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  • Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

    The outcome was negative with total destruction of the proximal third of the femur, despite repeating the embolisation.[] Lesions were located in the thigh (n   5), knee (n   1), lower leg (n   1), lower arm (n   1), perineum (n   1), gluteal (n   1) and thoracic wall (n   1).[] […] musculoskeletal system and connective tissue › M80-M85 Disorders of bone density and structure › M85- Other disorders of bone density and structure › Aneurysmal bone cyst, left[] Minimally invasive treatment was performed with percutaneous injection of osteoconductive cement (Cerament) to induce sclerosis and bone remodeling of the bone cyst lesion[] Traditionally these lesions were treated surgically (curettage or resection and bone grafting) with a relapse rate of about 20%.[] […] recurrence included: 'curetage' (4 cases), cortisone infiltrations (3 cases), roentgenotherapy followed by infiltrations (1 case), resection and positioning of external device[] Abstract Aneurysmal bone cyst is a rare, non-neoplastic lesion that mostly involves the long bone and the spine, and is characterized by its expansile, vascular, and multi-cystic[] University Dongsan Medical Center; Daegu, Republic of Korea. 3 Department of Pathology, Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center; Daegu, Republic of Korea. 4 Department[] A tumor mass with the whole II metatarsal bone was extirpated and a resected part of fibula was transplanted.[] We report a proximal femur aneurysmal bone cyst, which resulted in the amputation of the lower extremity, even though all available classic methods of treatment were applied[]

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  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    Radiographic findings showed hepatic abscesses and soft tissue abscesses around the left femur.[] The fosfomycin resistance rate in community-onset MRSA was 30.2%, which was lower than that detected in healthcare-associated MRSA of 70.7%.[] A small swelling noted on the left temporal region on discharge from the hospital was treated with oral cotrimoxazole.[] However, it can be managed effectively with percutaneous catheter drainage and appropriate antibiotic therapy.[] Patients referred from other hospitals, patients transferred from the surgical acute care unit, patients that had a surgical procedure within 3 months before admission, and[] CONCLUSIONS: Escherichia coli and MRSA are major pathogens of medical device-related infections.[] KEYWORDS: Bone; MRSA; Osteomyelitis; Prosthetic joint; Telavancin[] All the patients were treated surgically either by aspiration or excision.[] Author information 1 Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, 2259 Lower Mall Research[] He was initially diagnosed with left-sided parotitis by his primary care physician, was started on sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim, and became severely ill the following day[]

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  • Calcitonin

    ABCs were located in the pubis (n   3), femur (n   2), and humerus/scapula/ilium/sacrum (n   1 for each). One patient did not have any clinical or imaging follow-up.[] Patients: A cohort of 60 diabetic patients of both genders suffering from vascular insufficiency of one or both lower limbs underwent minor or major lower limb amputation.[] A 76-year-old man presented with a mass in the left thyroid with neither serological calcitonin elevation nor familial history.[] MTC and C-cell hyperplasia (CCH), using the intraoperative calcitonin testing-assisted surgical strategy as a predictor of the final outcome.[] Poland. 2 Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland; The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices[] OBJECTIVE: A case report of a giant cell reparative granuloma involving the temporal bone successfully treated with calcitonin. STUDY DESIGN: Case report.[] Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.[] After surgical extirpation of the lymph node neuroendocrine cancer metastasis was suspected. Computed tomography of the chest showed a tumor mass on the right lung.[] RESULTS: No statistical significant differences were detected in either group between the total BMD values obtained for the femur and lumbar spine before and after treatment[] Abstract A 28-year-old female consulted in 1994 for a left thyroid nodule known for two years with documented progression.[]

