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  • Biliary Atresia

    We describe a case of a child who received a left lobe liver transplant for syndromic EHBA. (c) 2009 John Wiley & Sons A/S.[] Abstract A neonate was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, heterotaxy syndrome, and interrupted inferior vena cava soon after birth.[] A PubMed search was done for surgical procedures apart from or along with Kasai HPE for BA. Additional procedures to prevent cholangitis were also reviewed.[] As enteroscopes had to be used, availability of accessory devices was limited.[] AIM: To investigate the prevalence and clinical significance of autoimmune liver disease (ALD)-related autoantibodies in patients with biliary atresia (BA).[] A 3 mm laparoscopic needle holder inserted through a 3.5 mm port to the left of the umbilicus was used to hitch the gallbladder to the abdominal wall.[] The maximum possible score with this system is 7 points.[] General and operative data and outcomes from open and laparoscopic groups were retrospectively collected and analyzed.[] The conjugated bilirubin was 16.35 mg/dL before cell infusion, decreasing to eightfold after cell infusion.[] Most cases were subjected to hepatobiliary scintigraphy, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) and a percutaneous liver biopsy.[]

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  • Endoscopy

    Many microsurgical approaches to the temporal lobes are described, each with their own disadvantages.[] Retrieval of the dental implant from left maxillary sinus was performed via endoscopic sinus surgery.[] The cost of surgical procedures was the average cost recorded in the hospital. RESULTS: Thirty-eight AEP were analyzed.[] BACKGROUND: Although there are guidelines for video capsule endoscopy (VCE) and device-assisted enteroscopy (DAE), little is known about fellowship training in these technologies[] Case series of patients who had CE for chronic GI blood loss following liver transplantation.[] Under fluoroscopy, surgeons inserted the coronary angioscope into the spinal subarachnoid space, similar to the procedure of spinal drainage, and slowly advanced it to the[] Removal ED-530XT - Customer Letter: July, 21, 2017 Urgent Field Correction and Removal ED-530XT - FDA Safety Communication: July, 21, 2017 Products ELUXEO 7000 Video Imaging System[] For treatment procedures, instead of accessing the body’s natural openings the abdominal cavity (for example) is opened using one large cut.[] We report a case of a 57-year-old woman with T2DM, treated with continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion using second-generation OmniPod patch pump, undergoing VCE (Given[] Winston-Salem and Cook Medical’s Endoscopy Division![]

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  • Esophageal Atresia

    The first thoracoscopic repair of EA was performed by Rothenberg and Lobe in Berlin in 1999 just prior to an IPEG meeting.[] Newborns with persistent left superior vena cava (LSVC) may have alterations in the location of the azygos, and since LSVC is not uncommon in EAs with fistulae, it is important[] The most commonly used surgical approaches in many pediatric surgical centers include colon interposition (CI), gastric pull-up (GPU), jejunal interposition (JI), and gastric[] Product Name: Flourish Pediatric Esophageal Atresia Device HDE Applicant: Wilson-Cook Medical Inc.[] CASE REPORT A 20-year-old woman received a deceased-donor liver transplant for end-stage liver disease secondary to autoimmune hepatitis.[] The gastrostomy was taken down and an additional 5-mm port was inserted at the gastrostomy site.[] Although several prognostic classification systems have been developed to decrease the mortality rate in EA, most systems focus only on the influence of the major anomaly,[] Frequently, they are on a high dextrose infusion or total parenteral nutrition (TPN). This is usually continued intraoperatively.[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[] RESULTS: Nine operations were performed by qualified surgeons and six operations by non-qualified surgeons with 10 years of experience in surgery.[]

