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1,145 Possible Causes for (Hepar), Tunica, serosa

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  • Tunica Vaginalis Hydrocele

    US of the Tunica Vaginalis Testis: Anatomic Relationships and Pathologic Conditions 1. Radiographics , 29 (7), 2017-2032.[] For these reasons, a prospective controlled study was carried out in 30 male patients in order to investigate the possible alterations of the fibrinolytic capacity of this serosa[] Tunica vaginalis hydrocele of reposited testis.[]

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  • Spermatic Cord Hydrocele

    There are two recognised subtypes encysted hydrocele - fluid collection does not communicate with the peritoneum above or the tunica vaginalis below. funicular hydrocele -[] .  The peritoneum-derived serosal communication is the processus vaginalis, and the serosa of the hemiscrotum becomes the tunica vaginalis.  At term, or within the first[] The delay in obliteration or closure of the tunica vaginalis in the spermatic cord is usually temporary, and the defect is usually small.[]

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  • Sinusitis

    Hepar sulph .[] The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Hepar sulph. as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of sinusitis.[] Hepar sulph. is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals suffering from sinusitis in which symptoms include the discharge of very thick and yellow-green foul[]

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  • Common Mesentery

    Pagina 273 - FOIE, sm, — fvx(, — hepar, jecur, n. L., — leber, n.[] […] interventricular foramen tentorium cerebelli tergite tooth crown tooth enamel organ tooth root triangular part of inferior frontal gyrus trunk neural crest trunk taste bud tunica[] The outermost layer of the intestines is the serosa, which is made of simple squamous epithelium.[]

  • Malignant Mesothelioma

    These findings were consistent with cutaneous infiltration from malignant mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testis.[] Aggressive tumors with a bad habit of recurring and metastasizing late; may recur in abdominal or thoracic serosa.[] Less than 5% of all malignant mesotheliomas arise from the tunica vaginalis testis.[]

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  • Torsion of the Hydatid of Morgagni

    […] of the scrotum does not confer protection against subsequent torsion, orchidopexy should be routinely performed in patients who are found to have high investment of the tunica[] […] attached to an epididymis, which connects rete testis to vas deferens Testis is composed of convoluted seminiferous tubules in a stroma with Leydig cells Three layers: outer serosa[] […] vaginalis , Tunica albuginea , Tunica vasculosa testis ) • Appendix • Mediastinum • Lobules • Septa • Leydig cell • Sertoli cell • Blood-testis barrier Spermatogenesis Spermatogonium[]

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  • Appendicitis

    In appendicitis other than the retrocaecal type, tenderness is due to inflammation of the serosa of the appendix and the overlying parietal peritoneum but because of its position[] The appendix is contained within the visceral peritoneum that forms the serosa, and its exterior layer is longitudinal and derived from the taenia coli; the deeper, interior[]

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  • Polyserositis

    Scrotal pain - in males; due to inflammation of the tunica vaginalis.[] Concato disease - chronic inflammation with effusions in several serous cavities resulting in fibrous thickening of the serosa and constrictive pericarditis.[] Chronic inflammation with effusions in several serous cavities resulting in fibrous thickening of the serosa and constrictive pericarditis.[]

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  • Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma

    Though such tumours have been reported from tunica vaginalis testis presenting as para-testicular mass, there is only one documented case of the tumour arising from the inguinal[] We suspected disease involving the serosa, such as mesenteric panniculitis.[] It may involve the pleura, less frequently the peritoneum rarely, the pericardium, the tunica vaginalis testis and ovarian epithelium.[]

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  • Penile Fracture

    Additionally, we describe an unreported surgical technique implementing combined fracture repair and tunica plication.[] Exploration revealed an intact tunica albuginea and a dorsal vein tear.[] The most common location of tunica albuginea rupture was mid-shaft of the penis (60%), and the mean length of tunica defects in their greatest dimension was 13.5 3.95 mm.[]

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