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  • Weight Loss

    Similar results were observed for acute insulin response, triglycerides, non-HDL cholesterol concentration, low density lipoprotein (LDL) particle size and high density lipoprotein[] BACKGROUND: apolipoprotein E (ApoE) polymorphism is a genetic determinant of lipid and lipoprotein levels and the risk for coronary heart disease.[] Our objective was to identify factors predicting long-term successful weight reduction maintenance achieved during a DM2 prevention program in patients with high DM2 risk[] PMID 22323350 . a b c d e f Itoh, M; Tsuji, T; Nemoto, K; Nakamura, H; Aoshiba, K (Apr 18, 2013). "Undernutrition in patients with COPD and its treatment" .[] To address this, we design a large-scale protein quantitative trait locus (pQTL) analysis based on a set of 1129 proteins from 494 obese subjects before and after a weight[] OBJECTIVES: To evaluate and compare POP levels in serum before and after bariatric surgery, and to assess if the POP levels exceeded health based guideline values, with particular[] Of the TRIAL patients, ten obtained a poor result ( 10% decreased BMI).[] BACKGROUND: "Living High-Training Low" (LHTL) is effective for the improvement of athletic ability; however, little is known about the effect of LHTL on obese individuals.[] As part of the telephone survey participants were also asked to identify other impacts of the Challenge; these were analysed descriptively (quantitative items) and thematically[] […] group with a high-FOS diet only.[]

  • Mood Disorder

    BACKGROUND: Although many studies have identified factors associated with mood disorder, the association between high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and mood disorder[] J., Ehlers, C. L., Monk, T., Cornes, C., Carter, S., et al. (1994).[] What is now called major depressive disorder, however, differs both quantitatively and qualitatively from normal sadness or grief.[] Nevertheless, lithium is a toxic element and its therapeutic range is extremely narrow, with levels of 0.61.0 mEq considered normal, whereas levels above 1.5 mEq are toxic[] Although studies have suggested that personality traits are possible risk factors for suicide, no study has been conducted among Chinese to compare the temperament traits[] This locus was implicated originally as being involved in susceptibility to schizophrenia. 36 It was a novel locus with a designation of G72.[] […] year of non-draft ICD-10-CM) 2017 (effective 10/1/2016) : No change 2018 (effective 10/1/2017) : No change 2019 (effective 10/1/2018) : No change Disorder (of) - see also[] , P-value 0.027) compared with areas with the highest density, after adjustment for deprivation and population density.[] […] thirsty, need to urinate more than usual, feel very hungry, feel weak or tired, feel sick to your stomach, feel confused, or your breath smells fruity Increased fat levels (cholesterol[] A quantitative and qualitative review of neurocognitive performance in pediatric bipolar disorder. J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol . 2008 Dec. 18(6):595-605. [Medline] .[]

  • Ehrlichia Chaffeensis

    TRP120 ubiquitination sites were mapped using a high-density microfluidic peptide array and confirmed by ectopic expression of TRP120 lysine mutants in cells.[] To study in vivo E. chaffeensis lipoprotein expression and host immune responses to E. chaffeensis lipoproteins, 13 E. chaffeensis lipoprotein genes were cloned into a mammalian[] We evaluated a high-throughput, objective peptide-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for use alone or in combination with IFA.[] However, host cell-free bacteria had the ability to take up directly exogenous cholesterol or NBD-cholesterol, a fluorescent cholesterol derivative.[] ., Ruiz, C., Liu, C.-C. & Licata, V. J. (2003). Biochem. J. 374 , 785–792. Web of Science CrossRef PubMed CAS Google Scholar Laurent, T. C., Moore, E.[] The assay is species specific and provides quantitative results in the range 10 to 10(10) gene copies.[] Five-hundred twenty-seven genes had increased transcript levels unique to permissive growth conditions 24 h postinfection.[] […] intracellular replication, three functional pairs of two-component systems are sequentially expressed to regulate metabolism, aggregation, and the development of stress-resistance traits[] The shared homology among isolates in each group for the 28-kDa OMP locus suggests the derivation of clonal lineages.[] In addition, urbanization per se may not be as important a factor as the local density of foliage and the regional concentration of animal reservoirs.[]

