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1,266 Possible Causes for Administrations,, Transdermal

  • Dementia

    Buprenorphine transdermal system is increasingly prescribed in people with advanced dementia, but no clinical trial has investigated the safety and factors associated with[] Meta-regression analyses suggested that significant differences exist between instruments, type of respondents, and mode of administration and the variations in estimated[] Patients were randomised to receive active analgesic treatment (paracetamol or buprenorphine transdermal system) or identical placebo for 13 weeks.[]

  • Otitis Media

    While traditional first-line immunization strategies are generally not very efficacious against biofilms, new technologies that use transdermal or intranasal drug delivery[] No signs of improvement were observed after the intravenous administration of several antibiotics.[] Two trials compared immediate antibiotic administration with a “watchful waiting” approach, while two other trials compared it to the approach of administering a prescription[]

  • Insulin Administration

    To overcome this disadvantage, non-invasive routes such as oral, buccal, pulmonary, nasal and transdermal have been proposed.[] Jillian Hill describes the devices now available to deliver insulin, which enable more people to manage their insulin administration independently.[] Nasal, oral and transdermal insulins are undergoing early phases of pharmacological development.[]

  • Trigger Finger

    Microneedle-assisted transdermal drug delivery offers an attractive alternative for local delivery of NSAIDs.[] Needle-free jet administration of lidocaine reduces the pain associated with trigger finger injection.[] Oral administration of minocycline did not reduce TPR after minor hand surgery.[]

  • Ovulation

    When the serum level of insulin-like growth factor-I normalized, she began ovulation induction with gonadotropins with transdermal estradiol.[] Single ovulation occurred in 30 of 33 treatment cycles, irrespective of the route of administration.[] MYO administration increases clinical pregnancy rates, lowers total rFSH dose and the duration of the ovulation induction.[]

  • Poison

    This study compares rates of poison center calls categorized as intentional abuse, suspected suicidal intent or fatality for the 7-day buprenorphine transdermal system/patch[] There is little information on poisonings managed at military and Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals.[] Donepezil was the most commonly reported exposure (106 cases), followed by memantine (57), galantamine (18), oral rivastigmine (16), and transdermal rivastigmine (3).[]

  • Solvent

    Even though transdermal drug delivery systems (TDDS) provide an efficient route of drug administration, the advantages of combination chemotherapy have rarely been extended[] Intravenous self-administration of petroleum distillates is a rare condition.[] The concentration of HVA in CSF was decreased and the retropulsion was dramatically improved after the administration of levodopa.[]

  • Mecamylamine

    To determine the efficacy and safety of nicotine transdermal therapy co-administered with the nicotine antagonist, mecamylamine, compared to a nicotine transdermal patch alone[] In contrast, studies of intravenous nicotine self-administration in animals typically show an immediate decrease in self-administration behavior following mecamylamine administration[] Twelve cigarette smokers were studied while receiving transdermal mecamylamine 6 mg/24 h and placebo patches for 7 days each.[]

  • Mesna

    Handbook Includes: - New, Administered Drugs: Amrubicin, Patupilone; Levoleucovorin, Dexrazoxane For Injection (Extravasation), Casopitant, Fosaprepitant, Granisetron Hcl Transdermal[] Internal inconsistency within protocol documents and variation in drug administration across protocols is a potential source of error.[] Oral administration of mesna solution or tablets has been approved in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and programs for registration[]

  • Tranylcypromine

    I still wonder why they made an antidepressant transdermal patch out of an MAOI that is primarily used as a Parkinsons drug, though.[] These blood pressure increases also occurred with tranylcypromine alone and were unrelated to monosodium glutamate administration.[] Significant differences in AUC, Cmax, lambda(z), and CLR of the two enantiomers were observed both on administration of the racemate and of the individual enantiomers.[]

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