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  • Irrigation

    OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of subcutaneous saline irrigation in preventing wound complications after cesarean sections.[] Six sides (37.5%) had anterior ethmoid staining, 6 sides (37.5%) had posterior ethmoid staining, and the remaining 4 sides (25%) had mixed anterior and posterior ethmoid staining[] The first case described involved an 88-year-old woman undergoing pacemaker insertion to correct bradycardia.[] It has been shown that while this convergence-mediated modulation is unaffected by canal plugging and clinically practical transmastoid galvanic stimulation, it is eliminated[] Because of the artificial high recharge associated with the Mezquital Valley aquifers, groundwater is extracted for human consumption, and there are plans to use this groundwater[] Abstract Surgical site infections (SSI) are common complications after open ventral hernia repair (OVHR), potentially requiring further intervention.[] Class I integrons were detected in water (arrays dfrA1-aadA1 and dfr16-blaP1b-aadA2-ereA) and vegetables (unknown arrays). intI2 was detected in water (dfrA1-sat2-aadA1).[] Abstract When tissue expander sites are infected, it often results in removal of the expander.[] A possibilistic approach, based on fuzzy set theory, was used to propagate the uncertain input values through the QRA model to estimate the possible range of hazard concentrations[] However, she experienced a recurrence in the left neck region 1 year later.[]

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  • Aging

    Male ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) mice were subcutaneously injected with D-galactose for 5 weeks and then gastric gavage with LAB for 6 weeks.[] CONCLUSIONS: Over time, chronic recurrent tissue expansion of the skin of the lower anterior cheek combined with stretching of the supporting intrafat pad fascial septa results[] Tables Use Word's Insert Table function when you create tables.[] It is argued that music is a prime candidate for being a stimulus for cognitive stimulation because musical memories and associated emotions may be readily evoked; that is[] Respite care is temporary care of your loved one so that you, the caregiver, can get a short period to recharge.[] Access Journals (DOAJ) OAIster : The Open Access Initiative Related journals you may also be interested in:[] The observers viewed arrays of either 64 or 9 moving line segments; because these lines moved behind apertures, their individual local motions were ambiguous with respect[] Lung tissue RTL does not associate with regional disease severity within the lung. Therefore, tissue RTL does not seem to fully reflect peripheral blood telomere length.[] METHODS: Since March of 2014, 10 patients have been operated on for neck lifting with this new approach.[] […] is well established that facing a cognitive challenge while carrying out a motor task interferes with the motor task performance, and in general the ability of handling a dual-task[]

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  • Cerebral Palsy

    Intrathecal baclofen (via subcutaneous pump and catheter) is the most effective treatment for severe spasticity.[] BACKGROUND: For large scoliosis, 2 strategies to maximize correction include intraoperative traction and/or anterior release.[] It can be absorbed into the bloodstream when taken orally, or it can be inserted directly into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through a baclofen pump .[] Stimulation was applied over different nerves of the lower limbs for 5 sessions.[] First with bilateral GPi DBS using a rechargeable ACTIVA-RC neurostimulator followed 5 months later by unilateral CI with a Harmony (BTE) Advanced Bionics Hi Res 90 K cochlear[] His mouth was constantly open at the resting position, with his mandible and tongue displaced downward.[] We propose considering genetic studies, particularly array comparative genomic hybridization, in patients with epilepsy and/or cerebral palsy of unknown etiology when dysmorphic[] Then the multiple regression analysis was applied to determine the prognostic factors upon soft tissue release surgery.[] We have included representative case examples children presenting with dyskinetic, spastic, and ataxic phenotypes, with the intent to highlight the time-honored approach of[] Acetabular index (AI), migration percentage (MP), and neck-shaft angle (NSA) were measured and documented by pelvic radiographs taken pre- and postoperatively and at the follow-up[]