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  • Ovariectomy

    The bone mineral content, the bone area and the bone mineral density were measured from the proximal, distal and midshaft of the femur as well as the total femur by dual energy[] The OVX-DEXA group showed lower compressive strength and lower stiffness compared with the other groups at M2 and M3.[] CT scan: left iliac mass (diam. 3.5 cm) with origin in the left ovary. The patient was positioned in the gynecological position.[] Just as for other veterinary medical and surgical procedures, veterinarians should use their medical judgment in deciding the best surgical approach.[] […] with relative uncoupling of bone resorption from bone formation.[] The reversible "medical ovariectomy" attained with this agonist suggests that it may be an effective and rational treatment for this distressing syndrome in the short term[] With the aid of pelviscopic operative processes, a cystic ovarian tumour cannot be extirpated in toto with the necessary certainty.[] KEYWORDS: GnRH analogues; adjuvant therapy; breast cancer; medical ovariectomy; testosterone[] On day 17, pelvic ultrasound showed one follicle of 25 mm in the left ovary. On day 21, the progesterone level was 13.1 ng/ml.[] Ovariectomy or “spaying” in cattle is a surgical procedure performed to avoid unwanted pregnancy of animals in areas where females cannot be segregated from males and where[]

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  • Surgical Procedure

    Abstract ROTATIONPLASTY is a surgical procedure that may be appropriate for children with severe congenital femoral deficiency or children with malignant tumors of the femur[] Higher volume hospitals had shorter length of stay and the odds of re-admission were 15% lower in the highest hospital volume quintile compared with the lowest quintile.[] Because of compression of the main pulmonary artery, the left main coronary artery was reconstructed using interposition of a short artificial graft.[] KEYWORDS: Achilles tendon; Tenex(TM); percutaneous tenotomy; tendinopathy; tendinosis[] To discuss effective surgical procedures for refractory CSDH, we analyzed our surgical procedures and outcomes for refractory CSDH.[] The designed optically guided medical device could provide a powerful medical device for carpal tunnel syndrome and related applications.[] The purpose of this study was to present and assess the accuracy of a virtual orthognathic positioning system (OPS), based on the use of bone-supported guides for placement[] We bring you common bedside Medical and Surgical procedures in a very simple and easy way. The app is designed for medical students and doctors.[] Types: show 137 types... hide 137 types... catheterisation , catheterization the operation of introducing a catheter into the body ablation , cutting out , excision , extirpation[] Also, operation costs were significantly lower in the NEWS group.[]

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  • Metastatic Breast Cancer

    Osteonecrosis of other bones has been very rarely reported with the use of bisphosphonates.We describe a rare case of osteonecrosis of the distal femur associated with the[] […] period and decreased sensation of the lower extremities accompanied by severe constipation and suspected urinary retention with overflow incontinence.[] We describe a 48-year-old female patient with a history of breast cancer who presented with left chin numbness and manifested a metastatic lesion involving the left mandibular[] Patients were treated for their primary lesion by percutaneous cryotherapy in period of stable disease.[] BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: More extensive surgical treatments for early stage breast cancer are increasing.[] The LentzLoc device is generally applicable for most metastatic tumors, such as but not limited to: Breast cancer Prostate cancer Colon cancer Lung cancer Ovarian cancer,[] Abstract Bone is the most commonly seen metastatic site in all the metastatic breast cancer (MBC).[] BACKGROUND: Many authors have considered dental implants to be unrelated to increased risk of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ).[] Diagnosis of supraclavicular metastases was confirmed by biopsy or diagnostic lymph node extirpation.[] Other common sites are the hip bone (pelvis), upper leg bone (femur), upper arm bone (humerus), ribs, and the skull.[]

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  • Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

    Opposite femur also showed lateral cortical thickening at the same level as was seen on fractured side.[] Panoramic radiography indicated increased cortical density of the mandibular lower border.[] Spontaneous simultaneous ruptures of the right patellar tendon and the left quadriceps tendon were diagnosed and surgically repaired.[] We present a case of a 63-year-old woman with a recurrent secondary hyperparathyroidism hyperplasia with absolute contraindication for surgery, treated in 2 sessions with percutaneous[] The optimal surgical approach for this group of patients is still debated.[] All problems (adverse events) related to a medicine or medical device used for treatment or in a procedure should be reported to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory[] OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the outcome of bone metabolism and bone mineral density (BMD) in haemodialysis patients after parathyroidectomy (PTX).[] […] therapy KDIGO: severe hyperparathyroidism with failure to respond to medical therapy Calciphylaxis Sometimes also managed with parathyroidectomy especially if severe and[] OBJECTIVE: To report a case of secondary hyperparathyroidism after successful extirpation of a single parathyroid adenoma.[] We describe a case of vitamin D-resistant rickets that presented with a femur fracture through a brown tumor.[]

