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  • Aging

    RESULTS: While stored in artificial saliva, acid and ethanol the CA decreased especially for the low- and medium-filled composites.[] These disadvantages and limitations have led the author to create a novel surgical approach to improve the aging neck that would be suitable for most patients.[] This paper reviewed the current trends of spiritual diversity alongside the aging of a large Baby Boomer cohort.[] A preponderance of right-sided diverticulosis was demonstrated, accounting for 72.9% (693/951) of included subjects.[] […] of most gastrointestinal disease.[] Observations about the natural history of aging in Cornelia de Lange syndrome (CdLS) are made, based on 49 patients from a multidisciplinary clinic for adolescents and adults[] Electronic address: [email protected] 2 Veterans Aging Cohort Study Coordinating Center, VA Connecticut Healthcare System, 950 Campbell Avenue, Building 35A, 11-ACSLG[] The engulfment of PLTs assisted in delaying the aging of endothelial cells via girdin and p‑girdin, in which the AKT signal was involved.[] Interestingly, imbalanced intestinal microbial community has been suggested to contribute to inflammaging.[] Access Journals (DOAJ) OAIster : The Open Access Initiative Related journals you may also be interested in:[]

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  • Acquired Hemophilia A

    We previously demonstrated in nonhuman primates that a single IV dose of ACE910 exerted hemostatic activity against hemophilic bleeds artificially induced in muscles and subcutis[] He was treated surgically with a long and complicated postoperative course after presenting to a community hospital with a 2-day history of increasing pain and swelling in[] However, large, prospective, randomized trials are needed to confirm these positive preliminary results.[] She presented with severe spontaneous bleeding in the right forearm and distal part of the right leg.[] METHOD: We report a 73-year-old male who presented with cutaneous blistering, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, and hemoptysis.[] After achieving remission, she suddenly developed multiple organ failure due to acute systemic thrombosis and died within a few hours of the diagnosis.[] Author information 1 Servizio di Immunoematologia e Trasfusione, Centro Emostasi e Trombosi, AO Ospedale San Carlo Borromeo, Via Pio II, 3, 20153, Milan, Italy. vincenzo.toschi1[] We describe a 5-year-old female who developed an acquired factor VIII inhibitor, and while under treatment with steroids, had an intestinal perforation with peritonitis and[] CONCLUSIONS: Representing the largest collection of consecutive AHA cases to date, EACH2 facilitates the analysis of a variety of open questions in AHA. 2012 International[] School, Hannover, Germany; and. 20 Hematology and Hemostasis, Vienna Medical University, Vienna, Austria.[]

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  • Nephropathic Cystinosis

    Specifically, a bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-based physical map spanning CTNS was constructed by sequence-tagged site (STS)-content mapping.[] At least 2 of the patients had symptoms or signs thought to be related to the malformation, and one had surgical decompression. Two had an associated cervical syrinx.[] Renal biopsies from patients with this disorder can reveal abnormally large mitochondria, but the relevance of this and other ultrastructural abnormalities is unclear.[] All rights reserved.[] Such findings should lead to greater awareness of the presence of gastrointestinal dysfunction in these children, encourage prompt gastrointestinal evaluation, and encourage[] In this natural history study, infants in the first year of life had absent or minimal corneal crystals, i.e., a corneal cystine crystal score (CCCS) of 0 or 0.25.[] Dysfunction of multiple organ systems may develop in patients with cystinosis who survive into adulthood. This emphasizes the need for a systemic therapy for cystinosis.[] Abstract Lysosomes play a central role in regulating autophagy via activation of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1).[] STUDY DESIGN: Intestinal mucosal biopsies were obtained endoscopically from children (ages 2-18 years) with cystinosis.[] STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a prospective, controlled, open label, single-arm study of DR-CYS for 2 years in 40 patients to assess efficacy in depletion of cystine in peripheral[]

