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77 Possible Causes for A, Campanula, parryi

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  • Platycodon Grandiflorus

    Campanula L. Other names for this basionym: ! Platycodon grandiflorus (Jacq.) A. DC. Projects: China Keywords: FCC, FNA[] Annotation: as "grandiflorum" Type-Protologue Locality: China: Hubei: Fanxian Shan, c. 1000 m, Aug. 1906 Collector and Number: Silvestri 2427 Institution(s): PT: FI Basionym: Campanula[] Name Status Confidence level Source Date supplied Campanula gentianoides Lam. [Illegitimate] Synonym WCSP 2012-03-23 Campanula glauca Thunb.[]

    Missing: A parryi
  • Aquilegia

    Photo Agave parryi v. couesii (30x50, Z6, P, C, 2) ……………………………………................. 90 seeds / 3.00 70076.15 (W) Yavapai Co., AZ, 5800ft, 1768m.[] Companions: Columbines are lovely with other denizens of light shade such as Ferns, Tiarella, Campanula, Alchemilla, Phlox divaricata, and Pulmonaria, and truly enliven woodland[] Campanula rotundifolia makes a fine companion plant.[]

    Missing: A
  • Aristolochia Petersiana

    Nitraria billardierei Nitraria retusa Nitraria roborowskii Nitraria schoberi Nitraria sibirica Noenotonia wightii Nolina bigelovii Nolina microcarpa Nolina parryi Nopalea[] […] lactiflora Milky Bellflower Campanulaceae 3 0 Campanula lasiocarpa Mountain harebell Campanulaceae 2 0 Canarium luzonicum Manila Elemi Burseraceae Canarium carapifolium G.Perkins[] […] sprout in 3 days ¶48 ] asclepias syriaca ¶sprout in 8 days ¶49 ] adenium ¶sprout in 16 days ¶50]massonia ¶sprout in 29 days ¶51]Lychnis ¶sprout in 15 days ¶52 ] campanula[]

    Missing: A
  • Scrophulariaceae

    Penstemon parryi English name: Parry penstemon Spanish name: jarritos (little jars) Parry penstemon (Penstemon parryi) Description Parry penstemon is an annual or short-lived[] Allium sharsmithae , Campanula sharsmithiae ) shar'smithii: after Carl W.[] Campanula shetleri ) she'vockii: after James R. Shevock (1950- ), a California botanist currently working for the National Park Service.[]

    Missing: A
  • Inula Helenium

    Her name is commemorated in Calyptridium parryi Gray var. hesseae Thomas." (ref.[] Coleosporium inulae @ BPI (14) Erysiphaceae Erysiphe cichoracearum @ BPI (14) Halictidae Agapostemon virescens @ CUIC_ENT (1) Augochlora pura @ CUIC_ENT (23) Megachilidae Megachile campanulae[] Castillian), énula campana (Catalan), ènula campana (Catalan), enula campana (Majorcan), enula campana (Spanish, Castillian), énula campana (Spanish, Castillian), énula campanula[]

    Missing: A
  • Euphorbia

    Taylor Euphorbia parishii Parish's sandmat native Perennial herb 2011 Neal Kramer 2016 John Doyen 2016 John Doyen Euphorbia parryi also called Chamaesyce parryi Parry's spurge[] ‘Around the feet of these plants grow small euphorbias, lungwort and ground cover campanulas, while on the wall behind the rich flowers of clematis Star of India are beginning[] . papillosicapsa – E . paralias – E . paranensis – E . parciflora – E . parciramulosa – E . paredonensis – E . parifolia – E . parishii – E . parkeri – E . parodii – E . parryi[]

    Missing: A
  • Prunella Vulgaris

    Ericameria [formerly Chrysothamnus ] parryi ssp. vulcanica ) vulga're/vulgar'is: common. (ref.[] Campanula prenanthoides ) pres'lii: after Bohemian botanist Karel Borivoj Presl (1794-1852).[] Asclepias vestita , Hulsea vestita ssp. gabrielensis , Hulsea vestita ssp. parryi , Hulsea vestita ssp. pygmaea , Marsilea vestita , Oreonana vestita , Lathyrus vestitus )[]

    Missing: A
  • Senecio Vulgaris

    ) Leaves petiolate (pinnatisect to pinnatifid), 20–70 cm 36 Senecio viscosus Leaves weakly petiolate (not pinnatisect to pinnatifid, margins dentate), 8–12 cm 52 Senecio parryi[] CAPSULES SPLITTING, OR OPENING FROM THE BASE: ( Campanula, Lathyrus, Chieranthus, Viola, etc.)[]

    Missing: A
  • Prunus Avium

    Sonchus asper , Bebbia juncea var. aspera , Ephedra aspera , Ericameria parryi ssp. aspera ) aspericau'lis: rough-stemmed. asperifo'lia/asperifo'lius: rough-leaved.[] Campanula prenanthoides ) pres'lii: after Bohemian botanist Karel Borivoj Presl (1794-1852).[]

    Missing: A
  • Cascara Sagrada

    […] cardinale , and he sent to Europe 2,000 roots of what he supposed to be that species, but when they grew and flowered turned out to be one of the blue larkspurs, probably parryi[] Campanula prenanthoides ) pres'lii: after Bohemian botanist Karel Borivoj Presl (1794-1852).[]

    Missing: A