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  • Influenza

    Empowering Physicians for Success GRIPA helps physicians prepare for a future of value-based purchasing with vital resources that enable the delivery of high-quality, high-value[] However, a large study (N 2215) noted that there was no difference in mortality when adding live attenuated virus to inactivated virus vaccination, AUTHORS' CONCLUSIONS: It[] During January 1st 2014 to June 30th 2017, pediatric patients reported to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control surveillance system for severe complicated influenza infections[] Annual influenza vaccination efforts offer additional opportunities to assess, recommend, and administer other recommended vaccinations.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    Of the 750 physicians who answered the question concerning pneumococcal resistance, 312 stated resistance to be 30% (41.6%) while only 90 felt it to be 15% (12%). 153 physicians[] The trials that noted quicker resolution of cough with beta2-agonists were those with a higher proportion of wheezing patients at baseline.[] S1 - 1st & 2nd Medical Students S2 - 3rd & 4th Medical Students L1 - PGY1 & PGY2 L2 - PGY3 L3 - PGY4 L4 - PGY5 L5 - Fellow L6 - 1-3 years in practice L7 - 3-10 years in practice[] The validated BSS appears to be a reliable tool to assess therapeutic effects in CC/AB.[]

  • Appendicitis

    Physicians should be aware of the causes and impact of unexpected radiopaque intraluminal contents on radiological studies.[] Yet, four different techniques are available: open appendectomy, (conventional) laparoscopic appendectomy, single port laparoscopic appendectomy and NOTES-appendectomy with[] After obtaining IRB approval, we conducted a retrospective review of patients 17years who presented with possible acute appendicitis between April 1st, 2014, and December[] CT scans were assessed for AA findings and body composition measurements.[]

  • Japanese Encephalitis

    KMP is a rare complication of vaccination that physicians should be aware of. Giving up the following vaccination to provide the recurrence of KMP is not recommended.[] Cranial MRI was done and location and nature of signal alteration were noted.[] The GMT of the neutralizing antibody was higher in children primed and given a 1st booster dose of JE-VC (8144.1) than in those primed and given a 1st booster dose of JE-MB[] […] and abstract of the identified articles were screened for relevance using a set of exclusion and inclusion criteria, and relevant articles were subjected to a risk of bias assessment[]

  • Phenylbutazone

    Missed Dose Consult your pharmacist or physician. Storage Consult your pharmacist or physician.[] Since phenylbutazone cannot be classified as a carcinogenic substance in humans, and noting that blood dyscrasias in humans are likely to be dose and treatment duration-dependent[] The plasma concentration of PBZ at experimental hour (EH) 24 (24 hours after the 1st oral dose) was 1.7 /- 0.39 micrograms/ml and increased to 4.2 /- 0.29 micrograms/ml at[] This was undertaken to facilitate the risk assessment of human exposure to this veterinary drug via the consumption of horsemeat from treated animals.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    […] delivery rates after IVF-ICSI using cryopreserved sperm from patients with cancer should encourage all reproductive-age males to cryobank semen immediately after diagnosis; physicians[] A review of the literature of 25,051 children treated for ALL discovered 230 SMNs (0.99%), and only one case of PNET of the bone was noted among this group.[] The present retrospective analysis of cancer patients of all age groups was conducted to assess the frequencies of different types of cancer presenting from January 1st to[] Reliability of the results was assessed depending on the applied technique.[]

  • Pharyngitis

    […] approaches was sent to 424 members of the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) and 980 members of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society (PIDS). 277 physicians[] This issue reviews the various international guidelines for pharyngitis and notes controversies in diagnostic and treatment strategies, specifically for management of suspected[] S1 - 1st & 2nd Medical Students S2 - 3rd & 4th Medical Students L1 - PGY1 & PGY2 L2 - PGY3 L3 - PGY4 L4 - PGY5 L5 - Fellow L6 - 1-3 years in practice L7 - 3-10 years in practice[] About 50% of the physicians did not adhere to the guidelines.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Our aim was to study the attitude of family physicians and pediatricians toward the use of cold remedies in infants and children.[] In this case report, the patient noted an upper respiratory infection before each episode of IOI.[] The elevated histamine levels seen in allergic conditions are not present in most viral respiratory infections, so the benefits of 1st generation antihistamines are in large[] Pulse oximetry is commonly used in both outpatient and inpatient settings to assess children with respiratory illness.[]

  • Solvent

    […] organic solvents fell to undetectable levels and his manic symptoms disappeared, with no significant recurrences over the past 13 y, as evaluated by the authors and his other physicians[] Notes on NMR Solvents I. Introduction Most NMR spectra are recorded for compounds dissolved in a solvent.[] This is the 1st case report of allergic contact dermatitis from a perinone-type plastic dye, C.I. Solvent Orange 60, used in the earpieces of spectacle frames.[] Assessment and treatment of the solvent-inhalant abuser must take into account the special pharmacological, demographic, and ecological factors associated with this particular[]

  • Tuberculosis

    A case of TB was defined as an individual with positive bacteriological tests or by a physician diagnosis of TB.[] However, no improvement was noted over the next 72 hours. Microbiological examination of the corneal scraping from both the eyes was negative.[] Case-control study was conducted from 1st September 2009 to 1st June 2014 in 31 healthcare institutions in Serbia where MDR-TB and TB patients were treated.[] Generic assessments are less responsive to subtle changes due to specific diseases, making it challenging to fully understand the impact of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) on[]