skin flap from January 2004 to October 2016[] Injury research and statistics series no 51: Injury deaths, Australia 2004–05. AIHW. 2009, Cat. no. INJCAT 127.[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia porosum
  • Dirofilaria Immitis

    ., Culiseta longiareolata Macquart, Anopheles atroparvus van Thiel, and Anopheles cinereus Theobald.[] California, Davis, CA, USA. [email protected] Abstract Blood samples from 1,822 dogs residing on Native American reservations in 10 states were collected between February 2004[] The apparent Km-values for AMP were found to be 0.15 mM and 0.22 mM for the enzyme from O. volvulus and D. immitis, respectively.[] The parasite-specific inhibition by CGP 8065 was found to be reversible and to be competitive with respect to the substrate AMP.[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia Niekerk porosum
  • Pneumococcal Pneumonia

    This has been attributed to decline in pneumococcal infection (van Roy et al. 1971; Foy et al. 1975), but in this country it is more likely to be due to effective antibiotic[] CONCLUSIONS: All-cause and pneumococcal pneumonia hospitalization rates declined between 2004 and 2010 in Canada (excluding Quebec).[] The sediment was washed with cold phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and sonicated at 8 amp for 10 minutes.[] Albrich WC 1, 2 , Pride MW 3 , Madhi SA 4, 5 , Callahan J 6 , Adrian PV 4, 5 , French R 7 , van Niekerk N 4 , Sebastian S 3 , Souza V 3 , Telles JN 8 , Paranhos-Baccalà G[] Askenase PW 1 , Bryniarski K 2 , Paliwal V 1 , Redegeld F 3 , Groot Kormelink T 1 , Kerfoot S 1 , Hutchinson AT 1 , van Loveren H 1 , Campos R 1 , Itakura A 1 , Majewska-Szczepanik[] Author information 1 Floor van den Boogaard, MD, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Center for Experimental and Molecular Medicine, G2-130, Meibergdreef 9,[] […] group B streptococcal pneumonia was sourced from the database at the Department of Internal Medicine of HELIOS Clinic Wuppertal, Witten/Herdecke University, in Germany, from 2004[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia porosum
  • Nephropathic Cystinosis

    Ivanova EA 1 , van den Heuvel LP 1, 2 , Elmonem MA 1, 3 , De Smedt H 4 , Missiaen L 4 , Pastore A 5 , Mekahli D 1 , Bultynck G 4 , Levtchenko EN 6 .[] Copyright 2004 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.[] Compared to wild-type cells, cystinotic cells had significantly lower mitochondrial cAMP levels (delCTNS -/- ciPTEC by 56%   10.5, P -/- by 26%   4.3, P KEYWORDS: Cyclic-AMP[] Holm T , Hotz V , Janssen MC , Kaskel F , Magriço R , Nesterova G , Newsholme P , Niaudet P , Rioux P , Sarwal MM , Schneider J , Topaloglu R , Trauner DA , Vaisbich MH , van[] PARTICIPANTS: Two hundred eight patients with infantile nephropathic cystinosis were studied at the National Institutes of Health between 1976 and 2004.[] […] the swallowing function of 101 patients with nephropathic cystinosis on their most recent admission to the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center between 1987 and 2004[] Acid Transport Systems, Neutral/antagonists & inhibitors Amino Acid Transport Systems, Neutral/genetics Amino Acid Transport Systems, Neutral/metabolism Cell Line Cyclic AMP[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia Niekerk porosum
  • Quetiapine

    Cornelis C 1, 2 , Van Gastel A 1, 3 , Dumont G 4 , Coppens V 1, 2 , Sabbe B 1, 2, 3 , Morrens M 1, 2 , Van Den Eede F 1, 3 .[] We have assessed changes in dispensed prescriptions, including dosing, of quetiapine in Norway from 2004 to 2015.[] […] tics van het gezicht.Of aan buig- en strekbewegingen van vingers en tenen, dansachtige bewegingen van armen en benen en zwaai- of draaibewegingen van schouders en bekken.[] METHODS: All spontaneous, European Medicines Agency database reports relating to both quetiapine (2005-2016) and olanzapine (2004-2016) misuse/abuse/dependence/withdrawal[] Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2004 ; 2 : CD000967 . 4 Leucht , S , Arbter , D , Engel , RR , Kissling , W , Davis , JM .[] RESULTS: The number of users filling at least two prescriptions of quetiapine per year increased from 584 in 2004 to 8506 in 2015 and the mean dose declined from 1.58 DDD[] Afvlakking van het gevoelsleven , verlies van initiatief en activiteit, gevoel opgesloten te zitten en een gevoel van leegte.[]

    Missing: Crous Diplodia Niekerk porosum