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174 Possible Causes for ARNT, human, protein

Did you mean: acne, human, proteus

  • Trichinella Spiralis

    Studies in ARNT-deficient cells. J Biol Chem 271(25):15117–15123 PubMed Google Scholar 15.[] T. spiralis antigens that share epitopes with human autoantigens were identified by assessing the cross-reactivity of autoantibody-containing serum samples with T. spiralis[] A recombinant MCD-1 protein expressed as a GST-fusion protein in Escherichia coli failed to inhibit papain in vitro suggesting that the T. spiralis protein is a new member[]

  • Xeroderma Pigmentosum Complementation Group C

    ; ANGPT3 (Angiopoietin 3); ANGPT4 (Angiopoietin 4); ANPEP (Alanyl (Membran) Aminopeptidase (Aminopeptidase N, Aminopeptidase M, microsomale Aminopeptidase, CD13, p150)); ARNT[] Homologous Recombination Proteins and Telomeres 123 Defective Solar Protection in Xeroderma Pigmentosum and Cockayne Syndrome Patients Colette apRhys and Daniel Judge 128 Human[] Abstract The human homolog of the yeast DNA repair protein RAD23, hHR23A, has been found previously to interact with the human immunodeficiency virus, type 1 accessory protein[]

  • X-Linked Sideroblastic Anemia and Ataxia

    […] juvenil espino-cerebelar ataxia y la epilepsia), SLE (episodio de ictus-like), SLL (lesión golpe-like), SOD (superóxido dismutasa), ARNr (ácido ribonucleico ribosomal), ARNt[] Iron Physiology and Pathophysiology in Humans is an excellent new text as well as the most authoritative resource in the field.[] In contrast, the expression of mutated ABC7 (E433K) or Atm1p (D398K) proteins in Deltaatm1 cells led to a low efficiency of cytosolic Fe/S protein maturation.[]

  • Hypoxia

    , 4ZPH (HIF-2α–ARNT–Proflavine), 4ZPK (HIF-2α–ARNT–DNA) and 4ZPR (HIF-1α–ARNT–DNA).[] Human chondrocytes isolated from articular cartilage obtained post‑mortally and human mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow (BM‑MSCs) were seeded onto a collagen‑based[] BLAST Align Show all Add to basket E9PJ21 E9PJ21_HUMAN Hypoxia up-regulated protein 1 HYOU1 656 Annotation score: J3QL06 J3QL06_HUMAN Hypoxia up-regulated protein 1 HYOU1[]

  • Circadian Rhythm

    Facilitated by BMAL1 (brain and muscle Arnt-like protein), CLOCK directly acetylates K165 and K176 of argininosuccinate synthase (ASS1) to inactivate ASS1, which catalyzes[] Human adipose tissue expresses intrinsic circadian rhythm in insulin sensitivity. FASEB.[] Here we show that the product of the slimb ( slmb ) gene 9 —a member of the F-box/WD40 protein family of the ubiquitin ligase SCF complex that targets phosphorylated proteins[]

  • TTR Amyloidosis with Cardiomyopathy

    ., Arnt V. Kristen, M.D., Martha Grogan, M.D., Ronald Witteles, M.D., Thibaud Damy, M.D., Ph.D., Brian M. Drachman, M.D., Sanjiv J.[] In pre-clinical studies, including those in non-human primates (NHPs), ALN-TTRsc02 achieved potent and highly durable knockdown of serum TTR of up to 99% with multi-month[] More than two dozen different amyloid fibril proteins have been identified in humans, and the nature of the amyloid precursor protein is pivotal for the classification of[]

  • Primary Amyloidosis

    Arnt V. Kristen, F Joachim Meyer, Jolanta B. Perz, Stefan O. Schonland, Michael Hundemer, Ute Hegenbart, Reinhard Singer, Philipp A.[] Figure 1: The FTIR absorption spectrum of human cardiac tissue.[] The success of the melphalan chemotherapy appears to be associated with reduction of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light chain (Bence-Jones Protein; BJP).[]

  • Carotenoid

    Light-induced displacement of the N-terminal αA helix from the CTD, proposed to occur based on structtural similarities to the Per-Arnt-Sim family of photosensors ( 19 , 23[] KEYWORDS: Antioxidants; Carotenoid improvement; Human nutrition; Metabolic engineering; Nutritional important crops[] The results show that in all the cases of protein and pigment studied, carotenoids bind to protein and that the complexes formed can interact with membranes.[]

  • Epithelioid Cell Sarcoma

    Abnormal angiogenesis and responses to glucose and oxygen deprivation in mice lacking the protein ARNT. Nature 386 , 403–407 (1997). 17.[] The FU-EPS-1 cell line will be exceedingly useful for biologic and molecular pathogenetic studies of human epithelioid sarcoma.[] […] may result from enhanced protein stability due to an altered ubiquitin/proteasome pathway involved in the degradation of cyclin D1 protein. 37 Therefore, it is possible that[]

  • Mitochondrial Disease

    One of the important elements of operation of cytochrome bc1 (mitochondrial respiratory complex III) is a large scale movement of the head domain of iron-sulfur protein (ISP-HD[] .) - 22 tipuri ARNt - 2 molecule mARN Ñ Ereditatea mitocondriala citoplasmatica uniparentala (materna) è genomul mitocondrial al zigotului genom ovul 12.1.[] Mitochondrial DNA mutations in human disease . Nature Rev. Genet. 6 , 389–402 (2005) 11. Steffann, J. et al.[]