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  • Bone Biopsy

    OBJECTIVES: Bisphosphonate-associated atypical sub-trochanteric femur fractures (ASFF) may be seen with long-term bisphosphonate use, though these fractures are also seen[] Bone formation rate (0.004 0.002 vs 0.011 0.008 mm(2)/mm · year; P .006) was 64% lower in the highest tertile.[] Mary Posted Thu 26th of February, 2015 11:50:58 AM Physician performed bone biopsy of left metatarsal and also performed wound debridement.[] However, when definitive diagnosis is important, when the clinical setting is confusing or complex, or when parathyroidectomy is being considered, the use of percutaneous[] Prior to Bone Needle Biopsy surgical procedure: How is the Bone Needle Biopsy surgical procedure Performed?[] PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility of a battery powered intraosseous device to perform CT-fluoroscopy guided bone biopsy.[] Transiliac bone biopsy is indicated for selected patients with metabolic bone disease where less invasive investigations have yielded inconclusive results.[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[] 1.480,63 CIE.9.MC.66.2X Destrucción u oclusión endoscópica bilateral de trompas 618,34 CIE.9.MC.66.3X Otra destrucción u oclusión bilateral de trompas 1.004,55 CIE.9.MC.66.51 Extirp[] All included patients fulfilled diagnostic criteria for PTOM (as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) that involved a long bone (femur, fibula, tibia,[]

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  • Chondroma

    Here, we describe a 17-year-old boy who had a giant periosteal chondroma of the right distal femur, which was treated with intralesional resection and intensive curettage.[] A case of cartilage choristoma occurring in the lower lip of an 8-year-old child is reported.[] Moore, MD, and Elvedin Kulenovic, MD, PhD Juxtacortical chondroma of the left-proximal medial metaphyseal tibia Findings Standard radiographs of the left knee showed an expansile[] Biopsy (open or percutaneous) with anatomopathological examination is the gold standard for diagnosis of bone tumors [ 9 ].[] Surgical removal improved his hearing with normalization of the postoperative air conduction threshold by reduction of the pressure of the internal auditory meatus, suggesting[] Recently, resorbable bone devices have been developed [ 23 , 24 ]. Super FIXSORB MX is a bioactive and totally resorbable osteosynthetic bone fixation device [ 24 ].[] It is found mostly in the small bones of the hand and/or feet, although it can also occur in long, tubular bones, primarily the humerus, femur and ribs.[] General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. 2 Department of Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 55 Fruit Street, White Building[] Click here to view Figure 3: The extirpated specimen of case 1.[] Abstract A 54-year-old woman presented with a 2-year history of a slow-growing subcutaneous nodule of the medial right lower eyelid adjacent to the inferior canaliculus.[]

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  • Synovial Cyst

    Suprapatellar bursa is located between the femur and quadriceps tendon, proximal to the knee joint, and it normally communicates with a joint cavity.[] REPORT: A case of a patient affected with synovial cyst of the hip joint causing the compression of the femoral vein and severe lower limb edema is presented.[] METHOD: Surgical decompression was performed by means of a minimal left-sided laminectomy of C1.[] Lumbar symptomatic cases are treated by percutaneous cyst aspiration with or without corticoid injection or by surgical resection, but synovial cysts at the C1-C2 level are[] Open surgical treatment is associated with extensive bone resection and muscle trauma. The endoscopic tubular-assisted LSC resection has not been described in detail.[] Methods include therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, functional training and use of assistive devices and adaptive equipment to increase strength, range of motion, endurance[] We report a 68-year-old woman in whom a bone allograft had been used during total knee arthroplasty owing to a massive segmental medial tibia plateau defect 4 years earlier[] Surgery, University of Athens Medical School, Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece.[] The surgical treatment consisted of a total extirpation of both cysts including the narrow stalks of communication with the PTFJ.[] Misalignment of the head of the femur with the acetabulum causes increased pressure within the joint during flexion and rotation of the hip joint.[]

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