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  • Ketamine

    Abstract The implantation of total artificial hearts (TAH) via midline sternotomy for the treatment of severe biventricular cardiac dysfunction is associated with complex[] This case report discusses the advantages and pitfalls of the selection of local anesthetic and monitored anesthesia care using a propofol-ketamine-lidocaine admixture for[] Further research is required to elucidate the natural course of depression after ketamine withdrawal.[] , or bronchial tree, mechanical stimulation of the pharynx, larynx, or bronchial tree; avoid mechanical stimulation of the pharynx if ketamine used alone May cause CNS depression[] […] mainly the right side of her body who underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scans prior to and in the months following apparent successful treatment with anesthetic[] Only on reduction of the ketamine dose and introduction of additional antihypertensive medication, did her BP normalise.[] Twelve ketamine treatments were given in the open-label phase. Mood, hemodynamic, and psychotomimetic outcomes were assessed by blinded raters.[] The most common side effects of fentanyl were sleepiness (15; 36.6%), bad taste in the mouth (9; 22%), and itchy nose (9; 22%).[] If they are not breathing, begin artificial (mouth-to-mouth) respiration. Ketamine is illegal and possession can result in long prison terms.[] ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: The study was approved by the local Institutional Review Board (University Hospital Professor Edgard Santos-Federal University of Bahia-Number: 46657415.0.0000.0049[]

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  • Gingivitis

    In terms of improving periodontal conditions, the tested herbal toothpaste could be a suitable alternative to conventional toothpastes with artificial chemical ingredients[] Abstract The authors describe a case of localized refractory idiopathic gingivitis in a 29-year-old patient that was successfully treated with hydrogen peroxide (Superoxol[] Coenzyme Q10 Toothpaste is all-natural and it can be found at health food stores.[] Since extension of the lesion into the pharynx and esophagus causes sore throat and dysphagia and progressive ocular lesions may cause blindness, early and valid diagnosis[] The subgingival microbiome was evaluated via 16S rRNA gene sequencing and 8 selected inflammatory markers measured in crevicular fluid.[] Lidocaine anesthetic View full drug information An adjunctive therapy for pain control that decreases the permeability to sodium ions in neuronal membranes.[] It results from the introduction of foreign particulate material, primarily dental prophylaxis paste and restorative dental materials, into the gingival tissues.[] The results demonstrate its potential therapeutic value and open the door for larger scale placebo-controlled clinical studies to verify these findings.[] The most common cause of bad breath is tiny food particles trapped in your teeth and mouth.[] Many of the foods commonly consumed are made with artificial ingredients and refined sugar, which is the perfect fuel for the bad bacteria in the mouth.[]

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    Abstract We previously reported familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (FALS) of 11 years duration in a 57-year-old woman, who received artificial ventilation for 5 years[] Subsequent immunocytochemical studies demonstrated that they were co-localized mainly in the lysosomes.[] The mainstay of care of patients affected by this disease is supportive and given the multifaceted nature of their needs is provided most efficiently through multidisciplinary[] Abstract Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with bulbar dysfunction affects the motor neurons responsible for controlling the muscles in the jaw, face, soft palate, pharynx[] Manzoni Hospital, Via dell'Eremo 9/11, 23900, Lecco, Italy. [email protected] 2 Department of Laboratory Medicine, Medical Genetics, Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital[] Titrated general anesthesia with short-acting anesthetics was applied. During the procedure, no muscle relaxant was used.[] INTRODUCTION: We herein present 2 cases involving the combination of rocuronium and sugammadex in patients with motor neuron disease.[] Abstract This article reports a case of masticatory muscle pain and progressive limited mouth opening secondary to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), popularly known as[] His mental status was normal, but he became bedridden, received artificial respiratory support at 54 years of age, and gradually acquired a locked-in state and died at 58[] […] human disease-specific neuronal and glial cells to identify disease mechanisms and develop phenotypic screens for drug discovery. iPSCs provide researchers with a model of naturally[]

