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  • Endoscopy

    OUTCOMES: No matter the function of nerve and imaging findings, all got ideal recoveries in just 3 days after 2-stage operation.[] Our patient was managed using the percutaneous full endoscopic technique.[] This approach is more easily maneuverable compared to the endonasal endoscopic approach.[] Among patients suffering from SAE the majority had cerebral embolism (73%).[] Data from the completed questionnaire were later analyzed. Data were obtained from 19 centers across southern India.[] […] for preoperative simulation, which enabled us to clearly image the relationship among the bulging septum, the expected myectomy area, and the structures deep in the left ventricle[] LESSONS: In our experience, the trans-oral approach appeared to be effective, safe, and less invasive for extirpation of selected basal cell adenomas in the parapharyngeal[] The most frequent endoscopic findings were esophagitis in 49 patients, gastritis in 84 and duodenitis in 16 patients. Four duodenal ulcers were diagnosed.[] Rapid ATP testing quickly validates the effectiveness of detergents, equipment, and cleaning processes by detecting biological matter and bacteria left behind after ineffective[]

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  • Alveolar Echinococcosis

    Hypointense grape-like mass with calcification and surrounding white matter edema in T2-weighted MRI should suggest cerebral alveolar echinococcosis.[] The results of successful interventional treatment with percutaneous stent implantation in the hepatic veins are reported.[] Abstract Cerebral alveolar echinococcosis is rare. We report a case with multiple intracranial masses which show cauliflower-like contrast enhancement pattern on MRI.[] The echinococcal aetiology of the brain lesions was confirmed by PCR for this refugee from an area where two disease entities, AE and cystic echinococcosis, are hyperendemic[] She was treated by surgical extirpation and albendazole therapy.[] Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Human Echinococcosis; Centre National de Référence pour l'Echinococcose alvéolaire; & Department of Gastroenterology, Digestive Endoscopy[] The lesion was isointense to cerebral white matter with nodular low-signal-intensity areas on T1-weighted images.[] As a treatment approach, chemotherapy against these orphan and neglected diseases has been available for more than 40 years.[] Another accidental death happened 3 months later from heart failure.[]

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  • Hysterectomy

    Don’t let Hormones Matter die. Yes, I’d like to support Hormones Matter. This article was published originally on April 10, 2014.[] Laparoscopy with 2 lateral percutaneous and 1 soprapubic 3-mm instruments was believed to be feasible to achieve these procedures.[] CONCLUSION: We propose a novel approach to the pelvis to guide surgeons when traditional approaches are not feasible.[] BACKGROUND: Ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunting is a common neurosurgical procedure to treat hydrocephalus that diverts cerebrospinal fluid from the cerebral ventricles to[] MATERIAL AND METHODS: We analyzed retrospectively 236 total and subtotal laparoscopic hysterectomies done by two surgeons from the time they first performed the procedure.[] Abstract We report a 60-year-old female who underwent resection of an endometrial stromal sarcoma of the right ventricle 17 years following a hysterectomy and radiation therapy[] Median weight of extirpated tissue was 195 g (18 to 1110). Residual tissue and/or fluid in the bag amounted to 29 g (0 to 291).[] OBJECTIVE: Hysterectomy via transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) has been carried out for benign uterine diseases and nonprolapsed uteri in[] The surgeon performs the hysterectomy from outside the body, viewing the operation on a video screen.[]

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  • Meningioma

    All of these metrics were normalized according to contralateral normal-appearing white matter (NAWMc).[] We present the case of a dyslipidemic male patient, previously diagnosed with coronary artery disease for which he previously underwent percutaneous coronary intervention[] KEYWORDS: meningioma; microsurgery; petrosal approach; skull base surgery[] MRI revealed acute cerebral infarction in the left frontal lobe and both basal ganglia. MR and cerebral angiography confirmed underlying moyamoya syndrome.[] We report a case of a meningioma where identifying the tumor's dural attachment was difficult because the tumor arose from the denticulate ligament.[] The safe surgical approaches to the atrium of lateral ventricles as well as the anatomy and blood supply to the lateral geniculate nucleus and optic radiation are discussed[] Because of these attributes microsurgical extirpation of the entire tumor as well as any involved meninges is the treatment of choice.[] KEYWORDS: endoscopic; meningioma; neuroendoscopy; transsphenoidal; transtuberculum[] […] outcome, fluorescence heterogeneity within the tumour, the correlation between fluorescence and the proliferation rate, as well as different quantitative measurements are a matter[]

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  • Bartonella Henselae

    Abstract Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation (PPVI) has revolutionized the management of right ventricular outflow tract dysfunction after repaired congenital heart[] Although the transcatheter approach has several advantages, this approach and the valves used are not without complications.[] CONCLUSIONS: As intravascular, intra-erythrocytic and endotheliotropic bacteria, it is possible that B. henselae initially induced a vasculitis, resulting in secondary cerebral[] It protects from experimental colitis induced by Helicobacter hepaticus through the polysaccharide A (PSA).[] We report a 42-year-old male with underlying surgically corrected congenital heart disease who was diagnosed with Bartonella henselae endocarditis involving the right-ventricle-to-pulmonary-artery[] At endoscopy, the mass adjacent to the duodenum was seen as a protruding lesion through the duodenal wall.[] Our work described and validated a proteomic approach suitable to identify immunogenic proteins useful for developing a serological test of B. henselae infection.[] Infection is one of the described complications of PPVI, and to date five cases of culture-positive infective endocarditis of percutaneously implanted pulmonary valve have[] In the surroundings of Vienna (Austria), we identified 11 (10.5%; n   105) B. henselae-positive fleas originating from 8 cats (20.5%; n   39).[]

