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  • Insect Bite

    Living & Prevention Browse nutrition, safety & everyday child health topics How the body works An animated, interactive atlas of child anatomy and physiology expand_more Brain[] Abstract Pott's puffy tumor, a feature of osteomyelitis of the frontal bone, is a rare entity, especially in adults.[] In 2 patients, the eruption preceded the diagnosis of the malignant neoplasm.[] However, some people who become infected with West Nile virus develop a life-threatening illness that includes inflammation of the brain."[] We present a case of a previously fit and well adult who developed an ischaemic contracture of the forearm after an insect bite.[]

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  • Ewing Family of Tumors

    Intracranial involvement was found in eight (10%) children: the brain was involved in seven children (8.8%) and a retro-orbital metastasis without parenchymal brain involvement[] […] patients and younger adult patients.[] With regard to the histological features of ET, these tumors are commonly referred to as "small-blue-round-cell tumors": ET usually consist of uniformly small, round tumor[] BACKGROUND: Deregulation of tumor suppressor gene function and abrogation of cell cycle control are common features of malignant neoplasms, but corresponding data on Ewing[] Abstract The ideal cancer therapy would accomodate the specific biology of a tumor and be based upon understanding the mechanisms of malignancy.[]

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  • Brain Atrophy

    Abstract Brain atrophy with mental and neurologic deterioration developing a few months after radiation therapy in patients without residual or recurrent brain tumors has[] We present three adults with severe brain atrophy and correspondingly severe skull thickening.[] Although the research was conducted in older adults, the findings also have implications for younger adults, including those concerned about listening to music at loud volumes[] A case of this tumor surrounded by peritumoral brain atrophy has not been reported before.[] BACKGROUND: The widespread use of brain imaging has led to increased recognition of subclinical brain abnormalities, including white matter hyperintensities (WMH) and silent[]

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  • Malignant Neoplasm

    Symptoms The symptoms of a brain tumour depend on where it is in the brain.[] It is rare in children and young adults.[] SUMMARY: Pregnancy tumor represents an important differential diagnosis of oral masses and can behave in a very aggressive fashion, mimicking a malignant tumor.[] […] for virotherapy of thyroid malignant neoplasms.[] This case highlights the need for close follow-up in two populations: adults who have survived Wilms tumor and those with NSHH.[]

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  • Nasal Obstruction

    This disorder can result in various skull and facial defects with brain abnormalities of varying severity. These brain defects ultimately dictate the prognosis.[] The bilateral, or complete, form presents in newborns as respiratory distress while unilateral, or incomplete, forms present in older children or adults.[] These tumors develop from cranial and spinal nerve roots and from peripheral nerves.[] Abstract Lymphomas are the second most frequent malignancy affecting the head and neck.[] […] surgery) versus non-surgical management, and b) septoplasty with concurrent turbinate surgery versus septoplasty alone, for nasal obstruction due to a deviated nasal septum in adults[]

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  • Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

    Interests here mainly focus on possible jeopardized organ perfusion and in particular brain oxygenation with possible adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes.[] The adult type of IHPS is extremely rare but it has been well recognized since the 19(th) century.[] Secondary HPS occurs secondarily with the healing of duodenal or gastric ulcers, hypertrophic gastritis, malignant tumors, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, bezoars, vagal[] neoplasm.[] […] considerations in newborn surgery Head, neck, and chest surgery Esophagus and gastrointestinal tract surgery Liver and biliary tract surgery Anterior abdominal wall defects Tumors[]

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  • Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor

    A brain CT scan displayed bilateral lateral ventricle enlargement, for which a ventriculoperitoneal shunt was inserted.[] Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors (MPNSTs) arising from cranial nerves are rare and usually affect adults.[] […] and malignancies as part of the BAP1 tumor predisposition syndrome, a recently recognized hereditary cancer syndrome.[] We describe a previously healthy 48-year-old man who was diagnosed as having a high-grade malignant neoplasm involving the facial nerve in the right petrous canal after a[] Intracranial MPNSTs unrelated to cranial nerves are highly malignant tumors with poor overall survival, probably because of infiltrating growth into surrounding brain tissue[]

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  • Fusobacterium Nucleatum

    A brain CT scan demonstrated nine contrast-enhancing ring-shaped lesions.[] Here, we report the first case of osteomyelitis of a long bone combined with a muscle abscess due to Fusobacterium nucleatum in an otherwise healthy adult.[] Abstract Colorectal adenocarcinoma (CRC) is a common tumor with high mortality rates.[] All patients had haematological malignancy and severe neutropenia, and three of them suffered from oral mucositis or oedema of the oral mucosal surfaces, which was the probable[] Seven of the 22 patients (31.8%) had active cancer: esophagus carcinoma (n 3), hematologic malignancies (n 1), gastrointestinal stromal tumor (n 1), melanoma (n 1), and breast[]

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  • Trichinella Spiralis

    A highly significant lower burden of T. gondii brain cysts in mixed infection compared to single latent Toxoplasma infection was also demonstrated.[] Abstract Trichinella spiralis adult and adult excretory/secretory antigens were evaluated by ELISA and Western blot techniques for the serological diagnosis of trichinellosis[] These treatments to inhibit tumor growth were dose-dependent (p[] […] paper also addresses the immunomodulatory properties of ES L1 molecules and how the induced immunomodulation influences the course of different experimental inflammatory and malignant[] Author information 1 Department of Parasitology, School of Medicine, Pusan National University, Yangsan 626-770, Korea. 2 Immunoregulatory Therapeutics Group in Brain Busan[]

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  • Brenner Tumor

    L. / Brain metastases from malignant Brenner tumor of the ovary : A case report and a literature review .[] KEYWORDS: Brenner tumor; adult-type granulosa cell tumor; ovarian mixed tumor[] Malignant Brenner tumors are usually unilateral but bilateral tumors can also occur. Peritoneal effusion may develop rarely in about 10% of malignant Brenner tumors.[] The surface epithelial-stromal class of tumors accounts for the majority of all ovarian cancers, which represents the fifth most deadly family of malignant neoplasm found[] McKenna M, Kenny B, Dorman G, et al. (2005) Combined adult granulosa cell tumor and mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary: granulosa cell tumor with heterologous mucinous elements[]

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