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10 Possible Causes for 1918, Phenacoccus, Robinson,, spinosus

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  • Manihot Esculenta

    United States Dispensatory (1918) United States Dispensatory (1918) Elan M. Sudberg, Alkemist Laboratories Elan M. Sudberg, Alkemist Laboratories[] W., Robinson, D. J. & Harrison, B. D. ( 1997 ; ).[] […] reported as a major factor in spoiling stored cassava, with losses between 19% and 30% of the harvested produce. [54] In Africa , a previous issue was the cassava mealybug ( Phenacoccus[] Google Scholar Robinson, M. D., McCarthy, D. J., and Smyth, G.[]

    Missing: spinosus
  • Jugular Foramen Syndrome

    Vernet M (1918) Syndrome du trou dechire posterieur (paralysie des IX, X, XI). Rev Neurol 34:117–148 Google Scholar 36.[] Phenylketonurie ) Foerster-Syndrom (siehe auch Cerebralparese ) Foix-Alajouanine-Syndrom , auch subakute nekrotisierende Myelitis Foix-Chavany-Marie-Syndrom Forbes-Syndrom Forney-Robinson-Pascoe-Syndrom[] […] notes drawn by Mini on foramina for passage of cranial nerves: Mnemonic for foramen of cranial nerves Foramen spinosum transmits meningeal branch of trigeminal nerve (nervus spinosus[] Townes-Brocks-Syndrom Toxisch-embolisches Syndrom Toxisches Schock-Syndrom Treacher-Collins-Syndrom ( Franceschetti-Syndrom ) Tricho-Dento-Ossäres-Syndrom / TDO-Syndrom ( Robinson-Miller-Worth-Syndrom[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Sphenopalatine Neuralgia

    Gray H (1918) The trigeminal nerve. In: Lewis WH, Anatomy of the Human Body. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, USA, pp. 886-899.[] Tan LK, Robinson SN, Chatterjee S. Glycerol versus radiofrequency rhizotomy -- A comparison of their efficacy in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.[] It immediately gives off nervus spinosus and nerve to medial pterygoid from the main trunk.[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Ichthyosis Hystrix Type Curth-Macklin

    Until 1918 and then again from 1933 through 1975 it was an independent city, after merging with Mönchengladbach, the central station kept its original name, making Mönchengladbach[] Thorvaldsdóttir H, Robinson JT, Mesirov JP. Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV): high-performance genomics data visualization and exploration.[] In the present study, skin secretions from Ciclichthys spinosus, S. spengleri and Diodon hystrix were tested on crustacean nerves, sea urchin eggs and mouse erythrocyte suspensions[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Ophthalmic Nerve Lesion

    References [ edit ] This article incorporates text in the public domain from page 887 of the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918) External links [ edit ] MedEd at Loyola[] Robinson C, Tantri A, Shriver E, Oetting T. Temporary eyelid closure appliqué. Arch Ophthalmol. 2006; 124(4):546-549. Kirkness CM, Adams GGW, Dilly PN, Lee JP.[] It immediately gives off nervus spinosus and nerve to medial pterygoid from the main trunk.[] Meningeal branch/nervus spinosus. ii. Nerve to the medial pterygoidII. Branches of the divided nerve:(A) Anterior division: (B) Posterior division:1.Buccal nerve 1.[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Hyperabduction Syndrome

    OrvosiHetilap 26:900–901 Google Scholar Davidson WT (1918) Rider’s tendon. Rupture of the adductors of the thigh.[] Role of Early Rib Resection. ( 27849513 ) Katana V.G....Weiss J.S. 2016 8 Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome as a Cause of Intractable Migraines. ( 27531080 ) Chahwala V....Robinson[] […] intervertebral lalu serabut saraf melalui belakang fascia Sibsons, (2) jika bergesekan menyeberang permukaan tulang costa pertama atau cervical rib atau pemanjangan prosessus spinosus[] Skeletal Radiol 30(3):127–131 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar Schilders E, Bismil Q, Robinson P, O’Connor PJ, Gibbon WW, Talbot JC (2007) Adductor-related groin pain in competitive[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Cobb Syndrome

    […] references. 21 However, the notion of such a relationship between KTS and spinal AVM can primarily be attributed to 2 prominent French neuroradiologists: René Djindjian (1918[] Hypogammaglobulianämie) Floating-Harbor-Syndrom Flynn-Aird-Syndriom Fölling-Syndrom ( Phenylketonurie ) Foerster-Syndrom (siehe auch Cerebralparese) Forbes-Syndrom Forney-Robinson-Pascoe-Syndrom[] Jika pasien dilihat dari belakang dapat memperlihatkan deviasi lateral processus spinosus dari garis tengah.[] Floating-Harbor-Syndrom Flynn-Aird-Syndriom Fölling-Syndrom (Phenylketonurie) Foerster-Syndrom (siehe auch Cerebralparese) Foix-Chavany-Marie-Syndrom Forbes-Syndrom Forney-Robinson-Pascoe-Syndrom[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Lumbar Osteoarthritis

    The surveys were sent to all inhabitants in the Ullensaker Municipality in the following birth cohorts: 1918-20, 1928-30, 1938-40, 1948-50, 1958-60, 1968-70, and 1978-80 ([] Pelvic Tilt Use this movement to gently release lumbar spine stiffness caused by arthritis, advises Pilates expert Lynne Robinson, author of “The Official Body Control Pilates[] Otot errector Spine , merupakan group otot yang luas dan terletak dalam pada facia lumbodorsal, serta muncul dari suatu aponeurosis pada sacrum, crista illiaca dan procesus spinosus[] Robinson. Osteoarthritis. Sci. Amer. Med. Chapter 15, Section X. Fauci, Anthony S. and Eugene Braunwald, et al, eds.[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Commissural Facial Cleft

    Bol G, De Klein A (1918) Über einen Fall von Polyotie. Acta Oto-1aryngol1: 187–188 Google Scholar 48.[] Robinson LK, Hoyme HE, Edwards DK, Jones KL. Vascular pathogenesis of unilateral craniofacial defects. J Pediatr 1987;111: 236-9. [ PUBMED ] 20. Ross RB.[] .- Canalis spinosus.- Aper-turae intra- et extracraniales foraminis spinosi.- Facies orbitalis.- Spina m. recti lateralis.- Facies temporalis.- Crista infratempora-lis.- f[] Robinson AJ, Blaser S, Toi A, et al. The fetal cerebellar vermis: assessment for abnormal development by ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging.[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus
  • Massive Trauma

    Im Osten etwas Neues: anthropological analysis of remains of the German soldiers from 1915–1918. Anthrop Anz. 2011; 68/4: 393–414. View Article Google Scholar 118.[] Robinson All massive transfusion criteria are not created equal: defining the predictive value of individual transfusion triggers to better determine who benefits from blood[] Ng M, Fleming T, Robinson M, Thomson B, Graetz N, Margono C, et al.[] […] be associated with physical activity were identified in two of the men: a fracture of the third metatarsal bone (indiv. 23) may have been a march fracture and two healed spinosus[]

    Missing: Phenacoccus