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  • Carbenicillin

    Defined Media Synthetic Complete Media Amino Acid Drop-Out Supplements Complete Supplement Mixture, (CSM) Hopkins Mixture, Synthetic Complete Supplement Mixture, (SCSM) Kaiser[] Abstract Fifty-eight surgical patients suffering from severe bacterial infections caused by mezlocillin-sensitive, carbenicillin and/or gentamicin-resistant bacteria were[] The large dose of carbenicillin (15 g/day) resulted in serum carbenicillin levels more than 500 microgram/ml and an increased rate of gentamicin inactivation.[] The infections treated were primarily those of the urinary tract, skin, and gastrointestinal or hepatobiliary tract.[] In addition, the aerosol from the Turret-Maxi nebuliser system was inhaled by a combination of tidal and deep breathing.[] Abstract One hundred seven patients were treated with either piperacillin (56) or carbenicillin (51) in an open randomized trial of hospitalized patients with pleuropulmonary[] Therapy in the first 2 patients was complicated by massive gastro-intestinal and uterine bleeding.[] Are you planning to see a doctor about switching your medication?[] Thirty-five (8%) of 426 cancer patients receiving various combinations of antineoplastic chemotherapy qualified for the antibiotic treatment.[] Article Yes, the antibiotic carbenicillin can be substituted for ampicillin in antibiotic selection plates when E. coli cells such as JM109 cells ( Cat.# L2001 ) are transformed[]

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  • Aging

    Four different types of material have been used: absorbable synthetic braided (Vicryl) in five patients, semiabsorbable synthetic braided and monofilament (Vypro) in one patient[] This paper reviewed the current trends of spiritual diversity alongside the aging of a large Baby Boomer cohort.[] […] of most gastrointestinal disease.[] Electronic address: [email protected] 2 Veterans Aging Cohort Study Coordinating Center, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, 950 Campbell Avenue, Building 35A, 11-ACSLG[] Access Journals (DOAJ) OAIster : The Open Access Initiative Related journals you may also be interested in:[] Interestingly, imbalanced intestinal microbial community has been suggested to contribute to inflammaging.[] Micronutrient supplementation had no effect in sucrose fed rats.[] Author information 1 Medical College of Wisconsin, Froedtert Clinical Cancer Center, Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology, Milwaukee, WI, USA.[] When talking about a woman over, say, 40, people tend to add qualifiers: “She looks great...for her age” or “She’s beautiful...for an older woman.”[] You can use this as a substitute for butter. It’s healthier than some other oils. Yogurt . Bone loss gets worse as you get older.[]

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  • Immunization

    In this study two synthetic peptides from the Bordetella pertussis toxin subunit S1 were conjugated to human anti-idiotypic antibodies and used as an immunogen in cancer patients[] A biopsy showed diffuse, large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). After initial chemotherapy, residual disease prompted an autologous stem cell transplant.[] METHOD: A single case study with a qualitative approach, based on the system of seven elements proposed by Thurston and Ramaliu (2005).[] Methods An open retrospective epidemiological study of measles infection was conducted during the epidemic in Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) in the period 2014-2015.[] In vivo assays also show that agonists of Dectin-1 and Dectin-2, but not Mincle, induce heavy IgA secretion in intestinal mucosa even when delivered parenterally.[] BACKGROUND: Attitude and subjective well-being are important factors in mothers accepting or rejecting Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) supplemental immunization.[] , Chinese Capital Medical University, Beijing 100069, PR China.[] Note: credits earned through distance learning, dual credit agreements, and exam/validation do not qualify.[] Unique mutations encoding amino acid substitutions K164T in glycoprotein (GP)IIb (Case 1) and R622W in GPIIIa (Case 2) were identified in paternal DNA and in DNA from the[] Recently, it was found that the weak D phenotypes are caused by a large number of distinct RHD alleles generally encoding altered D proteins.[]

