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  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    The fosfomycin resistance rate in community-onset MRSA was 30.2%, which was lower than that detected in healthcare-associated MRSA of 70.7%.[] Patients referred from other hospitals, patients transferred from the surgical acute care unit, patients that had a surgical procedure within 3 months before admission, and[] CONCLUSIONS: Escherichia coli and MRSA are major pathogens of medical device-related infections.[] Author information 1 Division of Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Dr.[] KEYWORDS: Bone; MRSA; Osteomyelitis; Prosthetic joint; Telavancin[] The recently developed PCR-based open reading frame typing (POT) method is a useful molecular typing tool.[] BACKGROUND: Pin tract infection is a common complication of external fixation.[] Abstract BACKGROUND: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)-caused pyogenic spondylitis is a serious complication associated with lumbar fusion surgery.[] All the patients were treated surgically either by aspiration or excision.[] Author information 1 Centre for Microbial Diseases and Immunity Research, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia, 2259 Lower Mall Research[]

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  • Spondylolisthesis

    The samples were obtained during primary spinal surgery from 9 patients suffering from lower segment lumbar DS.[] There is, however, no strong consensus regarding the various medical and surgical treatments available.[] Plain radiographs and CT indicated device failure due to anterior fracture of the L-4 vertebral body, and the spondylolisthesis had recurred.[] The maximum stress on the internal fixation system of each model was always at the posterior part of the sacral screw or connection point between screw and rod.[] KEYWORDS: Degenerative spondylolisthesis; Facet joint orientation; Facet joint tropism; Lumber disc herniation[] Two hundred fifty seven patients underwent 1-level fusion (open surgery, n 181; MIS, n 76), and 88 patients underwent 2-level fusion (open surgery, n 73; MIS, n 15).[] Transarticular screw (TAS) fixation is a useful technique for posterior fixation.[] […] numbness, weakness Cramping leg pain and numbness Difficulty standing Difficulty walking Heaviness in legs Treatment In adults, lumbar spondylolisthesis is initially treated by medications[] The aim of this study was to compare outcomes after posterolateral fusion without instrumentation, posterolateral fusion with instrumentation, and interbody fusion.[] […] region M43.13 …… cervicothoracic region M43.14 …… thoracic region M43.15 …… thoracolumbar region M43.16 …… lumbar region M43.17 …… lumbosacral region M43.18 …… sacral and sacrococcygeal[]

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  • Methylene Blue

    Four of the nodules were located on the left (2 upper lobes, 2 lower lobes), and seven of them were on the right (four lower lobes, two upper lobes, one middle lobe).[] The purpose of this study was (1) to assess methylene blue-guided surgical debridement as a novel technique in PJI using quantitative microbiology and (2) to evaluate clinical[] Abstract Ventricular assist devices (VADs) are associated with conditions that may complicate the perioperative course of pediatric heart transplants.[] CONCLUSION: Methylene blue plasma has a very acceptable safety profile with a rate of serious adverse reactions of 0·5/10 000 units. 2017 International Society of Blood Transfusion[] CONCLUSIONS: The robot-assisted approach for bladder diverticulectomy is a viable alternative to both open and laparoscopic surgery.[] METHODS: Fifty patients underwent standard posterior pedicular screw fixation for stabilization of the thoracolumbar fractures: 25 received 1ml of MB solution at a concentration[] Are you planning to see a doctor about switching your medication?[] Operative findings correlated with both LM groups, though the DB patients had lower background count (P   0.018) and lower highest SLN radioactive signal count (P   0.046)[] Internal disc disruption has been considered as the most common cause of low back pain.[] Exercises for your joints. Each one takes 10 minutes or less. Revitalize your life. WebMD the app Get trusted health information. Whenever.[]