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  • Hydronephrosis

    […] we describe the case of a 65-year-old diabetic patient who developed hydronephrosis and irreversible end-stage renal disease nine years after the placement of an AMS 800 artificial[] MATERIAL AND METHODS: 30 year old patient diagnosed with primary infertility and left ovarian endometriosis (treated with classically conservative surgical procedure), presented[] On transabdominal ultrasonography, abutting the lateral side of the left ovary was a large mass with an appearance compatible with a large paratubal cyst measuring 16.7 11.9[] A cesarean section was carried out and a twisted right tube were diagnosed. Right ovary was normal in appearance.[] MUO due to gastrointestinal cancer and bilateral hydronephrosis may be predictive of stent failure.[] VUR can be mild, moderate or severe in nature. VUR/hydronephrosis can be associated with varying degrees of renal failure.[] PURPOSE: We assessed the reliability and validity of the Urinary Tract Dilation classification system as a new grading system for postnatal hydronephrosis.[] Postoperative hydronephrosis was determined via computed tomographic scan or renal ultrasonography, at 6 months after ureteroscopic lithotripsy.[] SLOS is characterized by faulty cholesterol synthesis which will cause mental retardation, growth restriction and various congenital anomalies of genito-urinary and gastro-intestinal[] Accordingly open surgical intervention was planned. Excision of the lower third of left ureter with ureteric reimplantation was done with a Boari flap.[]

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  • Labor

    Artificial Intelligence Report Artificial Intelligence Applications to Support Teachers Artificial intelligence could support teachers rather than replace them.[] READ MORE Reasons For a Cesarean Birth A cesarean section is a surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through the abdomen.[] This study was designed as an experimental controlled study, aiming to identify the effect of ice massage with short duration (40 min) and long duration (80 min) applied on Large[] All rights reserved. KEYWORDS: Agricultural labor; Agricultural non-point source pollution; China; Transfer of agricultural land use rights[] EG represents an uncommon inflammatory disease marked by gastrointestinal symptoms, eosinophilic infiltration in one or more areas of the gastrointestinal tract, and absence[] Interactions were found between the 2 molecules in HLPMCs both in natural labor and non-labor group and were also found in primary culture HLPMCs before and after neuromedin[] However, an optimal health care system is one for which there is an integrated system that fosters collegial interprofessional collaboration.[] Entry into the labor market was mainly via public hospital institutions, in the SE of Brazil, in the caregiving sectors.[] The goals of this analysis were to observe a human birth in real-time using an open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner and describe the fetal head configuration during[] Factor IX supplementation continued for one week.[]

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  • Ketamine

    Abstract The implantation of total artificial hearts (TAH) via midline sternotomy for the treatment of severe biventricular cardiac dysfunction is associated with complex[] Indications and outcomes for surgical intervention were assessed. RESULTS: In all, 44 patients were identified of which 68% were male.[] We document the case of a patient with bipolar I disorder and an extensive history of substance dependence who used large doses of ketamine (1-3 g) on a daily basis over a[] In met carriers ( n 14), corrected left and right thalamic volume negatively correlated with antidepressant response to ketamine.[] OBJECTIVE: Evaluations of upper gastrointestinal toxicity from ketamine abuse are uncommon.[] Further research is required to elucidate the natural course of depression after ketamine withdrawal.[] […] nervous system outflow.[] Twelve ketamine treatments were given in the open-label phase. Mood, hemodynamic, and psychotomimetic outcomes were assessed by blinded raters.[] Ketamine infusions at subanesthetic doses have been used at our institution to supplement the pain management regimens of 262 patients.[] Copyright 2014 Air Medical Journal Associates. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.[]

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  • Anisakis

    A. simplex (s.s.) larvae from chub mackerel tolerated the artificial gastric juice better than A. pegreffii, with 50% mortality in 2.6 and 1.4 days, respectively.[] Three of four cases were discovered accidently during surgical procedures for co-existing abdominal pathologies. Raw fish was apparently not involved in all patients.[] A gastrocamera examination undertaken as a result of her clinical history of gastric anisakiasis indicated that a large number of worms had penetrated the posterior walls.[] All rights reserved.[] However, reports of anisakiasis with gastrointestinal cancer are rare.[] However, a concern in the raw sea food industry is that the parasitic nematode Anisakis simplex L3 occurs naturally in marine fish.[] Phage display system is an alternative strategy which permits the physical binding of the genotype with the phenotype, since the products are expressed by the phage on its[] BACKGROUND: Serine proteinase inhibitors (serpins) finely regulate serine proteinase activity via a suicide substrate-like inhibitory mechanism.[] Abstract A case of acute intestinal anisakiasis has been reported; a nematode larva being found in the submucosa of the ileum of a woman in Jaén (Spain).[] Abstract Hypersensitivity to Anisakis is an increasingly prominent medical problem throughout the world, due to a better understanding of diseases induced by parasites and[]