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  • Acute Kidney Injury

    INTRODUCTION: Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that is readily available for purchase in smoke shops at relatively low cost.[] We call for a preventative nephrology paradigm shift and the targeting of MAP 60 mm Hg and/or SBP 90 mm Hg during surgical procedures.[] 135 pharmacists), 78% were aged 38 years, 57% were men, and 70% had CONCLUSION: While the majority of the respondents had a positive perspective toward AKI guidelines, a large[] Gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and stomatitis, skin rashes, alopecia, central nervous system symptoms like headache and confusion, hepatotoxicity and myelosuppression[] PURPOSE: To determine whether preoperative renin-angiotensin system (RAS) inhibitor use within 7 days of noncardiac surgery is associated with a lower incidence of postoperative[] We aimed to evaluate the applicability of the CCST in prediction of AKI after open cardiac surgery in a South-Indian tertiary care center.[] Because of the corrosive effect, he developed severe inflammation of the upper gastro intestinal tract with narrowing of esophagus and pyloric region, requiring feeding jejunostomy[] Furthermore, the patient developed hyperphosphatemia due to his worsening kidney function, exacerbated by regularly taking some dietary supplements containing high levels[] , Maastricht, the Netherlands; ‡Department of Pharmacy, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands; and Departments of §Medical Microbiology, and ¶Integrated[] A plain chest film showed dilated loops of large bowel and blood results on admission showed an acute kidney injury (stage 3).[]

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  • Bicarbonate

    The Technical Advisory Panel report concluded that of the two processes, the Trona process would be considered nonsynthetic and the Solvay process would be considered synthetic[] procedure.[] […] a recurrent hypokalaemic metabolic alkalosis; it transpired that she had been abusing sodium bicarbonate for 8 years and had gained hospital admission at will by taking large[] No differences in gastrointestinal side effects were noted between conditions.[] The differences between dialysis fluid concentrate systems containing acetic acid versus sodium diacetate in the amount of potential buffering power were reviewed.[] METHODS: We did a multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled, phase 3 trial.[] RESULTS: The available data indicate impaired bicarbonate transport not only in pancreas, intestine, airways, and reproductive organs, but also in salivary glands, sweat duct[] The purpose of this study was therefore, to alleviate this acidic stress through sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO 3 ) supplementation and determine the corresponding effects on severe-intensity[] Conclusions: An alkalizing medication administered pre-meal has no acute effect on glycaemia and insulin response in healthy individuals.[] The first 50 qualified respondents will receive a 5 Amazon gift card, and, in appreciation for your time, all qualified survey respondents will be entered in a drawing to[]

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  • Prion Disease

    Synthetic polymers known as dendrimers are a particularly promising candidate in this area.[] IPD may generate infectious prions that might be transmitted by surgical procedures; however, we found no evidence that public health information influenced decisions about[] We also determined whether pathology specifically within the large intestine might influence prion pathogenesis.[] We describe the neurological, cognitive, neuroimaging, and electrophysiological features of a 31-year-old man presenting with an orbitofrontal syndrome, gastrointestinal symptoms[] The main focus of pathological damage in these diseases occurs within the central nervous system.[] Yao & Donghai Lin Research 22 August 2018 open Research 27 July 2018 open Saurabh Srivastava , Elizaveta Katorcha , Natallia Makarava , James P.[] There have also been cases where prion disease has been transmitted via contaminated surgical instruments, human growth hormone supplements, or transplants of dura mater ([] The Medical Research Council Scale correlates highly with widely used cognitive and single item scales, but has substantial advantages over these including minimal floor effects[] […] above criteria, individuals considering genetic testing for hereditary forms of prion disease should first receive thorough pre-test genetic counseling from a professional qualified[] The E211K substitution was associated with a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy from 2006.[]

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  • Vitamin E Deficiency

    Synthetic vitamin E is derived from petrochemicals and has known toxic effects, yet synthetic alpha-tocopherol is the type most commonly used when investigating the health[] Surgical procedures included 24 subtotal gastrectomies and 15 total gastrectomies.[] The disease locus could be excluded from a large (12 cMo) region around FRDA.[] Vitamin E deficiency is most commonly seen in the developed world as a result of inadequate dietary intake, whereas malabsorption syndrome after various gastrointestinal diseases[] People who suffer from Vitamin E deficiency sometimes suffer from conditions or diseases of the digestive system that prevent them from absorbing fat.[] […] revealed that the disease-related arginine residues interacted with phosphate groups of the PIPs and that the PIPs binding caused the lid of the α-tocopherol-binding pocket to open[] Abstract This report describes a patient in whom a severe vitamin E deficiency developed secondary to an intestinal malabsorptive disorder.[] […] platelet hyperaggregability to adenosine diphosphate, epinephrine, and collagen was demonstrated in two children with vitamin E deficiency, with complete reversal following E supplementation[] Medical Disclaimer[] Vitamin E If any of the vitamins needed by your body qualified as a superhero, it would be vitamin E.[]

