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  • Meningioma

    We present the case of a dyslipidemic male patient, previously diagnosed with coronary artery disease for which he previously underwent percutaneous coronary intervention[] The transsylvian route of excising a tumor poses difficulty in exposing and safeguarding encased vessels.[] MRI showed a lobulated enhancing pineal region mass measuring 41 mm in greatest dimension.[] Pterional craniotomy is the traditional approach and is often associated with high-risk postsurgical morbidities.[] Hereby, we present a case of a two-year-old boy presented with a diagnostically challenging intraventricular tumor.[] The case highlights the importance of consideration of rare/untypical metastatic sides and the value of radiotracer whole-body imaging in identifying these.[] An extended endoscopic endonasal transtuberculum approach was utilized for gross-total resection, including microdissection of tumor from the optic chiasm and infundibulum[] Simpson grade 1 excision was achieved in 9 patients (11.3%), whereas grade 2 excision was achieved in 57 patients (71.3%); 80% of the tumors belonged to WHO grade 1.[]

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  • Choroid Plexus Papilloma

    Intratumoral embolization with onyx through direct percutaneous puncture was performed. Radical tumor removal was possible after two additional surgeries.[] Choroid plexus papillomas (CPP) are rare intracranial tumours with a favourable long-term outcome after surgical excision.[] It is extremely rare for a CPP to occur in the pineal region.[] We detail our surgical approach and the complexity of approaching a tumor located in the third ventricle of an infant.[] Possible explanations for the rarity of atypical CPP include unclear diagnostic criteria leading to under-representation in reported cases.[] We describe 3 cases of choroid plexus papilloma (CPP) with profuse psammomatous bodies and calcifications that have lost their normal papillary architecture.[] The presentation of a large CPP during infancy is not uncommon and surgical excision is usually recommended without delays.[] This special case helps increase our understanding of benign CPPs and expands our differential diagnostic consideration of lesions with similar manifestations.[]

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  • Alveolar Echinococcosis

    The results of successful interventional treatment with percutaneous stent implantation in the hepatic veins are reported.[] In order to access a disease free part of the inferior vena cava, an oval window of the diaphragm was excised, providing communication between the peritoneum and pericardium[] […] research interests include infectious diseases of the central nervous system, clinic and laboratory investigations upon developmental neuroscience and neurosurgery, stereology, pineal[] Hepatic alveolar echinococcosis: a diagnostic challenge. Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology. 2011;94(1):21–3. DOI: Published on 06 Jan 2011.[] In addition, no correlations between prognosis and gender, age, size, calcification, necrosis, foreign body granulomatous, metastasis were identified.[] Patients underwent endoscopic intervention for treatment of hepatobiliary complications between 1979 and 2012.[] The excised mass showed multinodular, necrotic, and spongiform appearance with small irregular pseudocystic spaces.[] The reconstructed images from both approaches, with the projection data directly used and preprocessed by PR for tomographic reconstruction, were compared in terms of the[]

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  • Double Outlet Right Ventricle

    Such arrhythmias are more frequently refractory to medical therapy, requiring percutaneous ablation.[] "Obstructive muscle tissue in the RV is excised." (Heiden, 2009). "The VSD is closed with a patch." (Heiden, 2009).[] […] ventricle an extension of the third ventricle into the stalk of the pineal body. right ventricle the lower chamber of the right side of the heart, which pumps venous blood[] The postnatal surgical approach was predicted accurately in each case.[] Combined with TTE, DSCT can achieve excellent diagnostic performance in intracardiac anomalies (sensitivity, 91.30% vs. 100%).[] An obstetric sonogram revealed a fetus with a body wall defect suggesting a diagnosis of this condition.[] Endoscopic evaluation revealed type 3 laryngotracheoesophageal cleft. Echocardiogram revealed double outlet right ventricle with subpulmonic ventricular septal defect.[] There were 55 males and 35 females whose age varies from 3 months to 36 years (mean age 7.1 9.0 years old), and body weights ranged from 5 to 63 kg (mean weight 20.4 16.6[]

