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  • Ondansetron

    […] sodium Linezolid Magnesium sulfate Mannitol Mechlorethamine HCl Melphalan HCl Meperidine HCl Mesna Methotrexate sodium Metoclopramide HCl Mitomycin Mitoxantrone HCl Morphine[] ): 13.92 24 mg (30 ea): 3,165.00 oral disintegrating tablet: 4 mg (10 ea): 119.95 solution for injection: 2 mg/mL (1 vial, 2 mL): 9.99 Join Now to View Patient Handouts![] Safety Announcement Additional Information for Patients Additional Information for Healthcare Professionals Data Summary Safety Announcement [06-29-2012] The U.S.[] Precaution: Occasionally, ondansetron precipitates at the stopper/vial interface in vials stored upright. Potency and safety are not affected.[] […] clindamycin, cyclophosphamide, cytarabine, dactinomycin, dopamine, heparin, hydromorphone, magnesium sulfate, meperidine, morphine sulfate, paclitaxel, potassium chloride, topotecan[] 65862-0188-30 ONDANSETRON HCL TABLETS 30/BT 8MG Purchase Ondansetron HSI Manufacturer NDC Description Size Strength 1203737 AuroMedics 55150-0125-02 ONDANSETRON HCL INJ SDV[] Under propofol anesthesia, a 12-lead EKG was obtained, and 1.25mg droperidol or 4mg ondansetron was injected. Five minutes later, a new 12-lead EKG was recorded.[] Domino KB, Anderson EA, Polissar NL, Posner KL.[] How Supplied: Tabs 4mg, 8mg—30; ODT 4mg, 8mg—30; Oral soln, vials—contact supplier[] EA Zaki, T Freilinger, T Klopstock, EE Baldwin, KRU Heisner, K Adams, M Dichgans, S Wagler and RG Boles , Two common mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms are highly associated[]

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  • Topotecan

    Abstract Topotecan HCl is an antitumor drug exhibiting topoisomerase 1-inhibitory activity.[] Am J Med Genet A. 2014; 164A :975–92. [ PubMed : 24779060 ] Thibert RL, Conant KD, Braun EK, Bruno P, Said RR, Nespeca MP, Thiele EA.[] Grades 3 to 5 toxicities were more common with the addition of ziv-aflibercept.[] Each vial contains topotecan hydrochloride equivalent to 4 mg of topotecan as free base.[] […] work or name English title topotecan (English) retrieved 19 October 2016 has part nitrogen 0 references carbon 0 references[] Usual max dose 4mg IV. Confirm baseline neutrophils 1,500cells/mm 3 and platelets 100,000cells/mm 3 prior to 1 st course of therapy.[] Cisplatin Cyclophosphamide Doxorubicin HCl Etoposide Gemcitabine HCl Granisetron HCl Ifosfamide Methylprednisolone sodium succinate Metoclopramide HCl Ondansetron HCl Oxaliplatin[] Therasse P, Arbuck SG, Eisenhauer EA, Wanders J, Kaplan RS, Rubinstein L. et al . New guidelines to evaluate the response to treatment in solid tumors.[] In addition, since skin lesions recurred after CSF was discontinued, this agent was not involved.[] […] minimise and manage inadvertent skin contact, guide periocular injections and leakage from such injections and document conjunctival contact after periocular injection in addition[]

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  • Meningitis

    To obtain the fluid, you are given an injection of lidocaine ( Anestacaine , UAD Caine , Xylocaine HCl , Xylocaine-MPF ), a local anesthetic similar to Novocaine used by dentists[] Shukla B, Aguilera EA, Salazar L, Wootton SH, Kaewpoowat Q, Hasbun R. Aseptic meningitis in adults and children: Diagnostic and management challenges.[] The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio was 133 per additional correct diagnosis for the stepwise over minimalist strategy.[] […] has been cultured or identified by means of a polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR) assay from cerebrospinal fluid or tissues in 152 patients and has been detected in unopened vials[] Mafosphamide, diaziquone, topotecan, 77 gemcitabine, interferon-α, and temozolomide 78 are some of the new drugs being evaluated for intrathecal administration.[] AmB Vs liposomal AmB Leenders 1997 compared AmB 0.7mg/Kg daily for 21 days with liposomal AmB 4mg/Kg daily for 21 days.[] Lancet , 359 , 1499 –1508. 49 , Russell JE, Thompson EA, Holmes EC, Feavers IM, Maiden MC ( 2004 ) Distribution of surface protein variants among hyperinvasive meningococci[] Of the 33 patients, 17 received additional ITH/IVT colistin and 16 received only IV colistin.[] Corticosteroids are commonly used in addition to antituberculous drugs for treating the condition.[] We considered 3 strategies: (1) comprehensive "shotgun" approach of utilizing all routine tests; (2) "stepwise" strategy with tests performed in a specific order with additional[]

