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  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    J Med Microbiol. 2011 Nov;60(Pt 11):1685-8. doi: 10.1099/jmm.0.027870-0. Epub 2011 Jun 16.[] Adult ADEM patients can be positive for anti-MOG antibody, the titers of which correlate well with the neurological symptoms.[] Infectious mononucleosis (IM) is a clinical syndrome most often attributable to Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).[] Rickinson AB and Kieff E (2007) Epstein–Barr virus. In: Knipe DM and Howley PM (eds) Fields Virology, 5th edn, vol. 2, pp. 2680–2700.[] Also Known As Mononucleosis Spot Test Mononuclear Heterophile Test Heterophile Antibody Test Monospot Formal Name Infectious Mononucleosis Rapid Test This article was last[] Longitudinal analyses revealed that patients with acute IM have undetectable EBV-specific neutralizing antibodies and gp350-specific B-cell responses, which were associated[] Kakalacheva K 1 , Regenass S 2 , Wiesmayr S 3 , Azzi T 4 , Berger C 5 , Dale RC 6 , Brilot F 7 , Münz C 8 , Rostasy K 9 , Nadal D 10 , Lünemann JD 11, 12 .[] KEYWORDS: Epstein-Barr virus; Hepatomegaly; cytomegalovirus[] Antibodies against anti-human neutrophil-specific antigens (HNA)-1 were detected in his serum.[] The viral capsid antigen (VCA) IgM titer and vitamin D levels were measured at the time of acute infection in IM patients.[]

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  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Over the 11 years, there was an increase in the proportion of cases diagnosed by RT-PCR testing and in the proportion of cases among travelers to another state.[] Abstract Certain features of Colorado tick fever (CTF) virus and the disease it causes may be relevant to studies on bluetongue virus (BTV), or other orbiviruses.[] IgM antibody titers were higher than neutralizing antibody titers, but neither appeared until 1 to 2 weeks after the onset of illness.[] BACKGROUND: Colorado tick fever (CTF) is an underreported tick-borne viral disease occurring in the western United States.[] Viruses were tested using single-inoculation sera prepared in hamsters.[] Lastly, the quantitative real-time RT-PCR assay demonstrated exceptional sensitivity for the detection of CTF viral RNA in acute human serum.[] In three animals, viremia persisted for 11, 17, and 47 days after removal from the cold. The total viremic periods were 127, 133, and 160 days.[] E., Harrisson, A. : Physicochemical and morphological relationships of some arthropod-borne viruses to Bluetongue virus; a new taxonomic group.[] Characterization of these serum inhibitory factors may facilitate understanding of leukopenia in human disease.[] […] databases Entry information i Entry name i VP9_CTFVL Accession i O93214 Primary (citable) accession number: O93214 Entry history i Integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: January 11[]

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  • Hepatitis E

    It has recorded 70 cases and 11 deaths, including four pregnant women, to date.[] Follow-up laboratory analysis demonstrated a decrease in liver enzymes and also of the ANA-titer.[] […] evolution and prediction of emerging viral diseases.[] Fuse K 1 , Matsuyama Y , Moriyama M , Miyakoshi S , Shibasaki Y , Takizawa J , Furukawa T , Fuse I , Matsumura H , Uchida S , Takahashi Y , Kamimura K , Abe H , Suda T , Aoyagi[] […] and expensive tests now in use that rely on blood or stool samples.[] Repeat testing of serum for anti-HEV IgM and anti-HEV IgG in 4 to 6 weeks is recommended to determine the definitive HEV infection status.[] METHODS: A competitive binding assay was established with known genotype-common neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) 3G1 and 5G5 as well as genotype-specific neutralizing[] IgA and IgM anti-HEV titers usually drop rapidly after infection, while the IgG HEV titer persists for over 10 years.[] , Dremsek P 1 , Zumpe M 1 , Wolf S 2 , Pépin M 3 , Bajomi D 4 , Müller G 5 , Heiberg AC 6 , Spahr C 7 , Lang J 8 , Groschup MH 1 , Ansorge H 9 , Freise J 10 , Guenther S 11[] Tracing back the longitudinal serum samples, serum hepatitis E virus RNA was persistently positive throughout the course.[]

