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  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

    In this report, we present the rare case of a patient with a peripheral nerve sheath tumor originating from the medial plantar nerve in the plantar vault.[] Minimally Invasive Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Correction The technique used in minimally invasive or minimal incision percutaneous surgery involves a much smaller incision on[] Uncertainties still exist about the best conservative treatment, timing of surgical intervention, and best surgical approach.[] However, there have been few reports on schwannoma of the posterior tibial nerve causing tarsal tunnel syndrome.[] […] in the anatomy of the nerve(s), failure to execute the release properly, bleeding with subsequent scarring, damage to the nerve and branches, persistent hypersensitivity[] Surgical technique was either endoscopic or open. Endoscopy is preferable when compression is due to an osteophyte (4/13) or an isolated ganglion 2/13).[]

  • Lumbar Sympathectomy

    The sympathetic nervous system appears to contribute few, if any, axons to the total population of unmyelinated axons in this cutaneous nerve.[] Abstract Percutaneous chemical lumbar sympathectomy with alcohol (PCLSA) using computed tomography (CT) control was performed in 8 patients suffering from advanced peripheral[] We conclude that single-stage lumbar sympathectomy and omentopexy is an effective new surgical approach towards patients with Buerger's disease.[] Right lower limb arterial Doppler showed monophasic flows in the anterior tibial, posterior tibial, and dorsalis pedis arteries.[] These included reduced baseline TOI, reduced deoxygenation rates during occlusion, and reduced reoxygenation rates post occlusion release in the sympathectomised leg at all[] BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to evaluate the results of endoscopic lumbar sympathectomy for plantar hyperhidrosis.[]

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    RESULTS: The mean distal sensory latency of the median nerve was longer, the mean conduction velocity was slower, and mean nerve action potential amplitude was higher in the[] […] fails Massage and manual manipulation techniques have improved CTS symptoms and splinting may be recommended Novel and Emerging Strategies for CTS Sonographically guided percutaneous[] MAGMA was also used to perform gene-property analysis across 53 GTEx 28 v6 tissue types—the top five expressions were in tibial artery, coronary artery, tibial nerve, aorta[] The study found that endoscopic release has a higher incidence of transient nerve injury.[] OBJECTIVE: To compare the outcomes of ultrasound-guided vs direct approach corticosteroid injection in patients with idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome.[] We describe a case of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by fibrolipomatous hamartoma of the median nerve that responded to a two-port endoscopic technique of release.[]

  • Compartment Syndrome

    BACKGROUND: The optic nerve compartment syndrome is a pathological condition in which cerebrospinal fluid of the subarachnoid space surrounding the optic nerve is partly or[] Abstract A 64-year-old man who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention via right radial artery access reported right-hand pain and swelling 2 hours after the procedure[] Acute compartment syndrome (ACS) after tibial fracture carries a risk of various complications, including infection, delayed union, nonunion, nerve damage, and poor prognosis[] METHODS: Timely diagnosis and thorough compartment release are essential to optimizing outcomes in ACS.[] METHODS: We measured extraocular pressure in 86 patients who underwent surgery for cerebral aneurysm via a pterional approach.[] […] complication when performing a long colorectal cancer surgery with the patient in the lithotomy position, particularly when laparoscopic surgery is planned. 2017 Japan Society for Endoscopic[]

  • Synovial Cyst

    Based on the clinical examination and electroneuromyography data, the compression of nerve by soft elastic mass was confirmed.[] Lumbar symptomatic cases are treated by percutaneous cyst aspiration with or without corticoid injection or by surgical resection, but synovial cysts at the C1-C2 level are[] Eighteen months after surgery, a 10x10 cm knee synovial cyst was detected by computed tomography scanning on the anteromedial side of the tibial plateau, and an en-bloc surgical[] He had previously undergone surgical release of the soft tissues anterior to both hip joints because of contractures following spinal injury.[] An intradural cyst resection without fusion was performed via the anterolateral approach. The diagnosis of a synovial cyst was histologically confirmed.[] Herein, a novel technique in which we used an endoscopic transfacet approach to treat a patient with symptomatic lumbar synovial cyst is presented.[]

