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  • Synovial Cyst

    For instance, a sac-like structure is formed as a natural reaction to trauma or biochemical irritant, or infection, for that matter.[] Lumbar symptomatic cases are treated by percutaneous cyst aspiration with or without corticoid injection or by surgical resection, but synovial cysts at the C1-C2 level are[] This case reports a cervicothoracic junction degenerative synovial cyst presenting as radiculopathy.[] MRI showed a 1.1-cm extradural cystic lesion with a low signal on T1 and high signal on T2-weighted images lying in the spinal canal at the L4 vertebral body level.[] An intradural cyst resection without fusion was performed via the anterolateral approach. The diagnosis of a synovial cyst was histologically confirmed.[] We have discussed and explained the pathophysiology of the formation of a ganglion cyst derivered from a synovial cyst.[] Imaging studies were diagnostic for a cystic lesion, and degeneration of the acromioclavicular joint without communication with the subdeltoid bursa and the glenohumeral joint[] The surgical treatment consisted of a total extirpation of both cysts including the narrow stalks of communication with the PTFJ.[] […] resonance imaging showed a 1.1-cm extradural cystic lesion with a low signal on T1-weighted images and high signal on T2-weighted images lying in the spinal canal at the L4 vertebral[]

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  • Spinal Metastasis

    Other times, they occur quickly, even over a matter of hours or days.[] Abstract Preoperative direct percutaneous embolization has been very rarely used in hypervascular metastatic spinal tumors to decrease blood loss during the surgery.[] The patient underwent two-staged total removal of the cervicothoracic mass with posterior stabilization and subsequent radiotherapy.[] CASE PRESENTATION: A 41-year-old Turkish man was treated with radiofrequency tumor ablation and percutaneous vertebral augmentation for spinal metastasis.[] The results show that the proposed approach correctly detects all the spinal metastatic lesions while producing only 0.40 FPs per case.[] Metastatic spinal tumors from malignant tumors can induce symptoms of spinal cord compression, such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, and vesicorectal disturbance, which are aggravated[] Copyright 2016 by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Incorporated.[] […] ambiguous tumor characteristic and therapy resistance encouraged us to retrospectively perform molecular and array-based comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) analysis on the extirpated[] Abstract Spine metastasis from cranial meningeal hemangiopericytomas are extremely rare, with five surgically verified cases.[]

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  • Spinal Tuberculosis

    […] atherosclerosis but also to many other health problems, including obesity, high... 16 Healthy Eating Habits You grow progressively more ravenous as mealtimes approach, no matter[] Abstract The study aimed to investigate the efficacy of computed tomography (CT)-guided percutaneous focal catheter infusion for the treatment of spinal tuberculosis.[] BACKGROUND: Cervicothoracic spinal tuberculosis is a rare disease.[] The vertebral body was normal, with no erosion or bone loss. However, bilateral pedicle and facet joint involvement was seen.[] (PO) approach for the treatment of CTSTB.[] Tuberculosis bacilli were isolated from the postoperative biopsy culture.[] […] debridement joint bone fixation therapy.[] Cameron JA, Robinson CL, Robertson DE (1962) The radical treatment of Pott's disease and Pott's paraplegia by extirpation of the diseased area and anterior spinal fusion.[] The indication of conservative treatment for spinal TB is a continuing matter of debate.[]

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  • Neurenteric Cyst

    LESSONS: The gold standard treatment for this disorder is surgery although the precise surgical approach is still a matter of debate.[] Percutaneous fenestration via a transthoracic, transvertebral approach with combined thorascopy and intraoperative MR imaging guidance was used, and the cyst showed lasting[] An MRI scan revealed a cervicothoracic intradural extramedullary neurenteric cyst at the thoracic T1/T2 level, with marked spinal cord compression.[] MR imaging, computed tomography, and radiography detected no vertebral anomaly.[] Although removal of a neurenteric cyst through a posterior approach may result in spinal cord injury, this method is easier and safer than the anterior approach, especially[] Transitions from benign-looking cuboidal cells to dysplastic cells were observed.[] J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2008;90 Suppl 4:146-62 - Rhaney K: Enterogenous cysts and congenital diverticula of the alimentary canal with abnormalities of the vertebral column and[] Variété rare de tératome sousdural de la régioncervicale (intestinome): quadriplégie, extirpation, guérisoncomplète.[] Four underwent a subtotal resection, one a total resection, and one a MRI-guided percutaneous aspiration.[]

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  • Spondylolisthesis

    First, computerized tomography (CT) studies, and now 3-D CT studies of the lumbosacral area have been performed in an attempt to further elucidate this matter.[] Here, we report 23 consecutive patients who underwent anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) with percutaneous pedicle screw fixation (PPF) for multiple-level isthmic spondylolisthesis[] […] spondylolisthesis Acquired cervicothoracic spondylolysis Acquired lumbar spondylolisthesis Acquired lumbar spondylolysis Acquired lumbosacral spondylolisthesis Acquired lumbosacral[] Dynamic angiography confirmed partial stenosis of the right vertebral artery upon rightward head rotation.[] Abstract AIM: To investigate the clinical outcomes of bilateral decompression via unilateral approach (BDUA) on degenerative spondylolisthesis with spinal stenosis in patients[] It is caused by separation of the neural arch from the vertebral body (spondylolysis), and predominantly occurs at the isthmus (pars interarticularis).[] KEYWORDS: Degenerative spondylolisthesis; Facet joint orientation; Facet joint tropism; Lumber disc herniation[] Abstract Degenerative spondylolisthesis is a common presentation, yet the best surgical treatment continues to be a matter of debate.[] The patients underwent anterior lumbar interbody fusion with a stand-alone cage as well as percutaneous pedicle screw fixation.[]

