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2 Possible Causes for (D Ala) isomer, L pyroglutamyl L alanine

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  • Bacillus Subtilis

    The essential ddl gene is required for synthesis of the dipeptide d -Ala- d -Ala. ( iv ) Eight essential genes, murAA , murB , C , D , E , F , and G , and mraY , are required[] isomers. racE cannot be replaced by a homologue, yrpC .[] […] the five is essential if inactivated singly. ( iii ) Two essential genes, racE and alr , encode racemases that convert l -glutamate and l -alanine into the corresponding d[]

    Missing: L pyroglutamyl L alanine
  • Ring Chromosome 19

    […] precursor (Peptidoglycan recognition protein short) (PGRP-S) [PGLYRP] [PGRP] [TNFSF3L] [SBBI68] [UNQ639/PRO1269] PGLYRP2 19p13.12 Q96PD5 PGRP2_HUMAN 608199 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine[] Q9NXJ5 PGPI_HUMAN 610694 Pyroglutamyl-peptidase 1 (EC ) (5-oxoprolyl-peptidase) (Pyroglutamyl aminopeptidase I) (PAP-I) (Pyroglutamyl-peptidase I) (PGP-I) (Pyrrolidone-carboxylate[] […] amidase precursor (EC ) (Peptidoglycan recognition protein 2) (Peptidoglycan recognition protein long) (PGRP-L) [PGLYRPL] [PGRPL] [UNQ3103/PRO10102] PGPEP1 19pter-p13.3[]

    Missing: (D Ala) isomer

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