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  • Irrigation

    Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, performed at a local hospital, showed 2 gastric bezoars in the stomach, and 1 of them impacted at the pylorus.[] Abstract When tissue expander sites are infected, it often results in removal of the expander.[] OBJECTIVE: To investigate the safety and efficacy of percutaneous endoscopic debridement and irrigation for thoracic infections and to make an appropriate choice according[] A total of nine patients with groin infections were identified, with two aortobifemoral bypasses, two axillofemoral bypasses, three femoral-femoral bypasses, one femoral artery[] A possibilistic approach, based on fuzzy set theory, was used to propagate the uncertain input values through the QRA model to estimate the possible range of hazard concentrations[] Ferris R A, Frisbie D D & McCue P M (2014) Use of mesenchymal stem cells or autologous conditioned serum to modulate the inflammatory response to spermatozoa in mares.[] RESULTS: The duration of treatment was 15 days in the first group, with 7 device's substitutions, while in the second group it was about 10 days with 4 substitutions At the[] Six of the nine patent saphenous veins (average diameter 1.4 mm) had anterograde flow (overall 96.5% reflux free GSVs).[] BACKGROUND: Endoscopy can observe the anatomical components in a deeply located and/or hidden area during neurosurgical procedures under the operating microscope.[] The greatest TP and AP contents were obtained within the upper soil layers in FI.[]

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  • Aging

    Combined procedures included endoscopic face lift and short-scar cervicofacial rhytidoplasty which contained upper and mid endoscopically assisted lift and inferior face and[] Lung tissue RTL does not associate with regional disease severity within the lung. Therefore, tissue RTL does not seem to fully reflect peripheral blood telomere length.[] All were treated with percutaneous covered stent placement within their affected limbs.[] METHODS: Since March of 2014, 10 patients have been operated on for neck lifting with this new approach.[] When autologous fat is not an option, alternative facial fillers including calcium hydroxylapatite and hyaluronic acid may provide excellent results.[] You can use this as a substitute for butter. It’s healthier than some other oils. Yogurt . Bone loss gets worse as you get older.[] Amyloid deposition was observed around the walls of the bronchi/ bronchioles, the pulmonary arteries, and the pulmonary veins, while no amyloid deposits could be found around[] Abstract Rejuvenation of the upper face is a key component of overall facial rejuvenation.[] Then, the vessels begin to collect together into larger and larger veins, which return blood to the heart.[] Signs of facial aging in individuals with skin of color tend to be most pronounced in the periorbital and midface region with less prominent features of skin aging in the upper[]

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  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    […] increased in frequency and duration with time (65%), were exacerbated with exercise (27%), and improved with placing the head in a dependent position (65%), sniffing (28%), upper[] For each intervention, 0.8 to 2 mL of injectable soft-tissue bulking agent was used. RESULTS: In nine patients, more than one procedure was necessary.[] Abstract OBJECTIVE: To report a case of patulous eustachian tube which occurred after percutaneous balloon microcompression of the Gasserian ganglion.[] The patient had noticed these symptoms after she had undergone a laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery to aid weight loss.[] Abstract This study aims to explore the eardrum thickening approach via cartilage myringoplasty for the cessation of symptoms of patulous Eustachian tube (PET), including[] Autologous tragal cartilage was harvested, and chopped into fine pieces to allow its injection using a 1 cc Bruening syringe.[] Because it is inert, it does not require frequent removal and substitution.[] Patients were evaluated postoperatively with nasal endoscopy and a symptom questionnaire.[] The eustachian tube is a small passageway that connects the upper throat/back of the nose to the middle ear.[] Compression of the jugular veins produces peritubular venous congestion and may relieve symptoms.[]

