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407 Possible Causes for (Vesica, Tunica, biliaris), mucosa

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  • Bismuth

    HOOD BY AIR IAMOTHER INXX LINDER MIXPAK RECORDS MAISON GATTI NOAH ONLYNY PINTRILL RED STRIPE SARAH BACHMAN SHAYNE OLIVER TELFAR THE CHAINSMOKERS THE NEWS INC TIM COPPENS TUNICA[] We report a case of performing duct-to-duct biliary reconstruction after radical resection of Bismuth IIIa hilar cholangiocarcinoma.[] OBJECTIVES: To assess the effect of subgallate on mucosa and to evaluate the association between the use of bismuth subgallate and neogenesis of vessels in oral mucosal wounds[] […] pylori by different ways: forms complexes in the bacterial wall and periplasmic space, inhibits different enzymes, ATP synthesis, and adherence of the bacteria to the gastric mucosa[]

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  • Surgical Procedure

    Abstract We present the use of a modified corporoplasty, based on geometrical principles, to determine the exact site for the incision in the tunica or plaque and the exact[] The goal is to provide optimal care to patients with complex pancreatic and biliary diseases.[] A 2-mm band of keratinized peri-implant mucosa was present. Keratinized gingiva was approximately 6 mm at adjacent areas.[] An organ-preserving operative procedure using buccal mucosa was performed with subsequent inguino-femoral modified lymphadenectomy.[]

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  • Epispadias

    CONCLUSIONS: This video demonstrates a modified Cantwell-Ransley technique for epispadias repair, which employs a tunica vaginalis flap to reinforce the urethral repair.[] Epispadias may occur in isolation but are usually associated with other anomalies, for example: ectopic vesicae bladder neck defects splayed pelvis Links: hypospadias General[] In the first 5 cases of hypospadias the buccal mucosa was combined with bladder mucosa.[] OBJECTIVE: To report our preliminary institutional experience of incorporating a tunica vaginalis flap (TVF) as an adjunct into primary or secondary epispadias repair.[]

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  • Cloacal Exstrophy

    The plane of dissection should be carried out at the level of the tunica albuginea on the corpora ( Fig. 58-3B ).[] Abstract: IMPORTANCE: Biliary atresia is the most common cause of end-stage liver disease in children.[] NOS exstrophy Q64.10 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code Q64.10 Exstrophy of urinary bladder, unspecified 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code POA Exempt Applicable To Ectopia vesicae[] Exposed GI mucosa tends to involve the cecum. There may also be ileo-cecal intussusception. Intra-abdominal findings include a shortened or absent colon.[]

  • Schistosoma

    Magnetic resonance imaging revealed an irregular tunica albuginea signal. A biopsy showed interstitial tissue with schistosome ova and granuloma formation.[] The adult male and female worms move against the blood current to enter into the inferior mesenteric vein, rectal venous plexus, and pelvic veins and finally reach the vesica[] Four months after the treatment, sigmoidoscopy showed a normal rectal mucosa, and negative oogram and stool tests. Ultrasound of abdomen was normal.[] .  Cystoscopy – hyperplasia and inflammation of bladder mucosa. 20. 3.Tissue proliferation and repair  Generalised hyperplasia & fibrosis of vesical mucosa with granular[]

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  • Vesicovaginal Fistula

    Two layer closure of the bladder wall (urothelium and tunica muscularis) .[] Fistula, Biliary Abnormal passage in any organ of the biliary tract or between biliary organs and other organs.[] During the repair of the fistula and excision of the vaginal cuff, two small fluid-filled cysts between the bladder mucosa and the vaginal epithelium were encountered.[] […] examination, she was found to have severe vaginal atrophy and pressure necrosis of the anterior vaginal wall, which caused partial thickness erosion and breakdown of the mucosa[]

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  • Malignant Melanoma

    Malignant melanoma (MM) is a highly malignant melanocytic tumor, it occurs mostly in the skin, the mucous membrane close to the skin, but also in the tunicae rhagoides and[] CONCLUSIONS: To the best of our knowledge, this is a very rare presentation of an ocular malignant melanoma with an isolated pancreatic metastasis causing symptomatic biliary[] The lesion was confined to the mucosa with no distant metastasis. She underwent complete trans-anal excision. There was no recurrence at the four-year follow-up.[] There are few reports of early-stage cases in which tumor invasion reached the lamina propria or muscularis mucosae, as in the present case.[]

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  • Enalapril

    MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The cross-sectional areas of the penis, tunica albuginea, and corpus cavernosum were measured.[] […] sinusoidal fibrin deposits associated with intense ductal metaplasia and an infiltrate of inflammatory cells that included plasmocytes and a few eosinophils, as well as focal biliary[] Colitis was quantified by histologic scoring, and the phosphorylation of IκBα in the colonic mucosa was assessed using immunohistochemistry.[] Uncommon: emission of runny mucus , itchy throat , hoarseness , and asthma , Rare : fluid in the lungs , inflammation of the nasal mucosa , allergic inflammation of the lungs[]

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  • Abscess

    The subcutaneous tissue (fascial planes) are dissected with electrocautery until the tunica vaginal is encountered.[] Indirect signs visible include: gas within the abscess or biliary tree ( pneumobilia ) or beneath the diaphragm right-sided pleural effusion Ultrasound Liver abscesses are[] […] patients (96.1%) presented at least 1 sign of adjacent anatomic structure invasion, including peripheral meninges enhancement, pituitary stalk thickening, and paranasal sinus mucosa[] They provide lubrication to the vaginal mucosa.[]

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  • Bladder Diverticulum

    Call Us: 646-929-7845 acute renal failure adult polycystic kidney disease biliary atresia biliary cancer biliary disease bladder cancer bladder problem cancer, biliary cancer[] Urinary fistulaeCongenital urinary fistula Ectopia vesicae; in association with imperforate anusTraumatic urinary fistulaVesicovaginal fistulaEtiology Obstetrics — the usual[] Abstract Transurethral resection of the bladder diverticular neck and fulguration of the diverticular mucosa were performed in 31 diverticula.[] An endoscopic examination revealed a bladder mucosa which was almost entirely occupied by diverticula.[]

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