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  • Down Syndrome

    BACKGROUND: Youth with Down syndrome are characterized by motor delays when compared to typically developing (TD) youth, which may be explained by a lower postural control[] The most common additional surgical procedures were revision adenoidectomies (n   8) and lingual tonsillectomies (n   13).[] Down syndrome is currently unreported in the literature and has prompted us to report this case and look into safety modifications that can be made to these common medical devices[] International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association (IMDSA) is designed to provide support, information and research to any family, individual or professional whose life has been[] Children with DS showed similar joint attention as TD children and higher joint attention than children with DD and ASD.[] The class is open to DSAWM parents currently in the potty training process (any age), those with babies and newborns, and expectant parents. Click here for details.[] Abstract The aim of this study was to present cases of upper cervical fixation in Down syndrome patients younger than 5 years.[] Abstract Adults with Down syndrome (DS) represent a unique population who are in need of clinical guidelines to address their medical care.[] This paper presents a unique case of fusion and concrescence of retained primary teeth in a child with Down syndrome.[] Abstract A 26-year-old woman with Down syndrome presented with a 4-cm-sized palpable mass in the sacrococcygeal region.[]

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  • Sacral Fracture

    BACKGROUND: Isolated lower segment sacral fracture is very rare.[] During the index surgical intervention, 14/19 patients (74%) had had either a traumatic dural tear or nerve root avulsion.[] A cane or other device will be used for this. Therapy in the pool may also be advised. Your doctor may also offer physical therapy to help you strengthen your muscles.[] Abstract The mechanical stability of alternate forms of internal fixation of the transforaminal sacral fracture were compared.[] Through a posterior midline incision, open reductions of the dislocated L5-S1 joint and of the sacral fracture were performed.[] CONCLUSION: We report the first case of a mini-open procedure to treat a comminuted sacral fracture.[] Medications Prescription and over-the-counter medications may be advised to reduce inflammation and pain.[] METHODS: All patients who underwent instrumented lumbosacral fusion from L2 or above, between 2010 and 2011 at Gakkentoshi Hospital, were included.[] The gold standard treatment at present is open excision, reaming of the nonunion site and internal fixation, performed by a multi-stage approach; as an adjunct, autologous[] These classification systems are important to understand as proper classification can impact management. type A: lower sacrococcygeal injuries type B: posterior pelvic injuries[]

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  • Surgical Procedure

    Higher volume hospitals had shorter length of stay and the odds of re-admission were 15% lower in the highest hospital volume quintile compared with the lowest quintile.[] To discuss effective surgical procedures for refractory CSDH, we analyzed our surgical procedures and outcomes for refractory CSDH.[] The designed optically guided medical device could provide a powerful medical device for carpal tunnel syndrome and related applications.[] International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Procedures International Journal of Surgery & Surgical Procedures (IJSSP) is an international peer reviewed journal devoted towards[] METHODS AND RESULTS: Supracondylar osteotomy of the femur and of the left knee joint was performed in the same surgical procedure.[] Abdominoplasty Adenoidectomy Amputation Melanoma Mandibular Fractures General Surgery Guidelines Abdominal Surgery Cholecystectomy Open Cholecystectomy Lap Cholecystectomy[] METHODS: Virtual preoperative planning for reduction and plate fixation for seven acetabular fractures was performed.[] We bring you common bedside Medical and Surgical procedures in a very simple and easy way. The app is designed for medical students and doctors.[] Revision Fusion Tutorial[] Author information 1 Obstetrics Department, Faculty of Medicine, São Paulo University, São Paulo, Brazil. [email protected] Abstract Sacrococcygeal teratoma (SCT) is[]

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  • Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis

    Abstract Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis with complete immobility of lower jaw represents a maximal functional impairment and causes malocclusion and impaired function[] The surgical procedure is displayed along with modifications, complications, and follow-up protocol.[] […] single-institution experience in the surgical management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis, comparing interpositional arthroplasty with autogenous tissue and Matthews device[] The treatment of this patient involved (1) a modified internal mandibular distraction osteogenesis without altering the pre-existing occlusion; (2) TMJ arthroplasty in which[] AIM: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis is a joint disorder which refers to bone or fibrous adhesion of the anatomic joint components and the ensuing loss of function[] At more than 1 year of follow-up, all patients showed improved mouth opening.[] Conclusions: The use of alloplastic implants with less volume and proper fixation covering all the raw bone joint space prevents reunion of bone; fixation of the sheet prevents[] Science; and †Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Taleghani Hospital, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.[] Recurrent bilateral ankylosis is further complicated by the fusion of the styloid process and the mandible.[] CONCLUSION: Mandibular DO using skeletal anchorage with intermaxillary elastics is useful for preventing extrusion of the upper and lower anterior teeth, thereby preventing[]

