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8,195 Possible Causes for (DNA), 170kDa, Alpha, Gene, II, Topoisomerase

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  • Novobiocin

    […] novobiocin-elicited proteolysis of Topo II and the PMA-induced Topo II phosphorylation, as well as the decrease in Topo II activity and the acquisition of differentiation[] Novobiocin at 500 micrograms/ml or at higher concentrations irreversibly inactivated DNA polymerase alpha primase complex.[] Targets Topoisomerase II [1] Topoisomerase IV [1] In vitro Novobiocin also interacts with Hsp90, altering the affinity of the chaperone for geldanamycin and radicicol and[] […] fork, but it, too, has no influence on DNA repair.[] genes.[] We found that novobiocin prevents TNF-alpha production by inhibiting translation of the TNF-alpha mRNA.[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Teniposide

    We first examined whether the decreased topoisomerase II alpha mRNA level was due to a shorter lifetime of mRNA molecules in drug-resistant cell lines.[] DNA degradation and apoptotic cell death.[] VM-26-mediated topo II-DNA complexes.[] Choose Selective Topoisomerase Inhibitors Biological Activity Description Teniposide is a chemotherapeutic medication mainly used in the treatment of childhood acute lymphocytic[] Subsequently, patients achieving a complete response (CR) were randomized again (2nd randomization) to receive maintenance treatment with alpha-IFN or no treatment.[] BACKGROUND: This study was a phase II study of third-line chemotherapy with carboplatin plus teniposide in patients with recurrent oligodendroglioma.[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Ataxia Telangiectasia

    Clinical diagnosis, laboratory markers, and special diagnostic procedures, along with general management, immunotherapy, and rehabilitative measures, are reviewed in Part II[] The elevated serum alpha fetoprotein (AFP) concentration in ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) patients has been known for decades, but the individual variation of AFP levels over[] As neurons have high rates of transcription that require topoisomerase I (TOP1), we investigated whether TOP1 cleavage complexes (TOP1cc)-which are potent transcription-blocking[] While protein levels of mtDNA repair proteins are essentially normal, in the absence of ATM levels specifically of DNA ligase III (Lig3), the only DNA ligase working in mitochondria[] The heterogeneity observed in the meta-analysis of individuals with radiation exposure might be due to gene-ethnicity or gene-gene interactions.[] (Pol II; Capranico et al , 2007 ).[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Bloom Syndrome

    Previous biopsies were consistent with high grade vaginal dysplasia, however, thorough surgical evaluation ultimately demonstrated stage II vaginal cancer.[] The only known causative gene is the BLM helicase that is a member of a protein complex along with topoisomerase III alpha, RMI1 and 2, which maintains replication fork stability[] We demonstrate in somatic and meiotic human cells an association between BLM and topoisomerase IIIalpha.[] The BLM DNA helicase participates in genomic stability at ribosomal DNA repeats and telomeres.[] Abstract Gene targeting via homologous recombination is a powerful tool for studying gene function, but the targeting efficiency in human cell lines is too low for generating[] Our results suggest a direct, BLM-independent role for p53 in etoposide-induced, topoisomerase II-mediated DNA damage in human cells.[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Streptococcus Cricetus

    Two additional tandem repeats were found in the A region and part of the P region was deleted compared to antigen I/II.[] In contrast, the alpha 2 (1) chain was more effective than the alpha 1 (1), chain for S. cricetus AHT.[] Abstract We have cloned and sequenced the gene encoding the surface protein antigen PAa (antigen I/II family) from Streptococcus cricetus E49 (serotype a) using degenerate[] Treatment of HA with either the alpha 1 (1) or alpha 2 (1) polypeptide chains of collagen was effective in promoting adhesion of S. rattus LB-1 cells.[] Abstract We have cloned and sequenced the gene encoding the surface protein antigen PAa (antigen I/II family) from Streptococcus cricetus E49 (serotype a) using degenerate[] Using degenerate PCR a gene homologous to PAc was identified in Streptococcus intermedius, but not found in Streptococcus rattus or Streptococcus anginosus.[]

