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  • Carbidopa-Levodopa

    In these patients, orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) can be given without water and may provide greater convenience and ease of use than conventional tablets.[] This problem emerged 2 weeks after the patient's dosage of carbidopa 50 mg-levodopa 200 mg 3 times/day was decreased to twice/day.[] We aimed to assess this extended-release formulation versus immediate-release carbidopa-levodopa in patients with Parkinson's disease and motor fluctuations.[] (25 mg-100 mg), and CD-LD-entacapone (25 mg-100 mg-200 mg) was evaluated in healthy subjects.[] oral C/L placebo on 1st day and the reverse combination on a 2nd day.[] 19 parkinsonians with prominent dose-by-dose fluctuations, double-blind crossover trials comparing 8-week regimens of standard carbidopa/levodopa (25/100) to Sinemet CR (50[] BACKGROUND: IPX066 (Rytary ; carbidopa and levodopa [CD-LD] extended-release capsules) was designed to achieve therapeutic LD plasma concentrations within 1h of dosing and[] Side effects were similar between traditional Sinemet and CR-4 Sinemet.[] […] with oral immediate release formulation of carbidopa/levodopa.[]

  • Oxymorphone

    In vitro dissolution rates were measured for oxymorphone ER 40-mg and oxymorphone CRF 40-mg tablets in aqueous solutions of 0 to 40% ethanol.[] PO/ 10 mg IV Dilaudid........7.5 mg Opana/ Oxymorphone ........10 mg Oxycodone....20 mg Hydrocodone…30 mg Codeine.........200 mg Methadone..….15 - 20 mg Demerol..........[] OBJECTIVE: To compare cognitive and psychomotor effects of oxymorphone extended release (OM-ER) versus oxycodone controlled release (OC-CR).[] CONCLUSIONS: Oxymorphone is an oral therapeutic option approved for the treatment of acute and chronic moderate-to-severe pain.[] Oxymorphone ER 40 and 50 mg produced significant improvements from baseline compared with placebo in the WOMAC subscale scores for pain (least squares mean change: -85.1,[] The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bioequivalence of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-ER) and a crush-resistant formulation of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-CRF[] Nausea was higher with OC-CR (p or 0.02), and Bad Effects were higher for OC-CR 60 mg versus OM-ER 30 mg (p 0.001).[] […] and Levodopa Extended-Release Tablets May 26, 2016 Carboplatin Solution for Injection Mar 08, 2018 Cardioplegic Solution for Cardiac Perfusion Jul 26, 2016 Carvedilol Tablets[] Abstract Two cases are reported involving the abuse of extended-release oxymorphone hydrochloride tablets (Opana ER) in combination with alprazolam (Xanax ).[]

  • Guanfacine

    The approximate price of one tablet (in strengths of 1, 2, 3, and 4 mg) is 5.50 to 5.62. 19 Each package contains 100 tablets.[] RESULTS: Model predictions indicated that co-administration of GXR with the moderate CYP3A4 inhibitors erythromycin 500 mg three times a day or fluconazole 200 mg daily (q.d[] release, alone and in combination.[] Following safety assessments, subjects subsequently received guanfacine XR 1 mg (Days 4-8), 2 mg (Days 9-13), 3 mg (Days 14-18), and 4 mg (Days 19-23) once daily, followed[] INTERVENTIONS: Subjects were administered single oral doses of GXR 4 mg, LDX 50 mg, or GXR and LDX in combination.[] Google Scholar Crossref Medline ISI Fiore, MC, Jaén, CR, Baker, TB. ( 2008 ) Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence: 2008 Update.[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[] […] to healthy adults in the absence and presence of steady-state erythromycin (500 mg t.i.d.; n 200) or fluconazole (loading dose of 400 mg followed by 200 mg q.d.; n 200) are[] […] information 1 Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Bronx, NY 10467, USA. [email protected] Abstract Extended-release[]