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  • Neostigmine

    […] in Syringe (Neostigmine Methylsulfate)118 Compatible Glycopyrrolate Heparin sodium Ondansetron HCl Pentobarbital sodium Actions Competitively inhibits acetylcholinesterase[] Br J Anaesth 2008; 100:622–30Flockton, EA Mastronardi, P Hunter, JM Gomar, C Mirakhur, RK Aguilera, L Giunta, FG Meistelman, C Prins, ME Schaller SJ, Fink H, Ulm K, Blobner[] BACKGROUND: The addition of opioids to epidural local anesthetic reduces local anesthetic consumption by 20% but at the expense of side effects and time spent for regulatory[] IDENTIFICATION: Clear colourless solution in amber ampoules or vials PRESENTATION: Boxes of 10 ampoules or vials STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store below 25 C.[] McKesson 3664232 M&D 967240 42023-189-10 1 mg/mL 10 mL 10 mL 10 N Y ABC 10177621 Cardinal 5363122 McKesson 3664273 M&D 967281 PI Prescribing Information / SUV Single Use Vial / SDV[] Neostigmine Methylsulfate should be discontinued immediately and 1 – 4mg of Atropine Sulfate administered IV.[] Wisely NA, Shipton EA (2002) Long QT syndrome and anaesthesia. EurJAnaesthesiol19: 853-859. Lorentz MN, Ramiro FG (2007) Anesthesia and the long QT syndrome.[] In aqueous temperature-stressed solutions of neostigmine bromide besides the known product of hydrolysis additional degradation products were discovered, detected by TLC and[] ‘This inhibition was observed in both the directly and indirectly stimulated contractions, and was not changed by addition of neostigmine, an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor[] The gun is loaded with a vial containing a red liquid labeled "neostigmine".[]

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  • Oxymorphone

    Methodology » Top prescribers for OXYMORPHONE HCL[] Neurochem Res. 1998 Sep;23(9):1211-6. [ PubMed:9712193 ] Lemberg KK, Kontinen VK, Siiskonen AO, Viljakka KM, Yli-Kauhaluoma JT, Korpi ER, Kalso EA: Antinociception by spinal[] However, substance notifications in the InfoCard are aggregated independently of the impurities and additives.[] Samples are cooled, diluted with water, vortexed, centrifuged, and a portion is transferred to an autosampler vial for analysis.[] 06, 2018 Thiotepa for Injection May 14, 2018 Thrombin Topical Solution (Bovine) Jan 06, 2017 Tigecycline Injection Aug 04, 2017 Tolmetin Capsules and Tablets Jan 16, 2018 Topotecan[] MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Visual Analog Scales, Subjective Drug Value (SDV), and Addiction Research Center Inventory (ARCI) measured positive, negative, and balance effects and[] Oral Light 5-8mg Common 10-20mg Strong 20mg Insufflated Light 2-4mg Common 5-10mg Strong 10-15mg Rectal Light 5-8mg Common 10-20mg Strong 20mg Intravenous Light 1-2mg Common[] Karpova GV, Abramova EV, Lamzina Tiu, Timina EA, Vetoshkina TV. Myelotoxicity of high–molecular-weight poly(ethylene oxide) [Russian]. Eksp Klin Farmakol 2004;67:61–5.[] […] small bumps. no problems with gelling, but i have no tolerance so im not snorting large amounts of the pill at once. just a few mgs (of active substance) a bump. id say 4mg-ish[] Evaluation of the Effectiveness, Safety, and Tolerability of Oral Liquid Oxymorphone HCl Immediate-Release Oral Liquid for Acute Postoperative Pain in Pediatric Subjects Protocol[]

