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  • Seizure

    T1-weighted image with gadolinium enhancement revealed frontal bone defects and subcutaneous abscess and left frontal swelling.[] Within each group, the seizure burden was compared between the periods before and after insertion of AspireSR .[] OBJECTIVE: Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with an H-1 coil was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S.[] Three measures of primary caregiver understanding were used: (1) identifying if their child had a seizure disorder, epilepsy, or both; (2) providing an open-ended definition[] […] sensitivity, false-positive and false-negative of seizure detection in adult intensive care by amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) and color density spectral array[] Lesional tissue demonstrated well-demarcated nodules of ganglioid cells with vacuolation of both the perikarya and the fibrillary neuropil-like background.[] Five seizure-onset patterns were recognized on scalp EEG, and 7 on iEEG, and in each patient, only the predominant scalp and iEEG seizure-onset patterns were compared.[] In this paper, we propose two effective approaches involving subpattern based PCA (SpPCA) and cross-subpattern correlation-based PCA (SubXPCA) with Support Vector Machine[] A dual chamber pacemaker was implanted. KEYWORDS: Ictal asystole; seizures; sudden unexpected death in epilepsy[] The electrode was promptly inserted and the leak was additionally sealed with fascia. Seconds later, the patient had a tonic-clonic seizure lasting 30 seconds.[]

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  • Osteosarcoma

    In an in vivo subcutaneous xenograft model, cinobufagin exhibited excellent tumor inhibitory effects.[] Sometimes some of the bone will be removed, and either a prosthesis (a metal replacement bone), or a bone graft (bone taken from another part of the body) will be inserted[] In K 7 M 2 cells, ROS was easily stimulated and the apoptosis pathway was subsequently activated, accompanied by elevated expression of proapoptosis proteins (such as caspase[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Radiation Oncology ‎ Sarcoma This page may need to be reviewed for quality.[] The expression levels of IGF1R, ABCG2, and CD44 proteins were determined in tissue arrays containing osteosarcoma tissues from 59 osteosarcoma patients.[] […] investigate the relationship between miR-221 expression and prognosis in patients with osteosarcoma.miR-221 expression in 69 osteosarcoma specimens and corresponding noncancer tissues[] This report highlights a case of PCEO in a 75-year-old man with a history of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the scalp.[] The treatment of osteosarcoma requires a multidisciplinary approach involving the family physician, orthopedic oncologist, medical oncologist, radiologist and pathologist.[] Targets of miR-330-3p were identified by dual-luciferase reporter assay.[] A craniotomy with resection of the dura mater and extension to the orbital roof, dural plasty with placement of fascia lata, as well as placement of a methylmethacrylate plate[]

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  • Bicarbonate

    CASE SUMMARY: A patient experienced total occlusion of an implanted subcutaneous port caused by precipitation of phenytoin.[] Since intravenous sodium bicarbonate may produce adverse cardiovascular effects, a right heart catheter should be inserted to monitor these effects when alkali therapy is[] Sodium bicarbonate exhibited no effect on the fatigue profile observed between triceps surae and brachii muscle groups during and after 2 min of tetanic stimulation.[] METHODS: We did a multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled, phase 3 trial.[] Genomewide array comparative genomic hybridization confirmed the absence of additional chromosomal abnormalities.[] […] effect might be dependent on the severity of the decrease in tissue perfusion.[] […] through a scalp vein needle.[] Abstract The optimal approach to managing acid-base balance is less well defined for patients receiving hemodialysis than for those receiving peritoneal dialysis.[] ., bicarbonate and buffer base equivalents of certain organic anions) from the acid and base concentrates of a three-stream, dual-concentrate, bicarbonate-based, dialysis[] Furthermore, giving bicarbonate causes generation of carbon dioxide which diffuses rapidly into the cells.[]