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  • Influenza Virus

    During the study period between October 1st, 2013 and April 30th, 2016, 11 cases presented with ILI within seven days of travel return.[] The antibody titer to influenza virus subtype B was elevated in paired sera from this patient.[] Author information 1 Cellular Biology Section, Laboratory of Viral Diseases, NIAID, NIH , Bethesda, Maryland.[] Moreover, sequential infection of ferrets with H1N1 influenza viruses elicited an Igκ-biased Ab response directed against the HA globular head and stem regions.[] In order to investigate the publication bias among studies, funnel plots and Egger's test were used.[] KEYWORDS: Hemagglutinin inhibitor; Human serum albumin conjugate; Isothermal titration calorimetry; Oleanolic acid; PEGylation[] Abstract From October 2010 to April 2011, in the Italian Veneto Region, 1403 hospitalized patients were tested for influenza virus infection by specific real time RT-PCR.[] Antibody was undetectable in serum samples from 25 swine exhibitors from a neighboring county.[] The extent of protection after immunization with mismatched N1 proteins correlated with the level of cross-reactive neuraminidase-inhibiting antibody titers.[] MeSH terms Animals Antibodies, Neutralizing/biosynthesis Antibodies, Neutralizing/chemistry Antibodies, Viral/biosynthesis Antibodies, Viral/chemistry Antigenic Variation[]

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  • Parainfluenza Virus

    Abstract We describe the case of an 11-year-old Bolivian boy with parotitis and aseptic meningitis to demonstrate that parainfluenza virus type 2 can cause disseminated infection[] In a multivariable linear regression model, high post-transplantation Ab levels were independently associated with higher pre-transplantation recipient titer (mean difference[] KEYWORDS: Bovine parainfluenza virus type 3; Cell-specific adaptation; Fusion protein[] Nasopharyngeal aspirates tested for HPIV-4 were positive by reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) in all 41 cases (100%), by direct immunofluorescence in 29 of 39 tested cases[] Competitive ELISA was developed using related yeast-produced viral antigens to deplete the cross-reactive serum antibodies.[] Parainfluenza virus 5 (PIV5) and human parainfluenza virus type 2 were effectively neutralized in vitro by naïve AGM sera, but neutralizing capacity was lost by heat-inactivation[] Epub 2008 Dec 11.[] PIV5-H7 generated high HAI titers in guinea pigs, however it did not protect against H7N9 infection or transmission.[] Transpl Infect Dis. 2009 Aug;11(4):333-6. doi: 10.1111/j.1399-3062.2009.00387.x. Epub 2009 Apr 1.[] The constructs grew to high titers and efficiently and stably expressed GP.[]

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  • Balanoposthitis

    In patient biopsies the oncogenic HPV types 16/18 and/or 31/33 were found in 7/13 samples, whereas HPV 6/11 and/or 42 were present in another six cases.[] Without treatment, a simple form can move into a more complex, the symptoms of which will be much more difficult to bear: 1.Bluetongue form balanoposthitis.[] On the other hand, there is only a twofold decrease of hemagglutination titers in the controls.[] Forty nine biopsies showed marked koilocytosis suggestive of human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, and of these, only three showed fungal hyphae.[] Child Adolescent Adult Older Adult Refine Results Department Location Other Male Female Accepting New Patients Patient Age Child Adolescent Adult Older Adult Sort By: Khalid Abbed[] […] preparation allows for the rapid visualization of the Candidal hyphae.Culture often isolates Candidal species in these cases and helps to direct proper treatment.Rarely, serologic tests[] We studied serum levels of IL-2 of patients with CB using ELISA and analyzed the correlations between serum IL-2 and clinical data.[] […] the cause, you should always remember the following: Wash the penis with lukewarm water and then dry it thoroughly and gently Do not use antiseptics, but a mild soap with neutral[] In all cases, cultures for Candida albicans, herpes simplex virus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis, and Ureaplasma urealyticum were negative.[] AB - ract Balanoposthitis with associated paraphimosis is an uncommon medical emergency in a stallion.[]

