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6,661 Possible Causes for Acid, Amino, Substitution

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  • Influenza

    An influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus carrying a G147R substitution in combination with an H275Y substitution in the neuraminidase protein, which confers cross-resistance to oseltamivir[] The most important amino acid factor (Factor 3) and the minimal range of signature positions (50 amino acid residues) were explored by a supporting vector machine (the highest-performing[] In addition to sharing common amino acid substitutions (e.g.[]

  • Chronic Disease

    However, valid scientific results are dependent on the qualification of these disease markers that are intended to be substitutes for a clinical outcome and to accurately[] This review will examine: the renal response to a protein meal or amino acid infusion and its use to test the renal functional reserve (RFR); new methods to evaluate RFR;[] This review will examine: the renal response to a protein meal or amino acid infusion and its use to test the renal functional reserve (RFR); new methods to evaluate RFR;[]

  • Influenza Virus

    This capability was restored by three amino acid substitutions on the NS1 protein: K55E, K66E, and C133F, resulting in recovered binding to CPSF30 and decreased interferon[] […] activity, other amino acids may also play a role.[] Substitutions of these PB2 amino acids resulted in diminished RNP activity and surface plasmon resonance assays showed that amino acids D605 was essential for the interaction[]

  • Gastropathy

    Substitution of a placebo for trans-AMCHA resulted in marked depression of his serum protein to 3.7 g/dl.[] The variant segregated with the disease in the pedigree, affected a highly conserved amino acid residue, and was predicted to be deleterious although it was found with a low[] […] difference between the two groups in the incidence of pathologic acid reflux (P 0.11).[]

  • Nalidixic Acid

    Double substitutions in both positions 83 and 87 were not identified. A Gly133-Glu substitution was identified in a single S. enterica serotype Typhi isolate.[] The second step was the hydrolysis of these intermediates to 1 and the corresponding amino acid.[] "Nalidixic acid overdose and metabolic acidosis". Cjem . 8 (2): 78. PMID 17175866 . "Nalidixic acid spectrum of bacterial susceptibility and Resistance" (PDF) .[]

  • Acid Ingestion

    The main procedure usually done during the second operation is to put in a substitute for the destroyed and removed esophagus, using either part of the patient’s remaining[] Interest in the effect of proteins or amino acids on glucose metabolism dates back at least a century, largely because it was demonstrated that the amino acids from ingested[] Ursodeoxycholic acid ingestion increased the percentage of ursodeoxycholic acid in bile tenfold (3.6 /- 2.6% vs 38.6 /- 12.0%) and decreased chenodeoxycholic acid in bile[]

  • Factor XIII Deficiency

    A previously unreported case of a woman with factor XIII deficiency is described, in which substitutive treatment with normal plasma or placental factor XIII concentrate permitted[] It caused an in-frame insertion of 12 nucleotides into mRNA and four amino acids into protein.[] Patienten mit deutlichem Faktor XIII-Mangel (FSF) ( Schlüsselwörter Blutungskomplikationen bei akuter Leukämie Erworbener Faktor XIII-Mangel Substitution mit Faktor XIII This[]

  • Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy

    In the present study, a next-generation sequencer identified a JCV quasispecies with an amino acid substitution in the T antigen in patients with PML.[] Fumaric acid esters (FAEs) are a systemic treatment for psoriasis considered to have a favourable long-term safety profile without an increased risk for immunosuppression.[] PML develops almost exclusively in immunocompromised patients and has recently been associated with use of fumaric acid esters (FAEs), or fumarates.[]

  • Irrigation

    The duration of treatment was 15 days in the first group, with 7 device's substitutions, while in the second group it was about 10 days with 4 substitutions At the end of[] Amino acids and volatile compounds play an important role in wine aroma and sensory characteristics.[] This study describes a case of a successful free flap repair using argatroban for local intraluminal irrigation as a substitute to heparin in a patient with heparin-induced[]

  • Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis

    Amino acid substitutions in the heptad repeat A and C regions of the F protein, including a methionine-to-valine substitution at amino acid 94, play major roles in neurovirulence[] […] of the SI strain used CD46 efficiently but used the original MV receptors on immune and epithelial cells poorly because of L482F, S546G, and F555L substitutions.[] Some of these mutations like the L165P found in the M protein sequence of the Laine strain, the amino acid position 94, where a mutation M94V was found in the F protein sequence[]