  • Bipolar Disorder

    Lipid profiles were analyzed and the AIP parameter of logarithm of triglyceride (TG) / high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLc) was calculated for all of the participants[] Symptoms of Mania: Excessively “high,” euphoric mood Extreme irritability Unrealistic beliefs in one’s abilities and powers, such as feeling able to control world events Decreased[] Interestingly, the patient carried the c.1639 C   T variant in the GRN gene, resulting in a R547C substitution.[] Our goal was to conduct a multipoint quantitative trait linkage analysis to identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) related to anxiety trait in subjects with BPI.[] No data is available on the level of LL-37 in bipolar patients.[] Recently, a novel genome-wide significant risk locus at chromosome 4q26 was identified and the top single nucleotide polymorphism rs11098403 in the vicinity of NDST3 gene[] Here are 10 signs that mood problems may be due to more than a quirky or difficult personality.[] Weinstein, Amy T. Peters, Andrea C. Katz, David B. Henry, Rick A. Cruz, Mani N.[] […] interesting because the common single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) most highly associated with BD is rs1006737, which we show here is a cis-expression quantitative trait locus[] Reported changes in the brains of people with BD Decreases in the number and density of glial cells in the prefrontal cortex.[]

  • Parasite

    Seropositivity was estimated at 67 and 63% for GLURP(R0) and MSP3 antibodies, respectively, and antibody titers were negatively correlated with parasite density.[] , HDL/blood Lipoproteins, HDL/genetics Microscopy Polymerase Chain Reaction Trypanocidal Agents/therapeutic use Trypanosoma/classification Trypanosoma/isolation & purification[] In general, the Chinese clinical isolates of T. callipaeda expressed high genetic diversity. Based on the cox1 gene, a total of 21 haplotypes were identified.[] These assemblies, enriched in cholesterol and sphingolipids, form highly dynamic, liquid-ordered phases that can be separated from the bulk membranes thanks to their resistance[] 1 , López T 2 , Moreno M 2 , Molina I 1 .[] METHODS: A simple duplex quantitative PCR method was developed in which distinct fluorescent signals are generated from the human and parasite DNA components in each blood[] No association between parasite burden and the plasma levels of chemokine/cytokines or disease severity was observed.[] The current understanding of how temperature affects mosquito and parasite life history traits derives from a limited number of empirical studies.[] If you consumed any contaminated water during your travels, you may have acquired a parasite of some kind. 10 Signs You May Have a Parasite The signs of a parasite can often[] The alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) level was 174,640 ng/ml.[]

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    The brain was removed, right PMC (RPMC) was excised, and MN density was quantified.[] Recent studies suggested that antibody to low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 4 (LRP4) was a pathogenic agent of myasthenia gravis (MG), and it was also detected[] METHODS: In this study, DNA from 28 Hungarian ALS patients was subjected to targeted high-throughput sequencing of the coding regions of three Mendelian ALS genes: FUS, SETX[] The progression of ALS was related to the lowering of Caveolin-1 protein levels and the accumulation of cholesterol in a crude mitochondrial fraction.[] C , Niehaus L , Opherk C , Raape J , Ratzka P , Rettenmayr C , Riepe MW , Rothmeier J , Sabolek M , Schabet M , Schell C , Schlipf T , Schmauss M , Schoels L , Schuetz K[] Schwann cell proliferation and recruitment of inflammatory factors were detected by immunofluorescence staining and quantitative reverse transcription PCR and were compared[] ALS patients had clearly increased pNFH levels (p 0.0001), while CgA levels were only modestly lower relative to controls (p 0.0265), with wide value overlap and consequently[] Cosegregation of ALS and KFS with an autosomal-dominant trait suggests an impairment of transforming growth factor β signaling pathway, and its potential role is discussed[] Chromosomes Gene report of major ALS genes in ALSoD or View Details Locus Gene Gene name Chromosome Select ALS 1 SOD1 Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase 1, soluble (amyotrophic lateral[] This is the American ICD-10-CM version of G12.21 - other international versions of ICD-10 G12.21 may differ.[]

  • Gaucher Disease Type 1

    ERT improved haematological parameters and visceromegaly, without a clear benefit for bone mineral density.[] BACKGROUND: Dyslipidemia in Gaucher disease includes reduced total, low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL)-cholesterol (C).[] An initial 64-kDa form, containing high mannose-type oligosaccharide side chains, was processed quantitatively, within 24 h, to a sialylated 69-kDa form.[] Risk factors were: age, family history of CL, higher BMI values, LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C), disease severity, splenectomy.[] 4.1%; c.1226A   G (N370S), 17.8%; c.1246G   A (G377S), 17.6%; c.1289C   T (P391L), 8.5%; c.1448T   C (L444P), 3%; and c.1504C   T (R463C), 24.5%.[] Reduced levels of BDNF (p 0.004) and elevated levels of TNF-α (p 0.017) and IL-4 (p 0.035) were also found in the GD group.[] The defective activity of acid beta-glucosidase is the enzymatic basis of GD and is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait.[] Abstract Gaucher disease type 1, a non-neuronopathic lysosomal storage disease, is caused by mutations at the acid beta-glucosidase locus.[] The following 10 adverse events noted in the eliglustat US Prescribing Information (USPI) and EU Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) were evaluated with regard to frequency[] BACKGROUND: Gaucher disease type 1 (GD1, OMIM# 230800), is a condition with high impact in patient's quality of life (QoL).[]