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  • Fluphenazine

    Absorption: HCl is readily absorbed PO and IM; decanoate, enanthate have delayed IM absorption. Onset: 1 h HCl; 24–72 h decanoate, enanthate.[] -3167 • EA-3443 • EA-3580 • EA-3834 • Etanautin • Etibenzatropin (Etulbenztropin) • Flavoksat • Himbacin • HL-031,120 • Ipratropijum bromid • J-104,129 • Hiosciamin • Mamba[] However, substance notifications in the InfoCard are aggregated independently of the impurities and additives.[] -01 25 mg/mL 5 mL MDV 5 mL 1 N Y ABC 10141379 Cardinal 5001987 McKesson 2905982 M&D 407015 PI Prescribing Information / SUV Single Use Vial / SDV Single Dose Vial / MDV Multi[] 06, 2018 Thiotepa for Injection May 14, 2018 Thrombin Topical Solution (Bovine) Jan 06, 2017 Tigecycline Injection Aug 04, 2017 Tolmetin Capsules and Tablets Jan 16, 2018 Topotecan[] Injection, USP TOLAZAMIDE Tablets, USP TOLBUTAMIDE Tablets, USP TOLMETIN SODIUM Capsules, USP TOLMETIN SODIUM Tablets, USP TOLTERODINE TARTRATE Extended-release Capsules TOPOTECAN[] Clark ML, Huber WK, Charalampous KD, Serafetinides EA, Trousdale W, Colmore JP. Drug treatment in newly admitted schizophrenic patients.[] The supernatant was transferred to an autosampler vial and 8μL was injected into the UPLC-MS/MS.[] Before use, and prior to opening the vial we recommend that you allow your product to equilibrate to room temperature for at least 1 hour.[] Abstract A comparison of fluphenazine decanoate depot injection used alone and fluphenazine decanoate with fluphenazine HCl i.m. was undertaken in South African Xhosa patients[]

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  • Influenza

    Therapeutic efficacy of amantadine HCl and rimantadine HCl in naturally occurring influenza A2 respiratory illness in man.[] Liu R , Huang B , Sheng Z , Lu W , Wang D , Nelson EA , Li F .[] In addition, several recent studies from the USA and Europe indicate that replacement with QIV might also be cost-effective; however, the situation in low- and middle-income[] […] detection] A and B NP 5 swab, throat swab, NP 5 or bronchial wash, nasal or endotracheal aspirate, sputum Varies (1 to 8 hours, varies by the assay) No Rapid cell culture (shell vials[] The first step in developing an LAIV was the derivation of two stably attenuated master donor viruses (MDV), one for type A and one for type B influenza viruses.[] Amount: 1 vial containing 15 nmol (appr. 25µg) per peptide Purity: 70% (HPLC-MS) Delivery Format: Freeze dried in amber type glass vial Application(s): T-cell assays, Immune[] Vaccines that are packaged in multi-dose vials use a preservative to prevent contamination.[] In addition, a subset of viruses are tested using the neuraminidase inhibition assay with three neuraminidase inhibitors.[] DOI PubMed Hause BM , Ducatez M , Collin EA , Ran Z , Liu R , Sheng Z , Isolation of a novel swine influenza virus from Oklahoma in 2011 which is distantly related to human[] Yen HL, Monto AS, Webster RG, Govorkova EA.[]

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  • Methohexital

    Number: 72784-42-0 Synonyms: Methyl 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylate hydrochloride, 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid methyl ester hydrochloride, SBB070037, H-ACPC-OET HCL[] […] neocortical EA by MTH and activation of (post-excisional) neocortical EA by selAH (P 0.006).[] However, substance notifications in the InfoCard are aggregated independently of the impurities and additives.[] The resultant derivatives were transferred to microsample vials and analyzed by GC-MS.[] 06, 2018 Thiotepa for Injection May 14, 2018 Thrombin Topical Solution (Bovine) Jan 06, 2017 Tigecycline Injection Aug 04, 2017 Tolmetin Capsules and Tablets Jan 16, 2018 Topotecan[] McKesson 1888817 M&D 878728 42023-106-01 2.5 g 50 mL MDV N/A 1 Y Y ABC 10038452 Cardinal 4066544 McKesson 1465301 M&D 846832 PI Prescribing Information / SUV Single Use Vial / SDV[] Unit dose costs at our institution for a 70-kg patient are: methohexitol, 3.14 (500-mg bottle); medazolam, 14.88 (5-mg vials x 3); and propofol, 6.60 (200-mg ampule).[] Visualizza le informazioni del prodotto 3,4-MDMA HCl Note: Stressed shipping studies indicate that this product remains stable after being continuously exposed to an elevated[] They further state that drug costs associated with using methohexital could be significantly reduced by dividing the 500-mg vial into multiple dosage units.[] Nahata MCClotz MAKrogg EA Adverse effects of meperidine, promethazine and chlorpromazine for sedation in pediatric patients.[]

