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  • Streptomycin

    , kanamycin-resistance 0.2% (1/576) and ofloxacin-resistance 0.2% (1/576).[] How To Use This medication is given by injection, usually into a muscle as directed by your doctor.[] New insights into early sequential PrPsc accumulation in scrapie infected mouse brain evidenced by the use of streptomycin sulfate.[] Seventy-four streptomycin (SM)-resistant M. tuberculosis clinical isolates were subjected to cross-resistance drug testing against two major aminoglycosides, kanamycin (KM) and amikacin[] Description Details Product Overview Penicillin-Streptomycin Solution is a dual antibiotic solution used as a supplement to cell culture media to control bacterial contamination[] Precautions In Myasthenia gravis or Parkinson's disease, Aminoglycosides may aggravate the problems, resulting in further muscle weakness.[] BHI) agar plates containing sub-inhibitory concentration of streptomycin (1.25-5 μg/mL) and a streptomycin-resistant serovar (Typhimurium) was grown on BHI containing 25-50[] With the advent of many improvements in intravenous therapy that have occurred in the past 40 years, reevaluation of the intravenous use of this drug is warranted.[] The 25 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml require a vacuum manifold for easy vacuum filtering, while the 10 ml pack size comes with a syringe filter.[] We studied the non-creatinine chromogen formation of various concentrations of streptomycin, amikacin, kanamycin, netilmicin, gentamicin and tobramycin added to known creatinine[]

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  • Anosmia

    The recovery of olfactory function was observed in 11 patients (28.2%) in group 1, in 9 (25.7%) in group 2, in 4 (11.8%) in group 3, and in 1 (2.7%) in group 4.[] Anosmia treatment by platelet rich plasma injection. Int Tinnitus J. 2016; 20(2): 102-105[] To date, olfactory losses or distortions have been reported after the use of doxycycline, amoxicillin, clarithromycin, roxithromycin, kanamycin sulfate, and streptomycin sulfate[] You can make a salt water solution at home. How to clean your nose with a salt water solution Boil a pint of water then leave it to cool.[] We report a case of ocular myasthenia gravis (MG) accompanied by anosmia. A 76-year-old man had idiopathic anosmia of 2-year duration.[] Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular protozoan infecting 30% to 50% of global human population.[] Coma, hemiparesis, unilateral optic neuropathy, and anosmia manifested in a patient with leukemia after he received only three courses of intravenous high-dose cytosine arabinoside[] When my dad shines his shoes on the kitchen table, the scent of the shoe polish takes him back 50 years to his childhood in Pittsburgh .[] In the intravenous olfaction test, 14 patients showed no response and 5 patients showed abnormal responses.[] The best known of these is zinc sulfate. It has not been proven beneficial and is generally regarded as ineffective.[]

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  • Cefepime

    Thirteen plasmids containing blaOXA-1 were transferred, nine belonged to IncF replicon (4 F2:A1:B-, 2 F1:A1:B1, 1 F1:A2:B-, 1 F18:A2:B1, 1 F5:A-:B1) and four were nontypeable[] Cefepime injection may cause side effects.[] […] in Water for Injection 4g Total Bag/Overwrap Barcode Magnesium Sulfate in Water for Injection 2g Total Bag/Overwrap Barcode Magnesium Sulfate in Water for Injection 2g Carton[] […] incidence of resistance to 3 rd generation cephalosporins at our center we aimed to compare the efficacy and safety of cefepime monotherapy with cefoperazone/sulbactum plus amikacin[] The current study investigated the stability of cefepime in a pH-neutral PD solution.[] CEFEPIME Cefepime Composition: each vial contains: active substance : cefepime hydrochloride (equivalent to cefepime) – 1000 mg.[] GES-18, OXA-1/30 and OXY-, PER-, TEM- and VEB-like; MIC 50/90 0.25/1 mg/L), plasmidic AmpC (10; MIC 50/90   0.06/ 0.06 mg/L), derepressed AmpC (23; MIC 50/90 0.12/0.5 mg[] All patients were treated with intravenous vancomycin and cefepime for 48 h after presentation.[] […] podatki o zdravilu Farmacevtska oblika : prašek za raztopino za injiciranje/infundiranje Količina osnovnih enot za aplikacijo : 10 viala Pakiranje : škatla z 10 vialami (20 ml[] […] isolates (MIC50/90, 1/4 μg/ml; 99.3% of isolates were inhibited at 8 μg/ml [1:1]).[]

