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  • Influenza

    The Diseases Database is not a diagnostic or clinical decision-making tool. The medical information is intended for background reading and general interest.[] Like hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, the M2 protein is an integral membrane protein of the influenza A virus 4 , 5 .[] Annual influenza vaccination is recommended to people with chronic conditions.[] Transbronchial lung biopsy revealed the presence of granulomatous inflammation. Thereafter her abnormal chest shadow spontaneously improved.[] The rapid evolution of influenza A and B viruses contributes to annual influenza epidemics in humans.[] Page last updated November 16, 2007 Coordinating Center for Infectious Diseases (CCID) National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD)[]

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  • Chronic Granulomatous Disease

    […] bowel disease (IBD), usually Crohn's disease.[] Of the 410 CGD mutations identified, 95% cause the complete or partial loss of protein and provide little information regarding the relationship between protein structure[] Bridges-Good syndrome CGD Congenital dysphagocytosis Quie syndrome Chronic septic granulomatosis Granulomatous disease, chronic[] Up to 58% Venus( ) HSPCs with 6-16% human cell marking were observed following engraftment into mice.[] […] discharge, chronic suppurated paronychia and recurrent ulcerative stomatitis.[] The identification of defective proteins aids in establishing a diagnosis prior to genetic analysis, which is rather labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming.[]

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  • Pediatric Chronic Granulomatous Disease

    Clinical outcome in children with chronic granulomatous disease managed conservatively or with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.[] CGD; Fatal granulomatosis of childhood; Chronic granulomatous disease of childhood; Progressive septic granulomatosis; Phagocyte deficiency - chronic granulomatous disease[] Chronic granulomatous disease. website. . Accessed May 13th, 2019.[] White is a medical officer, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health. We are indebted to Mrs.[] Protein 47 (p47), protein (p67), and protein 40 (p40) exist together as the cytosolic components of phox.[] Novel human pathological mutations. Gene symbol: NCF2. Disease: Chronic granulomatous disease. Hum Genet. 2010; 127(1): 113. PubMed Leiding JW, Holland SM.[]

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  • Sinusitis

    […] role in disease development.[] RESULTS: We determined that SP-A: (i) mRNA and protein levels are increased significantly in CRS tissues compared with healthy sinuses; (ii) although primarily expressed in[] Chronic rhinosinusitis: Clinical manifestations, pathophysiology and diagnosis. . Accessed Jan. 11, 2016. Hamilos DL. Chronic rhinosinusitis: Management. .[] BACKGROUND: Chronic granulomatous invasive fungal sinusitis (CGIFS) is rare and a consensus on ideal management is lacking.[] It is characterized by a slow onset and invasive organisms with non-granulomatous inflammation seen on histopathology.[] The normal mucosa, which is pink, moist, and 1 to 2 millimeters thick, can become swollen with fluids and proteins until it resembles a fluid-filled sac.[]

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  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    There is no prevention for myeloproliferative diseases.[] The protein encoded by NOG, noggin, acts as an antagonist to bone morphogenetic secreted protein 2 and 4 (BMP2 and BMP4).[] Cases included predominantly rare entities like chronic eosinophilic leukemia and related disorders, chronic neutrophilic leukemia, and others with specific genetic abnormalities[] Other causes include small cell tumors of childhood, Mast cell disease, Disseminated granulomatous disease, Primary amyloidosis, Metabolic bone disease etc.[] Human myeloproliferative disorders form a range of clonal haematological malignant diseases, the main members of which are polycythaemia vera, essential thrombocythaemia,[] Using co-immunoprecipitation we now show that PML and sumoylated ZNF198 can be found in a protein complex in the cell.[]

