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  • Glioma

    The maximum grade of toxicity was noted in accordance with CTCAE version 4.02.[] We also investigated the effects of EA on hepatic and cardiac toxicity of doxorubicin.[] The following case is a patient with unilateral weakness and radiologic findings that were concerning for a high-grade glioma. Peripheral studies were equivocal.[] Kiehna EN 1 , Arnush MR 2 , Tamrazi B 3 , Cotter JA 4, 5 , Hawes D 4 , Robison NJ 6 , Fong CY 4 , Estrine DB 4 , Han JH 4 , Biegel JA 4, 5 .[] MV-NIS allows use of radioactive iodine and technetium isotopes for imaging of viral replication, and iodine isotopes for treatment purposes.[]

  • Malignant Glioma

    Two patients experienced no toxicity per CTCAE guidelines.[] Abstract Ribavirin, a nucleic acid analog, has been employed as an antiviral agent against RNA and DNA viruses and has become the standard agent used for chronic hepatitis[] Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4), drives differentiation of GCSCs and thus improves therapeutic efficacy.[] In this review, we discuss the potential of cellular- and viral-based immunotherapies in the treatment of malignant glioma, specifically focusing on dendritic cell vaccines[] The expression of caspase-8 at the mRNA level was significantly associated with the grade of human glioma.[]

  • Metastatic Breast Cancer

    Adverse events (AEs) were graded by NCI-CTCAE v4.0. Membrane PD-L1 expression was assessed by immunohistochemistry (Dako PD-L1 IHC 73-10 pharmDx).[] Abstract Hepatitis B reactivation can occur with cytotoxic chemotherapy in patients with hepatitis B and cancer.[] “You don’t go from being cured to stage 4.”[] […] development of pneumonitis has been reported even at a reduced dose Infections AFINITOR has immunosuppressive properties and may predispose patients to bacterial, fungal, viral[] Abstract We describe a 39-year-old woman with metastatic breast cancer who had grade 4 epistaxis induced by bevacizumab.[]

  • Hydralazine

    Response and toxicity were evaluated with the International Working Group criteria and CTCAE, version 4, respectively.[] Abstract Three patients developed hepatic injury two months, ten months and two years, respectively, after hydralazine therapy for hypertension.[] No grade 3 or 4 toxicity was observed.[] In this study, we investigated whether 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE), an aldehydic lipid oxidation product abundantly present in oxLDLs, contributes to their proangiogenic properties[] […] distinctive but poorly understood clinical syndrome, which likely represents an immunologic reaction pattern to a wide range of underlying or preceding conditions, including viral[]

  • Stomatitis

    The NCI-CTCAE V4.03 definition of grade 1 dysphagia reads: Symptomatic, able to eat regular solid diet Dry Mouth The NCI-CTCAE V4.03 definition of grade 1 dry mouth reads[] METHODS AND RESULTS: A 42-year-old man with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1b commenced treatment with peginterferon alpha-2a 180 microg subcutaneously weekly and ribavirin[] All the three agents analyzed showed high rates of low-grade stomatitis (G1-G2), while the onset of severe stomatitis (G3-G4) was rare.[] Zhang N 1 , Huang H 1 , Tan B 1 , Wei Y 1 , Xiong Q 1 , Yan Y 1 , Hou L 1 , Wu N 1 , Siwko S 2 , Cimarelli A 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 , Xu J 8 , Han H 9 , Qian M 1 , Liu M 10, 2 , Du[] MeSH terms A549 Cells Animals Antibodies, Viral/chemistry Antibodies, Viral/immunology Antibodies, Viral/metabolism* Binding Sites Crystallography, X-Ray DNA Replication Humans[]