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  • Osteophyte

    Abstract The goal of this study was to assess the results of treatment of mucous cysts by subcutaneous excision and osteophyte resection without an associated skin procedure[] Abstract Three cases in which there was osteophyte formation on the middle phalanx at the site of insertion of retrovascular cords of Dupuytren's disease are presented.[] No effect on TGF-beta1 and BMP-2 secretion by FLS and chondrocytes was evident upon HGF stimulation, whereas secretion of these growth factors by PMA-differentiated THP-1[] Removing the proximal screws of the lateral plate, a medial opening-wedge re-osteotomy was performed.[] The Bonati Spine Institute offer an array of surgical procedures to treat Disc Osteophyte Complex, which may include: Foraminotomy/Foraminectomy Laminotomy/Laminectomy Resection[] Complications of tissue expansion are well documented, the most common being infection or extrusion of the expander.[] In this report, two patients illustrate the dichotomy between and value of both conservative and surgical approaches.[] METHODS: We measured BMD of the lumbar spine, radius, and calcaneus using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry in 88 women who were scheduled to undergo total hip arthroplasty[] One year after the initial operation, the patient underwent surgery to free the larynx from the prevertebral fascia and cut the pharyngeal plexus, but her symptoms persisted[] The four radiological features of osteoarthritis are: narrowing of the joint space bone cysts sclerosis osteophytes General Practice Notebook General Practice Notebook The[]

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  • Traffic Accident

    Abstract A right-handed 53-year-old man presented with a subcutaneous bruise on his right shoulder caused by a seatbelt during a traffic accident.[] The medial rectus was still attached to its anatomic insertion at the globe.[] We showed that adults had a greater risk for open UEFs compared to children, and the adult pedestrian group particularly had a significantly higher risk for open UEFs than[] Abstract Picornavirus-like crystalline arrays were found in the skeletal muscle of a victim of a traffic accident.[] Her left foot showed a large deficit of skin and underlying fat tissue.[] Further, the stored scalp hair analysis demonstrated both MA and AP in 0-3 cm segments from the scalp.[] Referring to this approach, injury/fatal and/or pedestrian-related accidents may be analyzed as future work by developing new scientific models.[] Of the 114 pedestrians, 33% had been struck by motor cycles, 19% by three-wheelers and 17% by dual purpose vehicles.[] Subject 1 had subcutaneous and intramuscular bleeding with décollement on the posterior aspect of her body, including upper cervical spine dislocation.[] The head of the deceased had been decapitated, with egg shelling of the skull from the scalp and face.[]

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  • Gliosarcoma

    In the past 70 years, only eight cases of subcutaneous metastases have been reported.[] On the other hand, a fibrosarcomatous small area, hardly distinguishable from a particularly active microvascular proliferation of a glioblastoma, appears to be inserted in[] The dying tumor cell releases signals that stimulate the immune system to attack and kill additional tumor cells.[] We report on a 67-year-old patient with a primary gliosarcoma that was treated by open resection.[] This ambiguous tumor characteristic and therapy resistance encouraged us to retrospectively perform molecular and array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) analysis[] The osseous tissue may be in the form of newly formed osteoid, benign bone tissue formation with lacunae and osteoblastic rimming, or unequivocally malignant tissue resembling[] Tumors were surgically removed from the brain, skull, scalp and neck, the latter three diagnosed as metastatic gliosarcomas.[] The tumor was partially removed via a transcallosal approach. Histologic examination disclosed gliosarcoma arising by malignant transformation of an ependymoma.[] All neurosphere lines generated high-grade invasive orthotopic tumor xenografts, with histological features strikingly similar to the parental tumors, demonstrating that these[] The non-randomized portion of the study is open for screening and enrollment.[]

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  • Aging

    Male ICR (Institute of Cancer Research) mice were subcutaneously injected with D-galactose for 5 weeks and then gastric gavage with LAB for 6 weeks.[] Tables Use Word's Insert Table function when you create tables.[] It is argued that music is a prime candidate for being a stimulus for cognitive stimulation because musical memories and associated emotions may be readily evoked; that is[] Access Journals (DOAJ) OAIster : The Open Access Initiative Related journals you may also be interested in:[] The observers viewed arrays of either 64 or 9 moving line segments; because these lines moved behind apertures, their individual local motions were ambiguous with respect[] Lung tissue RTL does not associate with regional disease severity within the lung. Therefore, tissue RTL does not seem to fully reflect peripheral blood telomere length.[] These are brief (around 100 ms) periods of stable scalp potential fields that are influenced by cognitive states and are sensitive to neuropsychiatric diseases.[] METHODS: Since March of 2014, 10 patients have been operated on for neck lifting with this new approach.[] […] is well established that facing a cognitive challenge while carrying out a motor task interferes with the motor task performance, and in general the ability of handling a dual-task[] […] fat pad is based on previously reported magnetic resonance imaging studies of the midface cheek fat in young and older subjects and histologic studies of the superficial fascia[]

