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  • Iris

    Herein, we report the first case of segmental ischaemic infarction of the iris, which occurred after autologous fat injection into the lower eyelid.[] Right eye surgical removal of the iris stromal cyst was done under real-time imaging of intraoperative OCT (iOCT).[] The iris had occluded the tube of a Baerveldt prototype glaucoma drainage devices and caused an intractable increased IOP.[] OBJECTIVE: To determine the relationship of the van Herick angle grading system with the level of iris insertion and peripheral iris configuration.[] KEYWORDS: Capsular bag fixation; IOL dislocation; Intra-scleral fixation; Iris hook; Zonular dialysis[] There are limited data on comparative outcomes and its determinants following coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with[] […] of the ring and minimal associated surgical trauma.[] The patient was treated with external beam radiotherapy to the globe and orbit, but died 2 months after treatment completion.[] Systemic hematologic investigations including complete blood count, serum paraproteins, bone marrow biopsy, and full-body magnetic resonance image were normal.[] School, Boston, MA 02115. 7 Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02115. 8 Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Harvard Medical[]

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  • Bone Tumor

    We attempted a new reconstruction method in two patients by combining a free vascularized fibula graft with an extracorporeally irradiated autograft.[] Their quality of life was significantly lower than the norm.[] Surgical bone reconstruction was performed using a tumor-bearing frozen autograft. Bone union was achieved at 7 months after the first surgical procedure.[] […] aim of this study was to evaluate the long-term outcome with respect to limb-lengthening potential, satisfaction rate, and complications after implantation of extendible devices[] Objective: The aim of this study is to explore the related factors affecting infection risk caused by peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) for bone tumor patients[] Plain radiographs showed a lytic well-defined lesion in the right peritrochanteric region suggestive of a benign neoplastic etiology.[] However, a long external fixation time is a disadvantage of this technique.[] OBJECTIVES: Percutaneous cementoplasty (PC) is used for metastatic bone tumor.[] In addition, no previous reports have highlighted the long-term complications of pelvic ring reconstruction after internal hemipelvectomy.[] There were no previous clinical reports about "external" cortical bone remodeling.[]

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  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    The fosfomycin resistance rate in community-onset MRSA was 30.2%, which was lower than that detected in healthcare-associated MRSA of 70.7%.[] Patients referred from other hospitals, patients transferred from the surgical acute care unit, patients that had a surgical procedure within 3 months before admission, and[] CONCLUSIONS: Escherichia coli and MRSA are major pathogens of medical device-related infections.[] The isolates differed from reference strains by 2 insertions (40 Kb each) and 2 deletions (10 and 25 Kb) but had no rearrangements or copy number variations.[] All rights reserved.[] BACKGROUND: Pin tract infection is a common complication of external fixation.[] However, it can be managed effectively with percutaneous catheter drainage and appropriate antibiotic therapy.[] KEYWORDS: Bone; MRSA; Osteomyelitis; Prosthetic joint; Telavancin[] All the patients were treated surgically either by aspiration or excision.[] However, reinfection with a new strain from the angiography catheter insertion is highly likely.[]

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  • Traffic Accident

    METHODS: The FE model, composed of femur, tibia, fibula, patella, meniscus, knee ligaments and surrounding soft tissues, was reconstructed by CT scanning data from a male[] One hundred and eighty-three accidents were registered for insulin users not taking oral glucose-lowering agents and 219 for users of oral blood glucose-lowering drugs without[] Surgical treatment of buried penis achieves marked aesthetic and functional improvement, and benefits the majority of patients, resulting in satisfactory erection and successful[] The findings from this study could be useful in developing new technologies to improve cyclist safety, such as alert devices for cyclists and vehicle drivers, wireless communication[] The medial rectus was still attached to its anatomic insertion at the globe.[] All rights reserved.[] […] sternal region, a transverse fracture of the sternum, ruptures of the heart, ruptures of the ascending and descending aortae, rupture and hemorrhage of the nuchal muscle, ring[] Degloving of the male external genitalia & rupture of the diaphragm may result from motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, gunshot & stab injuries.[] This patient had a severe skeletal Class III relationship because of the loss of 6 maxillary teeth and the adjacent alveolar bone.[] Abstract A man, who had a medical history of surgical neck clipping 30 years previously, died of traffic accident.[]

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  • Fracture

    Fibula stress fracture This is less common than a tibia stress fracture as the fibula doesn't carry the same amount of weight.[] This advantage in bone microarchitecture seems to contribute to a lower fracture risk compared to subjects without arcuate foramen as no coexistence in the same vertebra of[] Surgical treatment is often recommended with different techniques such as tension band fixation or lag screws stabilization.[] The device was successfully deployed, and no endoleak was observed.[] This patient had suffered a simultaneous avulsion fracture of both the femoral and tibial insertion sites of the anterior cruciate ligament without suffering any other injuries[] On routine follow-up visits, the angulation of the right femur in the fetus gradually improved.[] […] screw fixation.[] He was treated with emergent percutaneous fixation of the fracture segment without interbody or posterolateral fusion.[] Fractures of the pelvis are uncommon and range widely from mild (if the minor ring is broken) to severe (if the major ring is broken).[] The closed reduction with external fixator is an interesting alternative for these types of fractures.[]

