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156 Possible Causes for 26a

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  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    The antifibrotic effects and mechanisms of microRNA-26a action in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Mol. Ther. 22 , 1122–1133, doi: 10.1038/mt.2014.42 (2014). 23.[] […] findings on downregulated genes (Supplementary Tables S3 , S4 and S5 ). miRNAs are one of the most important regulatory components of cell system. miRNAs like miR-29b, miR-26a[]

  • Pleural Fibrosis

    Using our novel murine model we will determine: 1) If HO-1 regulates PF via miR-26a expression in a murine model of MRSA empyema. 2) If miR-26a regulate PMC-EMT in MRSA empyema[] In preliminary studies, in MRSA infected HO-1 -/- PMC, we found an exaggerated expression of miR-26a and increased EMT in vitro.[] A search in MicroCosm Targets data base revealed that miR-26a targets E-cadherin (cell junction protein) which maintains epithelial phenotype and membrane integrity.[]

  • Pancreatic Cyst

    Thirteen miRNAs (miR-138, miR-195, miR-204, miR-216a, miR-217, miR-218, miR-802, miR-155, miR-214, miR-26a, miR-30b, miR-31, and miR-125) were enriched and two miRNAs (miR[]

  • Prion Disease

    Moreover, we demonstrated that SNP rs9291296 would strengthen miR-26a-5p binding to a highly conserved site in the 3'-UTR of gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha[]

  • Valproic Acid

    Furthermore, combining miR-26a-5p with valproic acid (VPA) treatment doubled huIgG1 titers.[] The titer increase was achievable by expressing miR-26a-5p from oligonucleotides or a plasmid.[] From a library of 875 miRNAs, we identified 2 miRNAs, miR-26a-5p and miR-337-5p, that increased human IgG1 (huIgG1) yields by 50 and 25%, respectively.[]

  • Arginine

    MiRNA-mRNA network and mRNA-mRNA network analysis showed that hsa-miR-320a, hsa-miR-331-3p, hsa-miR-26a-5p, hsa-miR-196a-5p, hsa-miR-221-3p, coiled-coil domain containing[]

  • Ischemia

    EV(HM) reduced IR injury by suppressing GSK3β expression via miRNA-26a and increased Cx43 expression.[] Finally, in in vitro experiments, hypoxia-induced increases in GSK3β expression were significantly reduced by the overexpression of miRNA-26a.[] EV(HM) also reversed reductions in Wnt1 and β-catenin levels and increases in GSK3β induced after IR injury. miRNA-26a was significantly increased in EV(HM), compared with[]

  • High Altitude Pulmonary Edema

    Whereas, miR-23b, 26a and 155 inhibit TGF signaling and contribute to increased pulmonary pressure, while miR-210 inhibits mitochondrial function.[]

  • Obesity

    Factor Receptor Bound Protein 14 (GRB14), rs16861329 in Beta-galactoside alpha-2,6-sialyltransferase 1 (ST6GAL1), rs1802295 in Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 26A[]

  • Mastitis

    Furthermore, the effect of bta-miR-26a in mastitis, mediated at least in part by enhancing FGA expression, involves host defense, inflammation and tissue damage.[] Significant down-regulation and location of bta-miR-26a, which targets FGA in the mastitic mammary glands, were validated using quantitative real-time PCR, in situ hybridization[]

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