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1,889 Possible Causes for 11, Bat, Coronavirus, Mountain, Rocky

  • Rabies Virus

    Compared to the rCVS-11 strain, the rCVS-11-eGFP strain showed a similar growth property with passaging stability in vitro and pathogenicity in vivo.[] Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) emerged in 2012 and is a highly pathogenic respiratory virus.[] Virology and Cell Biology, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Greifswald-Insel Riems, Germany. 4 Animal and Plant Health Agency, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey, United Kingdom. 5 Rocky[] bat's teeth.[] TFBV is still sequestered to the mountainous regions.[]

  • Skin Infection

    Withdrawal of antibiotics and the antifungal agent and dismissal from the hospital occurred within 7 and 11 days, respectively.[] Author information 1 Laboratory of Human Bacterial Pathogenesis, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of[] Alex Guerrero, with four hits in 22 at-bats (.182) has not.[] Accessed on 11/12/16. Mayo Clinic Staff. (2014 June 11). Staph Infections. Mayo Clinic. Available online at Accessed on 11/12/16. Mayo Clinic Staff (2015 February 11).[] INTERVENTIONS: Needling acupoints: Bl-58, St-40, St-36, K-7, Sp-6, Lu-9, LI-4, Ren-17, Lu-11, LI-1, St-45, Sp-1, H-9, SI-1, Bl-67, P-9, TB-1, GB-44, Li-1, and K-1.[]

    Missing: Coronavirus
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

    Similar problems were identified in the current cohort [ 11 , 12 ].[] Family Coronaviridae , p 806–828 King A, Adams M, Cartens E, Lefkowitz E, editors.[] Darryl Falzarano, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Mont., was the paper’s lead author.[] PLoS ONE 13(11): e0206831. Editor: Eric H. Y.[] Here, we review the current knowledge of coronavirus cross-species transmission, with particular focus on MERS-CoV.[]

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    Emerg Infect Dis. 2007 Nov;13(11):1763-5. doi: 10.3201/eid1311.070931.[] Epidemiological, demographic, and clinical characteristics of 47 cases of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus disease from Saudi Arabia: A descriptive study.[] Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSP) is spread to humans by ticks.[] […] are key reservoirs of human disease has not prevented their vilification or efforts to exterminate bat colonies where threats are presumed to lurk.[] In October 2004, CDC's Viral and Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch, in consultation with 11 clinical and academic specialists of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, human granulocytotropic[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    In England, the National Health Service (NHS) has monitored the winter situation for all acute trusts since 2010/11.[] Enteric adenoviruses 40 and 41 Astrovirus Coronavirus and torovirus, both pertaining to the family of Coronaviridae Data regarding the relative share of each of the aforementioned[] Whole-genome sequence analysis revealed that the Slovenian SI-MRV01 isolate was most similar to an MRV found in a bat in Germany.[] […] examples include Norovirus (formerly called Norwalk-like viruses), genogroup I (eg, Norwalk, Southampton, Desert Shield, Cruise Ship); norovirus, genogroup II (eg, Snow Mountain[] PLoS One. 2016 Nov 23;11(11):e0165441. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0165441. eCollection 2016.[]

    Missing: Rocky
  • Filovirus

    Asked by Mary L #476870 on 11/9/2015 7:59 AM Last updated by jill d #170087 on 11/9/2015 12:27 PM Answers 1 Add Yours Answered by jill d #170087 on 11/9/2015 12:27 PM filovirus[] Here, we show that LSECtin enhances infection driven by filovirus glycoproteins (GP) and the S protein of SARS coronavirus, but does not interact with human immunodeficiency[] […] upon Hull, United Kingdom. 3 Laboratory of Virology, Division of Intramural Research, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Rocky[] […] compared to bats at large.[] Hum Vaccin. 2011 Jun;7(6):701-11. Epub 2011 Jun 1.[]

  • Appendicitis

    Twelve patients had surgery, 11 of which had positive appendicitis on pathology. Both positive MRI patients had appendicitis.[] Livingston began wondering about the role of surgery 10 years ago after he operated on a young man with appendicitis who experienced a rocky recovery.[] . — Steven Reinberg, , "Colonoscopy may be linked to increased risk of appendicitis," 8 Feb. 2018 Belt had one at-bat in a 4-0 victory against the Phillies[] Author information 1 Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, 1000 East Mountain Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711, United States.[] Mountain time. If you have a health question, contact Bob Vogel at [email protected] .[]

    Missing: Coronavirus
  • Ebola Virus Disease

    , Williamson E 12, 13 , Gibb DM 11 , Klein N 1 , Sahr F 5 , Yeung S 14 .[] Author information 1 Laboratory of Virology, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Division of Intramural Research, National Institute Allergy and Infectious Disease, National Institutes[] […] while it is almost insignificant for the transmission in bats.[] Guetiya Wadoum RE 1, 2, 3, 4 , Samin A 5 , Mafopa NG 6, 7 , Giovanetti M 8, 6, 9 , Russo G 6, 10 , Turay P 11, 12 , Turay J 11, 12 , Kargbo M 13 , Kanu MT 14 , Kargbo B 15[] Barboza P 5 , Fernandez-Garcia MD 6, 7 , Engedashet E 8 , Kuti-George F 8 , Mitiku AD 8 , Vandi M 2 , Kargbo D 9 , Formenty P 10 , Hugonnet S 5 , Bertherat E 10 , Lane C 6, 11[]

    Missing: Coronavirus
  • Miner

    […] a former gold miner with a sufficiently heavy silica dust exposure to cause International Labor Organization grade 2/2 silicosis after a cumulative exposure duration of 11[] Level Name Description Stats 1 Prospect (Ability) Survey the landscape to locate mineral deposits and rocky outcrops.[] The one you downloaded from the website doesn't have a .bat file in it automatically. You will need to make one.[] Abstract Mining activities in the former German Democratic Republic were documented as early as 1168 in the ore mountains (Erzgebirge) of Saxony.[] Festivos de Semana Santa: 11:00 a 14:30 h y 16:00 a 18:30 h.[]

    Missing: Coronavirus
  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Over the 11 years, there was an increase in the proportion of cases diagnosed by RT-PCR testing and in the proportion of cases among travelers to another state.[] It should not be confused with the bacterial tick-borne infection, Rocky Mountain spotted fever .[] This resulted in the discovery of viruses that were hitherto not known to infect bats. Most notably, the first indigenous bat hantavirus was found.[] In three animals, viremia persisted for 11, 17, and 47 days after removal from the cold. The total viremic periods were 127, 133, and 160 days.[] […] databases Entry information i Entry name i VP9_CTFVL Accession i O93214 Primary (citable) accession number: O93214 Entry history i Integrated into UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot: January 11[]

    Missing: Coronavirus