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  • Sunburn

    Separation of β-carotene and lycopene geometrical isomers in biological samples. Clinical Chemistry, 39 , 810–814. PubMed Google Scholar 22. Khachik, F., Spangler, C.[]

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  • Hereditary Coproporphyria

    Urinary coproporphyrin isomer III was increased and faecal coproporphyrin isomers I and III showed a complete inversion of the normal ratio.[] Megestrol acetate *Mephenytoin Mepivacaine *Meprobamate Mercaptopurine Mercury compounds Mestranol [Metapramine HCl] Methamphetamine Methohexitone Methotrexate Methoxyflurane Methsuximide[] Isomers of harderoporphyrin derived from isomerization of harderoporphyrinogen were also detected. Copyright 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.[]

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  • Ethosuximide

    Therapeutically, the racemate, the 1: 1 mixture of ( S ) and ( R ) - isomers used. [8] See also [ edit ] Phensuximide Methsuximide References [ edit ] Notes [ edit ] Patsalos[] The results demonstrate that both ethosuximide and the active metabolite of methsuximide, alpha-methyl-alpha-phenylsuccinimide (MPS), block human T-type channels in a state-dependent[] […] during methsuximide therapy.[]

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  • Methsuximide

    (USP) USP drug classification [BR: br08302 ] Anticonvulsants Calcium Channel Modifying Agents Methsuximide D00404 Methsuximide (USP) Target-based classification of drugs[] English methsuximide chemical compound Celontin Petinutin 1,3-Dimethyl-3-phenylsuccinimide Methsuximid N,2-Dimethyl-2-phenylsuccinimide Mesuximida 1,3-Dimethyl-3-phenyl-2,5[] Name Methsuximide Accession Number DB05246 Type Small Molecule Groups Approved Description Mesuximide (or methsuximide) is an anticonvulsant medication.[]

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  • Mephenytoin

    […] demethylation ratios between desipramine, 2-hydroxy-desipramine and their corresponding tertiary amines showed statistically significant correlations with the mephenytoin S/R isomer[] Methsuximide (50 and 100 microM) inhibited cycloguanil formation by 68% and 77% and chlorcycloguanil formation by 43% and 58%, respectively.[] Methenytoin isomer. Anticonvulsant; antiepileptic. Packaging 5, 10 mg in glass bottle Bottomless glass bottle. Contents are inside inserted fused cone.[]

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  • Enflurane

    This is significantly higher than the metabolism of its structural isomer isoflurane.[] […] epilepsy_predictions by executing: :param epilepsy_predictions: ['Topiramate', 'Ethotoin', 'Quazepam', 'Alprazolam', 'Primidone', 'Lorazepam', 'Gabapentin', 'Diazepam', 'Methsuximide[] 3F78 ), where the widely used anesthetic isoflurane (a constitutional isomer of enflurane) is known to bind.[]

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  • Anticonvulsant

    Isom LL, De Jongh KS, Catterall WA. Auxiliary subunits of voltage-gated ion channels. Neuron 1994;12: 1183–1194. PubMed Google Scholar 114.[] Succinimides • Phensuximide R1 C6H5 R2 H R3 CH3 • Methsuximide R1 C6H5 R2 R 3 CH3 • Ethosuximide R C2H5 R2 CH3 R3 H 13.[] Isom LL, De Jongh KS, Catterall WA. Auxiliary subunits of voltage-gated ion channels. Neuron. 1994; 12 :1183–1194. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 114.[]

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  • Albuterol

    […] this study, we compared effect of levalbuterol and (S)-albuterol on PAF receptor (PAFr)-mediated signaling and PAF metabolism by HBSMCs after incubation with the albuterol isomers[] 19 Stiripentol 2013-12-20 Streptomycin or its salts or derivatives 2013-12-19 Streptozocin 2013-12-19 Strontium bromide 2013-12-19 Succinimide or its salts or derivatives Methsuximide[] The R-isomer, levalbuterol, is responsible for bronchodilation while the S-isomer increases bronchial reactivity.[]

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  • Primidone

    Synthesis of p-hydroxy-PRM from PRM was effected; the para isomer was separated from unwanted isomers by preparative HPLC.[] Treatment of Pediatric Epilepsy; Drug Interations; Antiepileptic Drugs and Ketogenic Diet; ACTH and Steroids; Benzodiazepines; Carbamazepine and Oxcarbazepine; Ethosuximide, Methsuximide[] Impairment of carbamazepine-10,11-epoxide elimination by valnoctamide, a valpromide isomer, in healthy subjects.[]

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  • Tridihexethyl Chloride

    , sequence rules, RS system of nomenclature of optical isomers.[] Hydantoins: Phenytoin*, Mephenytoin, Ethotoin Oxazolidine diones: Trimethadione, Paramethadione Succinimides: Phensuximide, Methsuximide, Ethosuximide* Urea and monoacylureas[] Geometrical isomerism Nomenclature of geometrical isomers (Cis Trans, EZ, Syn Anti systems), Methods of determination of configuration of geometrical isomers.[]

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