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  • Laparoscopy

    […] by the broad ligament.[] Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that involves making one, two, or three very small cuts in the abdomen, through which the doctor inserts a laparoscope and specialized[] The endobag abdominal morcellation is feasible and safe; consequently, the development of devices dedicated to intracavitary morcellation in a closed system has been encouraged[] He underwent a left one-stage orchidopexy and right first-stage Fowler-Stephen procedure at five yr of life, followed by a second stage Fowler-Stephen surgery on the right[] In cases of suspectful complicated PI, the clinician should not avoid performing diagnostic laparoscopy to rule out bowel ischemia and perforation.[] Soft tissue defects of the hand or foot ranged from 16 cm x 10 cm to 22 cm x 14 cm.[] The data suggest that drainage may not reduce postoperative pain and should be used in its traditional role for potential bleeding or infections.[] Percutaneous aspiration and instillation of scolicidal agents followed by re-aspiration have been previously reported.[] A systematic and painstaking inspection of the whole abdominal cavity, including routine entry into the bursa omentalis, is necessary for improving the yield of SL.[] All hemodynamically stable patients undergoing operations for blunt abdominal trauma over a 10-year period (2006-2015) at a tertiary medical center were included.[]

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  • Laceration

    In addition, women with vertical extensions were more likely to have surgical complications, including broad ligament haematoma, cervical and uterine artery lacerations and[] She was diagnosed with bilateral pneumothoraces, pneumomediastinum, pneumopericardium and surgical emphysema.[] There was no suggestion that tamponade was related to pericardial or transseptal access, but rather a complication with device delivery.[] Furthermore, we identified a 10 cm laceration in the right-side pleuropericardium and a communication existing between the pericardial space and the right pleural space.[] Certainly in these cases aggressive diagnostic evaluation is necessary.[] The purpose of this structured review was to review current evidence of "hands on" and "hands off" techniques as it relates to rates of perineal laceration in order to provide[] […] cases of ultrasound-guided greater auricular nerve block (UGANB) successfully performed in the ED as the sole procedural anesthesia for both an ear laceration and abscess drainage[] Valve complications following coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary interventions are rare.[] Evaluation of the current treatment concepts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for acute traumatic lesions to the prepatellar and olecranon bursa.[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[]

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  • Malignant Ascites

    During the dissection of the extraperitoneal space, clear ascitic fluid was noted upon breaching the peritoneum near the round ligament.[] This patient underwent three peritoneovenous shunt procedures utilizing first the LeVeen shunt and finally the Denver shunt in a surgical attempt at palliative decompression[] The device allowed paracentesis without the risk of repetitive peritoneal puncture or diuretic therapy.[] Here we present a case of a 49-year-old woman with malignant ascites secondary to peritoneal spreading of a right pleural mesothelioma.[] DNA methylation testing adds diagnostic and prognostic information and might constitute an effective ancillary method for the differential diagnosis of malignant, paramalignant[] Hypertension (grade IV), hand-foot syndrome (grade I) and proteinuria (grade II) were observed.[] The PleurX peritoneal drainage catheter for drainage of malignant ascites in a community setting has been evaluated by the NICE Medical Technologies Evaluation Programme.[] Insertion of a percutaneous gastrostomy tube is relatively contraindicated in patients with ascites.[] The CT signs studied were ascites volume and relative distribution between the greater peritoneal cavity (GPC) and the omental bursa (OB), the density of the ascites, the[] A Pubmed, Medline, Embase, and Cochrane Library review of medical, interventional and surgical treatments of MA has been performed.[]