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  • Neostigmine

    The recommended ratio of atropine to neostigmine given, varies from 1:2 to 1:3 Myasthenia gravis: 1 to 2,5 mg daily in divided doses subcutaneously or intramuscularly.[] How Neostigmine Injection is given Neostigmine Injection will be given to you by injection by a doctor or a specially trained nurse.[] Detailed in this report is the case of immediate and dramatic reversal of envenomation symptoms following the administration of the anticholinesterase neostigmine methyl sulfate[] Alyacen 1/35 Alyacen 7/7/7 amantadine Amaryl Ambien Ambien CR AmBisome ambrisentan amcinonide topical Ameluz Amerge Amethia Amethia Lo Amethyst Amicar Amidate amifostine amikacin[] Treatment of urinary retention: One mL of the 1:2000 solution (0.5 mg) subcutaneously or intramuscularly.[] This study compared efficacy and safety of the selective relaxant binding agent sugammadex (2 mg/kg) with neostigmine (50 μg/kg) for neuromuscular blockade (NMB) reversal[] He developed asystole after intravenous administration of 4 mg neostigmine with 0.8 mg glycopyrrolate for reversal of the muscle relaxant.[] When heart rate was 5 beats/min ( 10 beats/min) lower than the heart rate before administration of the medication, 0.5 mg IV atropine sulfate was given.[] Low-dose neostigmine intravenously was used in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardia in three patients described herein.[] […] neo·stig·mine \ ˌnē-ə-ˈstig-ˌmēn \ Definition of neostigmine : an anticholinesterase drug used in the form of its bromide C 12 H 19 BrN 2 O 2 or a methyl sulfate derivative[]

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  • Netilmicin

    4))-2 1-n-aethylsisomicin certomycin -deoxy-n(sup1)-ethyl- d-streptamine,o-3-deoxy-4-c-methyl-3-(methylamino)-beta-l-arabinopyranosyl(1-6 netillin netilyn netroymcin nettacin[] Home › Pharmaceutical Medicines › Pharmaceutical Injection › Netilmicin Injection Netilmicin Injection is a low concentration high activity bactericidal.[] Description Netilmicin sulfate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic with a similar mechanism to gentamicin. Netilmicin is highly soluble in aqueous solution at 50 mg/mL.[] The single-dose pharmacokinetics of amikacin, netilmicin and tobramycin administered intramuscularly at doses of 7.5 mg/kg amikacin, 2.5 mg/kg netilmicin or 3 mg/kg tobramycin[] Test solution— Use the Assay preparation.[] Myasthenia gravis, parkinsonism, infant botulism; conditions predisposing to ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity. Premature and neonatal infants, dehydration, elderly.[] We analyzed pharmacokinetics in two study groups receiving bone impregnated with netilmicin (50 mL), at either 50 mg netilmicin/mL (group I) or 100 mg netilmicin/mL (group[] No incompatibilities between the intravenous infusion set and admixtures of netilmicin sulfate were apparent.[] […] chloramphenicol gel a mean concentration of 0.13   0.14 μg/mL.[] A total of 202 patients were enrolled in the study; 100 received netilmicin and 102 received amikacin.[]

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  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    […] rapid bactericidal kinetics of MP-1.[] Infection types were frequently those associated with nonsterile injection drug use.[] Linezolid and vancomycin killed 100% of MRSA; resistance levels to fusidic acid, doxycycline, clindamycin, azithromycin, amikacin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, gentamycin[] The anti-biofilm activities of 50 per cent Burow's solution, vinegar with water (1:1), 2 per cent acetic acid solution, and 4 per cent boric acid solution were evaluated using[] Among a cohort of 124 patients, 87 received vancomycin initial doses 20 mg/kg and 37 received 20 mg/kg.[] The predictive model was tested using 100 S. aureus isolates (50 MSSA and 50 MRSA).[] The osteomyelitis was treated with intravenous daptomycin with symptomatic improvement.[] For binary classification, the AUC values of various ML methods ranged from 0.76 to 0.99 for ST5, ST59, and ST239 types.[] The resistance pattern of MRSA strains to aminoglycoside antibiotics were: gentamicin 136 (84.5%); amikacin 125 (77.6%); kanamycin 139 (86.3%); tobramycin 132 (82%); and neomycin[] In patients on biologic agents, intravenous antibiotics must be considered in addition to ophthalmic eye solution in controlling the infectious process.[]

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  • Ampicillin-Sulbactam

    Ampicillin anhydrous is sparingly soluble in water and freely soluble in 1 N NH 4 OH (50 mg/mL).[] […] promptly. ] Assay preparation 1— Mix the contents of a container of Ampicillin and Sulbactam for Injection.[] IV Incompatibilities Additive: Aminoglycosides, ciprofloxacin Y-site: Aminoglycosides, amiodarone, amphotericin B cholesteryl sulfate, ciprofloxacin, cisatracurium(?)[] Compared with MICs of amikacin and ampicillin/sulbactam alone, there was a significant decrease in MICs for both drugs when the combination was used.[] […] and 25 /-6.5 mg/kg sulbactam (13.8 min), bone 12 /-3.6 mg/kg ampicillin and 7 /-0.8 mg/kg sulbactam (20.6 min), disk 10.2 /-3.3 mg/kg ampicillin and 7.3 /-1.8 mg/kg sulbactam[] A T 4 MIC of at least 50 % was achieved in 7 of 13 elderly patients with CAP. Age and, probably, pneumonia did affect the pharmacokinetics of ampicillin and sulbactam.[] The efficacy and safety of intravenous (i.v.) azithromycin followed by the oral form, given in addition to i.v. ampicillin-sulbactam, were evaluated in 151 patients hospitalized[] A fixed ratio (2:1) and a fixed concentration (clavulanate, 2 and 4 micrograms/ml; sulbactam, 8 micrograms/ml) were used in the agar dilution technique.[] This medication can affect the results of some diabetic urine testing products (cupric sulfate-type). Consult your doctor or pharmacist for recommendations.[] Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) culture identified Acinetobacter baumannii that was resistant to traditionally recommended therapies of amikacin and imipenem-cilastatin.[]

