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  • Guaifenesin

    G, Duratuss G, Fenesin, Fenesin IR, Fenex-LA, G Bid, Ganidin NR, Genatuss, Geri-Tussin Expectorant, GG 200 NR, Glytuss, Guaiatussin, Guaibid-LA, GuaiFENesin LA, GuaiFENesin[] Ingredients Active Ingredients: In Each Extended-Release Bi-Layer Tablet: Guaifenesin (600 mg). Purpose: Expectorant.[] Drug information provided by: Micromedex US Brand Name Allfen Altarussin Amibid LA Antitussin Bidex 400 Diabetic Siltussin DAS-Na Diabetic Tussin EX Drituss G Guaifenex G[] We compared the efficacy of extended-release guaifenesin with placebo for treatment of symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection using subjective efficacy assessments[] Guaifenesin is an expectorant available for oral administration as: Tablets — each containing 200 mg guaifenesin, USP.[] The bioavailability of an experimental controlled release tablet containing pseudoephedrine was compared with a marketed controlled release pseudoephedrine capsule in a three-way[] 200–400 mg every 4 hours, up to 2.4 g daily. a Children 12 years of age, 600-mg extended-release tablets: 600 mg or 1.2 g every 12 hours, up to 2.4 g daily. a Adults Cough[]

  • Guanfacine

    Effets de quatre hypotenseurs, la clonidine, la lofexidine, le BS 100-141 et l’ipro 4 sur le métabolisme de la noradrénaline centrale et cardiaque du rat.[] […] was also developed, based on the 600 mg model.[] OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the pharmacokinetic profiles of guanfacine extended release (GXR) and methylphenidate hydrochloride (MPH) extended[] Following safety assessments, subjects subsequently received guanfacine XR 1 mg (Days 4-8), 2 mg (Days 9-13), 3 mg (Days 14-18), and 4 mg (Days 19-23) once daily, followed[] The approximate price of one tablet (in strengths of 1, 2, 3, and 4 mg) is 5.50 to 5.62. 19 Each package contains 100 tablets.[] […] information 1 Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Children's Hospital at Montefiore, Bronx, NY 10467, USA. [email protected] Abstract Extended-release[] Extended-release guanfacine is approved for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder but not well studied in ASD.[]

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  • Felodipine

    Author information 1 Department of Molecular and Experimental Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California 92037, USA.[] Circulation . 1991; 84:2598-600. 41. Messerli FH. Case-control study, meta-analysis, and bouillabaisse: putting the calcium antagonist scare into context.[] Patients (N 1092) were randomized to one of 16 treatment groups: extended-release (ER) metoprolol succinate (25, 100, or 400 mg), ER felodipine (2.5, 10, or 20 mg), ER felodipine[] (containing felodipine 10 mg) manufactured by OHM Laboratories Inc., NJ, 08901 with PLENDIL extended release tablets 10 mg (containing felodipine 10 mg) manufactured by Merck[] Combination tablets help to reduce the total number of tablets you need to take each day.[] In the generic products, felodipine release was controlled just for 12 or 18 hours and in this respect did not show similarity with the original brand.[] […] results below include drug profiles where your selected drug is a primary subject of discussion amlodipine (CONSENSI, NORVASC); diltiazem (CARDIZEM, CARDIZEM CD, CARDIZEM LA[]

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  • Carbidopa-Levodopa

    Turner EH, Loftis JM, Blackwell AD (2006) Serotonin a la carte: supplementation with the serotonin precursor 5-hydroxytryptophan. Pharmacol Ther 109:325-338.[] The LD concentration for half-maximal effect was 1530 ng/mL, 810 ng/mL, and 600 ng/mL for tapping rate, UPDRS Part III, and dyskinesia, respectively.[] BACKGROUND: IPX066 (Rytary ; carbidopa and levodopa [CD-LD] extended-release capsules) was designed to achieve therapeutic LD plasma concentrations within 1h of dosing and[] (25 mg-100 mg), and CD-LD-entacapone (25 mg-100 mg-200 mg) was evaluated in healthy subjects.[] In these patients, orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) can be given without water and may provide greater convenience and ease of use than conventional tablets.[] We aimed to assess this extended-release formulation versus immediate-release carbidopa-levodopa in patients with Parkinson's disease and motor fluctuations.[] Wade LA, Katzman R. Synthetic amino acids and the nature of L-DOPA transport at the blood-brain barrier. J Neurochem 1975;25:837-42. Nutt JG, Woodward WR, Anderson JL.[]

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  • Oxymorphone

    Street, PO Box 208051, New Haven, CT 06520-8051, USA. 3 Department of Anesthesiology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, 1542 Tulane Avenue, New Orleans, LA[] The number of HIV tests performed increased from 23 tests in November 2014 to 1838 tests between March 1 and May 31, 2015 ( 600 tests per month).[] The purpose of this study was to evaluate the bioequivalence of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-ER) and a crush-resistant formulation of oxymorphone extended-release (Oxy-CRF[] Opana ER, an extended-release form of oxymorphone , is available as tablets in strengths of 5 mg , 7½ mg , 10 mg , 15 mg , 20 mg , 30 mg, and 40 mg.[] In vitro dissolution rates were measured for oxymorphone ER 40-mg and oxymorphone CRF 40-mg tablets in aqueous solutions of 0 to 40% ethanol.[] OBJECTIVE: To compare cognitive and psychomotor effects of oxymorphone extended release (OM-ER) versus oxycodone controlled release (OC-CR).[] Coppo , Microangiopathies thrombotiques secondaires , La Revue de Médecine Interne , 38 , 11 , (731) , (2017) .[]