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  • Osteoid Osteoma

    No matter which treatment your child received, regular follow-up care is important.[] Osteoid osteoma: percutaneous resection with CT guidance. Radiology 1993 ; 188:541-547.[] In vertebral locations, conventional radiographs show increased density of the pedicle, loss of a distinct contour, or both features.[] A small safety and feasibility clinical trial by Yarmolenko et al found that this approach appeared to be both feasible and safe in children with painful osteoid osteoma.[] […] describe the initial presentations, subsequent follow-up, and imaging findings leading to the diagnosis of osteoid osteoma as well as to differentiate an osteoid osteoma from[] KEYWORDS: Calcific periarthritis; Osteoid osteoma; Thumb basal joint pain; Trapezium[] Thoracoscopic en bloc extirpation for subperiosteal osteoid osteoma of thoracic vertebral body: a rare variety and its therapeutic consideration.[] from the temporal bone.[] […] derived from reports of a 100- to 1000-fold increase in levels of prostaglandins, particularly prostaglandins E2 and I2 (prostacyclin), in the nidus that was reversible on extirpation[]

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  • Spinal Trauma

    Spatial resolution has proven to be a significant problem in the spinal cord, and distinguishing gray matter from white matter is more difficult than in tracts of the brain[] In trauma this includes the use of percutaneous spinal fracture fixation and expandable corpectomy cages.[] CERVICOTHORACIC TUNNEL COMPRESSION SYNDROMES The cervicothoracic junction is a unique area that receives far less attention than it deserves in all the healing arts.[] Reduction of vertebral dislocation can be difficult to achieve and it is mandatory to perform complete arthrectomy of the injured levels before reducing vertebral displacement[] […] acute) management, pharmacologic intervention, nonsurgical strategies including orthotic management, and a description of the benefits of an anterior-versus-posterior spinal approach[] It may result from direct injury to the cord itself or indirectly from disease of the surrounding bones, tissues, or blood vessels.[] Fractures involving the thoracic level T6- 7 and up to the lumbar L4-5 level are accessible to treat utilizing this minimally invasive approach.[] CT scans could also elucidate regions that were poorly visualized on plain films, in particular the upper thoracic and cervicothoracic junctions.[] It can result from minor injury if the spine is weakened from disease such as ankylosing spondylitis or if there is pre-existing spinal stenosis.[]

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  • Hemivertebra

    Elsevier eBooks provide instant portable access to your entire library, no matter what device you're using or where you're located.[] 416 Distal Angular Femoral Osteotomy 527 417 Distal Rotational Femoral Osteotomy using External Fixation 537 418 Distal Femoral Epiphysiodesis Phemister Technique 544 419 Percutaneous[] SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Cervicothoracic hemivertebra is a rare congenital deformity.[] […] stenosis between the L5 transverse process and sacral alar, whereby the L5 spinal nerve was pinched ("far-out lesion"), and an abnormal nerve root passage in the assimilated vertebral[] PURPOSE: To compare the results after hemivertebra resection through a single posterior approach and through a combined anterior and posterior approach.[] from 17.1 to 3.2 over the same time.[] All patients were given proper counseling by the same joint team. All patients had detailed obstetric and neonatal follow-up.[] Use of intraoperative isocentric c-arm 3d fluoroscopy for sextant percutaneous pedicle screw placement: case report and review of the literature.[] The vertebral anomalies include congenital fusions and congenital hemivertebrae.[]

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  • Osteoporosis

    Sign up or login to continue Make more time for the moments that matter. Get expertly-curated updates and medical education, instantly. New to Univadis?[] […] vertebroplasty and percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (NICE technology appraisal guidance 279) added to treatment of vertebral[] In the first case, the 8th thoracic to the 5th lumbar vertebral bodies showed the so-called “fish vertebrae.”[] Genome-wide approaches individually have specific limitations.[] For males, prevalence ranged from 1 % (UK) to 4 % (Japan) based on total hip BMD and from 3 % (Canada) to 8 % (France, Germany, Italy, and Spain) when spine BMD data were[] Protein and amino acid requirements in human nutrition : report of a joint FAO/WHO/UNU expert consultation. Geneva : World Health Organization.[] Read the full article Background feature: Why osteoporosis matters Osteoporosis in aged care Osteoporosis is not just a women's disease Optimising treatment for osteoporosis[] For balloon kyphoplasty, cannulae placed percutaneously into the vertebral body permit the insertion of two inflatable bone tamps (IBTs) [ 172 ].[] Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, which mainly affects the articular cartilage.[]

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  • Spinal Fractures

    News & Events Healthy Bones Blog Media Releases Position Statements Position Statements – General Public Position Statements – Healthcare Professionals Event Calendar Bone Matters[] We present the outcomes of percutaneous fixation and its advantages in this high risk group of patients.[] […] followed by the lumbar region (L2-L5) with 38 fractures (23.2%), the mid-cervical region with 31 fractures (18.9%), the thoracolumbar junction with 24 fractures (14.6%), the cervicothoracic[] Some patients with vertebral fractures report that they felt no back pain or other symptoms.[] Surgical treatment for spinal fracture was performed in 60.5% of the cases and conservative approach was preferred in 39.5% cases.[] METHODS: Forty-three symptomatic vertebral fractures from multiple myeloma were diagnosed by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).[] Bone Joint J. 2015 Feb;97-B(2):235-9. doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.97B2.34392.[] Informed National Newsletter Sign Up News & Events Healthy Bones Blog Media Releases Position Statements For the General Public For Healthcare Professionals Event Calendar Bone Matters[] Sagittal magnetic resonance imaging delineating a posterior epidural hematoma (black arrow) accompanying a cervicothoracic fracture dislocation (white arrow).[]

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