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43 Possible Causes for 3beta hydroxy, dehydrogenase, steroid

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  • 3Beta-Hydroxy-Delta5-C27-Steroid Oxidoreductase Deficiency

    Other names in common use include: progesterone reductase Δ 5 -3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 3β-hydroxy-5-ene steroid dehydrogenase 3β-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase/isomerase[] 3beta-hydroxy-delta5-c27-steroid oxidoreductase deficiency (3β-HSD) is an uncommon autosomal recessive disorder, characterized by defects in the synthesis of bile acids.[] HSD3B7 encodes an enzyme which is involved in the initial stages of the synthesis of bile acids from cholesterol and a member of the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase superfamily[]

  • Dehydroepiandrosterone

    DHEA is a potent uncompetitive inhibitor of mammalian glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) and as a consequence lowers NADPH levels and reduces NADPH-dependent oxygen-free[] CAS 53-43-0 Deca Durabolin Steroids Dehydroisoandrosterone / DHEA / 3Beta-Hydroxy-5-Androsten-17-One Detailed Product Description: Deca Durabolin Steroids Dehydroisoandrosterone[] , and 4) steroid secretion studies in vitro of the tumor tissue, surrounding tissue, and contralateral ovarian tissue.[]

  • Atypical HSD10 Disease

    Clinical variability in 3-hydroxy-2-methylbutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency . Ann. Neurol. 51 , 656–659 (2002). 11.[] This subgroup also includes rice momilactone Tejcsíra pikkelysömörrel synthase which catalyzes the conversion of 3beta-hydroxy-9betaH-pimara-7,dien,6beta-olide into momilactone[] Also exhibits 20-beta-OH and 21-OH dehydrogenase activities with C21 steroids.[]

  • 2-Methylbutyryl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

    2-methylbutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency is an autosomal recessive disease characterized by an impairment in the degradation of isoleucine.[] Cheng JB, Jacquemin E, Gerhardt M, et al: Molecular genetics of 3beta-hydroxy-delta5-C27 steroid oxidoreductase deficiency in 16 patients with loss of bile acid synthesis[] Mitochondrial Fatty Acid Oxidation 309 Disorders of Carbohydrate and Glycogen Metabolism 335 Disorders of Glucose Transport 357 Genetic Dyslipoproteinemias 537 Disorders of Steroid[]

  • Virilization

    Abstract 17 beta-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency is an uncommon inherited disorder characterized by genital ambiguity and progressive pubertal virilization.[] 21alpha, 11beta (hydroxylase), 3beta (hydroxysteroid dehydrog) What is the most common adrenal gland enzyme defect causing hirsutism?[] The majority of these tumors produce several steroids, particularly testosterone.[]

  • Methyltestosterone

    ., 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase.[] -1-propyl)-6beta,7beta;15beta, 16beta-dimethylen-5beta-androstan-3beta,5,17beta-triol (ZK 92836) und 6beta,7beta;15beta,16beta-dimethylen-5beta-hydroxy-3-oxo-17alpha-androstan[] Structural modifications of natural products with complex structures like steroids require great synthetic effort.[]

  • Adrenal Cortex Hormone

    For the formation of aldosterone from progesterone are 2 smooth endoplasmic reticulum enzymes. 3 -b-hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase and D5, 4-Isomerasee.[] Pregnenolone is converted to Progesterone by the enzyme HSD3B (Hydroxy-Delta-5-Steroid Dehydrogenase 3Beta- and Steroid Delta-isomerase).[] But there's another type of steroid - sometimes called a corticosteroid - that treats a variety of problems.[]

  • Prednisone

    Eculizumab therapy was started in late-2009 and led to rapid improvements in haemoglobin and lactate dehydrogenase levels with a complete cessation of haemolytic episodes.[] -5-cholenoic acid 3beta,23-dihydroxy-30-nor-olean-12,20-dien-28-oic acid 3beta-(1-Pyrrolidinyl)-5alpha-pregnane-11,20-dione 3beta-Fluoro-5beta-pregnan-20-one 4-pregnen-20,21[] […] with poor OS were Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG)-performance status (PS) 1, Gleason score 8, liver metastasis, high PSA, hypoalbuminemia and elevated lactate dehydrogenase[]

  • Hydrocortisone

    Abstract 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11beta-HSD1) interconverts inactive cortisone and active cortisol.[] 17-one (Androsterone) 3b,7-Dihydroxy-5-Etioallocholen-17-One (7-OH) 3b-enanthoxy-19-nor-androst-4-ene-17-one (Decasterone) 3b-enanthoxyandrost-1-en-17-one (Super-1-DHEA) 3beta-hydroxy[] Topical steroids are also called topical corticosteroids, glucocorticosteroids, and cortisone. Topical steroids in differing vehicles How does a topical steroid work?[]

  • CK Syndrome

    The NSDHL gene encodes 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase involved in one of the later steps of the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway.[] This gene encodes for the enzyme 3beta-hydroxy sterol dehydrogenase which catalyzes a step in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway.[] Dehydrogenase-Like), and among its related pathways/superpathways is Steroid biosynthesis .[]