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  • Tracheomalacia

    Surgical procedures which have been suggested in the literature to manage the condition include tracheostomy, staged thyroid reductions and the use of artificial stents either[] A 4-month-old infant with a history of repeated failed extubation and multiple medical problems was found to have an unusual region of severe inspiratory collapse localized[] The study showed the presence of both apnoea and hypopnoeas, which were obstructive in nature with an apnoea-hypopnoea index (AHI) of 11, no snoring and associated oxygen[] The tracheal location of obstruction during sleep in this case contrasts with the usual location in the pharynx or, less often, the larynx.[] Aortopexy via a lateral thoracotomy and tracheopexy via an anterior cervical approach have been described.[] Abstract The successful use of Dexmedetomidine as the main anesthetic agent for three pediatric patients with tracheomalacia presenting for different kinds of urgent operations[] Providers should ensure that governance structures are in place to review, authorise and monitor the introduction of new devices and procedures.[] CONCLUSION: Thoracoscopic aortopexy seems to be as effective as open aortopexy. Copyright 2002, Elsevier Science (USA). All rights reserved.[] […] face,mouth & neck diagnoses or laryngectomy with cc 013 Tracheostomy for face,mouth & neck diagnoses or laryngectomy without cc/mcc 154 Other ear, nose, mouth and throat[] Artificial ventilation was necessary even after aortopexy performed at 2 months of age.[]

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  • Laryngectomy

    Thus, an artificial larynx system that can replace the laryngeal functions would significantly improve the quality of life for the afflicted patients.[] INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES: Total laryngectomy (TL), with eventual postoperative radiotherapy, has proven to be effective in treating cases of locally advanced hypopharyngeal[] OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to analyse vocal performance and to investigate the nature of the neoglottal sound source in patients who had undergone supracricoid laryngectomy[] Of the 34 patients, 16 had undergone a horizontal surgical closure of their neo-pharynx and 18 a vertical closure.[] We present a case of off-pump CABG via a low midline skin incision with transverse skin flaps and a manubrium sparing sternotomy. doi: 10.1111/jocs.12771 (J Card Surg 2016[] Anesthesia General anesthetic. Procedure duration The Laryngectomy takes 5 to 12 hours.[] The introduction of the first robot into the surgical world in 1985 has been a keystone in the development of minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques.[] RECENT FINDINGS: The choice between endoscopic and open partial laryngectomy is based on the extension and characteristics of the tumor.[] HNSW (swallowing), HNSE (senses), HNSP (speech), HNSO (social eating), HNSX (sexuality), HNTE (problems with teeth), HNOM (problems with opening mouth) and HNCO (coughing)[] You will need therapy to learn how to use and care for the device but this is relatively short-term in nature.[]

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  • Lidocaine

    Anesthetics, Local/pharmacokinetics Anti-Arrhythmia Agents/administration & dosage Anti-Arrhythmia Agents/adverse effects* Anti-Arrhythmia Agents/pharmacokinetics Cardiac Pacing, Artificial[] Abstract Lidocaine is the most common medication used for local anesthesia in cardiac procedures.[] BACKGROUND: One of the functions of natural killer (NK) cells is to eliminate cancer cells.[] Anaesthetic procedure Concentration (%) Epinephrine Dose ml mg Local infiltration and peripheral nerve block 0.5 No 1.0 No 0.5 Yes 1.0 Yes Surface anaesthesia Pharynx, larynx[] Our results suggest that lidocaine sensitizes the cytotoxicity of 5-FU in melanoma cells via upregulation of miR-493, which might be involved in SOX4-mediated PI3K/AKT and[] KEYWORDS: DEX; Local anesthetic effect; Oral infiltration; Sedation[] INTRODUCTION: Bier block regional anesthesia has been used as an alternative to general anesthesia for years.[] METHODS: In this 12-month, prospective, uncontrolled, open-label study, subjects aged 18 years with infraorbital depressions rated 1 on the Allergan Infra-oRbital Scale (AIRS[] (Photo: Jacqueline Hunkele, Thinkstock) It's hard for parents to stand idly by when their baby has a sore mouth from teething.[] All patients had previously used artificial lubricants and 13 (28%) had tried vaginal moisturizers with little or no success.[]