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  • Mucocele

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Retrospective review of 9286 lesions subjected to percutaneous imaging-guided biopsy identified MLLs in 35 (0.38%) patients.[] When there is occurrence on the inferior orbit, the infraorbital approach, such as transantral, subciliary approach is used commonly.[] […] infected, clinical presentation is similar to acute sinusitis , with potential extension of infection into adjacent spaces: intracranial: subdural empyema , meningitis , cerebral[] Commonly mucoceles form secondary to obstruction of a sinus outflow tract or from mucosal gland entrapment from chronic infection, inflammation, iatrogenic trauma, external[] It was accompanied by pneumocephalus and showed communication with the left lateral ventricle.[] Mucocele of the glands of Blandin-Nuhn was extirpated in all patients after 1 to 3 injections.[] In our patient, resolution of symptoms was achieved by endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy, endoscopic frontal sinusotomy, and drainage of the mucocele under image guidance.[] This report describes an unusual case revealed by bacterial meningitis and cerebral abscess in a 12-year-old child.[] Tumour extirpation, via a transanal route, was performed. The postoperative pathological diagnosis confirmed a rectal mucocele.[]

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  • Epithelial Cyst

    They look like a small bump, are tan to yellow in color, and are filled with thick, smelly matter. They do not cause any pain and can usually be ignored.[] On percutaneous biopsy the internal material was keratin with normal skin structures on the margins, typical of an epithelial cyst. 1 public playlist include this case[] The anterior approach was selected because the lesion was located directly ventral to the spinal cord.[] Abstract A case of choroidal epithelial cyst in the left cerebral hemisphere of a 4-month-old infant is described.[] […] with subsequent metaplasia, or from trauma.[] Abstract A case of choroidal epithelial cyst in the fourth ventricle is described.[] The cyst was completely extirpated after orbitotomy performed by superciliary approach. Histopathology revealed a cyst with nonkeratinized cuboidal epithelium.[] Endoscopic ultrasonography revealed a cystic lesion adjacent to the elevated lesion, and interruption of the hyperechoic third layer of the gallbladder wall next to the gallbladder[] […] intensity on the T2-weighted image, where a ventral short T2 component is seen ( closed arrows ) as well as a more dorsal component, which is approximately isointense with gray matter[]

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  • Cavernous Hemangioma

    The pyramidal tract of all patients was visualized preoperatively, and all patients underwent tailored craniotomy with white matter trajectory to resect the lesion, with the[] However, percutaneous biopsy was disregarded because of a deep location and high risk of iatrogenic complication.[] CONCLUSION: Endoscopic transnasal approaches can now be considered as an alternative option to traditional external approaches in the management of medial and inferior orbital[] Diagnosing a Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Tests for diagnosing a cerebral cavernous malformation Cerebral cavernous malformations can be diagnosed by imaging studies such[] We are unaware of previous reports of hemorrhage into the optic nerve from a cavernous hemangioma of the optic disc.[] Brain imaging studies demonstrated a multi-lobulated hemorrhagic mass in the third ventricle.[] Extirpation of an orbital cavernous hemangioma. Note en bloc removal and preservation of capsule. Courtesy of Robert Alan Goldberg, MD.[] MRI T1-weighted images of cavernous hemangioma exhibit a homogenous signal, isointense to muscle and gray matter, hypointense to fat.[] Death was due to asphyxiation from obstruction of the upper airways by a cavernous hemangioma of the larynx.[]

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  • Sialadenitis

    Physical obstruction of salivary gland ducts with particulate matter, known as "Sialolithiasis", can significantly increase the probability of a secondary bacterial infection[] Abstract During retromastoid and far-lateral posterior fossa surgical approaches the head may be positioned at the extreme limits of rotation and extension.[] Abstract Children with cerebral palsy and other neurologic diseases often present with sialorrhea.[] Chronic obstructive sialadenitis symptoms surveys were scored on a scale from 0 to 100.[] We extirpated the submandibular glands bilaterally and diagnosed IgG4-related chronic sclerosing sialadenitis pathologically.[] Of the 43 patients, 37 (86%) were free of symptoms from the obstructive gland after the endoscopic procedure.[] At present the limit of the endoscopic approach is the size of the stone as only stones of less than 4mm can be removed.[] Only a few years ago extirpation of the whole affected gland was the only relevant therapy option.[] In the submandibular gland, an intraoral approach, an extraoral approach, or a combination of approaches may be appropriate.[]

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  • Hemifacial Spasm

    Whether it’s through the most-advanced technology, like brain imaging, or the most-foundational health habits, like rest and exercise, no matter your age, stage, or issue,[] For invasive non-surgical treatments, peripheral nerve blocks, percutaneous stereotactic rhizotomy and Gamma Knife radiosurgery can be performed on an outpatient basis.[] The right petrosal DAVF was reached through the middle meningeal artery using a transfemoral arterial approach and was occluded with Onyx 18 (M.T.I.- ev3, Irvine, CA, USA)[] Cerebral angiography showed an elongated right VA fusiform aneurysm near the VA union that inclined toward the left side.[] The offending anteroinferior cerebellar artery branch was dissected away from the VIIth and VIIIth cranial nerves.[] In all cases, brain magnetic resonance imaging showed a mass involving the cerebellar peduncle, the cerebellar hemisphere, or the floor of the fourth ventricle.[] In this index case, tumor extirpation with mastoid segment facial nerve decompression provided immediate and durable resolution of symptoms.[] Material and Methods Fully endoscopic MVD was performed using 4-mm 0- and 30-degree endoscopes.[] It is you, our patient, that matters most to us. Watch Our Video[]

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