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  • Chronic Inflammation

    KEYWORDS: Chronic inflammation; Hippocampal sclerosis; Temporal lobe epilepsy[] MRI showed diffuse enhancement of the left temporoparieto-occipital white matter and cortical thickening of the left medial temporal lobe.[] Under the diagnosis of a left seminal vesicular cyst, surgical resection was performed.[] […] benefits Buy this book eBook 166,59 price for Spain (gross) ISBN 978-4-431-56068-5 Digitally watermarked, DRM-free Included format: PDF, EPUB ebooks can be used on all reading devices[] (Hepatology 2017;66:1934-1951). 2017 by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.[] HAI-1 mutants – which the researchers identified during a large insertional mutagenesis screen – have a phenotype reminiscent of the human skin condition psoriasis: abnormal[] These sequelae can also be found in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases that are in remission and in ageing individuals, despite the immune system being less active[] Latest Research and Reviews Reviews 29 January 2019 Research 29 January 2019 open Xuezhen Xu , Ok-Kyoung Kwon , In-Sik Shin , Jyotirling R. Mali , Dipesh S.[] This infusion of blood and fluid into a region of your body causes the characteristic swelling, which often puts pressure on nearby nerves, creating discomfort and pain.[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[]

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  • Biliary Fistula

    lobes in 6 (3.9%) patients.[] Here, we report on an unusual technique for managing biliary fistula following left hepatectomy in a patient in whom the right posterior segmental duct joined the left hepatic[] Presentation [ edit ] A biliary fistula often occurs in be suspected in a person who has recently undergone a surgical procedure, Pain may occur if the leaked bile is also[] Learn more Rent/Cloud Rent for 48h to view Buy Cloud Access for unlimited viewing via different devices Synchronizing in the ReadCube Cloud Printing and saving restrictions[] BACKGROUND/AIMS: To review our experience in managing post-hepatorrhaphy complications in liver trauma.[] For the treatment of postoperative biliary leaks, insertion of endoprostheses is a good and safe alternative to surgery.[] Regardless of the existing classification systems, further studies must assess the additive burden of BF when a concomitant POPF is present.[] Abstract A 24-year-old lady presented with bilious expectoration and history suggestive of obstructive jaundice, 16 months following open cholecystectomy.[] Abstract This report describes a patient with carcinoid metastatic to the liver in whom a hepatic artery catheter was placed for infusion therapy.[] KEYWORDS: Total bilirubin amount; biliary fistula; drainage; hepatobiliary surgery [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[]

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  • Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis

    An interesting and unique feature of the case was that the hepatic fibrosis involved only Riedel’s lobe.[] Abstract Multiple fistulous communications between the left anterior descending coronary artery and the left ventricle were found in a 55 year old woman with congenital hepatic[] The dramatic course of the disease required surgical treatment.[] Learn more Rent/Cloud Rent for 48h to view Buy Cloud Access for unlimited viewing via different devices Synchronizing in the ReadCube Cloud Printing and saving restrictions[] Keywords Congenital hepatic fibrosis; Liver disease; Congenital disease pISSN: 2008-6489 eISSN: 2008-6490[] Kim D, Pertea G, Trapnell C, Pimentel H, Kelley R, et al. (2013) TopHat2: accurate alignment of transcriptomes in the presence of insertions, deletions and gene fusions.[] This case shows that spastic paraparesis following portal-systemic shunting may occur without liver failure. 1992 by Advanstar Communications, Inc.[] […] either to congenital pulmonary abnormalities or to a chronic unrecognized cholangitis causing a progressive deterioration of liver histology and function, with subsequent opening[] Although epoprostenol infusion, nitric oxide inhalation, isosorbide-5-mononitrate, nitroglycerin, and calcium channel blockers may reduce pulmonary artery pressure in patients[] Radionuclide hepatobiliary imaging was performed with Tc-99m-Pl, since intravenous cholangiography was unsatisfactory.[]

