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  • Osteoporosis

    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Plastin 3 (PLS3) mutations are associated with an X-linked osteoporosis.[] BACKGROUND: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) plays an important role in the regulation of bone formation and mineralization.[] Risedronate sodium was stopped 2 years and 2 months after the initial examination.[] Effect of estrone sulfate on postmenopausal bone loss. Obstet Gynecol. 1990;76:579-584. Google Scholar 8. Steinberg KA, Thacker SB, Smith SJ. et al.[]

  • Heparin

    KEYWORDS: Agrin; Analytical ultracentrifugation; Dynamic light scattering; Heparin; Small-angle X-ray scattering[] Molecular weight is approximately 3200 daltons - 650 daltons Heparinum natricum Hepathrom Hepflush-10 Inno-Hep Innohep Kabi 2165 LHN 1 Lioton 1000 Lipo-hepin Liquaemin Lock[] Products Heparin Sodium Injection Heparin Sodium in 0.45% Sodium Chloride Injection Heparin Sodium in 5% Dextrose Injection Heparin Sodium in 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection[] Abstract The sulfated polysaccharides dextran sulfate and heparin have proved to be potent and selective inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) in vitro[]

  • X-Linked Ichthyosis

    […] ichthyosis with steryl-sulphatase deficiency X-linked placental steryl-sulphatase deficiency X-linked recessive ichthyosis edit English X-linked ichthyosis skin condition[] We report the first partial deletion of the STS gene spanning exons 1-5 in X-linked ichthyosis patients.[] Thirteen patients with RXLI and 15 age- and sex-matched controls were patch-tested with sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) 0.5% for 24 h.[] Abstract Cholesterol sulfate is a multifunctional sterol metabolite, produced in large amounts in squamous keratinizing epithelia.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    BACKGROUND/AIM: Adrenal insufficiency is one of the adverse events (AEs) associated with anti-programmed death-1 (PD1) therapy.[] Although the initial fluid replacement therapy was not effective, co-administration of dexamethasone and sodium chloride quickly resolved her symptoms and ameliorated the[] Women receiving dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) replacement should be monitored with morning serum DHEA sulfate levels.[] The X-linked form is related to mutations in the DAX1 (NROB1) gene.[]

  • Recessive X-Linked Ichthyosis

    What is X-Linked Ichthyosis?[] 角膜潰瘍の治療目的で当大眼科に入院中の2011年1月下旬より,四肢に紅斑と水疱が多発し1月24日当科を紹介受診した。患者皮膚切片の病理組織検査で表皮下水疱を認め,蛍光抗体直接法では表皮基底膜部に IgG,C3 が線状に沈着していた。[] Thirteen patients with RXLI and 15 age- and sex-matched controls were patch-tested with sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) 0.5% for 24 h.[] Profiles of urinary total steroids as well as sulfated steroids were normal. Cholesterol sulfate excretion in the urine was not elevated.[]

  • Influenza

    IL-1 receptor (IL-1R1).[] The active ingredient in chlorine bleach, sodium hypochlorite, is one of the chlorine disinfectants routinely added to municipal drinking water to control waterborne disease[] Matthew Sharkey and David Avram Sanders , Role of Heparan Sulfate in Entry and Exit of Ross River Virus Glycoprotein-Pseudotyped Retroviral Vectors , Virology , 10.1016/j.virol[] X-31 matching pseudoparticles (H3 X-31 /N2 X-31 ), respectively.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    References 1 : Epidemiology of urinary tract infections: incidence, morbidity, and economic costs . Am J Med 2002 ; 113 : 5S.[] Abstract Secondary pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1 develops due to transient aldosterone resistance in renal tubules and is characterized by renal sodium loss, hyponatremia[] Colacurci , Efficacy of an orally administered combination of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, curcumin and quercetin for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections[] The prepared nanocomposite (HCuNPs) was characterized via x-ray diffraction (XRD), electron microscopy (TEM), and energy-dispersive (EDX) and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    ; 12 - 18 years: 3 x 30 drops/d) or placebo for 7 consecutive days.[] Seo JS 16 , Jung KS 1 .[] A healthy diet also is low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium (salt), and added sugar.[] Prior to hospital admission, a bolus of 3 g IV magnesium sulfate was infused with complete abatement of her bronchospasm, significantly increasing peak expiratory flow rate[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Mean ( /- SD) theophylline clearance during acute illness was 0.044 /- 0.011 L X h-1 X kg-1 compared to 0.043 /- 0.012 L X h-1 X kg-1 1 month later.[] Intranasal cromolyn sodium and ipratropium bromide: These are helpful in reducing the severity of common cold symptoms.[] -- Chondroitin -- Chromium -- Cranberry -- Dong quai -- Echinacea -- Ephedras -- Evening primrose oil -- Feverfew -- Garlic -- Ginger -- Ginkgo -- Ginseng -- Glucosamine sulfate[] Lateral neck X-rays. This test may be ordered to rule out epiglottitis if you have difficulty breathing. Chest X-ray.[]

  • Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

    Zain MA 1 , Raza A 1, 2 , Hanif MO 1, 2 , Tauqir Z 3 , Khan M 4 , Mahboob MJ 4 , Ashraf F 4 , Siddiqui WJ 1, 2 , Arif H 1, 2 , Krevolin LE 1 .[] Two peak serum sodium values were attained. The first when the patient was retaining sodium due to an inappropriate fluid regimen and the second due to hypovolaemia.[] She received betamethasone and magnesium sulfate prior to delivery. The infant had Apgar scores of 3,6 and 8 at 1,5 and 10 minutes respectively.[] Abstract A retrospective genotype and phenotype analysis of X-linked congenital nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI) was conducted on a nationwide cohort of 25 (24 male, 1[]