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  • Obturator Hernia

    CASE REPORT An 89-year-old woman complained of sudden left coxalgia and a gait disorder but no abdominal symptoms.[] Its anterior division innervates the gracilis and adductor longus. Its posterior division supplies the adductor brevis and anterior part of the adductor magnus.[] Reduction of hernial content and resection of the gangrenous part of small bowel with end-to-end anastomosis done. The hernial defect is repaired by a proleine mesh.[] […] vessels in the obturator canal.[] arteries.[] Hernia The part of an internal organ that pushes through an opening in the organ's wall.[] Initially, vertebral disc herniation was thought to be cause, but abdomino-pelvic computed tomography scan revealed left strangulated obturator hernia.[]

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  • Osteitis Pubis

    Examination findings were left sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, reduced left internal rotation of the hip, tightness of bilateral hip flexors and poor motor control of the lumbo-pelvic[] The patients diagnosed with degenerative osteitis pubis and concomitant lesion of the adductor longus origin were indicated for surgery.[] The therapy might be conservative or surgical by a resection of the symphysis and involved parts of the pubic bone.[] The obturator nerve coming out from the obturator channel shows its anterior division ramus, between the obturator and the pecten and the posterior division in the thickness[] For example, sacroiliac joint motion has a very large impact on the motion about the pubic symphysis The hip adductors (ie, the gracilis, adductor longus, adductor brevis,[] Keywords Symphysis Pubis Bone Scan Pelvic Infection Periostitis Internal Pudendal Artery These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors.[] Rotate body so you lie on your left side. Repeat exercise using your left leg.[]

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  • Hip Dislocation

    He was admitted to our hospital at 1 year of age and diagnosed with teratogenic dislocation of the left hip, aplasia of the left pubic bone, an undescended palpable left testicle[] We report a Down syndrome child with chronic hip dislocation who was successfully treated with adductor tenotomy and closed reduction, which has not been reported previously[] The hip might be misshapen at the top of the femur (upper leg bone) or in the hip socket (part of the pelvis).[] Abstract Traumatic obturator hip dislocations are rare injuries that are typically diagnosed and managed acutely.[] After the dislocation, reduction under sedation was done again followed by a botulinum toxin injection of 50 IU to her adductor muscle group (including adductor longus, brevis[] Abstract Gluteal compartment syndrome as a result of hematoma from a ruptured superior gluteal artery is exceedingly rare; to date, one similar case in a pelvic fracture model[] S76.2 Injury of adductor muscle, fascia and tendon ... S76.20 Unspecified injury of adductor muscle, fascia... S76.201 Unspecified injury of adductor muscle, fascia...[]

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  • Muscle Abscess

    Abstract A left iliac osteomyelitis and left iliacus muscle abscess occurred in a patient who underwent bipolar hemiarthroplasty of the left hip six months prior for avascular[] In our case, the abscess extended farther, involving the entire set of adductors of the left thigh.[] A deeper abscess may occur in any part of the palm and spread between the metacarpal bones (the hand bones between the wrist and fingers).[] Only rarely is the obturator internus involved by the abscess.[] […] along medial border of the shaft; - action: flexion of the thigh at the hip; minimal action in lateral rotatioin and abduction of the thigh; - synergists: illiacus, adductor brevis[] We report two cases of ruptured mycotic iliac arterial aneurysm complicated by emphysematous abscess of the left psoas muscle.[] An Excludes2 note indicates that the condition excluded is not part of the condition it is excluded from but a patient may have both conditions at the same time.[]

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  • Pyomyositis

    He also complained of painful swellings of left arm, left side of neck and left thigh extending up to the knee joint.[] The sites of infection were iliopsoas (four), obturator (two), hip adductors (two), levator scapula (one), thoracolumbar paraspinal (one) and gastrocnemius (one) muscles.[] On gray-scale sonography, a part of the sternocleidomastoid muscle appeared swollen and contained irregularly shaped hypoechoic areas.[] Abstract Pyomyositis of the obturator externus muscle is a rare cause of limp and hip pain in children.[] Motor examination showed an antalgic weakness of the left leg at the iliopsoas, quadriceps, and tibialis anterior, while the gastrocnemius muscle and extensor digitorum brevis[] Other than an infected ulcer over the right big toe stump and features of peripheral arterial insufficiency, her clinical examination was normal.[] These were all in boys (aged 2-12 years) and affected the gluteal, piriformis and adductor muscles.[]

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  • Strain of Adductor Muscle and Tendon