  • Fish-Eye Disease

    Abstract Serum high density lipoproteins (HDL) were isolated by preparative ultracentrifugation from two patients with fish eye disease (FED).[] […] the free cholesterol of these lipoproteins, has been supplemented with normal isolated HDL2 or HDL3 and incubated in vitro at 37 C.[] Abstract The activity of lecithin: cholesterol acyl transferase (LCAT), the enzyme which catalyses the esterification of human plasma cholesterol, has been measured by two[] DNA sequence analysis of the proband's LCAT gene showed two C to T transitions resulting in the substitution of Thr123 with Ile and Tyr144 with Cys.[] It is concluded that a low HDL cholesterol level is not necessarily associated with quantitative abnormalities of biliary lipid metabolism.[] Therapy, using presently available agents, in FED should be to optimize LDL-C levels, and 1 proband responded well to statin therapy.[] They were able to generate a list of candidate genes for hallmark cave fish traits.[] Probable linkage of LCAT locus in man to the α -haptoglobin locus on chromosome 16. Nature 249 (1974) 550–551 Google Scholar Teisberg, P. and Gjone, E.[] The final distance and near vision of the right eye was 8/10 and Snellen 1 respectively.[] Abstract Fish-eye disease (FED) in humans is characterized by corneal opacities and markedly decreased plasma concentrations of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol,[]

  • Sleep Disturbance

    […] lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, high-sensitivity C reactive protein, cardiovascular disease history, education years and living alone.[] BACKGROUND: Sleep problems in people with dementia are common and place a high burden on caregivers.[] METHODS: A quantitative cross-sectional study design was used.[] Low serum vitamin D levels have been associated with sleep quality in non-HD subjects.[] Although environmental factors contribute substantially to self-reported habitual sleep duration and disruption, these traits are heritable and identification of the genes[] The ICD-10-CM for Physicians & Hospitals 2018 is brimming with new and revised ICD-10-CM codes and their descriptors, along with expert guidance and the vital features you[] Future studies may augment these findings with complementary imaging techniques including cortical thickness and diffusion tensor imaging, as well as high density electroencephalogram[] Rates of probable OSA are also high.[] RESULTS: Characteristics associated with higher initial levels of sleep disturbance included higher body mass index, poorer functional status, higher trait anxiety, higher[] RESULTS: Both parents experienced high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance.[]

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  • Perhexiline

    Abstract The effects of perhexiline maleate (PM, Pexid) on low density lipoprotein (LDL) processing and cholesterol metabolism were investigated after a 24 h pretreatment[] The aim of this study was to develop a high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry/mass spectrometry method for the determination of plasma perhexiline concentrations[] B , bound drug concentration; C F , free drug concentration; B max , maximal binding capacity; K D , equilibrium dissociation constant; C T , total drug concentration; K m[] RESULTS: An LC-MS/MS method, using two novel internal standards, has been validated for the quantitative measurement of PEX and its major hydroxy metabolites in human plasma[] Careful therapeutic level monitoring for dose titration is important to prevent acute and chronic toxicity.[] Identification of the primary gene defect at the cytochrome P450 CYP2D locus. Nature . 347(6295):773-6, (1990). Kagimoto M, Heim M, Kagimoto K, et al.[] Alkalinized plasma was extracted with nb-hexane, the organic phase was evaporated, and the residue was dansylated prior to analysis by reversed-phase high-performance liquid[] Citation Drury , N E , Howell , N J , Calvert , M J , Weber , R J M , Senanayake , E L , Lewis , M E , Hyde , J A J , Green , D H , Mascaro , J G , Wilson , I C , Graham ,[] Abstract A method for the quantitative determination of perhexiline and its main hydroxylated metabolites in human plasma, based on liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry[] Abstract A high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of perhexiline and its monohydroxy metabolite in plasma has been developed.[]

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