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  • Blister

    However, the materials used are most often artificial.[] METHODS: The authors reviewed the charts, cerebral catheter angiograms, surgical reports, and intraoperative videos of all ICA blister aneurysms treated surgically at the[] The second presented with rapidly lethal mediastinitis due to a large perforation of the lower esophagus.[] A right-sided aortic arch is an uncommon congenital cardiac anomaly with an estimated incidence of only 0.1% and presents a challenge to intubation at vessels above the aortic[] KEYWORDS: Gastrointestinal Surgery; Surgery[] Author information 1 Natural Products Research Institute, College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08826, South Korea. 2 Winship Cancer[] INTRODUCTION: Clinical diversity in systemic sclerosis (SSc) reflects multifaceted pathogenesis and the effect of key growth factors or cytokines operating within a disease-specific[] After construction of a high-flow bypass, the BBA was accessed via the standard pterional approach to end only in proximal clipping.[] Although rare, ingestion of blister pill packaging is becoming more recognised as a causative agent for intestinal perforation, but is very rarely reported to cause intestinal[] We describe a patient with a BBLA in the right ICA treated successful by a two-stage embolization procedure first with coils and an open cell stent (Neuroform 3) and later[]

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  • Formaldehyde

    Abstract Aspartame is a widely used artificial sweetener that has been linked to pediatric and adolescent migraines.[] In order to provide an opportunity for surgical training, we designed a procedure based on a human cadaver model.[] The new probe exhibits favorable features including a large fluorescence enhancement (about 350-fold) and a fast response to formaldehyde.[] All rights reserved.[] […] conclusions were made: The calculated exposure doses of methanol and formaldehyde were too low to cause appreciable adverse effects; however, formaldehyde may have irritated the gastrointestinal[] Formaldehyde occurs naturally and is all around us.[] However, eIF2α levels were reduced by FA and Bz via activation of the antioxidant reaction.[] Most anti-inflammatory drugs have a high tendency to cause gastro-intestinal irritation.[] The PRNP gene open reading frame was amplified from the genomic DNA (FFPE isolated) in four overlapping, two round semi-nested PCR products that were directly sequenced.[] Here we show that supplementation with tetrahydrofolate, the essential cofactor of this cycle, and other oxidation-prone folate derivatives kills human, mouse and chicken[]

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  • Irrigation

    LAI and PUI showed less residual CH than the other protocols from artificial grooves.[] Abstract Surgical site infections (SSI) are common complications after open ventral hernia repair (OVHR), potentially requiring further intervention.[] CONCLUSION: Large-volume nasal irrigations may be related to our patient's CI infection, ultimately leading to explantation.[] BACKGROUND: The D3 right colectomy for cancer requires dissection in the vicinity of the superior mesenteric vessels, which requires preoperative 3D imaging in these patients[] Daily irrigation of amphotericin B was infused in the orbit with measures taken to avoid iatrogenic toxicity to the ocular surface and gastrointestinal tract.[] The major ions (F, HCO 3 ) and trace element (As) in the shallow groundwater represented the natural origin, while the nitrate and sulfate concentrations were related to the[] Installing a new or upgrading an old irrigation system[] Time to placement was recorded and patency was assessed via nasal endoscopy.[] Post-treatment abdominal X-ray showed dissolved plaster passing through the small intestines and the colon.[] ProTaper Universal; Dentsply Sirona, Johnson City, TN) and irrigated (ProRinse needles, Dentsply Sirona) as follows: group 1, sodium hypochlorite and EDTA irrigation; group 2, supplemented[]

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