    Missing: 170kDa Topoisomerase
  • Cockayne Syndrome

    Abstract RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) acts as a damage sensor for transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair (TC-NER) and undergoes proteolytic clearance from damaged[] Omega Alpha , New York Academy of Medicine , American Academy of Dermatology , American College of Physicians , Sigma Xi Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.[] We also found that CPFP inhibited repair of a camptothecin-induced topoisomerase I-DNA covalent complex.[] However, the nontranscribed strand is still repaired more efficiently than the inactive 754 gene and the gene coding for coagulation factor IX.[] Abstract Elongin A performs dual functions as the transcriptionally active subunit of RNA polymerase II (Pol II) elongation factor Elongin and as the substrate recognition[] Straub T, Knudsen BR, Boege F (2000) PSF/p54(nrb) stimulates "jumping" of DNA topoisomerase I between separate DNA helices.[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia with Axonal Neuropathy

    Single-stranded breaks in DNA but not oxidative DNA base damages block transcriptional elongation by RNA polymerase II in HeLa cell nuclear extracts . J. Biol.[] Serum concentration of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) is increased [ Moreira et al 2004 , Asaka et al 2006 ].[] […] that result when stalled topoisomerase I complexes interfere with DNA replication in yeast.[] […] potentially lethal/clastogenic DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs).[] Note The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.[] #119900 Digital clubbing, isolated congenital P15428 #608013 Gaucher disease, perinatal lethal P04062 #230800 Gaucher disease, type i P04062 #230900 Gaucher disease, type ii[]

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  • Etoposide

    The current status of other clinically approved anticancer agents which target topoisomerase II is briefly reviewed.[] D -110.5 , c 0.6 in chloroform IC50 : Topoisomerase II: IC 50 59.2 µM; Topoisomerase II: IC 50 0.81 µM (HeLa cell ); KB cells: IC 50 1.1 µM (human); DNA topoisomerase II alpha[] […] converted to DNA double-strand breaks.[] Gene. 2018 Mar 20;647:39-47. doi: 10.1016/j.gene.2018.01.019. Epub 2018 Jan 5.[] Alpha interferon therapy of AIDS-associated Kaposi’s sarcoma. Semin Oncol . 1986; XIII(Suppl 2):43-7. 291. NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.[] The primary cytotoxic target for etoposide is topoisomerase II.[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Anthracycline

    Anthracyclines as Topoisomerase II Poisons: From Early Studies to New Perspectives. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2018 , 19 , 3480.[] Materials and Methods: The expression statuses of candidate markers, including topoisomerase-II alpha (TOP2A), beta-tubulin (B-tub), and tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease[] Keywords: Anthracycline, cancer chemotherapy, cardio-oncology, cardiotoxicity, catalytic inhibitors, DNA topoisomerases, topoisomerase poisons.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: DNA damage by pirarubicin in the presence of Cu(II) was analyzed using pBR322 plasmid DNA.[] We aimed to identify new genes and low-frequency variants influencing the susceptibility to AIC for pediatric cancer patients.[] […] amplification is linked to multiple mechanistic pathways (eg, proliferation, dedifferentiation, apoptosis, DNA repair) 4 and molecular events, including topoisomerase 2-alpha[]

    Missing: 170kDa
  • Mitoxantrone

    KEYWORDS: DNA adduct; DNA damage; mechanism of action; mitoxantrone; small molecule inhibitor; topoisomerase II[] The alpha and beta distribution phases did not appear to be affected by hemodialysis. The peak mitoxantrone concentration fell within the reported range.[] Also, no significant DNA-base specificity for either of the drugs (measured as Ki value for various homopolymers) was observed.[] Intestinal BCRP gene expression tended to increase 120min after oleic acid exposure.[] Alpha interferons: (Moderate) Additive myelosuppressive effects may be seen when alpha interferons are given concurrently with other myelosuppressive agents, such as antineoplastic[] The leukemic blasts were CD7, 19, 33, and 38 antigens positive, and had a rearrangement in the T-cell receptor delta chain gene. The karyotype was normal.[]

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