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  • Troglitazone

    With this aim in mind, we synthesised new derivatives of troglitazone, a compound which was formerly used as an anti-diabetic agent and which exhibits anti-proliferative activity[] We observed that TGZ, in a dose- and time-dependent manner, inhibited the growth of PC-3 cells independent of PPARγ.[] Tro, but not Rosi or Pio, selectively stimulated PGC-1α protein degradation.[] However, robust Erk1/2 phosphorylation in PAE-EGFR cells was severely reduced in PAE-EGFR-C'1022 cells ( Figure 2B ).[] However, the addition of GSTT1 did not show any catalytic effect.[] It is important to monitor the serum alkaline phosphatase in addition to the serum aminotransferases in patients taking thiazolidinediones.[] Troglitazone treatment results in decrease in α5 subunit expression on the cell surface.[] One question arises whether TGZS has direct toxicity effect on human liver cells in addition to BSEP inhibition.[] As a ligand for peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma), troglitazone inhibits cell growth by mechanisms besides activating PPAR gamma.[] […] tro·glit·a·zone \ trō-ˈglit-ə-ˌzōn \ Medical Definition of troglitazone : a thiazolidine derivative C 24 H 27 NO 5 S formerly used to treat type 2 diabetes but now withdrawn[]

  • Ehrlichia Chaffeensis

    Human anaplasmosis (formerly human granulocytic ehrlichiosis) and human monocytic ehrlichiosis (HME) are emerging tick-borne infections caused by obligate intracellular bacteria[] […] with VirB6-3 and VirB6-4.[] Additional E. chaffeensis surface proteins detected were OMP85, hypothetical protein ECH_0525 (here named Esp73), immunodominant surface protein gp47, and 11 other proteins[] A functional HECT E3 ligase domain with a conserved catalytic site was identified in the C-terminal region of TRP120, and TRP120 autoubiquitination occurred in vitro in the[] Yeast two-hybrid analysis revealed that p47 interacts with polycomb group ring finger 5 (PCGF5) protein, Src protein tyrosine kinase FYN (FYN), protein tyrosine phosphatase[] […] including translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1 (EF1A1), deleted in azoospermia (DAZ)-associated protein 2 (DAZAP2), ferritin light polypeptide (FTL), CD63, CD14, proteasome subunit[] Upon incubation with human monocytes, E. chaffeensis neither induced O(2)(-) generation by human monocytes, nor colocalized with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate[] Host targets, including human immunoglobulin lambda locus (IGL), cytochrome c oxidase subunit II (COX2), Golgi-associated gamma adaptin ear-containing ARF binding protein[] In human cells, TRP120 was selectively conjugated with SUMO2/3 isoforms.[] Anaplasma phagocytophilum (formerly E. phagocytophila ) causes human granulocytic anaplasmosis, which occurs in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, upper Midwest and West Coast of[]

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  • Insulin-Like Growth Factor I

    The formerly in patients with Laron syndrome and idiopathic short stature reported mutation R179C leads to an amino acid change from an arginine residue (codon CGC) to a cysteine[] […] rhIGF-I/rhIGFBP-3.[] In conclusion, baseline protein synthesis rates in connective tissue appeared normal in cEDS patients, and the patients responded with an increased tendon protein synthesis[] […] demonstrate that c-Src, IGF-IR, and FAK are packaged into exosomes (Exo), c-Src in particular being highly enriched in Exo from the androgen receptor (AR)-positive cell line C4-2B[] […] in the IGF-1RK catalytic cycle, including conformational change, substrate binding/product release and catalytic phosphoryl transfer.[] IGFBP-2 binds to receptor tyrosine phosphatase β (RPTPβ), and this binding in conjunction with IGF-I receptor stimulation induces RPTPβ polymerization leading to phosphatase[] In a recently described patient with acid-labile subunit (ALS) deficiency, the inability to form ternary complexes resulted in a marked reduction in circulating total insulin-like[] Growth hormone (GH) plays an essential role in controlling somatic growth and in regulating multiple physiological processes in humans and other species.[] However, HK532-IGF-I cells preferentially differentiate into gamma-aminobutyric acid-ergic neurons, a subtype dysregulated in AD; produce increased vascular endothelial growth[] Our work provides evidence supporting a link between IGFIR and IR isoform expression levels and colorectal adenoma risk.[]

  • Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis

    In this work, we structurally characterize the recently identified inverse autotransporter InvasinE from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis (formerly InvasinD from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis[] Biotypes 2 and 3 were involved, the latter in one isolate and not being previously reported in pigs.[] […] recruit the regulator of the classical and lectin pathways of complement, C4b-binding protein.[] The 3'-end of the gene cluster is the same as for O:2b and has the genes for synthesis of the backbone and for processing the completed repeat unit.[] YopJ, but not the catalytically inactive mutant YopJ(C172A), acetylates critical sites in the activation loops of the RICK and TAK1 kinases, which are central mediators of[] Decisively, reducing CpxR P in Yersinia defective for CpxA phosphatase activity - through incorporating second-site suppressor mutations in ackA-pta or cpxR - dramatically[] A 0.328 ( 0.001) YPTB0888 (nqrB) YPO3239 NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit B 0.58 (0.002) YPTB0889 (nqrC) YPO3238 Na -translocating NADH-quinone reductase subunit c[] The wild-type IP32953 strain of Y. pseudotuberculosis was found to be resistant to killing by human neutrophils.[] […] interferon (IFN-gamma) in serum samples of mice vaccinated with Y. pseudotuberculosis.[] Inhibition of Akt or phospholipase C-gamma (PLC-gamma)1 by pharmaceutical agents as well as reduced expression of the isoforms Akt1 and Akt2, and of PLC-gamma1 by RNA interference[]

  • Retinoid

    […] formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded biopsy specimens of 66 cerebellar medullo-blastomas revealed varying numbers of IRBP-immuno-reactive tumor cells in 19 cases that were formerly[] Description Contains high-potency advanced 3% Retinoid, a form of Vitamin A that is more effective and stable than other forms of retinol.[] […] retinol-binding proteins (CRBP) and cellular retinoic acid binding-proteins (CRABP). sRBP transports the highly lipophilic retinol through an aqueous medium.[] To test this idea, we determined whether the cellular protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide blocked RA-mediated repression (Fig. 2B ).[] […] well characterized biochemically, and recent structural data from closely related family members of the NlpC/P60 superfamily and a chimeric protein have established its catalytic[] We have recently investigated whether CD437 can indeed inhibit the MKP-1 phosphatase.[] RT-PCR was performed to detect the cone alpha'-subunit of cGMP phosphodiesterase (cone alpha'-PDE), the rod beta-subunit of cGMP (rod beta-PDE), and the interphotoreceptor[] To examine regulation of human alveolar epithelial and endothelial repair by RA, and characterise RA signalling in human emphysema.[] The patient responded well to topical PUVA and systemic etretinate (retinoid-PUVA) and intravenous IFN-gamma.[] Bicistronic expression of LRAT(E14L) and enhanced green fluorescence protein revealed instability and accelerated proteosomal degradation of this mutant isoform.[]

  • Pulmonary Emphysema

    Raphael, New Haven; formerly, resident surgeon, Thoracic Surgery Service, Boston City Hospital. ‡ Resident surgeon, Public Health Service; research fellow of the National[] .0001) between AE and COPD subjects for DHPCS; FEV1/FVC; diffusing capacity of lung for carbon monoxide%predicted; attenuation values below -950, -910, and -856 HU; and (3)[] […] as activation of pulmonary Rtp801 and consequent iNOS/NO-induced nitration of lung proteins, that otherwise lead to increased proteolysis of such oxidized or nitrated proteins[] Knockdown of AMPKα1/α2 increased expression of pro-senescent genes (e.g., p16, p21, and p66shc) in BEAS-2B cells.[] […] of lung fibroblasts induced by oxidative stress occurred through activation of an ataxia telangiectasia-mutated (ATM)/p53-depedent pathway following sequestration of the catalytic[] The role of FUT8 in human PE is not known.[] Tumor suppressor cell adhesion molecule 1 (CADM1) is cleaved by a disintegrin and metalloprotease 10 (ADAM10) and subsequently cleaved by gamma-secretase complex.[] Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München have discovered a new isoform which could be involved both in the pathogenesis of diseases such as pulmonary emphysema as well[] Protein levels of elastin, LOX, LOXL1, LOXL2, hypoxia inducible factor 1-alpha (HIF-1α), copper metabolism domain containing-1 (COMMD1), and phosphatase and tensin homolog[] Beas-2B cells transfected with TLR4 siRNA displayed increased expression of LC3B relative to control cells, basally and after exposure to CSE.[]

  • Porphyromonas Gingivalis

    These data indicate that P. gingivalis has adapted a formerly metabolic enzyme to facilitate entry into host cells by modulating host cytoskeletal architecture.[] […] β-defensin 3, a multifunctional antimicrobial peptide, has immuno-regulatory activities.[] Angiopoietin-like protein 2 (ANGPTL2) maintains tissue homeostasis by inducing inflammation and angiogenesis.[] […] single band at the sizes corresponding to their monomers (FimA at 40 kDa and Mfa1 at 70 kDa), although degraded products of these proteins were also detected ( Fig 2A and 2B[] The proteases consist of a catalytic sub-unit and several other protein sub- units referred to as adhesins.[] The anchoring subunit FimB limits fimbrium length and is important for solid fimbrium attachment to the outer membrane.[] Thus, research into the human host response is considered important in the analysis of periodontal disease.[] Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia and Fusobacterium nucleatum are key oral microbial species that produce methanethiol via methionine gamma lyase (mgl) activity[] However, the expression patterns of ceramidase isoforms as well as their role in periodontal disease pathogenesis remain unknown.[] Accordingly, the pro-domain would laterally attach to the catalytic moiety in Kgp and block the active site through an exposed inhibitory loop.[]