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  • Duodenal Ulcer

    […] of gastroduodenal artery and bilio-pancreatic diversion was converted into a standard Roux-en-Y gastroenterostomy with an entero-entero anastomosis 40 cm from the Treitz ligament[] Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a common surgical procedure used to treat patients with morbid obesity.[] RECENT NEWS 2019 International SCENAR Conference 28 Nov 2018 Welcome to the 2019 International Conference Updates 25 Nov 2018 Release of the 2018 RITM SCENAR devices - information[] Auscultation of the chest revealed reduced air entry into the right lung. An erect chest X-ray confirmed the presence of pneumoperitoneum and a right-sided pneumothorax.[] You can reduce your risk of H pylori infection by following commonsense hygiene practices such as washing your hands with soap and water prior to preparing food and after[] Six patients had percutaneous abdominal drainage. Early oral intake, 0 - 7 days after stent placement, was possible.[] Contrast-enhanced computed tomography and abdominal angiography showed occlusion of the superior mesenteric artery due to thrombosis, and emergency percutaneous transluminal[] Department of Radiology Uludag University Medical Center Bursa Turkey[] The patient was a 62-year-old woman with a personal history of chronic alcoholism and a medical history of duodenal ulcer, congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, dilated[] […] with endoscopy alone.[]

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  • Hemothorax

    We should consider the inferior pulmonary ligamental injury as one of causes for traumatic hemothorax.[] Such active intervention followed by surgical procedures was effective and should be considered for rare occurrences like the present case.[] We describe the use of an electric trigger-controlled suction-lavage device for the evacuation of empyema or clotted hemothorax.[] We report a patient with a delayed right ventricular perforation from a permanent PM lead which presented as a left hemothorax.[] The diagnostic program 1. Complaint and the history of disease. 2. Physical findings. 3. Chest X-radiography. 4. Diagnostic thoracentesis . 5.[] On the other hand, spontaneous hemothorax is less common.[] Hemothorax drainage via thoracotomy skin incision was performed fascia and subcutaneous tissue were entered with electrocautery obtaining hemostasis simultaneously. the pleural[] Delayed onset of massive hemothorax complicating percutaneous internal jugular vein canulation.[] This unusual phenomenon may therefore be strongly associated with the location of the ruptured tumor and the formation of a hematoma inside the omental bursa.[] […] variants: or chiefly British haemothorax \ ˌhē-mə-ˈthō(ə)r-ˌaks, -ˈthȯ(ə)r- \ plural hemothoraxes or hemothoraces \ -ˈthōr-ə-ˌsēz, -ˈthȯr- \ Medical Definition of hemothorax[]

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  • Contusion

    […] meniscus, medial meniscus, and medial collateral ligament (MCL).[] The pathomechanics and surgical recommendations are reviewed. Spinal cord injuries are well documented in the medical literature.[] Myocardial Ischemia 337 Diagnosis and Management 357 Chapter 21 Transesophageal Echocardiography for Trauma and Critical Care 381 Chapter 22 Cardiopulmonary Mechanical Assist Devices[] The present case is of special interest because of the unusual eliciting event and the rarity of the contusion site (right atrium).[] This abnormality should be recognized as a diagnostic confounder.[] […] or fingers become cold, blue, numb, or tingly Difficulty moving your hand or fingers Weakness in your hand or fingers Your shoulder becomes stiff Your shoulder feels like[] […] ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging findings of this patient and based on a review of recent literature propose that the initial management should have included early drainage[] The injury may affect the fluid-filled sacs ( bursae ) that provide a gliding surface for the tissues around the joint.[] Department of Pathology, SUNY-Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY, USA. Post mortem pathology report.[] We used a 30-degree endoscope to observe the involvement of brain contusion and whether the brain contusions have been cleaned thoroughly.[]

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  • Femoral Hernia

    The ipsilateral umbilical ligament was dissected off the abdominal wall and secured (plugged) over the internal opening, providing a tension-free repair.[] Depending on the surgical opportunity, the patients were divided into 2 groups: elective surgery and emergency surgery.[] The use of the 3D prosthetic device allowed for easier and faster surgical repair in a fixation free fashion.[] A CT scan showed a hernia in the right groin area but the diagnosis was delayed. The hernias were repaired using a preperitoneal transinguinal approach.[] Femoral herniae are a diagnostic challenge and a high index of clinical suspicion is necessary. Ultrasonography or laparoscopy may be appropriate in equivocal cases.[] Videos in Clinical Medicine Quick Takes View all multimedia Treating Acute Gastroenteritis Take It with a Grain of Salt Fighting Ebola in 2018 Peripheral Nerve Blocks for Hand[] Emergency incision and abscess drainage was performed, followed by delayed laparoscopic appendectomy and herniorraphy.[] The peritoneum was percutaneously punctured with a venous cannula through which the suture was inserted.[] […] often clinically diffivult to differentiate from inguinal hernia when irreducible Cough impulse is commonly absent Differential diagnosis Inguinal hernia Psoas abscess or bursa[] The surgery is done to avoid a possible medical emergency. If you do not have surgery right away: Increase your fiber intake and drink fluids to avoid constipation.[]

