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  • Cardiogenic Shock

    During admission, she experienced similar repeated episodes, which were ameliorated by oral nitrate administration.[] […] medicine Oxygen Fluids, blood, and blood products through a vein (IV) Other treatments for shock may include: Cardiac catheterization with coronary angioplasty and stenting[] KEYWORDS: Cardiogenic shock; Impella; Mechanical support devices; intra-aortic balloon pump; mechanical circulatory support; percutaneous ventricular assist device[] Our data indicate that AVWS is a common phenomenon during left ventricular unloading via microaxial pump support.[]

  • Treprostinil

    administration).[] Patients were transitioned to a temporary peripheral IV infusion catheter prior to the procedure.[] Independent two-sample t tests were used to compare mean fine particle fraction and inhaled mass between devices.[] IV infusion pump Administer IV by continuous infusion via a surgically placed indwelling central venous catheter using an external infusion pump designed for IV drug delivery[]

  • Heart Failure

    Administration of canagliflozin produced an additive diuretic action and correction of volume overload in combination with azosemide and tolvaptan, and resulted in successful[] (Watts) Show forest plot 6 219 Mean Difference (IV, Fixed, 95% CI) ‐15.13 [‐17.67, ‐12.59] 8 Distance on 6 minute walk (meters) Show forest plot 8 282 Mean Difference (IV,[] […] from large, pulsatile devices to smaller, more-compact, continuous-flow devices.[] The left atrium receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs and pumps it into the left ventricle, the heart's largest and strongest pump, which is responsible for supplying[]

  • Intravenous Drugs

    The risk involved seems especially high in the more complicated medication administration processes, such as in the administration of intravenous drugs.[] Huffing and snorting can do damage to delicate mucous membranes and IV drug use avoids this. People with sensitive stomachs may also prefer the IV method.[] The device developed by the young scholars is cheap when compared to those used in foreign countries.[] Constant plasma concentrations can be maintained by computer-controlled infusion pumps. However, such equipment is not yet widely available and will be expensive.[]

  • Insulin Administration

    Jillian Hill describes the devices now available to deliver insulin, which enable more people to manage their insulin administration independently.[] We surveyed all clinical areas in our trust to identify types of syringes and needles available and how these were stored and distinguished from IV syringes.[] Yearly direct pump- and procedure-associated costs for CIPII were estimated at 10,910 euroscompared with 4,810 euros for CSII.[] Other noninjectable methods of insulin administration are reviewed.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    As compared to 0.9% saline, intravenous administration of a dextrose-containing bolus of 0.9% saline is associated with a greater reduction of circulating ketones and a shorter[] We found special cause variation with a downward shift in patients receiving IV fluids after initiation of the pathway and later with addition of ondansetron to the pathway[] […] the website, a basic, non-exclusive and non-transferable license is granted that is restricted to the one-time downloading and saving of said data on private devices[] Proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole ( Prilosec ) and esomeprazole ( Nexium ) inhibit the production of stomach acid.[]

  • Blood Product Administration

    […] during administration. blood products administration in the nursing interventions classification , a nursing intervention defined as administration of blood or blood products[] Medications must be administered through an IV infusion set, and the IV site cleared with 0.9% NS. 9.[] OBJECTIVES: Preoperative liver dysfunction may influence haemostasis following ventricular assist device (VAD) implantation.[] All equipment used to administer blood components including plasma thawing devices, intravenous fluid pumps and blood warmers should be operated according to the manufacturer[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Administration of appropriate antibiotic treatment resulted in recovery of the patient's clinical course.[] […] formulation also available GEN 3–5 mg/kg iv daily in divided doses or 5–7 mg/kg iv once daily (consult local guidelines) option for once-daily outpatient iv therapy for complicated[] Abstract The use of intrauterine devices (IUDs) have been widespread since the 1960s.[] Possible mechanism for the inhibition of gastric (H K )-adenosine triphosphatase by the proton pump inhibitor AG-1749 . J. Pharmacol. Exp.[]

  • Milrinone

    INTERVENTIONS: Milrinone administration.[] Read the entire FDA prescribing information for Primacor IV (Milrinone) Related Resources for Primacor IV Primacor IV Patient Information is supplied by Cerner Multum, Inc[] Sustained hypotension, drug hypersensitivity, death, or need for right ventricular assist device were not observed.[] This study evaluates the effect of milrinone on patients with low ventricular ejection fraction undergoing off- pump coronary artery bypass graft (OPCAB).[]

  • Influenza

    We examined administrative claims data of 31 million Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries, eligible to receive vaccinations administered from 2013 to 2015 from Medicare[] Here, we reanalyze these data to explore the effects of absolute humidity on IVT and IVS.[] RIDTs that utilize an analyzer reader device have higher sensitivities compared to RT-PCR than RIDTs without reader devices.[] DiD-labeled viruses were excited with a 633-nm helium–neon laser (Melles-Griot), whereas Cy3/Cypher5-labeled viruses were simultaneously excited with a 532-nm diode-pumped[]