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  • Isepamicin

    Pivampicilina Hetacilina 4) Carboxipenicicline: Carbenicilina Carfecilina Carindacilina Ticarcilina 5) Urcidopeniciline: Mezlocilina Azlocilina Piperacilina Cefalosporinele 1)[] In general, the pharmacokinetics after intravenous infusion and intramuscular injection were similar.[] Description Isepamicin sulfate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic derived from gentamicin B.[] Adverse events occurred in 15% of isepamicin patients and 6% of amikacin patients.[] ., 5 microns particle size) and utilizes a mobile phase consisting of 10% methanol and 90% buffer solution containing 0.01 M sodium hexanesulfonate, 0.1 M sodium sulfate and[] Yuhan Isepamicin precautions sponsored Myasthenia gravis; regular assessment of auditory and renal function is necessary in patients with additional risk factors.[] The interindividual variability in PK parameters was about 50% in ICU patients.[] (CLCR, 50 to 80 ml/min/1.73 m2), those with moderate renal insufficiency (CLCR, 30 to 49 ml/min/1.73 m2), those with severe renal insufficiency (CLCR, 5 to 29 ml/min/1.73[] Isepamicin broad-spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic Sample solution is provided at 25 µL, 10mM.[] […] sponsored Isepamicin Sulfate indications Isepamicin Sulfate dosage Isepamicin Sulfate interactions Isepamicin Sulfate side effects Isepamicin Sulfate contraindications Isepamicin[]

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  • Cefoxitin

    The results indicated that all of 5 K. pneumoniae strains carried blaTEM-1 and blaDHA-1 genes, as well as base deletion and mutation of OmpK35 or OmpK36 genes.[] Injection.[] Single-agent therapy with amikacin sulfate or cefoxitin sodium was not adequate during periods of neutropenia, and combination therapy was necessary to control the infection[] In a hollow-fiber model, we mimicked the drug exposures achieved in the lungs of humans treated with standard amikacin, clarithromycin, and cefoxitin combination therapy for[] However, during infusion of the solution containing MEFOXIN, it is advisable to temporarily discontinue administration of any other solutions at the same site.[] . • Caution should be exercised in patients with history of stomach problems, blood clotting problems, kidney or liver impairment, myasthenia gravis, poor nutrition, any allergy[] (T 4MIC 50% and T 4MIC 100%, respectively).[] Of 22 patients who were suspected of having bacterial endocarditis and who were treated with cefoxitin intravenously (8-12 g per day), 12 were evaluated for responses to therapy[] MICs of cefoxitin against K. pneumoniae LB2 and LB3 were 4 micrograms/ml, but that against K. pneumoniae LB4 was 128 micrgrams/ml.[] Preparation of OMP from phenotypically characterized clinical isolates K.pneumoniae and E.coli and the separation of the proteins by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide[]

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  • Thiopental

    1 Record 1, Abbreviations, English Record 1, Textual support, English Record number: 1, Textual support number: 1 DEF A barbiturate that is administered intravenously for[] A patient who sustained thiopental extravasation and received local injection of lidocaine and local application of EMLA (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics) for treatment[] ., 3α-androsterone sulfate , 3β-androsterone sulfate , deoxycorticosterone , DHEA sulfate , pregnenolone sulfate , progesterone ) Opioids (e.g., codeine , dextromethorphan[] Do not infuse solution with a concentration INCOMPATIBILITIES Solution/additive: Dextrose Ringer's lactate, 10% dextrose, amikacin, benzquinamide, cephapirin, chlorpromazine[] Solutions are incompatible with acid, acidic salts and solutions such as pethidine, morphine and promethazine.[] The primary endpoint was the time from start of injection of the hypnotic to a BIS value below 50.[] After the intravenous administration of thiopental, 461 patients exhibited a yawning response.[] […] with 2 mL (50 mg) thiopental.[] The detection limit (defined as S/N 3) was 0.025 nmol/ml urine. Calibration graphs, plotted as peak area versus concentrations, were linear from 0.05 nmol/ml urine.[] Since its maiden clinical use decades back, innumerable instances of accidental intra-arterial injection of the drug have been reported mostly in the upper extremities.[]

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