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  • Tolterodine

    DETROL LA is available in 2 mg and 4 mg capsules. DETROL LA is available in 2 mg and 4 mg capsules.[] Compared with the immediate-release (IR) drug, once-daily tolterodine extended-release (ER) releases the drug in a steady but constant manner lowering peak and trough drug[] gravis • or any family members have a rare heart condition called QT prolongation (long QT syndrome) Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, including prescription[] […] various amounts of hydrophilic polymers such as HPMC 2910 and HPMC 2208 along with other tablet excipients; the tablets were then coated.[] OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to develop hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC)-based sustained release (SR) tablets for tolterodine tartrate with a low drug release[] OBJECTIVES: To investigate the tolerability of tolterodine extended release (ER) in older subjects with overactive bladder (OAB).[] This article reviews the pathophysiology of the condition, its effect on the elderly and the evidence for the use of extended release tolterodine in the elderly using data[]

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  • Hydrocodone

    New Orleans, LA 70112, United States; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center of Excellence, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA 70112, United States.[] Using fluorescent and light microscopy, we quantified the sensory hair cells from a 600-microm basal segment before and after treatment.[] Abstract Hysingla ER, the second single-ingredient extended-release hydrocodone product to become available in the US, is formulated for once-daily use.[] Description White Oval-Shaped Tablet Dosage Strength 10 mg/325 mg Compares To Norco 10/325 Identification Code Debossed with M367; bisect on reverse side Rating AA Ordering[] […] prototypes (low-, intermediate-, or high-level coating) or an intact, oral tablet of hydrocodone IR/acetaminophen (APAP) 10/325 mg every 6 h until four tablets were administered[] This study compared positive, subjective drug effects of single, equal doses of biphasic immediate release (IR)/extended release (ER) hydrocodone bitartrate (HB)/acetaminophen[] BACKGROUND: Biphasic immediate-release (IR)/extended-release (ER) hydrocodone bitartrate (HB)/acetaminophen (APAP) 7.5/325-mg tablets are formulated with gastroretentive ER[]

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  • Cyclobenzaprine

    CONCLUSIONS: Cyclobenzaprine effectively treated our patient's LAS.[] Fifteen patients were given C 10 mg, and 17 patients C 10 mg plus I 600 mg.[] This review focuses on the pharmacokinetic profile of a new formulation, cyclobenzaprine extended-release (CER), which delivers a sustained plasma cyclobenzaprine concentration[] Subjects were assigned to receive a single dose of either CER 15 mg or 30 mg on days 1 and 15, separated by a 14-day washout.[] Tablets were administered to 23 healthy subjects after an overnight fasting and blood samples were collected up to 240 hours after drug administration.[] AMRIX( ), Cephalon, Inc., Frazer, PA, USA), cyclobenzaprine immediate release (CIR; Flexeril( ), Pliva, Pomona, NY, USA), or placebo administration.[] Our Medications & Services Rx Outreach offers more than 600 medication strengths, representing more than 250 different types of medications.[]

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  • Ropinirole

    Unit of Movement Disorders, Neurology Department Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Barcelona Spain 2.[] […] the addition of once-daily ropinirole 24-hour prolonged-release (n 104) in PD patients not optimally controlled with levodopa after up to 3 years of therapy with less than 600[] Long-term safety of once-daily ropinirole extended/prolonged release (ropinirole XL/PR) was evaluated in subjects with early and advanced Parkinson's disease (PD) in this[] Page last updated: 14 July 2006 PDF version of this page (PDF 125 KB) Public Summary Document Product: Ropinirole, tablets, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg and 2 mg, Repreve Sponsor: GlaxoSmithKline[] […] not substitute ropinirole tablets for ropinirole extended release tablets, or ropinirole extended release tablets for ropinirole tablets without talking with your healthcare[] METHODS: Efficacy And Safety Evaluation in Parkinson's Disease (EASE-PD) Monotherapy (101468/168) compared ropinirole 24-hour prolonged release with ropinirole immediate release[] New Orleans, LA 2005 March. Abstract 204. 24. Walters AS, Ondo WG, Dreykluft T et al.[]

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  • Zileuton

    , BR, BW, BY, BZ, CA, CH, CL, CN, CO, CR, CU, CZ, DE, DK, DM, DO, DZ, EC, EE, EG, ES, FI, GB, GD, GE, GH, GM, GT, HN, HR, HU, ID, IL, IN, IR, IS, JP, KE, KG, KN, KP, KZ, LA[] Zileuton Extended Release Tablets, 600 mg, had U.S. sales of approximately 75 million for the 12 months ending December 2016, according to IMS Health.[] This study was conducted to assess the comparative efficacy and safety of orally administered Zileuton extended-release (ER) with Montelukast sodium in patients suffering[] Matrix tablets with desired release rates can be prepared by adjusting various formulation and processing parameters.[] Zouboulis CC, Eady A, Philpott M, Goldsmith LA, Orfanos CE, Cunliffe WC, Rosenfield R. What is the pathogenesis of acne?[] After mild sedation with fentanyl and midazolam and local anesthesia with 2% lidocaine, bronchoscopy was performed.[] Tablets: It is used to treat or prevent asthma .[]

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