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  • Dopamine

    Abstract An association between marijuana use and schizophrenia has been noted for decades, and the recent emergence of high-efficacy synthetic cannabinoids (SCBs) as drugs[] RESULTS: Neutropenia was recurrent after changing to various different dopamine agonists necessitating surgical treatment of a prolactinoma.[] Importantly, we find that the surface of the bundle domain is largely excluded from engaging in dimeric interfaces.[] Dopamine antagonists that act on dopamine receptors in the gastrointestinal tract may be used to treat nausea , or as anti-emetics to stop vomiting.[] […] the system-level effects of novel antidepressants such as agomelatine and ketamine.[] […] function in physiology and pathology, with a particular focus on the two main neuromodulatory systems known to be severely affected in PD, highlighting some of the remaining open[] CONTEXT: The vasoactive intestinal peptide-secreting neuroendocrine tumor (VIPoma) is a very rare pancreatic tumor.[] BUY NOW Related Products DOPA Maxx 120 caps Dopamine Supplement - This supplement is designed to help increase your body's ability to make dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine[] […] compound , concept , dihydroxyphenethylamine , disease , dopa , dopamine , drug , elements , formula , health , illustration , image , intropin , laboratory , medicament , medication[] Gene Qualifier Gene Ontology Term Aspect Annotation Extension Evidence Method Source Assigned On Reference[]

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  • High Protein Diet

    As conventional treatment was unable to improve his sister's cardiomyopathy who was deceased at age 11 mo, we proposed an experimental treatment combining the use of synthetic[] BACKGROUND: Laparoscopic gastric bypass has become the standard surgical treatment for severe obesity in the United States.[] CONTEXT: High-protein diets, which are popular for weight loss, contain large quantities of phosphorus.[] Protein intake induces complex signals, with peptide hormones being released from the gastrointestinal tract and blood amino acids and derived metabolites being released in[] We investigated the short-term effects of a high-protein diet on kidney function and systemic acid-base homeostasis in older compared to younger adults.[] Opening the door to meals that are higher in carbs and just moderate in protein makes bulking a whole helluva lot more realistic.[] We here demonstrate a novel finding that links intestinal peptide transport processes to food intake, but only when a protein-rich diet is provided.[] BACKGROUND: Weight loss benefits of multi-ingredient supplements in conjunction with a low-calorie, high-protein diet in young women are unknown.[] […] of Neuroscience, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. 3 Department of Pediatrics, Medical Research and Medical Genetics, China Medical University[] For more information and a full list of products that qualify, visit our Keep-It page. Further details can be found on our Refund Policy support page.[]

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  • Coffee

    A significant quantity of lead and fluoride is removed from the synthetic contaminated water by the proposed bio-sorbent with the respective sorption capabilities of 61.6 [] Such nonspecific prenatal radiological signs and a low index of suspicion of a volvulus during gestation might delay appropriate surgical management and result in ischemic[] […] exposed to flavoring chemicals while working in the microwave-popcorn and flavoring-manufacturing industries; the occupational risk to workers outside these industries is largely[] Gastrointestinal symptoms among church attendees were initially attributed to consumption of leftover sandwiches that had been served the previous day.[] The neuroendocrineimmune system consists of the processes and structures that form our central nervous systems, our hormonal systems, and our immune systems, all of which[] Opening hours: Mon to Sat 8.30am-8pm, Sun 10am-7pm Address: Konditorei Lindtner, 88 Eppendorfer Landstrasse, Hamburg, Germany , 49 40 4806000[] OBJECTIVE: To report eight case histories, and in vivo and in vitro studies showing coffee's potential to impair thyroxine (T4) intestinal absorption.[] BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Green coffee bean extract is used as herbal medicine or supplement for weight reduction and obesity.[] Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.[] "England right-back Glen Johnson told BBC 5 Live after Wednesday's 1-1 draw with Poland that some of the players had taken caffeine pills before the postponed World Cup qualifier[]

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