  • Inflammation

    Understand the risks of inflammation Although it is not proven that inflammation causes cardiovascular disease, inflammation is common for heart disease and stroke patients[] Over time, chronic inflammation can cause DNA damage and lead to cancer.[] Initially this was thought to be an invasive squamous cell carcinoma but a biopsy showed histological features consistent with necrotizing granulomatous inflammation.[] School of Human Kinetics and Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre, 3055 Wesbrook Mall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3, Canada CA 3.[] The rate of protein synthesis in vivo was measured by the incorporation of [3H]phenylalanine into liver proteins in a chronic (5 day) intra-abdominal abscess model.[] The presence of nodal granulomatous inflammation in patients with underlying malignancy is well reported.[]

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  • Chronic Granulomatous Disease due to NCF2 Deficiency

    ( DOID:3265 ) OTHER chronic granulomatous disease PAGES GENES INVOLVED Human Gene Zebrafish Ortholog OMIM Term OMIM Phenotype ID CYBA cyba Chronic granulomatous disease,[] NADPH Oxidases Phosphoproteins Protein Stability Protein Structure, Secondary RNA Stability RNA, Messenger Reactive Oxygen Species Recombination, Genetic Sequence Deletion[] Chronic granulomatous disease.[] Pathogenic 74,779,298( ) ACCGC(C/T)AGGGC reference, stop-gained rs119103272 Pathogenic 74,779,360( ) CGCTG(A/T)CCCCA reference, stop-gained Relevant External Links for NCF1 Gene Human[] Beside the above, mutation in those genescan lead to production of proteins with little or no function or the productions of no protein at all [ 1-8 ].[] Disease: Chronic granulomatous disease. Hum Genet. 2010; 127(1): 113. PubMed Leiding JW, Holland SM. Chronic Granulomatous Disease. 2012 Aug 9 [updated 2016 Feb 11].[]

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  • Primary Immune Deficiency Disorder

    Abstract: Patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases most often are recognized because of their increased susceptibility to infection (chronic or recurrent infections[] Complement is another blood protein that plays a protective role in the immune system.[] Due to the lack of antibodies these patients have an increased susceptibility to life-threatening infections and chronic lung disease.[] ., cytopenias, granulomatous diseases) At Stanford University, we are interested in diagnosing and treating primary immune deficiency diseases.[] The most common type of secondary immunodeficiency is AIDS, which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 7 With primary immunodeficiency, a part of the immune[] Chronic Granulomatous Disease • Incidence:1:10,00,000 • Defect: Inability of phagocytes to produce superoxide ineffective reduction of O2. • Failure to express respiratory[]

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  • Anemia of Chronic Disease

    Prognosis of ACD often depends on underlying cause of the disease.[] Acute-phase proteins, such as hepcidin, as well as pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines affect iron acquisition and release pathways of monocytes and macrophages thereby leading[] […] pathophysiologic mechanisms have been identified: Slightly shortened RBC survival, thought to be due to release of inflammatory cytokines, occurs in patients with cancer or chronic granulomatous[] Abstract Anemia is the most frequently encountered hematologic complication in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.[] […] myeloma), metastatic tumors (eg, neuroblastoma, melanoma), cancers that are more prone to bone marrow metastasis (eg, prostate, breast, lung, stomach, renal carcinomas), and granulomatous[] Abstract We treated 5 patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with anemia of chronic disease with recombinant human erythropoietin (rHuEPO) for 11 weeks.[]

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  • Interstitial Nephritis

    Crohn disease needs to be in the differential diagnosis of granulomatous interstitial nephritis and can be a manifestation of drug allergy or the Crohn disease itself.[] Kidney biopsy reveals chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis with variable glomerulosclerosis and mild chronic vascular damage, with the severity depending on sex, occupation[] A renal biopsy was done, which showed granulomatous interstitial nephritis.[] The use of vidarabine in the treatment of human polyomavirus associated acute haemorrhagic cystitis.[] Protein levels of Bax, Bcl-2, IκBα, p65, c-Jun N-terminal kinase, extracellular regulated protein kinases, and p38 were analyzed using western blotting.[] Nephrology and Dialysis, Belcolle Hospital, Viterbo, Italy. [email protected] Abstract A case of granulomatous interstitial nephritis (GIN) associated with Crohn's disease[]

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