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  • Rift Valley Fever

    PLoS One. 2015 Nov 13;10(11):e0142129. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0142129. eCollection 2015.[] […] komma från en region i vilken inget fall av mul- och klövsjuka, vesikulär stomatit, boskapspest, peste des petits ruminants, Rift Valley - feber , afrikansk hästpest eller bluetongue[] The highest peak geometric mean PRNT80 titers were observed in IM Group 2.[] Abstract Rift Valley Fever is an acute zoonotic viral disease caused by Rift Valley Fever virus (RVFV) that affects ruminants and humans in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arabian[] Ref country code : HU Free format text : LAPSE BECAUSE OF FAILURE TO SUBMIT A TRANSLATION OF THE DESCRIPTION OR TO PAY THE FEE WITHIN THE PRESCRIBED TIME-LIMIT; INVALID AB[] Out of the 1,091 samples tested, 210 (19.2%) were positive for IgG antibodies against at least one of the three arboviruses.[] RESULTS: Fatal cases had a 1-log10 higher TCID50/ml serum concentration of RVF virus (RVFV) than survivors (p 0.05).[] PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2015 Nov 13;9(11):e0004239. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0004239. eCollection 2015 Nov.[] Both siRNA knockdown of PP1α and a novel PP1-targeting small molecule compound 1E7-03, resulted in decreased viral titers across several cell lines.[] Abstract Ten strains of Rift Valley Fever virus were isolated from serum samples from acute human cases collected during an epidemic of undifferentiated febrile illness.[]

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  • Yellow Fever

    A total of 109 adult mosquito specimens and 30 immature forms belonging to 11 taxonomic categories in 4 genera (Aedes, Psorophora, Sabethes, and Haemagogus) were collected[] However, titers were significantly lower in the elderly (p 0.022). There was no correlation between YF virus neutralizing antibody titers and the time since vaccination.[] Abstract Yellow fever (YF) is a viral disease endemic to the tropical regions of Africa and South America.[] Live vaccinations, like Stamaril( ) against yellow fever, are contraindicated during TNF-α-AB treatment.[] The need for alternatives to animal use in pyrogen testing has been driven by the Three Rs concept.[] A total of 1643 serum samples were collected from human participants. The serum samples were tested for IgG antibody against YFV using ELISA.[] Epub 2009 Aug 11.[] Epub 2014 Jun 11. Author information 1 Department of Internal and Infectious Diseases, Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem, the Netherlands.[] Tests identified IgM antibodies specific for yellow fever in both serum and CSF.[] Abstract Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder (NMOSD) is an immune-mediated disease of the central nervous system with the presence of aquaporin 4-antibodies (AQP4-abs)[]

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  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

    J Virol. 2011 Jun;85(11):5679-84. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02511-10. Epub 2011 Mar 30.[] […] virus antibody titers.[] In half of cases of human HCV infection, the virus persists; in the other half, the virus is controlled.[] […] system to detect LCMV-Ab antigen targets in samples.[] […] and infectious disease (ID) physicians in Connecticut to determine recent incidence of confirmed LCMV infection, the level of awareness of LCMV, and the frequency of LCMV testing[] Container Gold top (SST) or Red top (serum) tube Volume Pref. Vol.: 1.0mL Min.[] Exposure of LCMV to APs does not affect the stability of the GP virion spike and has no effect on the conformation of a neutralizing antibody epitope, suggesting rather subtle[] Viruses. 2012 Oct 29;4(11):2650-69. doi: 10.3390/v4112650.[] Lépine and Sautter mention no attempt to detect virus neutralizing substances in their patient's serum.[] She recovered and was discharged on hospital day 11 with no apparent sequelae.[]

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  • Immunization

    Electronic address: [email protected] 11 Initiative for Vaccine Research, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.[] Anti-HBs titers were estimated after 6 weeks of third dose of pentavalent vaccine.[] Infections/immunology* Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections/prevention & control* Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infections/virology Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccines/administration[] Author information 1 Health and Nutrition Section, UNICEF MENA Regional Office, Abdulqader Al-Abed Street, Building No. 15, Tla'a Al-Ali, Amman, Jordan.[] KEYWORDS: Auto anticorps; Genotypage RH; Génotypage RH; RAI; Test de Coombs; Transfusion[] Lymphocyte cytotoxicity tests, however, showed that maternal serum but not infant serum had anti-HLA antibodies against both paternal and infant lymphocytes.[] These beneficial effects may be due to specific anti-Stx2 neutralizing antibodies in combination with high bLF levels.[] In response, CDPH promptly mobilized additional resources, administering 5,343 doses of MCV in 40 schools over 2 weeks and immunizing 44% of enrolled students aged 11 to 18[] Today MVA can serve as a safety-tested next-generation smallpox vaccine.[] Gov't MeSH terms Animals Animals, Suckling Antibodies, Neutralizing/biosynthesis Antibodies, Viral/biosynthesis* Disease Models, Animal Female Gene Expression Genetic Vectors[]

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