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  • Myelopathy

    Disruption to the upper gastrointestinal tract through surgery can lead to micronutrient malnourishment.[] Abstract Ochronosis is a late developing complication of alkaptonuria, a black brownish pigment in the fibrous and cartilaginous tissues.[] This report describes complete decompression with the percutaneous endoscopic technique for patients with thoracic ossification of the ligamentum flavum (OLF).[] Complementary surgery via a thoracoscopic approach was performed in the 6 cases of calcified hernia.[] […] corpectomies and fusion with titanium expanding cage and plating; group 3 consisted of 39 patients who received multilevel corpectomies and fusion using titanium mesh with autologous[] The information on is not intended as a substitute for medical professional help or advice but is to be used only as an aid in understanding spine and spine[] We report the successful surgical management of a case of OSAM in a patient with bilateral jugular vein occlusion and congenital hydrocephalus.[] Blood analysis revealed undetectable serum copper levels, low serum ceruloplasmin and positive serum Immunoglobulin A anti-tissue transglutaminase.[] After the facet joints are packed with autologous bone and demineralized bone matrix, the cable may then be hand-tightened and crimped at each respective level Lateral mass[] By making use of leading-edge techniques and technology, regenerative- and nanotechnology-based bone graft substitutes, computer-navigated surgery, minimally-invasive spine[]

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  • Salmonella Infection

    […] microL and C-reactive protein level was 230 mg/L; abdominal ultrasound and abdominal computed tomographic (CT) scan showed a splenic abscess of 11.3 x 12.9 x 13.8 cm in the upper[] Abstract A splenectomised patient with Gaucher's disease who developed multiple foci of osteomyelitis and soft tissue abcesses, after a severe episode of group C salmonella[] Abstract We report a case of chronic infection caused by Salmonella and cured by a laparoscopic cholecystectomy after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery for obesity.[] In the conventional case-control approach 6301 children were controls, and in the control-disease approach 285 children were controls.[] The aim of the technique is to improve the solidness of the vascular anastomosis and the tensile strength of the autologous vein graft, thus preventing long-term degeneration[] We conclude that GogB is an anti-inflammatory effector that helps regulate inflammation-enhanced colonization by limiting tissue damage during infection.[] Local graft excision with extra-anatomic bypass resulted in a successful outcome.[] After some improvement in his general condition a more thorough search for the cause of infection was carried out including an autolog leukocyte scintigraphy.[] This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Always follow your healthcare professional's instructions.[] The ovarian tissue culture revealed a Salmonella infection. The final pathology showed bilateral ovarian abscesses and an endometriotic cyst in the right ovary.[]

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  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

    Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy with duodenal biopsies. DIAGNOSIS: Small bowel ischemia complicating paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.[] Nine patients with thrombosis were regarded as eligible for administration of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator, which was effective in reversing thrombi in all of[] Percutaneous thrombolysis is an efficacious treatment.[] We describe a 77-year-old man with PNH and critical symptomatic aortic stenosis who underwent successful aortic valve bypass operation without cardiopulmonary bypass as an[] While this therapeutic approach is effective, there is residual complement activity resulting from specific clinical scenarios as well as from upstream complement components[] We report a previously undescribed case of PNH occurring after autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT) in a patient affected by relapsing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.[] We have recently described a primary homozygous Cys89Tyr CD59 deficiency in humans that resulted in the amino acid substitution p.Cys89Tyr with resulting failure of proper[] Retinal vein occlusion (RVO) is a frequent cause of vision loss but its relationship with PNH has not been studied systematically.[] Although the severe obstructive jaundice requiring endoscopic therapy following cholecystectomy was complicated, critical intravascular hemolysis and thrombosis were not observed[] Department of Internal Medicine, Hôpital Robert-Bisson, 4, rue Roger-Aini, 14100 Lisieux, France. [email protected] Abstract Eosinophilic fasciitis is a rare connective tissue[]

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  • Portal Hypertension

    INTRODUCTION: Upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) is a severe and life-threatening complication among patients with portal hypertension (PH).[] Mild reduction was noted in mesenteric masses and ascites while perirenal soft tissue had increased.[] […] communication deals with a case in which the diagnosis of portal vein thrombosis as the causative factor of portal hypertension was established prior to surgical intervention by percutaneous[] OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of combined Rex-bypass shunt and pericardial devascularization on prehepatic portal hypertension secondary to cavernomatous transformation[] Abstract This study was performed to evaluate the feasibility of the splenic bed laparoscopic splenectomy approach (SBLS) for massive splenomegaly ( 30 cm) in patients with[] Autologous spleen transplantation was not performed because of limited orthotopic and vascularized spleen.[] KEYWORDS: Dominant inheritance; Idiopathic non-cirrhotic portal hypertension; KCNN3; Single nucleotide substitution; Small conductance calcium-activated potassium channel;[] INTRODUCTION: Portal vein aneurysms (PVAs) are usually located at the vein trunk or at its bifurcation, rarely intra-hepatic, or at the umbilical portion.[] The combination of vasoconstrictor and endoscopic therapy is superior to vasoconstrictor or endoscopic therapy alone for control of acute esophageal variceal hemorrhage.[] These vessels carry blood from the coronary veins of the portal system into the azygos-hemiazygos veins.[]