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  • Ethanol

    […] the 4 treatments (Placebo-PL, TA, ET and TA ET), electroencephalography (EEG) tests were conducted in order to analyze changes in absolute beta power (ABP) in the frontal lobe[] A significant difference in ethanol concentration was observed between the left cardiac blood (0.243 mg/g) and the right femoral blood (0.042 mg/g).[] Compared with the complications of surgical excision, the complications of sclerotherapy by ethanol are at a more acceptable level.[] […] milling device, and then returned to the process stream.[] Abstract Diabetes patients associated with liver disease carry a significant risk of morbidity and mortality.[] Ethanol injection into the isolated bile duct was attempted to ablate biliary epithelium but this was unsuccessful because it was impossible to insert the tube into the isolated[] In the same respect, we can say the ethanol mandate is the anchor baby of our economic system. Energy is the lifeblood of a free economy.[] Isoflurane increased the probability of channel opening.[] The effect of an ethanol infusion on carboxyhaemoglobin concentrations in this case was also of interest and could potentially be a new treatment modality.[] Abstract BACKGROUND Postoperative bile duct leak following hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery can be intractable, and the postoperative course can be prolonged.[]

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  • Pancreas Divisum

    The right lobe of liver measured 21 cm cephalocaudally at its maximum and the Riedel’s lobe measured 5 cm from the most inferior costal cartilage.[] Spleen-preserving left pancreas resection was performed, with evidence of multiple neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas with the typical histological characteristics.[] Surgical morbidity was 11% and mortality 0%. We performed an SP when the pancreas was soft (n 10).[] BACKGROUND: Minor papilla (MP) cannulation remains difficult in some patients despite improved cannulation devices and techniques.[] One patient was treated by a sphincterotomy of the minor papilla alone, while three others also underwent transpapillary pancreatic stent insertion for seven days.[] Abstract Pancreas divisum, partial or nonfusion of the dorsal and ventral pancreatic ductal systems, affects up to 10 per cent of the population.[] We diagnosed the patient with ectopic opening of the CBD accompanied by choledochocele and pancreas divisum.[] Then, spiral computed tomography with intravenous infusion cholangiography (IVC-SCT) facilitated a diagnosis of choledochocele.[] Those with incidental detection of pancreas divisum (group 2) were older (mean age 62 yr), usually male with hepatobiliary disease, and had a history of significant alcohol[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[]

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  • Bicarbonate

    OBJECTIVE: To determine gene(s) disrupted in a patient with partial frontal lobe epilepsy and cognitive impairment with concomitant de novo balanced chromosomal translocation[] Abstract In a patient with viral pneumonia, acute respiratory and renal failure and metabolic acidosis, a reduction in left ventricular stroke work was observed on the three[] procedure.[] OBJECTIVE: To report a case of restored patency of a central venous access device occluded by precipitate of phenytoin sodium injection.[] disease, renal disease, chemical poisoning.[] The differences between dialysis fluid concentrate systems containing acetic acid versus sodium diacetate in the amount of potential buffering power were reviewed.[] METHODS: We did a multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled, phase 3 trial.[] We infused massive amounts of isotonic sodium bicarbonate and simultaneously removed the excess sodium and water with ultrafiltration if 2 patients with lactic acidosis.[] Conclusions: An alkalizing medication administered pre-meal has no acute effect on glycaemia and insulin response in healthy individuals.[] The first 50 qualified respondents will receive a 5 Amazon gift card, and, in appreciation for your time, all qualified survey respondents will be entered in a drawing to[]

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  • Total Parenteral Nutrition

    Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed lesions in the frontal lobe and putamen consistent with an ischemic stroke.[] Abstract Bilateral pleural effusions occurred after total parenteral nutrition was administered via a left internal jugular venous line.[] procedures in malnourished patients.[] Hypermagnesemia resulted from malfunction of an automated TPN mixing device.[] Abstract Parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease (PNALD) spectrum ranges from liver enzyme abnormalities to steatosis to fibrosis, and, eventually, cirrhosis from total[] This case highlights the vigilance required not only to insert but for the maintenance of PICC to prevent complications associated with migration of PICC.[] The MD Anderson pharmacy database was queried to identify patients who received concurrent systemic chemotherapy and TPN between 2005 and 2013.[] METHODS: Retrospective chart review was performed on patients who underwent open radical cystectomy and urinary diversion from February 2002 to June 2010.[] However, hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid (HIDA) scans were definitively positive for acute cholecystitis in most patients in both populations (80.0% of HSCT recipients versus[] First, your doctor will review your medical history.[]

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