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19 Possible Causes for (Ortega), Eifert, Hoffmannseggia, glauca

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  • Platycodon Grandiflorus

    […] bellflower, common balloon flower, balloon flower • Tangkhul : Balloonwon Botanical name: Platycodon grandiflorus Family: Campanulaceae (Bell flower family) Synonyms: Campanula glauca[] CNS Drug Rev 13:381–404 Google Scholar Prosdocimi F, Ortega JM (2007) The codon usage of Leucine, Serine and Arginine reveals evolutionary stability of proteomes and protein[] Herb: Balloon Flower Latin name: Platycodon grandiflorus Synonyms: Campanula glauca, Campanula grandiflora Family: Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family) Medicinal use of Balloon[] Synonyms Campanula glauca. Thunb. C. grandiflora. Habitats Cultivated Beds; Edible Uses Edible Parts: Leaves ; Root . Edible Uses: Condiment .[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Argemone Mexicana

    Argemone glauca Main Plant Information Genus Argemone Species glauca Varieties decipiens glauca Hawaiian Names with Diacritics Kala Naule Pua kala Pōkalakala Hawaiian Names[] Molecules, 15, 8933-8952. [ 16 ] Cruz-Ortega, R., Lara-Núñez, A. and Anaya, A.L. (2007) Allelochemical Stress Can Trigger Oxidative Damage in Receptor Plants: Mode of Action[] Plant Name Scientific Name: Argemone glauca Common Names: Pua Kala, Smooth Pricklypoppy, Hawaiian Poppy, Hawaiian Prickly Poppy, Beach Poppy, Puakala, Kala, Naule, Pokalakala[] Argemone corymbosa (Mojave prickly poppy) Argemone pleiacantha (Prickly poppy) Argemone aenea (Golden prickly poppy Argemone sanguinea (Red Prickly poppy) Argemone glauca[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Follicular Lymphoma

    Adam P, Katzenberger T, Eifert M, Ott MM, Rosenwald A, Müller-Hermelink HK, Ott G (2005) Presence of preserved reactive germinal centers in follicular lymphoma is a strong[] Ortega-Molina used this model to test what happened when KMT2D activity is blocked.[] Ana Ortega-Molina postdoctoral fellow The tightness or looseness of the DNA — and resulting gene expression — is regulated by histone modifying enzymes, or HMEs, which “mark[] “We found that the KMT2D enzyme activates a large number of genes, many of which are essential to the normal production of B cells,” explains Ana Ortega-Molina , a postdoctoral[]

    Missing: Hoffmannseggia glauca
  • Scrophulariaceae

    Marsh Speedwell B: Leaves basal and cauline; alternate: D: Plant villous-hirsute (furry): Synthyris borealis (Northern Kitten-tails) D: Plant glabrous (hairless): Lagotis glauca[] CrossRef Google Scholar Ortega-Olivencia, A. & J. A. Devese-Alcaraz 1993.[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Senna

    H.S.Irwin & Barneby var. glauca (Lam.) X.Y.[] . — Courtney Ortega, , "IGK’s new spray-on hair mask is a time saver," 19 May 2017 These example sentences are selected automatically from various online[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Venous Insufficiency

    Crossref Medline Google Scholar 71 Scultetus AH, Villavicencio JL, Kao TC, Gillespie DL, Ketron GD, Iafrati MD, Pikoulis E, Eifert S.[] Ortega MA 1, 2 , Asúnsolo Á 2, 3 , Álvarez-Rocha MJ 1 , Romero B 1, 2 , De León-Luis J 4 , Álvarez-Mon M 1, 2, 5 , Buján J 2, 6 , García-Honduvilla N 1, 2, 7 .[] Ortega MA 1, 2, 3 , Asúnsolo Á 3, 4 , Leal J 5 , Romero B 1, 2, 3 , Alvarez-Rocha MJ 1 , Sainz F 6 , Álvarez-Mon M 1, 2, 3, 7 , Buján J 1, 2, 3 , García-Honduvilla N 1, 2,[]

    Missing: Hoffmannseggia glauca
  • Euphorbia

    […] any of the Sedum spectabile any of the Bergenias Erigeron Brachyglottis compacta Sunshine Convolvulus cneorum Phlomis italica Lavandula x intermedia Dutch Group Festuca glauca[] . & Francisco-Ortega, J.[] The tree is valued for its ornamental and medicinal qualities around… More info Featured Plant Pua kala Argemone glauca (PAPAVERACEAE) In Hawaiian, this native plant is called[] J. , Francisco-Ortega, J. & Santos-Guerra, A.[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Anxiety Neurosis

    PGD International Simson U et al, 2001, Cardiac neurosis PubMed Anxiety symptoms and causes Mayo Clinic Eifert GH, 19992, Cardiophobia: a paradigmatic behavioural model of[] Efficacy and tolerability of a standardized herbal product from Galphimia glauca on generalized anxiety disorder.[]

    Missing: (Ortega) Hoffmannseggia
  • Toxic Effect

    The mortality were varying from plant to plant as follows: Anethum graveolens reached its maximum value of 56.67% at 4.5 hrs, for Eucalyptus glauca it was 90% at 2 hrs., for[] Google Scholar Queirolo F, Stegen S, Queirolo A, Contreras-Ortega C, Paredes B.[] Methanol extracts of six local plants ( Anethum graveolens , Apium graveolens , Eucalyptus glauca , Malva parviflora , Mentha longifolia and Zingiber officinale ) were studied[] The aim of this study is to evaluate the insecticidal activity of ethanolic extracts from Anethum graveolens, Apium graveolens, Eucalyptus glauca, Mentha longifolia, Malva[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia
  • Artemisia

    . – glacier wormwood, alpine mugwort Artemisia glanduligera Krasch. ex Poljakov Artemisia glauca Pall. ex Willd.[] Ling for plant material; Javier Francisco-Ortega, Sara Hoot, and Amy Kornkven for sharing data and/or technical assistance; Guillermo Orti for advice on Bayesian analyses,[] However an ITS phylogeny of Francisco-Ortega et al. [ 62 ] that primarily focused on the origin of Macaronesian endemic genera of Anthemideae revealed a possible sister group[] View Article Google Scholar Francisco-Ortega J, Santos-Guerra A, Hines A, Jansen R: Molecular evidence for a Mediterranean origin of the Macaronesian endemic genus Argyranthemum[]

    Missing: Eifert Hoffmannseggia