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  • Granisetron

    Generic Name and Formulations: Granisetron HCl 1mg.[] J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 121 : 126–127 Gandara DR , Roila F , Warr D , Edelman MJ , Perez EA and Grala RJ (1998) Consensus proposal for 5HT3 antagonists in the prevention of[] However, in the delayed phase, the addition of aprepitant therapy with a 5-HT₃ receptor antagonist and dexamethasone produced a higher CR rate than a 5-HT₃ receptor antagonist[] NDC 0004-0242-08 (package of 5 Single-Use Vials) Storage Store single-use vials and multi-use vials at 25 C (77 F); excursions permitted to 15 to 30 C (59 to 86 F).[] […] edisylate Promethazine HCl Propofol Ranitidine HCl Sargramostim Sodium bicarbonate Streptozocin Teniposide Thiotepa Ticarcillin disodium–clavulanate potassium Tobramycin sulfate Topotecan[] Of 60 children, 30 received oral ondansetron (4mg) and rest 30 granisetron (1mg) half an hour before therapy. Drugs were randomly allocated with appropriate code.[] Oxaliplatin Cytarabine 1 gm/m 2 Carboplatin Ifosfamide Cyclophosphamide 2 Doxorubicin Daunorubicin Epirubicin Idarubicin Irinotecan Low (10–30%) Paclitaxel Docetaxel Mitoxantrone Topotecan[] On days 2 to 4 therapy was dexamethasone 4mg three times a day orally and/or metoclopramide 10 or 20mg orally.[] Compared with 5-HTP/CBD/placebo, granisetron addition decreased C(max) of 5-HTP statistically significantly different (from 1483 to 1272 ng/ml) without influencing AUC(0-[] Perez EA, Hesketh P, Sandbach J, et al (1998) Comparison of single-dose oral granisetron versus intravenous ondansetron in the prevention of nausea and vomiting induced by[]

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  • Verapamil

    Concentration: 1.0 mg/mL (as free base) Solvent: Methanol Unit Size: 1 mL/ampoule CAS Number: 152-11-4 Chemical Formula: C 2 7 H 3 8 N 2 O 4 · HCl Molecular Weight: 491.06[] The therapeutic effect lasted 13 months in the 14-year-old girl, while it is still present after a 20-month follow-up period in the 4-year-old girl who, in addition, has experienced[] Please consult the vial label and the certificate of analysis for information on specific lots. Also note that shipping conditions may differ from storage conditions.[] Topotecan: (Major) Avoid coadministration of verapamil with oral topotecan due to increased topotecan exposure; verapamil may be administered with intravenous topotecan.[] Thiocolchicine 4mg or verapamil 5mg were given in 7 injections (once a week).[] Nasrallah SM, Tommaso CL, Singleton RT, Backhaus EA. Primary esophageal motor disorders: response to nifedipine. Southern Med J 1985;78:312-315. 15.[] However, substance notifications in the InfoCard are aggregated independently of the impurities and additives.[] VERAPAMIL (ISOPTIN) How Supplied Tablet: 40, 80,120 mg Parenteral: 5 mg/2 ml in 2-, 4-, 5-ml vials or 2-, 4-ml ampules VERAPAMIL (ISOPTIN) Dosage and Administration Adult:[] Molecular formula C 27 H 38 N 2 O 4 *HCl. CAS No.: 152-11-4.[] Zaki EA, Freilinger T, Klopstock T, et al. Two common mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms are highly associated with migraine headache and cyclic vomiting syndrome.[]

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