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119 Possible Causes for 2, nonstructural, polyprotein, proteinase

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  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis

    Proteins/chemistry Viral Nonstructural Proteins/genetics Viral Nonstructural Proteins/metabolism Virus Replication/physiology* Substances RNA, Viral Viral Nonstructural Proteins[] The structural polyprotein open reading frames of all available SA EEEV and recent NA EEEV isolates were sequenced and used in evolutionary and phylogenetic analyses.[] Viral Nonstructural Proteins/metabolism Virus Replication/physiology* Substances RNA, Viral Viral Nonstructural Proteins nsP3 protein, virus Cysteine Endopeptidases nsP2 proteinase[] […] virus-host cell interactions, and the ability to cause CPE in tissue culture does not necessarily correlate with pathogenesis and strongly depends on the sequence of viral nonstructural[]

  • Norwalk Virus

    The rNV VLPs did not hemagglutinate Bombay RBCs (zero of seven) that lack H type 2 antigen, and an anti-H type 2 antibody inhibited rNV VLP HA of human type O RBCs.[] The nonstructural protein encoded in the N-terminal region of the first open reading frame (ORF1) of the Norwalk virus genome is analogous in gene order to proteins 2A and[] Prior treatment of the RNA with proteinase K completely abolishes RNA infectivity, suggesting a key role of an RNA-protein complex.[] May recruit ribosome to viral RNA thereby promoting viral proteins translation. 3C-like protease processes the polyprotein: 3CLpro-RdRp is first released by autocleavage,[]

  • Coxsackie Virus

    No Group 2 patients died. The 15-year mortality rate of Group 1 was significantly higher than that of Group 2 (Fisher Test: p less than 0.005).[] In this study, we investigated the prevalence of antibodies directed against nonstructural enterovirus proteins.[] The isolates were characterized by serological and mouse pathogenecity tests, RT-PCR using enterovirus common primers (VP4-VP2), CA-24 specific primers (3C-proteinase region[] Protein 2A: Cysteine protease that cleaves viral polyprotein and specific host proteins.[]

  • Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis

    Average 5.0 of 2 Ratings Thank you for rating![] The phylogenetic analysis of 100 nonstructural proteins (3C) and 84 structural proteins (VP1) revealed that AHC outbreaks were caused by Coxsackievirus A24 variant.[] The isolates were characterized by serological and mouse pathogenecity tests, RT-PCR using enterovirus common primers (VP4-VP2), CA-24 specific primers (3C-proteinase region[] Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of the polyprotein with those of known enteroviruses allowed us to predict the possible cleavage sites.[]

  • Chikungunya

    Here we report the clinical and neuroimaging data of 2 patients with chikungunya-associated encephalitis during the recent Brazilian epidemic.[] The genome of CHIKV encodes for four nonstructural proteins and three structural proteins.[] […] identification of novel Alphavirus and Togaviridae antiviral CTL responses, but also for analyzing presentation of antigen from viruses of different families and orders that use host proteinases[] "Chikungunya virus nonstructural protein 2 inhibits type I/II interferon-stimulated JAK-STAT signaling" . J. Virol . 84 (20): 10877–87. doi : 10.1128/JVI.00949-10 .[]

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

    Recent identification of SARS-CoV NSP16 as a viral 2'-O-methyltransferase (2'-O-MTase) led to the possibility of utilizing this pathway to both attenuate SARS-CoV infection[] Little or no fusion occurred after treatment with papain, chymotrypsin, proteinase K, or collagenase.[] Here, we use transfection of plasmid constructs encoding full-length versions of the three transmembrane-containing nonstructural proteins (nsps) of the severe acute respiratory[] SARS is similar to other coronaviruses in that its genome expression starts with translation of two large ORFs 1a and 1b, which are two polyproteins. 4.[]

  • Hepatitis C Virus

    AIM: To investigate the real-world efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir/ribavirin (SOF/RBV) therapy for Japanese patients with genotype 2 hepatitis C virus (GT2-HCV).[] Mice Mice, Transgenic Nuclear Proteins/genetics* RNA Interference RNA, Small Interfering/genetics RNA, Viral/genetics* Rad51 Recombinase/metabolism* Ubiquitination Viral Nonstructural[] proteinase encoded within NS2 and the N-terminus of NS3.[] […] in a high-titer SA13 virus with only 41 JFH1-encoded NS5B-thumb residues (SA13/JF470-510cc); this required sixteen cell-culture adaptive substitutions within the SA13fl polyprotein[]

  • Astrovirus

    […] frequently been found to replicate in association with membranous structures, in this work we characterized the replication of the human astrovirus serotype 8 strain Yuc8 in Caco-2[] Abstract Human astrovirus nonstructural C-terminal nsP1a protein (nsP1a/4) colocalizes with the endoplasmic reticulum and viral RNA.[] Apparently, the 5'-end modification of the viral RNA determined its specific infectivity, since virus recovery was abolished when the total RNA was treated with proteinase-K[] The capsid polyprotein of PAstVs, human (HAstVs) and feline (FAstVs) AstVs has a high similarity at the N-terminus before residue 415.[]

  • Dengue Virus

    001474 Dengue virus 2, complete genome.[] […] capsid into the cytoplasm Uncoating occurs in the cytoplasm Host translational machinery (ribosomes) translates the ( )ssRNA into a single polypeptide Cellular and viral proteinases[] Abstract Dengue virus nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) is a multifunctional glycoprotein.[] Once cleaved off the polyprotein, is targeted to three destinations: the viral replication cycle, the plasma membrane and the extracellular compartment.[]

  • Hepatitis A Virus

    We encountered 2 patients with HAV-associated hemophagocytic syndrome.[] Interestingly, a recombination event with subgenotype IB, involving a portion of the 2C-3A nonstructural proteins coding region (nucleotides 4961-5140) was detected using[] Novel 3C proteinase inhibitors might serve as therapeutic antiviral agents but clinical studies in human subjects are not available.[] The 3ABC precursor may therefore play a role in the proteolytic processing of the polyprotein (PubMed: 10559299 ).[]