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  • Bone Biopsy

    All included patients fulfilled diagnostic criteria for PTOM (as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that involved a long bone (femur, fibula, tibia,[] Bone formation rate (0.004 0.002 vs 0.011 0.008 mm(2)/mm · year; P .006) was 64% lower in the highest tertile.[] Prior to Bone Needle Biopsy surgical procedure: How is the Bone Needle Biopsy surgical procedure Performed?[] PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility of a battery powered intraosseous device to perform CT-fluoroscopy guided bone biopsy.[] The hypothesis of this study is that the insertion energy of bone biopsy needles can be reduced by modifying the insertion kinetics or by adding a friction-lowering coating[] Only MRI depicted a lesion at the distal third of his right tibia, and a subsequent MR-guided bone biopsy was diagnostic of bone marrow metastasis.[] However, when definitive diagnosis is important, when the clinical setting is confusing or complex, or when parathyroidectomy is being considered, the use of percutaneous[] Rotating around you, the x-ray tube and electronic x-ray detectors are located opposite each other in a ring, called a gantry.[] There are abnormal left common and external hilar lymph nodes consistent with lymphoma. No sacroiliitis.[] Transiliac bone biopsy is indicated for selected patients with metabolic bone disease where less invasive investigations have yielded inconclusive results.[]

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  • Chondromyxoid Fibroma

    Chondromyxoid fibroma of the fibula, although rare, must be considered as a differential diagnosis.[] lower limb D16.32 Benign neoplasm of short bones of left lower limb D16.4 Benign neoplasm of bones of skull and face D16.5 Benign neoplasm of lower jaw bone D16.6 Benign[] The purpose of the study is to report our experience with diagnosis and surgical management of Chondromyxoid fibroma in the pelvic region.[] Learn more Rent/Cloud Rent for 48h to view Buy Cloud Access for unlimited viewing via different devices Synchronizing in the ReadCube Cloud Printing and saving restrictions[] Clinically, there was noted proptosis, tenderness to palpation, and slight limitation to right abduction.[] Abstract We present a 59-year-old woman with a rare sacral chondromyxoid fibroma discovered incidentally and treated with curettage, bone grafting, and lumbopelvic fixation[] BACKGROUND: Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has been shown to be an effective treatment for soft tissue lesions and also benign bone tumors, especially osteoid[] A 29-year-old woman presented with pain, weakness, and a mass of the right ring finger metacarpophalangeal joint that had persisted since prior surgery to remove an extraosseous[] External links UMDNJ Tutor Web - Case ( . Chondromyxoid fibroma ( .[] It is more common in long bones and is least common in cranial bones.[]

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  • Erectile Dysfunction

    We describe the surgical technique of autologous implant of a vascularized fibula in the salvage treatment of end-stage erectile dysfunction.[] Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: In the past years, the relationship between lower urinary tract symptoms and erectile dysfunction has been widely explored.[] The aim of this study is to summarize the current literature on surgical techniques for managing post-prostatectomy erectile dysfunction.[] BACKGROUND: This randomized clinical trial (October 2012-December 2013) compared extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) and a vacuum erectile device (VED) for management[] MATERIAL AND METHODS: 12 patients, aged between 55 and 65 years, with severe erectile dysfunction without palpable cavernous fibrosis, were instructed to self-insert into[] RESULTS: Patients displayed a preserved overall small-world organization and exhibited a less connectivity strength in the left inferior frontal gyrus, amygdale and the right[] Four young men who sustained femur fracture underwent reduction and intramedullary nail fixation. Post-operatively each presented with varying degrees of ED.[] In this case report, we present a 60-year-old man with ED, who demonstrated limited response to the standard management strategies and was subsequently treated with percutaneous[] RESULTS: In total, 17,057 men underwent brachytherapy (65%), 8,166 men underwent external-beam RT (31%), and 1,046 men underwent both (4%).[] RESULTS: Bone scan showed viability of the bone flap after transfer.[]

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  • Exsanguination

    Abstract We report a case of fatal pulmonary embolism during lower limb exsanguination in orthopaedic surgery.[] […] demonstrate that team training using a high-fidelity mannequin is an effective way to train OR personnel, on how to manage exsanguinating traumatic patients in a high-risk surgical[] We present a case of inadvertent intraoperative exsanguination of a patient following open heart surgery for implantation of a left ventricular assist device.[] It was chosen based upon the pain value associated with inserting the IV.[] All rights reserved. KEYWORDS: blood loss; hemoglobin reduction; pneumatic tourniquet; sterile elastic tourniquet; total knee arthroplasty[] CONCLUSION: Presurgical exsanguination rescue with percutaneous foam damage control is safe and effective with a favorable risk-benefit profile in preclinical studies.[] When the elastic ring reaches the preferred occlusion location, the pulling motion is stopped.[] Abstract Eight cases of basal skull fracture with transverse fracture of the petrous temporal bone with medial extension to the internal carotid artery and lateral extension[] Lower limb elevation alone has also been described as a technique of exsanguination.[] Using the surgical exsanguination tourniquet, we found superior exsanguination quality, quick application and the ability to place the occlusion ring closer to the surgical[]

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  • Paresis

    […] bilaterally to his lower limbs.[] BACKGROUND: Inferior oblique anterior transposition (IOAT) is an effective surgical procedure for weakening the inferior oblique muscle.[] This novel approach demonstrated that a robotic device is a useful and reliable tool for the quantification of interaction parameters.[] The current case shows that wear of the polyethylene insert may also lead to ganglion formation that causes paresis of the peroneal nerve.[] A right hemidiaphragm elevation was shown on chest radiograph. A right hemidiaphragm paresis was shown on chest fluoroscopy.[] Oculomotor testing, visual fixation index, and brain MRI were normal, excluding a central nervous system disorder.[] Future research should investigate the effects of different lengthening procedures of ST (i.e. z-lengthening of the tendon, (percutaneous) tenotomy and aponeurotomy) on its[] Due to the neurologic findings, we obtained a computed tomography brain scan, which revealed a ring-enhancing lesion within the central midbrain with vasogenic edema causing[] External lid loading for the temporary treatment of lagophthalmos is simple and effective.[] Home Subjects Pediatrics Paresis of a Bone Morphogenetic Protein-Antagonist Response ...[]

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