  • Felodipine

    Combination tablets help to reduce the total number of tablets you need to take each day.[] This pressor effect can occur with a caffeine dose of 200 - 250 mg, which can be found 2 - 3 cups of coffee.[] In the generic products, felodipine release was controlled just for 12 or 18 hours and in this respect did not show similarity with the original brand.[] (containing felodipine 10 mg) manufactured by OHM Laboratories Inc., NJ, 08901 with PLENDIL extended release tablets 10 mg (containing felodipine 10 mg) manufactured by Merck[] Abstract Poor oral bioavailability is the single most important challenge in drug delivery.[] After 2 weeks on placebo, patients with a supine diastolic blood pressure of 95-115 mm Hg were randomized to felodipine-metoprolol, 5/50 mg o.d.[] Patients (N 1092) were randomized to one of 16 treatment groups: extended-release (ER) metoprolol succinate (25, 100, or 400 mg), ER felodipine (2.5, 10, or 20 mg), ER felodipine[] AIMS: The aims of this study were to study the efficacy and tolerability of felodipine extended release (ER) 5 mg and metoprolol controlled release (CR/ZOC) 50 mg given as[] Carbidopa; Levodopa: (Moderate) Concomitant use of antihypertensive agents with levodopa can result in additive hypotensive effects.[]

  • Nifedipine

    Each tablet is composed of a strong outer shell which does not dissolve in the body and is excreted in the faeces; it is normal to find these "ghost-tablets" in the faeces[] Open-label first-line antihypertensive treatment was randomly assigned: labetalol- (200-1800 mg/d) or nifedipine-modified release (20-80 mg/d).[] Abstract Nifedipine immediate release (IR) is a short-acting dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker historically used for hypertensive crisis, but its use has decreased because[] METHODS: Patients with hypertension who received a daily nifedipine GITS dose of 60 mg, either at constant dose (n   686) or up-titrated from 30 mg (n   392), were analyzed[] Of these emergencies, 43 were treated with oral nifedipine 10 mg (10 patients) and 12 with oral labetalol 100 mg (4 patients).[] METHODS AND ANALYSES: We will recruit 100 infertile women into one of 2 groups: placebo (n   50) and nifedipine 20 mg (n   50).[] A 51-year-old man with HIV infection who was receiving extended-release nifedipine developed symptomatic orthostasis and heart block after starting antiretroviral therapy[] We evaluated this morning surge in three hypertensive patients with morning surge after administration of antihypertensive drugs including nifedipine CR.[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[]

  • Tolterodine

    […] various amounts of hydrophilic polymers such as HPMC 2910 and HPMC 2208 along with other tablet excipients; the tablets were then coated.[] Exclusion criteria included a postvoid residual urine volume (PVR) of 200 mL and history of acute urinary retention requiring catheterization.[] OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to develop hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC)-based sustained release (SR) tablets for tolterodine tartrate with a low drug release[] gravis • or any family members have a rare heart condition called QT prolongation (long QT syndrome) Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription[] […] home / tolterodine-oral article GENERIC NAME: TOLTERODINE - ORAL (tol-TER-oh-deen) BRAND NAME(S): Detrol Medication Uses How To Use Side Effects Precautions Drug Interactions[] Tolterodine 4 mg was orally administered from Days 1-7 and co-administered with mirabegron 50 mg from Days 8-14.[] Compared with the immediate-release (IR) drug, once-daily tolterodine extended-release (ER) releases the drug in a steady but constant manner lowering peak and trough drug[] Pubmed Sellers DJ, Yamanishi T, Chapple CR, Couldwell C, Yasuda K, Chess-Williams R: M3 muscarinic receptors but not M2 mediate contraction of the porcine detrusor muscle[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[]

  • Oxycodone

    tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening).[] […] twice daily to fluvoxamine 200 mg/day, easily fulfilling diagnostic criteria for serotonin syndrome.[] Controlled-release oxycodone is absorbed in a bi-exponential fashion.[] Description White to off-white caplet shaped tablet Dosage Strength 7.5 mg/325 mg Compares To Percocet Identification Code Debossed with "M522" on one side and "7.5/325" on[] Pharmacologic effects of oral oxycodone were attenuated.[] As the study was limited to a dose range of up to 50 mg oxycodone equivalent per day, further research on higher doses would be recommended.[] Oxycodone extended release capsules are an extended-release (ER), microsphere-in-capsule abuse-deterrent-formulation designed to retain its extended-release properties following[] Patients in the intention-to-treat (ITT) population were randomized (1:1) to OXN-CR or OX-CR groups.[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[]

