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40 Possible Causes for 17, Ab:Titr:Pt:Ser:Qn:Neut, Bluetongue, Virus

  • Influenza

    Molecular Dissection of Bluetongue Virus Polly Roy Bluetongue virus (BTV), a member of Orbivirus genus within the Reoviridae family causes serious disease in livestock (sheep[] Keywords Influenza Virus Sialic Acid Membrane Fusion Avian Influenza Virus Glycosidic Linkage These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors.[] The H7N9 virus, which has killed 17 and sickened at least 82 people since March, is thought to pass from birds to humans.[] Read more 2018-19 influenza season Influenza vaccination coverage Data Weekly influenza update, week 11, March 2019 Publication Communicable disease threats report, 17-23[]

  • Reoviridae

    […] virus 1 (isolate South Africa) (BTV 1) 8 entries Bluetongue virus 11 (isolate USA) (BTV 11) 8 entries Bluetongue virus 13 (isolate USA) (BTV 13) 8 entries Bluetongue virus[] Abstract Banna virus (BAV) is the type species of the genus Seadornavirus within the family Reoviridae.[] ", keywords "Balaton virus, Banna virus, Double-stranded RNA virus, Europe, Kadipiro virus, Liao ning virus, Reoviridae, Seadornavirus", author "G.[] […] virology 2007 The protein kinase regulated by double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), PKR, is implicated in a range of biologic processes, including… (More) Wen Qing Yang , Xueqing Lun , 17[]

  • Orbivirus

    Orbiviruses and Bluetongue virus First published: 29 January 2003 Abstract Bluetongue virus (BTV) is the type species of the genus Orbivirus within the family Reoviridae ,[] Abstract Among the tick-borne orbiviruses (genus Orbivirus, family Reoviridae), 36 serotypes are currently classified within a single virus species, Great Island virus.[] Journal J Gen Virol. 2005 Dec;86(Pt 12):3409-17.[] . ; Rogers, D.J. . 2008 Invasion of bluetongue and other orbivirus infections into Europe: the role of biological and climatic processes.[]

  • Tongue Disease

    Oral ulcers -Is Bluetongue contagious? From what we know today, Bluetongue is spread by gnats called midges.[] […] leukoplakia (HL) (42 cases), candidosis (31 cases) and non-specific chronic glossitis (29 cases), followed by concomitant lesions (28 cases), non-specific chronic ulceration (17[] I’ve seen it in a 17-year-old girl.” Though typically attributed to tobacco use, oral cancer can also be caused by the HPV virus .[] The virus is spread by a biting midge and causes extensive internal hemorrhaging.[]

  • Foot and Mouth Disease

    The spread of novel strains of bluetongue virus across Europe is an ominous indicator that climate change is sure to influence trends in movement of agricultural diseases.[] Foot-and-mouth disease virus: a long known virus, but a current threat. Vet. Res. 32 , 1–30.[] The frequencies of CD4 CD25 CD127 dim/- Tregs and CD4 IL-17 Th17 cells, as well as IL-35 expression levels, were measured.[] […] the following specified animal diseases has ever occurred in New Zealand. foot and mouth disease rinderpest lumpy skin disease swine vesicular disease African swine fever bluetongue[]

  • Banna Virus

    Banna virus (BAV: genus Seadornavirus, family Reoviridae) has a double-shelled morphology similar to rotavirus and bluetongue virus.[] The complete genome sequences are now presented of two Asian arboviruses, Kadipiro virus (KDV) and Banna virus (BAV), which are currently classified as subgroup B coltiviruses[] Served on the Executive Committee of ICTV for the last 17 years variously as Study Group Chair, Subcommittee Chair and latterly Secretary.[] The bluetongue virus core: a nano-scale transcription machine. Virus Res 101, 29 –43. [CrossRef] [Google Scholar] Mertens, P. P.[]

  • Japanese Encephalitis

    PubMed Central View Article PubMed Google Scholar Purse BV, Mellor PS, Rogers DJ, Samuel AR, Mertens PP, Baylis M: Climate change and the recent emergence of bluetongue in[] The aetiology of these outbreaks was either inconclusive or concluded as probable Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) infection based on clinical presentation.[] Epub 2018 Jan 17. Cheng VCC , Sridhar S , Wong SC , Wong SCY , Chan JFW , Yip CCY , Chau CH , Au TWK , Hwang YY , Yau CSW , Lo JYC , Lee CK , Yuen KY .[] J Virol. 2017 Mar 29;91(8). pii: e00039-17. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00039-17. Print 2017 Apr 15.[]

  • Colorado Tick Fever

    Abstract Certain features of Colorado tick fever (CTF) virus and the disease it causes may be relevant to studies on bluetongue virus (BTV), or other orbiviruses.[] virus strain.[] Exp Hematol. 1987 Jan; 15 (1):10–17. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] Civin CI, Strauss LC, Brovall C, Fackler MJ, Schwartz JF, Shaper JH.[] E., Harrisson, A. : Physicochemical and morphological relationships of some arthropod-borne viruses to Bluetongue virus; a new taxonomic group.[]

  • Rotavirus

    Similarities with the bluetongue virus protein NS2 and the reovirus proteins sigmaNS and micro2 suggest that they may be functional homologs of rotavirus NSP2 and NSP5.[] Virus was found most often attached to suspended solids: 72% of these samples were positive, whereas only 14% of water samples without solids yielded virus.[] MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2014 ; 63 : 634 – 7 . 17 World Health Organization . . 18 . Global mortality associated with rotavirus disease among children in 2004 .[] Structure 5:885–893 PubMed Google Scholar Grimes JM, Burroughs JN, Gouet P, Diprose JM, Malby R, Zientara S, Mertens PP, Stuart DI (1998) The atomic structure of the bluetongue[]

  • Dengue Fever

    Bluetongue epidemiology in the European Union.[] virus is capable of transmission by the aerosol route among close contacts.[] 2013 Geneva In a historical first, WHO records zero cases of dracunculiasis in January Read more 29 January 2013 Geneva WHO’s Executive Board recommends resolution on all 17[] Epub 2016 Mar 17. Author information 1 Neurology King George Medical University, Lucknow, UP, India.[]

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