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  • Pancreatic Pseudocyst

    Pancreatic pseudocyst of gastrohepatic or hepatoduodenal ligament and of liver is rare entity.[] It's called Axios, and it offers a myriad of patient benefits (think 20-minute non-surgical procedure versus two-hour open surgery).[] […] report a case of stent migration into a pancreatic pseudocyst that was retrieved with a percutaneous approach under imaging guidance using a simple technique with available devices[] We report here a case developing right and left intrahepatic pseudocyst following acute biliary pancreatitis.[] Following a literature review, we stress the enormous benefits offered by modern diagnostic techniques, and especially imaging techniques, for the diagnosis and monitoring[] Extension of a pseudocyst beyond the retroperitoneum, along the retrofascial plane within the psoas muscle is, however, unusual, with only a handful of cases described in[] Endoscopic drainage and cystoduodenostomy is a minimally invasive, effective, and safe approach in the management of pancreatic pseudocysts in children.[] We present the case of a patient, aged 49 years, known with alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis, corporeal-caudal pancreatic pseudocyst expanded in the omental bursa, admitted[] Rupture of the pseudocyst is a medical emergency.[] In a randomized trial comparing endoscopic and surgical cystogastrostomy for pancreatic pseudocyst drainage, none of the patients in the endoscopy group had pseudocyst recurrence[]

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  • Synovial Cyst

    Cystic lesions arising in relation to the cruciate ligaments of the knee joint may become symptomatic and they can cause restriction of joint movement.[] Different surgical procedures are in use, but no consensus has been formed so far as to which method should be used in synovial cysts.[] Methods include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, functional training and use of assistive devices and adaptive equipment to increase strength, range of motion, endurance[] An 84-year-old man experienced right buttock pain that radiated gradually to his right lower extremity over a few months before admission.[] Surgical removal is the proper treatment and pathologic examination sets the final diagnosis in such cases of diagnostic difficulty.[] Ganglion cysts are the most common mass or lump in the hand. They are not cancerous and, in most cases, are harmless.[] , unroofing with electrodessication, injection therapy with steroids or sclerosing alcohol, curettage and compression, multiple needling and drainage, and simple surgical[] Lumbar symptomatic cases are treated by percutaneous cyst aspiration with or without corticoid injection or by surgical resection, but synovial cysts at the C1-C2 level are[] Suprapatellar bursa is located between the femur and quadriceps tendon, proximal to the knee joint, and it normally communicates with a joint cavity.[] Before endoscopy in case 2 an additional puncture of the disk below and above the pedicle was made with a mixture of contrast medium (Solutrast 3 mL) and Toluidinblau blue[]

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  • Subphrenic Abscess

    The left anterior subphrenic compartment is bounded on the right by the falciform ligament while the lesser sac extends to the right coronary ligament and foramen of Winslow[] This fistulous communication and the surgical procedure used to treat it are described.[] Compatible with Kindle , nook , and other popular devices. Master the scientific principles of respiratory medicine and its clinical applications.[] To assess the value of liver-lung scanning in the diagnosis of right subphrenic abscess, 148 scans were reviewed against corresponding charts.[] Because of the inherent diagnostic challenge, delineation of a subphrenic abscess in cancer patients without clear-cut evidence of a metastatic spread is crucial.[] On the other hand, kanamycin, chloramphenicol and cephalothin were effective in 90%, 85% and 70% of cases respectively. The overall mortality rate was 15%.[] Failure of drainage can lead to high morbidity and mortality.[] Sixty-two patients who presented with subphrenic abscesses had the abscesses drained percutaneously.[] The collection is compartmentalized within the lateral compartment of the omental bursa by adhesions along the peritoneal fold of the left gastric artery. Fig. 3-73.[] Nursing interventions are then focused on maintaining the body systems, evaluating the effects of the medical and nursing interventions and supporting the patient and family[]

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