  • Hydromorphone

    Hydromorphone tablets or oxycodone hydrochloride powder was orally administered four times daily for 5 days.[] Tolmetin capsules – 400 mg tablets – 200, 600 mg 200–600 mg PO BID-TID 1800 mg/day Tramadol Tablets – 50 mg extended-release – 100, 200, 300 mg SR 50–100 mg PO q4–6h PRN;[] Dose selection of a once-daily, osmotic-controlled extended-release (ER) hydromorphone assumes that this drug and immediate-release (IR) hydromorphone are dose equivalent.[] STUDY OBJECTIVE: We compare a high initial dose of 2 mg intravenous hydromorphone against titration of 1 mg intravenous hydromorphone followed by an optional second dose.[] OBJECTIVES: We aimed to determine the CR and ORR from IV hydromorphone to oral hydromorphone and MEDD (obtained from oral morphine and oxycodone).[] Detection periods were determined over a range of thresholds from 50 to 2,000 ng/mL.[] In total, 112 patients were enrolled in a 28-week, open-label extension study; 60 patients received OROS hydromorphone ER and 52 received oxycodone CR.[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[] Noninferiority of the efficacy of once-daily hydromorphone hydrochloride extended-release (hydromorphone ER) compared with twice-daily oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release[]

  • Guaifenesin

    Guaifenesin is an expectorant available for oral administration as: Tablets — each containing 200 mg guaifenesin, USP.[] 5 mL syrup; 100 mg/5 mL, 200 mg/5 mL liquid; 200 mg capsules; 300 mg sustained release capsules; 100 mg, 200 mg, 1200 mg tablets; 600 mg sustained release tablets Enhances[] The bioavailability of an experimental controlled release tablet containing pseudoephedrine was compared with a marketed controlled release pseudoephedrine capsule in a three-way[] Ingredients Active Ingredients: In Each Extended-Release Bi-Layer Tablet: Guaifenesin (600 mg). Purpose: Expectorant.[] KEYWORDS: Combination oral liquid formulation; guaifenesin; hydrocodone; pharmacokinetic; pseudoephedrine[] Linearity of response was observed in the concentration ranges of 50-1000 ng ml-1 and 1-4 micrograms ml-1.[] We compared the efficacy of extended-release guaifenesin with placebo for treatment of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection using subjective efficacy assessments[] The coordination behavior of a series of transition metal ions named Cr(III), Fe(III), Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) with a mono negative tridentate guaifenesin[] ; Levodopa 3,535,782 28 176 Beclomethasone 3,519,550 28 177 Polyethylene Glycol 3350 3,503,811 14 178 Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 3,502,152 12 179 Magnesium 3,473,024 0 180[]

  • Tolcapone

    It is usual to take one tablet three times daily, although the dose may be increased in some people to two tablets three times daily.[] Overall 18% of patients withdrew because of adverse events: 15% on placebo, 17% on tolcapone 100 mg tid, and 22% on 200 mg tid.[] […] effect of catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT) inhibition by tolcapone on the pharmacokinetics of levodopa and 3-O-methyldopa (3-OMD) after administration of a new dual-release[] […] total daily levodopa dose decreased by 122 mg from the baseline dose of 676 mg (p 0.01).[] Both oral and intravenous tolcapone were well tolerated.[] In HepaRG cells (human cell-line), tolcapone decreased the ATP content (estimated IC 50 100 15μM) and was cytotoxic (estimated IC 50 333 45μM), whereas entacapone caused no[] Tolcapone is a catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor that extends the action of levodopa.[] It is always used in combination with carbidopa-levodopa products ( Sinemet , Sinemet CR , or Parcopa ), as it is not effective at treating Parkinson's disease without the[] The primary outcome measure was difference in coefficient of variation of levodopa in plasma between levodopa/carbidopa, levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone, and levodopa/carbidopa[]

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