  • Amelogenesis Imperfecta

    She was diagnosed with Al and formerly had been treated for a long period of time at the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.[] Using whole exome sequencing, we identified an 8,678 bp heterozygous genomic deletion encompassing exons 3-6 of AMTN in a Costa Rican family segregating dominant hypomineralised[] GPR68 encodes a proton-sensing G-protein-coupled receptor with sensitivity in the pH range that occurs in the developing enamel matrix during amelogenesis.[] Figure 2a: Standard URA Figure 2b-c: Aesthetic removable appliance The role of functional appliances Growth modification may play a role in treating AI patients with Class[] […] crystal structure suggests that these mutations damaged the activity of ACPT by altering the sizes and charges of key amino acid side chains, limiting accessibility of the catalytic[] LAMB3 encodes a subunit of Laminin-5, one of a family of basement membrane proteins with essential functions in cell growth, movement and adhesion.[] The acetic acid heating method is illustrated with a murine amelogenin containing the corresponding P70 T point mutation observed in an human amelogenin associated with amelogenesis[] 2 BM600-100kDa, , kalinin-105kDa laminin, gamma 2 laminin, gamma 2 (nicein (100kD), kalinin (105kD), BM600 (100kD), Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa)) nicein-100kDa[] Alternative splicings result in multiple transcript variants which codify different isoforms [ 12 ].[] We report on a mother and son who were affected with split hand-split foot (formerly described as ectrodactyly), ectodermal dysplasia, hyperpigmentation of skin, and dystrophic[]

  • Brucella Suis

    […] β-carbonic anhydrases (CAs, EC from the pathogenic bacterium Brucella suis, BsuCA1 and BsuCA2, were investigated for their inhibition profile with a series of pyridine-3-[] The purified recombinant proteins were examined for their binding activity with antiserum.[] Fig. 2 shows that supernatants from nonactivated γδ T cells/noninfected monocyte cocultures contained no TNF-α (Fig. 2 A ) and small amounts of IFN-γ (Fig. 2B ).[] Docking studies with two inhibitors showed a good fitting in the catalytic pocket and also interaction with the second lipophilic pocket binding the cofactor NAD( ).[] Only three subunits in SDS-PAGE were identified: two small subunits of 14,000 Da and 15,500 Da, and a major subunit of 66,000 Da.[] […] by Brucella suis, a species that is rarely incriminated in human disease.[] […] suis, we provide evidence that 1) intramonocytic multiplication of B. suis is impaired by supernatants of activated Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells in part via TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma[] Although these compounds were not highly isoform-selective CA inhibitors (CAIs) for the bacterial over the human CA isoforms, some of them possess inhibition profiles that[] […] growth and development through a combination of mechanisms: 1) cytotoxicity, 2) macrophage activation and bactericidal activity through cytokine and chemokine secretion, and 3)[] Fluorescence-activated cell sorter analysis and fluorescence microscopy showed that the virB promoter is induced in macrophages within 3 h after infection.[]

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  • Toxoplasma Gondii

    T. gondii effector protein 14-3-3 (Tg14-3-3) promotes parasite dissemination inside the body, by enhancing the migratory ability of infected microglia and dendritic cells.[] Toxoplasma gondii encodes three protein kinase A catalytic (PKAc1-3) and one regulatory (PKAr) subunits to integrate cAMP-dependent signals.[] The selected genes include PH domain and leucine- rich-repeat protein phosphatases (PHLPP), casein kinase2 (CK2), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), pigment epithelium-derived[] A few case reports have described pulmonary toxoplasmosis in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients in association with Toxoplasma gondii central nervous system disease[] Whereas TNF-alpha production was normally up-regulated in response to IFN-gamma, IL-12 production and CD64 up-regulation were strongly reduced, and IFN-gamma-mediated killing[] In higher Eukaryotes, the four-subunit chromosomal passenger complex (CPC) (Aurora kinase B (ARKB)/INCENP/Borealin/Survivin) promotes chromosome bi-orientation by detaching[] Nevertheless, the course of human and porcine toxoplasmosis is much more comparable than that of human and murine toxoplasmosis.[] Homo sapiens zinc finger protein was found to interact with SAG2.[] We report here the antagonistic and indifferent activity of the combination of five different formulations of pure synthetic 3-deoxyanthocyaninidin (3-DA) chloride compounds[] […] and affiliations Science 22 Apr 1988: Vol. 240, Issue 4851, pp. 516-518 DOI: 10.1126/science.3128869 Abstract Mice were injected with a monoclonal antibody to interferon-gamma[]

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