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  • Cervical Spondylosis

    Patients undergoing ACDF showed lower overall success rate (RR 0.84; 95 % CI 0.77-0.92; P CONCLUSIONS: Patients undergoing ACDF therapy tended to exhibit lower overall success[] All surgical interventions significantly (P CONCLUSION: Surgical interventions for cervical spondylosis due to OPLL significantly improve JOA score as observed at the latest[] OBJECTIVE: To compare the clinical outcome between zero-profile devices and artificial cervical disks for noncontiguous cervical spondylosis.[] The dilated internal vertebral venous plexus attributable to epidural AVF was considered to be responsible for the radiculopathy.[] FRANKS; CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS PRESENTING AS THE FACIAL PAIN OF TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER, Rheumatology , Volume 9, Issue 5, 1 February 1968, Pages 193–196, Download[] The "open door" operation is less radical, less traumatizing and safer, and ensures considerable enlargement of the vertebral canal.[] OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the outcomes of anterior hybrid decompression and segmental fixation for adjacent three-level cervical spondylosis.[] Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Brenda Conaway, Editorial Director, and the A.D.A.M. Editorial team.[] fusion (ACCF) in the treatment of multi-level cervical spondylosis.[] M47.812 M47.22 …… cervical region M47.23 …… cervicothoracic region M47.24 …… thoracic region M47.25 …… thoracolumbar region M47.27 …… lumbosacral region M47.28 …… sacral and sacrococcygeal[]

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  • Traffic Accident

    One hundred and eighty-three accidents were registered for insulin users not taking oral glucose-lowering agents and 219 for users of oral blood glucose-lowering drugs without[] Surgical treatment of buried penis achieves marked aesthetic and functional improvement, and benefits the majority of patients, resulting in satisfactory erection and successful[] The findings from this study could be useful in developing new technologies to improve cyclist safety, such as alert devices for cyclists and vehicle drivers, wireless communication[] Abstract Traffic accidents cause unexpectedly severe injuries of internal organs despite tiny injuries observed on the external body.[] The patient felt the knee pain alleviated after surgery However, the joint dysfunction was aggravated even more.[] We showed that adults had a greater risk for open UEFs compared to children, and the adult pedestrian group particularly had a significantly higher risk for open UEFs than[] Abstract A man, who had a medical history of surgical neck clipping 30 years previously, died of traffic accident.[] The 10,000 device works with 2012 and newer Audi A4 and S4 models. The company says it has already presold its initial production run of 250 of the units.[] […] segmental narrowing of the splenium of the corpus callosum, dilatation of the left lateral ventricle and an abnormally high intensity at the right posterior portion of the internal[] The medical expenses and hospital outcomes were compared between patients with atrial fibrillation (AF group) and either the rest patients (No-AF group) or the propensity-matched[]

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  • Fibrosarcoma

    We report a unique case of congenital infantile fibrosarcoma of the lower leg, its treatment and pathology.[] Learn more Rent/Cloud Rent for 48h to view Buy Cloud Access for unlimited viewing via different devices Synchronizing in the ReadCube Cloud Printing and saving restrictions[] BCOR internal tandem duplication was identified in any case.[] A case of 58-year-old man was presented with a mass with ulcer and infection in the second joint of left middle finger for 2 months, with long standing gouty tophi.[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to navigation Jump to search Fibrosarcoma Benign Fibrous Histologies [ edit ] Nodular fasciitis: rapid growth over several[] Fibrosarcoma at the site of a metallic fixation of the tibia--a case report and literature review. Acta Orthop Scand . 2000 Jun. 71 (3):329-32. [Medline] .[] - HNS, Tufts Medical Center.[] The novel EWSR1-CREB3L3 fusion further extends the range of fusion types involving EWSR1 that are characteristic for SEF. 2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.[] We experienced an extremely rare case of congenital infantile fibrosarcoma originating from the fetal sacrococcygeal region in pregnancy.[] CONCLUSIONS: FNC diagnosis of FS is reliable and accurate and may be conveniently used in the scheduling of surgical procedures, when needed, avoiding the treatment of benign[]

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