  • Trigger Finger

    In all of our 3 cases the median nerve was compressed by thickened flexor tenosynovium.[] CONCLUSION: Percutaneous release of trigger fingers is quick, safe, and effective.[] Tendons are the cause of much early stiffness, pain, and disability in RA / RD #rheum Click To Tweet Recommended reading Doctor: Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Is “Extremely[] […] regarded as preliminary, the results of this explorative study suggest that ultrasound-guided injection of a corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid could be a safe and feasible approach[] Currently there is no consensus about the best surgical treatment approach (open, percutaneous or endoscopic approaches).[] Pain along the inner edge of your shin may be a sign of medial tibial stress syndrome, a.k.a. shin splints.[]

  • Local Anesthesia

    Trigeminal nerve blocks (face) Ophthalmic nerve block (eyelids and scalp) Supraorbital nerve block (forehead) Maxillary nerve block (upper jaw) Sphenopalatine nerve block[] This method deserves further consideration for use in unipedicular percutaneous vertebroplasty and percutaneous kyphoplasty.[] Recently, tibial bone has been recognized as an alternative extraoral donor site.[] This study aims to evaluate the outcome results of percutaneous planter fascia release under local anesthesia for chronic planter fasciitis.[] […] patient when all conventional approaches were contra-indicated.[] BACKGROUND: Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD) is a standard technique for the treatment of lumbar disc hernia.[]

  • Osteoma

    […] and the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve.[] MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ninety-two patients underwent percutaneous computed tomography-guided radiofrequency ablation for osteoid osteomas including 54 pediatric (mean age[] KEYWORDS: Anterior transpetrous approach; Coincidental intracranial tumors; Meningioma; Osteoma; Petrous bone; Surgical treatment[] Finstein et al. [ 23 ] reported a case of skin burn with 1 cm diameter necrosis after thermocoagulation of a tibial OO and Zouari et al [ 19 ] reported a postoperative infection[] 2018-06-29sonu retrieved 28 July 2018 MonDO ID MONDO:0005166 exact match 1 reference stated in Human Phenotype Ontology release 2018-03-08 retrieved 8 October 2018 Human[] METHODOLOGY: The osteoma was removed by an endoscopic endonasal approach with a curved diamond drill and an electromagnetic navigation system.[]

  • Entrapment Neuropathy

    Abstract Nerve entrapment, neuropathy, and nerve dysfunction in the legs, ankles, and feet of athletes are not uncommon conditions.[] Sound understanding of PAES becomes imperative to prevent inadvertent percutaneous intervention of this condition with either angioplasty or stent placement.[] Tibial mononeuropathy developed in both wire grid-reared groups, but there was evidence that it appeared earlier in diabetic rats.[] Limited or mini-open releases and endoscopic carpal tunnel releases are considered equally safe and efficient.[] Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome: an approach to diagnosis and management Maira Hameed , Alexander Coupland , Alun H Davies Academic Section of Vascular Surgery, Division[] Percutaneous computed tomography-guided core needle biopsy of soft tissue tumors: results and correlation with surgical specimen analysis.[]

  • Plantar Fasciitis

    The anatomy of the lateral plantar nerve and correct technique for injection to treat plantar fasciitis are discussed.[] All patients with plantar fasciitis who had undergone percutaneous latticed plantar fasciotomy at 3 clinical sites from March 2008 to March 2009 were included in the present[] This case study reports the effects of a multimodality approach including massage, gua sha, bleeding, acupuncture, and moxibustion to treat acute plantar heel pain.[] OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the therapeutic benefit of ultrasound-guided pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) stimulation at the posterior tibial nerve (PTN) in patients with recalcitrant[] After endoscopic partial release of the plantar fascia the patient was pain free for several weeks, before he became symptomatic again.[] KEYWORDS: calcaneus; endoscopy; heel pain; plantar fasciitis[]

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