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16 Possible Causes for Antibody, Budgerigar, droppings

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  • Psittacosis

    Serologic assessment of the affected subjects suggests that early treatment may suppress antibody response.[] An important clue to the diagnosis is a history of contact with birds, most often budgerigars and more recently cockatiels.[] We recommend precautionary measures such as wetting bird feeders before cleaning them, to reduce the risk of transmission of C. psittaci when in contact with bird droppings[]

  • Farmer's Lung

    Lee TH, Wraith DG, Bennett CO et al (1983) Budgerigar fancier’s lung. Clin Allergy 13:197–202 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 20.[] These monoclonal antibodies were employed to purify antigens through affinity chromatography.[] Poultry feathers and droppings can cause allergies - poultry breeder's lung. Dust in intensive livestock houses can also cause similar respiratory ailments.[]

  • Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis

    Six months after exclusion of exposure to the budgerigars the hemodynamic of the pulmonary circulation was normalized.[] […] in epidemiological studies of antibody prevalence.[] Serum precipitins and a combined systemic and pulmonary reaction 4 h after challenge with an extract of pigeon droppings confirmed bird-fancier's lung.[]

  • Zoonosis

    […] burgdorferi deer, wolves, dogs, birds, rodents, rabbits, hares, reptiles tick bite Orf Orf virus goats, sheep close contact Psittacosis Chlamydophila psittaci macaws, cockatiels, budgerigars[] BACKGROUND: Antibody to hepatitis E virus (anti-HEV) is prevalent in Western countries, where clinical hepatitis E is rarely reported.[] After the proclamation that Germany was free of terrestrial rabies, these indices dropped to 0.2 in 2009 and 2010.[]

  • Crotamiton

    Eurax crotamiton an acaricide used in the topical treatment of scabies in dogs and cnemidocoptic mange in budgerigars.[] Rampton M, Walton SF, Holt DC, Pasay C, Kelly A, Currie BL, McCarthy JS,Mounsey KE (2013) Antibody respons- es to Sarcoptes scabiei apolipoprotein in a porcine model:relevance[] Bound halogen— Place 4 drops in a 3-mm (ID) test tube, and add calcium oxide to a height of 1 cm.[]

  • Pigeon Breeder's Lung

    Birds such as pigeons , parakeets , cockatiels , shell parakeets ( budgerigars ), parrots , turtle doves , turkeys and chickens have been implicated.[] Immunological studies on 18 other patients with pigeon breeder's lung demonstrated a prevalence rate of specific IgE antibodies of 78%, a frequency not previously recognized[] How Dangerous Are Pigeon Droppings?[]

  • Cyanosis

    In addition, incipient exogenous allergic alveolitis was suspected because of the presence of budgerigars and cockatiels in the boy's home and the finding of serum positivity[] Our patient met criteria for probable CAPS, as his antibody titers remained elevated 15 weeks after initial presentation.[] He sought medical assistance due to the growing dyspnoea and the drop of effort tolerance.[]

  • Pigeon-Breeder Lung Disease

    […] breeder’s lung or bird fancier’s lung, these represent different kinds of allergic responses to proteins from birds, particularly proteins contained in the excreta of pigeons, budgerigars[] Immunological studies on 18 other patients with pigeon breeder’s lung demonstrated a prevalence rate of specific IgE antibodies of 78%, a frequency not previously recognized[] Small Amount of Droppings A routine cleaning of droppings (such as from a windowsill) does not pose a serious health risk to most people.[]

  • Mycoplasma Pneumonia

    […] titration of IgG and IgM antibodies against chlamydial species, using formalinized elementary bodies of C. pneumoniae KKpn-15, C. trachomatis L2/434/Bu, and C. psittaci Budgerigar[] This procedure effectively removed 90 to 95% of the IgG antibodies.[] Drop used tissues immediately into a rubbish bin, then wash your hands follow good hand washing procedures.[]

  • Albinism

    "The Parblue Puzzle: Part 4—Common Parblue Varieties: The Cockatiel [ Nymphicus hollandicus ]" in The Genetics of Colour in the Budgerigar and Other Parrots "Amphibian Biology[] RESULTS: Specific antibodies to the P and MATP proteins were generated that work well for Western blotting and immunohistochemistry.[] In some regions of Tanzania targeted by this program, incidence of skin cancer has dropped by 83 percent. Jacquelyn Martin’s images can be seen online at:[]