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763 Possible Causes for 2 BP, 8765AG, BRCA2,, DEL

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  • Malignant Neoplasm of the Breast

    DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0004 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 2-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0005 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 1-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant[] NÓDULO ÚNICO, DURO, IRREGULAR, FIJO CONTACTO DIRECTO POR ATROFIA DEL TEJIDO MAMARIO RETRACCIÓN DEL PEZÓN TEJIDO ESTELAR CON CALCIFICACIONES CADENAS DE GANGLIOS DX: MASTOGRAFÍA[] These cancers can be caused by mutations in particular genes, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2. In some cases, genetic syndromes involving other cancers also include ...[] Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome is caused by mutations in two genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2 .[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    Puedes dirigirte al nuevo site del OCW de la Universidad de Cantabria, donde podrás encontrar el contenido que buscabas. The page you are looking for could not be found.[] Based on a LacZ reporter gene target size of 3 kb and a genome size of 6 10 9 bp, this equates to an additional 100 mutations in every cell after only 2 weeks gestation.[] Haile RW, Thomas DC, McGuire V, et al.: BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers, oral contraceptive use, and breast cancer before age 50 .[] Notes: Descripció del recurs: 07 juny 2004. Other Titles: Harper's new monthly magazine. Harper's magazine. Periodicals Archive Online.[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Fanconi Anemia

    BM analysis showed non-random clonal chromosomal abnormalities such as del (20) (q11) in 3 cases; add(1)(q12); -7, -8, and 9 in one case each.[] Dev Cell. 2007; 12 :661–2. [ PubMed ] 4. Alter BP, Giri N, Savage SA, Peters JA, Loud JT, Leathwood L, et al.[] Here we show that cell lines derived from FA-B and FA-D1 patients have biallelic mutations in BRCA2 and express truncated BRCA2 proteins.[] We report on a 5-year-old Caucasian female with multiple anomalies whose deletion, 46,XX,del(21)(q22.11q22.13), was determined by a 105K oligonucleotide-based microarray.[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Hereditary Breast Cancer

    Goldgar, Prevalence of the BRCA2 6174 del T mutation in Israeli uveal melanoma patients. Int. J. Cancer 98 , 42–44 (2002) PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 84. A.E.[] Libraries were then sequenced on GAIIx (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA) using the paired-end 2 76 bp program.[] METHODS: The entire PALB2 coding region was sequenced in 409 breast/ovarian cancer patients negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.[] Mutations at A:T bp were common in BRCA1/2-associated tumours.[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Familial Prostate Cancer

    Ginés García Aspectos generales del cribado del cáncer [75.] F.[] One is a 4-bp deletion at base 6710 (exon 11) in a man who had prostate cancer at 54 years, and the other is a 2-bp deletion at base 5531 (exon 11) in a man who had prostate[] We have evaluated immunohistochemical expression of BRCA2 protein and allelic loss of markers at the BRCA2 locus in tissue derived both from sporadic and from familial cases[] Bell KJ, Del Mar C, Wright G, et al. Prevalence of Incidental Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review of Autopsy Studies. International Journal of Cancer . March 2015.[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • B-Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia

    Del(13q) was detected in 3/11 (27%) cases; in two cases it was hemizygous. All three del(13q) cases also showed del(17p).[] Three cases exhibited deletions (ranging from 3 to 35 bp in length) and one case exhibited a 2-bp insertion.[] All the cases with D13S25 and BRCA2 deletion showed RB1 loss.[] The PAC clone 214k23 (Prof M Stratton, ICR, Sutton, UK) containing BRCA2 was also used.[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Breast Disorder

    DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0004 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 2-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0005 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 1-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant[] A genome-wide association study found significant associations between bipolar disorder and the breast cancer-related genes BRCA2 and PALB2. 5 Antipsychotics and prolactin[] Citere found out that she did indeed carry a BRCA2 mutation and made the tough decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy.[] 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 2-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0004 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET BRCA2 2-BP DEL - OMIM_Variant C0006142 600185 0005 BREAST CANCER 2, EARLY-ONSET[]

  • Familial Congenital Mirror Movements 2

    Hospital, Madrid. 21 Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona. 22 Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Building M, Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del[] Fig. 2 Conservation of base triplet stepping among Rad51/RecA family members. ( A ) Schematic of the 70-bp dsDNA substrates (set #2; see table S1).[] Impairment of BRCA2 function has been associated with breat, ovarian, and other cancers.[] Oncogene. 2015;34:5699-708 pubmed publisher Alessio N, Del Gaudio S, Capasso S, Di Bernardo G, Cappabianca S, Cipollaro M, et al .[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Hereditary Disease

    Among 39 non-acrocentric rea autosomes, there were 13 cases involving chromosome 1: 11 entailing dup q/del p and 2 dup p/del q ( table1 ).[] A; A G/,f. polymorphism is present in exon 1 bp 12 of the ZNF189 gene in cell line HT1197.[] ; del(9)(q00?q21); del(15)(pter?qll); del(21)(qll or 21?qtcr); t(9;13)(p22;a34) apparently balanced. Haut References 1 Condron CJ, Thomas GH.[] Syrrou M, Borghgraef M, Fryns JP: Unusual chromosomal mosaicism in Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome: del(4)(p16)/der(4)(qter-q31.3:: pter-qter).[]

    Missing: 8765AG
  • Acute Myeloid Leukemia with Multilineage Dysplasia

    (7q), 5/del(5q), isochromosome i(17q), 13/del(13q), del(11q), del(12p), t(12p) (ie, translocations involving 12p), del(9q), idic(X)(q13), t(11;16), t(3,21), t(1;3), t(2;11[] (original magnification: 400) Figure 2 A Diagraph of the clinical course . Detailed description was provided in the case report.[] […] high-pitched voice, hypogonadism ATG2B/GSKIP Potentially associated diseases/syndromes – MPNs Clinical phenotypes – myeloproliferative/myelodysplastic overlap features or AML BRCA1/BRCA2[] (7q) -5 or del(5q) i(17q) or t(17p) -13 or del(13q) del(11q) del(12p) or t(12p) del(9q) idic(X)(q13) t(11;16)(q23;p13.3) t(3;21)(q26.2;q22.1) t(1;3)(p36.3;q21.1) t(2;11)(p21[]

    Missing: 8765AG