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  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    The authors describe a 2-month-old girl who developed a rapidly enlarging deep subcutaneous solid tumor in the left axilla.[] Abstract A 15-year-old boy presented with a growing mass on the anterior chest wall.[] […] fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis of an aggressive undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed as primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) revealed an insertion[] Leukocytosis with mature neutrophils due to a granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) producing tumor is only seen on rare occasions.[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Radiation Oncology Jump to navigation Jump to search Front Page: Radiation Oncology RTOG Trials Randomized Trials Sarcoma Soft[] Through our National Cancer Institute designation, we offer a full array of clinical trials, providing hopeful treatment options not available elsewhere.[] Soft tissue sarcoma is rare cancer that affects the soft tissues that support, surround, and connect organs and body structures.[] Sarcomas vary in size and location, and they require different approaches to biopsy and surgery.[] The present report involves a soft tissue sarcoma of the neck that occurred 18 years after curative treatment of acute myeloid leukemia by induction chemotherapy and bone[] […] alone or gemcitabine (900 mg/m 2 IV over 90 min on days 1 and 8) and docetaxel (100 mg/m 2 IV over 90 min on day 8; every 21 d) and reported higher response rates in the dual[]

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  • Seizure

    T1-weighted image with gadolinium enhancement revealed frontal bone defects and subcutaneous abscess and left frontal swelling.[] BACKGROUND: Anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL) is the standard surgical treatment for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), but patients may suffer from recurrent seizures post-surgery[] Within each group, the seizure burden was compared between the periods before and after insertion of AspireSR .[] OBJECTIVE: Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with an H-1 coil was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.[] Three measures of primary caregiver understanding were used: (1) identifying if their child had a seizure disorder, epilepsy, or both; (2) providing an open-ended definition[] […] sensitivity, false-positive and false-negative of seizure detection in adult intensive care by amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) and color density spectral array[] Lesional tissue demonstrated well-demarcated nodules of ganglioid cells with vacuolation of both the perikarya and the fibrillary neuropil-like background.[] In this paper, we propose two effective approaches involving subpattern based PCA (SpPCA) and cross-subpattern correlation-based PCA (SubXPCA) with Support Vector Machine[] […] a Departments of Surgery, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery , University of Cincinnati College of Medicine , Cincinnati , OH , USA. 2 b Otolaryngology-Head and Neck[] A dual chamber pacemaker was implanted. KEYWORDS: Ictal asystole; seizures; sudden unexpected death in epilepsy[]

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  • Osteosarcoma

    In an in vivo subcutaneous xenograft model, cinobufagin exhibited excellent tumor inhibitory effects.[] CONCLUSIONS We present a unique case of high-grade anterior mediastinum ESOS and a review of the literature regarding all documented cases of ESOS to date.[] Sometimes some of the bone will be removed, and either a prosthesis (a metal replacement bone), or a bone graft (bone taken from another part of the body) will be inserted[] In K 7 M 2 cells, ROS was easily stimulated and the apoptosis pathway was subsequently activated, accompanied by elevated expression of proapoptosis proteins (such as caspase[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Radiation Oncology ‎ Sarcoma This page may need to be reviewed for quality.[] The expression levels of IGF1R, ABCG2, and CD44 proteins were determined in tissue arrays containing osteosarcoma tissues from 59 osteosarcoma patients.[] […] investigate the relationship between miR-221 expression and prognosis in patients with osteosarcoma.miR-221 expression in 69 osteosarcoma specimens and corresponding noncancer tissues[] The treatment of osteosarcoma requires a multidisciplinary approach involving the family physician, orthopedic oncologist, medical oncologist, radiologist and pathologist.[] Abstract Extraosseous osteosarcoma as a primary tumor of the neck is exceedingly rare, with only a few cases reported to date.[] Targets of miR-330-3p were identified by dual-luciferase reporter assay.[]

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  • Osteophyte

    Abstract The goal of this study was to assess the results of treatment of mucous cysts by subcutaneous excision and osteophyte resection without an associated skin procedure[] This is causing mass effect along the anterior right thecal sac and partially effaces csf signal anterior to the cord … read more Ken Post-Doctoral Degree 5,986 satisfied[] Abstract Three cases in which there was osteophyte formation on the middle phalanx at the site of insertion of retrovascular cords of Dupuytren's disease are presented.[] No effect on TGF-beta1 and BMP-2 secretion by FLS and chondrocytes was evident upon HGF stimulation, whereas secretion of these growth factors by PMA-differentiated THP-1[] Removing the proximal screws of the lateral plate, a medial opening-wedge re-osteotomy was performed.[] The Bonati Spine Institute offer an array of surgical procedures to treat Disc Osteophyte Complex, which may include: Foraminotomy/Foraminectomy Laminotomy/Laminectomy Resection[] Complications of tissue expansion are well documented, the most common being infection or extrusion of the expander.[] In this report, two patients illustrate the dichotomy between and value of both conservative and surgical approaches.[] We present a patient who had an extensor hallucis longus tendon rupture which we believe to be related to the presence of a talar neck osteophyte.[] METHODS: We measured BMD of the lumbar spine, radius, and calcaneus using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry in 88 women who were scheduled to undergo total hip arthroplasty[]

