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  • Curcumin

    Here we identify dual-specificity tyrosine-regulated kinase 2 (DYRK2), a positive regulator of the 26S proteasome, as a direct target of curcumin.[] Curcumin-induced hypoacetylation of histone H3 at K9 and K14, but not H4 at K5, K8, K12, and K16, suggested that curcumin caused specific inhibition of the PfGCN5 HAT.[] […] acetyltransferase , histone deacetylase , glyoxalase I , xanthine oxidase , proteasome, HIV1 integrase , HIV1 protease , sarco ( endo ) plasmic reticulum Ca 2 ATPase , DNA[] Both transferrin receptor 1 and activated IRP, indicators of iron depletion, increased in response to curcumin.[] Abstract The natural compound, curcumin (CUR), possesses several pharmacological properties, including p300-specific histone acetyltransferase (HAT) inhibitory activity.[]

  • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

    […] interactions observed in mice heterozygous for both osteoblast-specific Pdk1 deletion and either Runx2 or Creb deletion.[] […] acetylation, affecting primarily histone H2B and histone H2A.[] […] we report that all these breakpoints are restricted to a region that contains the gene for the human CREB binding protein (CBP), a nuclear protein participating as a co-activator[] Functional analysis revealed that three of these mutations affecting amino acids Glu1459, Leu1668 and Glu1724 were critical for histone acetyltransferase activity.[] The aim of the present study was to construct up-to-date growth charts specific for infants and children with RSTS.[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Unfortunately, most of these studies only investigated the presence of a single virus in a specific subset of LRTI patients.[] Conserved herpesvirus kinases target the DNA damage response pathway and TIP60 histone acetyltransferase to promote virus replication.[] RSV activity was observed throughout the year during the 5 year period with an annual a peak in January–February each year ( Figure 5 , Panel A).[] Currently treatment of VRTI is essentially supportive and no specific and efficient treatments are known.[] IFIH1-wt was able to hydrolyze ATP and showed a typical dsRNA-dependent increase in enzymatic activity, whereas the mutant isoforms had no detectable ATPase activity, even[]

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  • Drug-induced Lupus Erythematosus

    Code M32.0 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.[] Furthermore, Anti-Histone antibodies can also be positive in drug induced lupus. Anti-Histone antibodies are positive in up to 95% of patients with drug induced lupus.[] In this study, we examined the influence of these drugs on the regulation of apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in quiescent and activated human lymphocytes.[] Keywords: Acetyl-CoA C-Acetyltransferase; Acetylation; Autoimmunity; Hydralazine; Lupus erythematosus, cutaneous; Tumor necrosis factor-alpha INTRODUCTION Drug-induced lupus[] […] characterized by typical lupus-like symptoms including skin signs, usually mild systemic involvement and a typical laboratory profile with positive antinuclear and anti-histone[]

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  • Young Simpson Syndrome

    These general texts may not apply to specific cases, due to the extensive variability of disease expression.[] Mutations of the gene encoding the histone-acetyltransferase KAT6B have been recently identified in individuals affected by SBBYS syndrome.[] Loss Of Function Mutation A mutation that causes a decrease in or elimination of a gene product's activity.[] Craniofacial Abnormalities/pathology* Exons/genetics Facies Heart Defects, Congenital/diagnosis Heart Defects, Congenital/genetics* Heart Defects, Congenital/pathology* Histone[] Although they are currently considered to be distinct clinical entities, both were found to be caused by de novo truncating sequence variants in the KAT6B (lysine acetyltransferase[]

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  • Valproic Acid

    These mechanisms can be compared with dysregulated disease mechanisms to suggest core cellular and molecular disturbances identifiable by specific risk biomarkers.[] Acetylation of histon H3 was detected with ELISA assay.[] […] and this effect is dependent upon AMPA receptor activation.[] Search for more papers by this author First published: 03 May 2005 Cited by: 9 Abstract Acetylation of histones is cooperatively regulated by two groups of enzymes, histone acetyltransferases[] Activation of transcription is mainly linked to acetylation of histones which is performed by histone acetyltransferases (HATs) while deacetylation, carried out by histone[]

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  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    KEYWORDS: epidemiology; infection; infectious mononucleosis; prostate cancer; prostate-specific antigen [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[] The mitogen responses were decreased and natural killer (NK) cell activity was low.[] Keywords Epstein Barr Virus Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Infectious Mononucleosis Epstein Barr Virus Infection Carnitine Acetyltransferase Background Acute viral diseases such[] Clearview IM combined a high sensitivity and specificity with very simple one-step solid-phase-based procedure.[] Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) load and cytokine gene expression in activated T cells of chronic active EBV infection. J Infect Dis . 2001 ; 183 : 1 -7.[]

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  • Epithelioid Cell Sarcoma

    Disease-specific survival declined until 100 months after diagnosis after which survival was unrelated to epithelioid sarcoma.[] PubMed Google Scholar Kothapalli N, Sarath G, Zempleni J: Biotinylation of K12 in histone H4 decreases in response to DNA double-strand breaks in human JAr choriocarcinoma[] Here, we describe broad-spectrum activity, hypoxia-selective activation, and mechanism of action of TH-302.[] The purpose of this study is to evaluate the positivity and specificity of CA125 as a marker for the correct diagnosis of ES.[] The limited expression of specific keratin subtypes used in our study supports the notion that epithelioid sarcoma is a mesenchymal neoplasm capable of partial epithelial[]

  • Blepharophimosis-Intellectual Disability Syndrome Type Ohdo

    There is no specific test for Ohdo syndrome as yet. How is it treated?[] In individuals with SBBYSS, a whole-exome sequencing approach was used to demonstrate de novo protein-truncating mutations in the highly conserved histone acetyltransferase[] Preferred Name Ohdo syndrome, Maat-Kievit-Brunner type Synonyms Blepharophimosis-mental retardation syndrome, Maat-Kievit-Brunner type ID Active 1 altLabel Blepharophimosis-mental[] Home H3F3A Magic Anti-Histone H3.3 (Phospho S28) monoclonal antibody, clone FQ2985Z Magic Anti-Histone H3.3 monoclonal antibody (DCABH-9699) Rabbit Anti-Human Histone H3.3[] By adding a small molecule called an acetyl group to histones, histone acetyltransferases control the activity of certain genes.[]

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  • Dementia

    Background: Nursing home (NH) residents with dementia experience a reduced quality of life (QoL), in part, due to a dependence in performing activities of daily living (ADL[] Group-specific changes were tested within these models.[] Fischer , Histone Deacetylases as Therapeutic Targets in Neurodegenerative Diseases , Medical Epigenetics , 10.1016/B978-0-12-803239-8.00003-X , (33-45) , (2016) .[] We extract higher-level activity patterns which are then used to detect any change in patients' routines.[] Study characteristics We found three relevant studies, all of which were carried out in specific hospital settings.[]

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