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  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    The authors describe a 2-month-old girl who developed a rapidly enlarging deep subcutaneous solid tumor in the left axilla.[] […] fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis of an aggressive undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed as primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) revealed an insertion[] Leukocytosis with mature neutrophils due to a granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) producing tumor is only seen on rare occasions.[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Radiation Oncology Jump to navigation Jump to search Front Page: Radiation Oncology RTOG Trials Randomized Trials Sarcoma Soft[] Through our National Cancer Institute designation, we offer a full array of clinical trials, providing hopeful treatment options not available elsewhere.[] Soft tissue sarcoma is rare cancer that affects the soft tissues that support, surround, and connect organs and body structures.[] “Sarcoma is nature’s proof that you can get cancer anywhere, from the scalp down to the toes,” says Maki.[] Sarcomas vary in size and location, and they require different approaches to biopsy and surgery.[] […] alone or gemcitabine (900 mg/m 2 IV over 90 min on days 1 and 8) and docetaxel (100 mg/m 2 IV over 90 min on day 8; every 21 d) and reported higher response rates in the dual[] In this technique, the patellar tendon was anatomically reconstructed using a fascia lata attached to the iliac bone.[]

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  • Fibrosarcoma

    Gamma camera imaging in the murine model showed that Tc-99m ECG-RRL accumulated substantially in the subcutaneously engrafted tumor and that tumoral uptake was blocked by[] Either a prosthesis (a metal replacement bone), or a bone graft (bone taken from another part of the body) will be inserted to replace what is missing.[] Moreover, EP with 0.5 mM of Ca(2 ) slightly stimulates the normal muscle cells - L6 to increase proliferation. Copyright 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.[] From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to navigation Jump to search Fibrosarcoma Benign Fibrous Histologies [ edit ] Nodular fasciitis: rapid growth over several[] Results: The SNP array analysis detected a large number of structural aberrations in SEF and SEF/LGFMS, many of which were recurrent, notably DMD microdeletions.[] Advertisement Soft tissue Fibroblastic / myofibroblastic tumors Fibrosarcoma of soft tissue - adult Author : Komal Arora, M.D.[] KEYWORDS: Congenital infantile fibrosarcoma; Fibrosarcoma; Sarcoma; Scalp tumors[] The patient was treated with Denker approach as anterior wall of the maxillary sinus was eroded by the tumor lesion and the mass lesion was excised.[] Due to the synergistic effect of the produced nanoconjugates, a dual-modality photothermal and photochemical therapy was successfully achieved by 808 nm irradiation.[] fascia.[]

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  • Irrigation

    OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of subcutaneous saline irrigation in preventing wound complications after cesarean sections.[] The first case described involved an 88-year-old woman undergoing pacemaker insertion to correct bradycardia.[] It has been shown that while this convergence-mediated modulation is unaffected by canal plugging and clinically practical transmastoid galvanic stimulation, it is eliminated[] Abstract Surgical site infections (SSI) are common complications after open ventral hernia repair (OVHR), potentially requiring further intervention.[] Class I integrons were detected in water (arrays dfrA1-aadA1 and dfr16-blaP1b-aadA2-ereA) and vegetables (unknown arrays). intI2 was detected in water (dfrA1-sat2-aadA1).[] Abstract When tissue expander sites are infected, it often results in removal of the expander.[] A possibilistic approach, based on fuzzy set theory, was used to propagate the uncertain input values through the QRA model to estimate the possible range of hazard concentrations[] Irrigation of abdominal cavity causes also less retraction of fascia recti which leads to a higher rate of direct fascia closure.[] News / Updates Upcoming Events Quick Contact General Irrigation & Dewatering P.O. Box 291 Oakes, ND 58474-0291 Ph: (701) 742-3223 Fax: (701) 742-2934[] This became more difficult and took more than 2 h three times a week with reflex stimulation after a chlysma.[]

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