    […] of adductor muscle, fascia and tendon of thigh S76.211 Strain of adductor muscle, fascia and tendon of right thigh S76.212 Strain of adductor muscle, fascia and tendon of left[] If you would like to see any other parts of the series, click here . In the next part of our series, we’re going to be talking about the inside of the thigh.[] Obturator Externus Origin: the obturator externus muscle originates from the margins of the obturator foramen and obturator membrane.[] S39013AStrain of muscle, fascia and tendon of pelvis, initial encounter S73001AUnspecified subluxation of right hip, initial encounter S73002AUnspecified subluxation of left[] All of the adductor muscles are innervated by the obturator nerve (L2-L4) except the pectineus, which is innervated by the femoral nerve (L2-L4).[] And the adductor brevis is usually located deep (posterior) to the longus (sometimes a small portion of the adductor brevis can be palpated between the adductor longus and[] Adductor Magnus Muscle Pain and Symptoms Can Be Similar To, Contribute To, and Be Affected By These Medical Diagnosis: Obturator or Genitofemoral nerve entrapment Inguinal[]

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  • Sciatic Neuropathy

    Postoperatively, she complained of being unable to move her left foot. Neurologic examination revealed a left lower leg paresis.[] The left glutei, iliopsoas, hip adductors, and quadriceps muscles were normal. He was numb to pinprick over the entire left foot and lateral calf.[] Your sciatic nerve is part of a complex structure: your body’s nervous system.[] A-obturator artery.) Immediately following the procedure, the patient had new complaints of right leg weakness.[] Of the nine factors tested, two predicted an earlier or better recovery: a recordable compound muscle action potential of the extensor digitorum brevis (p 0.025), and an initial[] In this case, thromboemboli from the aneurysm were thought to have obstructed the profunda femoral artery, which supplied the sciatic nerve via perforating arteries.[] Semimembranosus, semitendinosus, long and short heads of biceps femoris, lateral division of the adductor magnus What knee flexors are supplied by the sciatic nerve?[]

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  • Osteitis

    When the groups were compared to one another, there were significant differences in both the right and left agger nasi walls and the frontal sinus wall.[] Your adductors are designed to keep your pelvis stable, and protect your pubic symphysis.[] Radiological findings include sclerosis of the medial part of the clavicle and a normal sternoclavicular joint. Diagnosis is usually confirmed by biopsy.[] Groin reconstruction operation consists of a Maloney darn hernia repair technique, repair of the conjoint tendon, transverse adductor tenotomy and obturator nerve release[] The pubic rami give rise to several muscle origins: adductor magnus, adductor longus, adductor brevis, and gracilis.[] He had a history of cardiac interventions: percutaneous transcatheter angioplasty with stenting 1 year prior and coronary artery bypass graft surgery 16 years before; therefore[] The goals of this percutaneous treatment were to denervate the genital branches of the genitor-femoral, ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves and the obturator nerve.[]

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  • Femoral Neuropathy

    They suffered from weakness of left hip flexion and knee extension and sensory impairment over the left lower limb after surgery.[] […] longus R N N N N Normal Normal Normal Normal Adductor longus L N N N N Normal Normal Normal Normal Gastrocn (med) R N N N N Normal Normal Normal Normal Gastrocn (med) L N[] Your doctor will probably check your knee reflexes and ask about changes in feeling in the front part of the thigh and the middle part of the leg.[] Specifically, the adductor muscles innervated by the obturator nerve and the ankle dorsiflexors (tibialis anterior) innervated by the peroneal nerve (L4–L5) are spared.[] While the adductor longus, adductor magnus, adductor brevis, and pectineal muscles are all adductors of the hip (figure 3), of these the adductor longus is most often injured[] Abstract A patient with an atherosclerotic common iliac artery occlusion had acute onset of femoral neuropathy, which resolved after revascularization.[] […] iliac artery, a branch of the external iliac artery.[]

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  • Enthesopathy

    […] of the third and fourth digits of both hands; two patients (8.3%) showed a hypoechoic nodular formation of the flexor tendon sheath of the left hand.[] Ischial Tuberosity Enthesopathy from Hip Rotators and Adductor Muscle What Is It?[] The site where all 72 "contiguous" plaques attached to the vertebral body included the zone where the PLL enthesis was situated, while other zones were included in only part[] KEYWORDS: Enthesopathy; extensor carpi radialis brevis; lateral epicondylitis; tennis elbow[] PURPOSE: To evaluate the feasibility and effects of transcatheter arterial embolization with imipenem/cilastatin sodium (CS) to treat tendinopathy and enthesopathy that are[] Enthesopathy itself can be found in any region of the body where connections of muscles and ligaments to bones are found, and it can be present as a part of any number of[] […] of left finger Tendinitis of left foot Tendinitis of left forearm Tendinitis of left hand Tendinitis of left hand extensor tendon Tendinitis of left hand flexor tendon Tendinitis[]

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