  • Chondrosarcoma

    […] day 1) until 30 days after the end of treatment ] Toxicity will be assessed continuously during study participation through the reporting of adverse events (AEs) using the CTCAE[] Laboratory tests indicated hepatitis B viral infection.[] If resection is recognized as the gold standard for intermediate-, high-grade tumors, and for low-grade chondrosarcoma (LG-CS) located in the spine and pelvis to reduce the[] Lin CY 1 , Tzeng HE 2, 3 , Li TM 4 , Chen HT 4, 5 , Lee Y 6 , Yang YC 7 , Wang SW 8 , Yang WH 4, 7, 9 , Tang CH 1, 10, 11 .[] Gao L 1 , Hong X 2 , Guo X 1 , Cao D 3 , Gao X 4, 5, 6 , DeLaney TF 7 , Gong X 8 , Chen R 9 , Ni J 10 , Yao Y 1 , Wang R 1 , Chen X 4, 5 , Tian P 4, 5 , Xing B 1 .[]

  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    […] of local failure, Kaplan-Meier method estimated survival, competing-risk regression model determined predictors of disease outcome, and toxicity was reported according to CTCAE[] Abstract We report an interesting clinical case of a patient carrying a specific BRCA2 germline variant affected by bone and hepatic metastases from a high grade uterine stromal[] FISH analysis with three overlapping clones on normal chromosomes 4 disclosed that the insertion of Xp11 material in der(4) was accompanied by a deletion of chromosome 4 material[] Studies have connected soft tissue sarcomas to exposure to certain chemicals, high-dose radiation, certain viral infections, and to specific genetic abnormalities.[] AIM: The aim of this study was to determine the effect of local recurrence on overall survival in patients with intermediate high-grade localized primary soft tissue sarcoma[]

  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

    As per NCI CTCAE, Grade 3 events medically significant but not immediately life-threatening, unacceptable or intolerable events, significantly interrupting usual daily activity[] The DFS and DSS of hepatic GIST were significantly lower than those of the other two groups. Majority of the hepatic GIST is large in size and highly malignant.[] Close monitoring and appropriate management of grade 3 regorafenib-related adverse events should be considered during treatment.[] Bhanthumkomol P 1, 2 , Hijioka S 3 , Mizuno N 2 , Kuwahara T 2 , Okuno N 2 , Ito A 2 , Tanaka T 4 , Ishihara M 4 , Hirayama Y 4 , Onishi S 4 , Niwa Y 4 , Tajika M 4 , Ito[] Typically, IHC staining for v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene (KIT) and discovered on GIST-1(DOG1) is positive in almost all GISTs.[]

  • Influenza

    Author information 1 Department of Virology, Angers University Hospital, HIFIH Laboratory (Hemodynamics, Interaction Fibrosis and Invasiveness Hepatic Tumor), UBL (Université[] Abstract A 39-year-old woman received a seasonal influenza vaccine in November 2015 and subsequently experienced malaise, low-grade fever, and chest discomfort.[] Perdigão AC 1, 2, 3 , Ramalho IL 1, 2 , Guedes MI 2 , Braga DN 4, 5 , Cavalcanti LP 4 , Melo ME 1 , Araújo RM 6 , Lima EG 1, 2 , Silva LA 1 , Araújo Lde C 7 , Araújo FM 1,[] The investigators hypothesize that chronic inflammation caused by obesity is connected with a longer duration of viral shedding.[] Signs and symptoms Signs and symptoms include sudden high grade fever associated with chills, sore throat, runny nose and cough.[]

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    DISCUSSION: Linezolid is primarily hepatically cleared and has no labeled indication for urinary tract infections.[] […] children (age 0-5y) with first episode (age 0-1y) of UTI or recurrent (age RESULTS: Significant abnormalities were detected in 110 (63%), with vesicoureteric reflux (VUR) grades[] Therefore, CHF1 was further characterized by NMR and FTIR analysis and based on the structure elucidated, the compound was found to be 3,3',4'-Trihydroxyflavone.[] Causes of tubulointerstitial nephritis were secondary to bacterial infection in 2 and secondary to viral infection in 5 patients (2 polyomaviruses, 2 cytomegaloviruses, 1[] He underwent radical resection of rectal carcinoma and local resection of hepatic metastases.[]

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