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2,296 Possible Causes for Aluminum, Basic, Sucrose, Sulfate

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  • Ferrous Sulfate

    Abstract The status of metallic sensations as a primary or basic taste category is controversial.[] We can conclude that Fe is well absorbed from low extraction flour fortified with 30 mg/kg of Fe, as ferrous sulfate, and up to 60 mg/kg of Zn, as Zn sulfate.[] […] levels below 110 g/L were enrolled over a two-year period and randomized to receive either two tablets FGF (ferrous sulfate with folic acid) or 400 mg of intravenous iron sucrose[] Abstract This study examined the effects of widely used antacids (aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, and calcium carbonate), ferrous sulfate, and ranitidine on the absorption[]

  • Calcium Gluconate

    In the present study we noticed a trend of basic and post-stimulation concentrations of PCT to increase in the tests with PG and CaG which correspond with the elevated concentrations[] Retrospective data has suggested that pretreating colorectal cancer patients with magnesium sulfate and calcium gluconate before the administration of oxaliplatin may reduce[] USP/ICH) excluded by manufacturing process Organic volatile impurities (USP/NF) conforms Reducing substances (USP) 1.0 % Sucrose and reducing sugars passes test Loss on drying[] The primary aluminum source among parenteral nutrition components is glass-packaged calcium gluconate, in which aluminum concentration in the past 3 decades has averaged approximately[]

  • Brucella Abortus

    Its diagnosis remains a challenge in endemic countries and basically relies on serology.[] KEYWORDS: Adhesion; Brucella abortus; Dextran sulfate sodium; Internalization; Macrophage[] The redistribution of clathrin in the membrane and in phagosomes was investigated using sucrose gradient fractionation of lipid rafts and the isolation of B. abortus-containing[] C57BL/6 mice were immunized subcutaneously three times either with HPV-16 L1VLPs alone, or in combination with smooth LPS (S-LPS), rough LPS (R-LPS), aluminum hydroxide or[]

  • Allergic Asthma

    Fc receptor-like (FCRL) 3, a transmembrane molecule basically involved in B-cell signaling, mediates immune-disorders including allergy.[] Zinc sulfate also markedly reduced the levels of interleukin (IL)-4 and IL-17, but increased the levels of IFN-γ.[] Every vial of Xolair (150 mg) contains 145.5 mg sucrose and it might increase the blood levels of glucose in diabetics.[] […] retrospective cohort study, we reviewed medical records for 627 patients with AA in Korea who were sensitized to house dust mite (HDM) and/or pollens and who underwent SCIT with aluminum[]

  • Dendrobium

    Basically just keep them moist all year, although they will enjoy a dry spell in mid winter when the buds are forming for spring.[] The sulfated derivative with substitution degree about 0.9 was prepared according to the chlorosulfonic acid (CSA)-pyridine method.[] sucrose plus charcoal had a similar rooting effect as 40 g L -1 sucrose without charcoal.[] […] advanced engineering, famous for its formula one exploits, vanda promises the hypercar will be built to perform just as well, if not better, than it appears. carbon fiber aluminum[]

  • Streptococcus Sobrinus

    Monograph for Healthcare Antiseptics Differences Between GLP, GCP, and GMP Regulations Good Laboratory Practices Good Clinical Practices Learn About Microbiology Microbiology Basics[] Other polymers, such as chondroitin sulfates, dextran sulfate, fetuin, heparin were not inhibitors.[] Abstract Mutans streptococci are oral bacteria with a key role in the initiation of dental caries, because their glucosyltransferases synthesize polysaccharides from sucrose[] GTF combined with aluminum phosphate (AP) was administered in capsules to 14 subjects, while sodium phosphate buffer combined with AP was administered in the same way to 11[]

  • Furosemide

    It is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications, the medications most important to a basic health system.[] ( prasterone sulfate ) Epipregnanolone sulfate Pregnenolone sulfate SAGE-201 SAGE-301 SAGE-718 Antagonists: Competitive antagonists: AP5 (APV) AP7 CGP-37849 CGP-39551 CGP[] 20mg/5ml 40mg/5ml 50mg/5ml Trade Name Frusol Frusol Frusol Pack Size 150ml 150ml 150ml Colour Yellow Colourless to straw Colourless to straw Flavour Cherry Cherry Cherry Sucrose[] Nonmedicinal ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, D&C Yellow No. 10 Aluminum Lake, FD&C Yellow No. 6 Aluminum Lake, lactose, magnesium stearate,[]

  • Boric Acid

    METHODS/DESIGN: The BASIC (Boric Acid, Alternate Solution for Intravaginal Colonization) trial is a randomized, double-blinded, multicenter study.[] Pretreatment with the potential skin irritant 2% sodium lauryl sulfate had no effect on boron skin absorption.[] Sucrose imposes significant effects on areca pollen germination. The effects are most obvious at a sucrose concentration of 40 g/L.[] Among the oldest and most widely used chemical agents in the administration of these therapeutic procedures are boric acid and aluminum acetate (Burow's solution).[]

  • Hemophilia

    Areas covered: This review aims to concisely describe the basic principles of pharmacokinetics of FVIII, the role of population pharmacokinetic, the available different recombinant[] The addition of sulfates to tyrosine residues of the heavy and light chains is necessary for full procoagulant activity, with the sulfated region playing a role in thrombin[] We sought to evaluate 3 /wk, standard-dose prophylaxis with sucrose-formulated recombinant factor VIII (rFVIII-FS; Bayer) compared with on-demand treatment in Chinese children[] […] followed by several conservative therapies as follows: clot evacuation by vesicoclysis, continuous bladder irrigation with normal saline, and intravesical instillation of aluminum[]

  • Sucralfate

    A unique compilation of well-established findings and results from cutting-edge research, Sucralfate serves to bridge the gap between basic science and clinical applications[] Abstract Metal cations such as aluminum, magnesium, ferrous sulfate, and zinc are thought to form chelation complexes with fluoroquinolone antibiotics and prevent the drugs[] Sucralfate Catalogue number: S692350 Chemical name: Sucralfate Synonyms: Sucrose Octasulfate Aluminium Salt; Antepsin; Carafate; Citogel; Hexagastron; Keal; Succosa; Sucralfin[] Plasma aluminum samples were analyzed at baseline and on days 1, 4, 8, and 14.[]

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