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  • Foot and Mouth Disease

    […] resistant to the disease and do not pass it on to others of the same species. [3] In laboratory experiments, mice , rats , and chickens have been successfully infected by artificial[] RF-J is a novel RF group, comprising a proportion of local and Shanghai CVA6 strains from 2013.[] The blisters will dry naturally. Follow good hand washing techniques and keeping areas clean procedures.[] The apthovirus latches on the mucosae of the pharynx upon transmission. Alternative viral routes of entry include skin cuts and the gastrointestinal tract of the animal.[] It’s a highly contagious disease that can be transmitted from person to person via direct contact with unwashed hands, by coughing and sneezing, or contact with blister fluid[] Symptoms may be relieved by: acetaminophen* or other fever reducers topical anesthetics to minimize the pain caused by the blisters Children may not want to eat or drink because[] Indeed, the risk of FMD introduction from infected countries is not negligible and the awareness of field stakeholders (farmers, veterinarians) is essential to ensure an effective[] Many viruses produce capsid proteins by expressing a precursor polyprotein and related protease from a single open reading frame.[] […] spreading hand, foot and mouth disease Exclusion from school/child care until all blisters have dried covering lesions on hands and feet, if possible, and allowing them to dry naturally[] Small vesicles and ulcers in and around the mouth, palate, and pharynx. These are sometimes painful, so the child eats little and frets.[]

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  • Insect Bite

    […] considered unlikely based on the lack of a morphoea-like resolution phase, histological lack of flame figures and presence of vasculitis; however, the distinction is probably artificial[] Both immunodeficiency and secondary infection after scratching may provoke more severe local symptoms.[] Naturally, I had to share with you.[] ) effects of foreign body in larynx ( T17.3 ) effects of foreign body in mouth NOS ( T18.0 ) effects of foreign body in nose ( T17.0- T17.1 ) effects of foreign body in pharynx[] GETTY Flesh-eating disease: Bacteria can enter the bloodstream via cuts The flesh-eating bacterial infection can start from a relatively minor injury, and if t's no treated[] It actually has anti-inflammatory effects, not just symptomatic relief like the topical anesthetics.[] Insect bite and sting , break in the skin or puncture caused by an insect and complicated by introduction into the skin of the insect’s saliva, venom, or excretory products[] Be careful, these can sting if the bite has been scratched open.[] Occasionally, a severe allergic reaction can occur, causing symptoms such as breathing difficulties, dizziness and a swollen face or mouth.[] DEET may damage plastics and artificial fibres so care is needed to avoid contact. DEET does not damage natural fibres such as wool, linen or cotton.[]

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  • Rabies

    Birds were first artificially infected with rabies in 1884; however, infected birds are largely, if not wholly, asymptomatic, and recover. [26] Other bird species have been[] Abstract On December 3, 2011, a South Carolina woman visited a local emergency department (ED) with an overnight history of shortness of breath, diaphoresis, chills, and intermittent[] Despite the overwhelmingly fatal nature of this disease, a small number of patients have been reported to survive acute rabies encephalitis with varying degrees of neurological[] The hyperactive or “furious” syndrome is usually characterized by thrashing, agitation, biting, spasms of the pharynx and larynx, choking, gagging, fear of water (hydrophobia[] The objective of the current study was to quantify and compare the probability of entry of a rabies-infected dog via these routes into PNG and to identify the highest risk[] In 2003, an article by rabies experts suggested that survival might be improved through a combination of vaccine, anti-rabies immunoglobulin, antiviral drugs and the anesthetic[] The incidence of ADEM following vaccination has become very low since introduction of non-neural rabies vaccine and only few cases had been reported due to pure chick embryo[] METHODS: We did an open-label, uncontrolled, prospective, phase 1 clinical trial at one centre in Munich, Germany.[] Author information 1 Zoonosis group, Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center (PANAFTOSA), Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2 School[] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 3 Department of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development, Port-au-Prince[]

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  • Irrigation

    LAI and PUI showed less residual CH than the other protocols from artificial grooves.[] Bivalirudin for both systemic intravenous use and local irrigation may be safer in patients without renal insufficiency because of its shorter half-life.[] The major ions (F, HCO 3 ) and trace element (As) in the shallow groundwater represented the natural origin, while the nitrate and sulfate concentrations were related to the[] The conducting system includes the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and terminal bronchioles.[] Time to placement was recorded and patency was assessed via nasal endoscopy.[] BACKGROUND: The general inhalation anesthetic sevoflurane can be used for the topical treatment of complicated wounds.[] INTRODUCTION: Intracranial subdural empyema (ISDE) is a life-threatening intracranial infection.[] Abstract Surgical site infections (SSI) are common complications after open ventral hernia repair (OVHR), potentially requiring further intervention.[] Preoperative (T0) and postoperative evaluations were performed at T1 (30th day), T2 (60th day), and T3 (90th day), in which maximal mouth opening (MMO), pain, and the presence[] OBJECTIVES: This is to compare the volumes of irrigant apically extruded by five irrigation systems in an artificial socket model simulating clinical conditions.[]

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