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  • Scar Tissue

    What to Know What many pump users identify as scar tissue is actually insulin lipohypertrophy, a localized thickening of the subcutaneous fat at the injection sites, caused[] CONCLUSION: Combined transurethral resection and temporary urethral stenting is a effective therapeutic option for anterior urethral stricture.[] We report an 89-year-old man who presented with a slowly expanding asymptomatic mass over his pacemaker implantation, 1 year after insertion.[] Emmprin and stratifin were shown to stimulate fibroblast hyaluronan synthesis, and the hyaluronan-stimulating activity of KCM was removed following stratifin depletion and[] The proposed benchmarking framework is made available as open-source and new participants can evaluate their algorithms via a web-based interface.[] It is no different with the migrant crisis, as the prospect of an endless array of EU meetings looms large again.[] Book [ edit ] In 2004, Anthony Kiedis published Scar Tissue .[] A simultaneous approach with total scar tissue excision and resurfacing with Integra may reduce the number of operations and the prolonged time period of treatment required[] Chronic neck pain can be explained by starting with scar tissue, or what we call Fibrosis.[] We demonstrate that the proposed HMF model is dual or equivalent to the convex relaxed POP model and introduces a new and efficient hierarchical continuous max-flow based[]

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  • Trigger Finger

    In some cases infections, bowstring, bleeding, tendon rupture, atrophy of subcutaneous fat can occur.[] […] digits - Operative Considerations: - rheumatoid trigger finger : - incising A1 pulley may cause bowstringing of tendon & deviation of finger toward midline & propencity for anterior[] We present a rare anomaly of the fourth lumbrical muscle insertion as a cause of triggering of the right little finger.[] PURPOSE: To determine whether vibratory stimulation would decrease pain experienced by patients during corticosteroid injection for trigger finger.[] CONCLUSIONS: Open surgery is superior to ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injections.[] However, traditional microneedle arrays fabricated on flat surfaces are unable to deliver drugs effectively across the undulating skin surface of affected finger(s).[] We report a case of trigger finger secondary to a soft tissue chondroma.[] […] regarded as preliminary, the results of this explorative study suggest that ultrasound-guided injection of a corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid could be a safe and feasible approach[] Abstract Among 450 patients examined for neck pain following automobile accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) was diagnosed in four and trigger finger (TF) in three.[] fascia incised to the point 3 cm proximal from the most proximal part of the transverse carpal ligament in addition to the transverse carpal ligament.[]

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  • Deafness

    […] with postlingual deafness, those with prelingual deafness showed lower anisotropy in the right superior temporal gyrus, bilateral temporal white matter, and the genu and anterior[] RESULTS: Eighteen of the 27 patients had received full electrode insertion through the patent cochlear lumen.[] A substantial improvement in speech discrimination was also observed when electrical stimulation on one side was combined with acoustic stimulation on both sides.[] Tech Researchers Create Wirelessly Rechargeable Medical Device Many ailments, such as irregular heartbeats, can be treated by electrical stimulation within the body.[] The patient presented with progressive segmental craniocervical dystonia with jaw-opening, tongue protrusion, retrocollis and gradual overflow including upper limb dystonia[] Method: The 9 sites of 4 common deafness genes (GJB2, GJB3, SLC26A4, and mt 12S rRNA) were detected by bloodspot-based gene chip array in 2,500 newborns.[] In the Group I and II, there was comparable rate of the skin or soft tissue reactions grade 0, I, II, or III.[] […] of Education. 2 Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital, Capital Medical University; Rehabilitation Centre of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.[] To familiarize participants with the dual task procedure, they completed a series of short demos before the main experiment.[] Expected CSF gusher was seen in each case which was initially controlled by packing around the cochleostomy and array with temporalis muscle and fascia.[]

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