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  • Eikenella Corrodens

    Abstract Eikenella corrodens is part of the normal flora of the mouth and upper respiratory tract and is usually associated with dental and head and neck infections.[] Author Information Authors Article Metrics Metrics Eikenella corrodens is an anaerobic gram-negative rod that usually does not cause infections of the skin and the soft tissue[] Therefore echo-guided percutaneous drainage with pigtail catheter was installed. Fever subsided 5 days later.[] The patient was successfully managed by aortic ligation followed by an extraanatomic bypass.[] An exchangeable working dependence structure was employed in the GEE approach.[] This study showed the importance of using autologous E. corrodens strains in the assessment of serum IgG immune responses to this organism.[] In a few cases, Arachnia species were substituted for Actinomyces and gram-negative anaerobes for E corrodens.[] Soluble products from E. corrodens (EcSP) induced the gene expression and protein production of vascular endothelial growth factor in oral epithelial cells and human umbilical vein[] Guidewire fracture during endoscopic sphincterotomy. Endoscopy. 1993; 25:251–252. Matsubayashi H, Sawai H, Tanaka M, Hotta K, et al.[] Eikenella corrodens is part of the normal flora in the human oral cavity and upper respiratory tract.[]

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  • Acquired Hemophilia

    After 10 weeks, he developed an ecchymosis of the right upper extremity, in the absence of past or family history of bleeding disorder.[] The immune-mediated production of autoantibodies, known as factor VIII inhibitors, often results in clinically significant soft tissue or post-procedural bleeding episodes[] KEYWORDS: Acquired hemophilia A; Endoscopic therapy; Factor VIII inhibitor; Immunosuppression; Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy[] Bypassing agents carry a risk of thrombosis, however.[] […] report presents 2 patients successfully treated with rituximab and a short tapering course of steroids and focuses our discussion in the analysis of different treatment approaches[] Autologous stem cell transplantation in progressive multiple sclerosis – an interim analysis of efficacy . J Clin Immunol 2000; 20 : 24–30. 5.[] The factor substitution was discontinued after a median of 13 IA sessions (range 8-24 days) and IA was terminated after a median of 15 sessions (range 9-27 days).[] Selected Important Safety Information WARNING: BLOOD CLOTS Serious blood clots that form in veins and arteries with the use of NovoSeven RT have been reported.[] The clinical manifestation of AHA includes mostly spontaneous hemorrhages into skin, muscles and soft tissues, or mucous membranes.[] This article reviews the diagnostic approach to AHA, discusses assay-specific limitations and addresses some of the challenges for future research.[]

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  • Laryngectomy

    After laryngectomy, the upper margin of the anterior hypopharyngeal mucosa (postcricoid mucosa) was stitched to the posterior margin of upper-tracheal orifice and a triangle-shaped[] […] functional and quality of life (QOL) outcomes after total laryngectomy with primary closure and those who underwent reconstruction with noncircumferential radial free forearm tissue[] The only comorbidities associated with the diabetic cohort after matching were obesity, previous percutaneous coronary intervention, and hypertension.[] No fatal adverse events were observed among the 204 patients who received a salivary bypass tube.[] […] specimen preserving ample healthy tissue compared to the classic anterior approach.[] Under general anesthesia, autologous fat was harvested from the buccal fat pad.[] Where possible and appropriate, personalized speech synthesis should be offered as an option to "traditional" voice substitutions.[] Cervicotomy was performed: the internal jugular vein was ligated and sectioned, and the pharyngeal defect was repaired with a pectoralis major myocutaneous flap.[] RESULTS: Five patients underwent endoscopic repair of PCF.[] […] planes so as to reduce the risk of pharyngocutaneous fistulae related to poor tissue healing secondary to radiation soft tissue injury or malnutrition.[]

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