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  • Hypophysectomy

    As the technology has improved stereotaxic techniques, percutaneous methods for lesion, using radiofrequency termal were created and perfomed more often [ 9 ].[] Preferred Name Craniotomy for hypophysectomy or excision of pituitary tumor, intracranial approach Synonyms Incision of forehead bone for excision of pituitary gland tumor[] Mendenhall's syndrome comprises insulin-resistant diabetes, pineal hyperplasia, and various somatic anomalies.[] Our approach has been used successfully in 75 cases over a six year period, demonstrating its efficacy and safety.[] Indications for hypophysectomy  Surgery can be carried out on the pituitary gland for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.  Diagnostic: To obtain tissue for histology when[] Replacement treatment of hypox rats with human GH, 0.2 IU/100 g body weight/day or 0.4 IU/100 g body weight/day decreased the potency of the rat serum in terms of stimulation[] Endoscopic Hypophysectomy By Dr. T. Balasubramanian M.S. D.L.O. History: 1980's heralded the nasal endoscope.[] […] parathyroid scan TRH stimulation test Adrenal gland Adrenalectomy Tests Dexamethasone suppression test ACTH stimulation test Captopril suppression test Fluid deprivation test Pineal[]

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  • Neurosarcoidosis

    He took corticosteroids for 3 weeks without improvement, requiring a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube for nutrition, but then he promptly improved with a 2-day course[] A redobiopsy provided the diagnosis of germinoma, but was complicated by severe ventricular haemorrhage requiring emergency clot excision.[] New diagnostic approaches include the use of [¹⁸F]-fluorodeoxyglucose PET to identify potential biopsy sites.[] Based on our findings, we propose a diagnostic path for neurosarcoidosis, including spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a mandatory and early step during diagnostic[] I meditated every day and visualised the disease leaving my body. I know this sounds weird but I now live a normal life.[] After making a burr-hole at 2 cm anterior from the coronal suture and 2 cm lateral from the midline, we passed the endoscope (Olympus flexible endoscopy) into the fourth ventricle[] He was scheduled for excision after a functional MRI showed that the speech areas were not involved.[] The authors would advocate an individualised approach, guided by the neurological system involved.[]

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  • Dermoid Cyst

    This was treated with a percutaneous drain and antibiotics, and her symptoms resolved.[] Laparoscopic dermoid cyst excision was performed in 45 women using a different technique: controlled drilling of dermoid cysts in a bag, excision of these cysts, and their[] Similar tumours may also occur in retroperitoneal tissues, mediastinum, and even the pineal body.[] In this case report, we present a rare dermoid cyst in the middle cranial fossa, treated by an endonasal endoscopic approach.[] A cornual ectopic pregnancy is a serious clinical condition and poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.[] In patients affected by differentiated thyroid cancer, the whole-body scan (WBS) with 131-radioiodine, especially when performed after a therapeutic activity of 131I, represents[] […] intensity chemical shift artefact intracranial epidermoid cyst attenuation similar to CSF restricted diffusion on DWI intracranial teratoma : immature usually occur in the pineal[] We describe a uniquely located dermoid cyst in the foreman ovale resected via a combined pterional and transzygomatic approach.[]

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  • Osteoblastoma

    Cerebrospinal fluid around the lesion is an appropriate indication for percutaneous RFA.[] Early surgical excision will not only prevent neurological deficit but also the progression of scoliosis.[] A case of unusual fibro-osseous lesion resembling osteoblastoma of the pineal region is reported, in a 50-year-old man.[] Various endoscopic and open approaches have been described.[] This discovery provides a complementary molecular approach to support pathological classification of two diagnostically challenging musculoskeletal tumors.[] Osteoblastoma of the body of talus is a very rare entity.[] MISTO ( C75.3) 9362.3;TUMORE PINEALE PARENCHIMALE A DIFFERENZIAZIONE INTERMEDIA (C75.3) 9362.3;TUMORE PINEALE TRANSIZIONALE (C75.3) 9363.0;MELANOAMELOBLASTOMA (170.-) 9363.0[] To date, no specific diagnostic cytogenetic or molecular marker has been identified for osteoblastoma to aid in its distinction.[]

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  • Encephalocele

    Five patients with postoperative persistent CSF leak underwent percutaneous thecoperitoneal shunt, which was effective to stop CSF leak [ Table 4 ].[] We were able to cauterize and carefully dissect the sac prior to excision.[] Brain magnetic resonance imaging depicted left frontal encephalocele concomitant with obstructive hydrocephalus caused by an epidermoid cyst originated from the pineal region[] In Case 1, with a 5-year history of refractory seizures, implantation of diagnostic subdural electrodes into the anterior temporal base happened to abolish the seizures completely[] Nine (64.3%) of the 14 patients were overweight (body mass index [BMI] 25 kg/m(2)).[] Evaluations and diagnostic tests We use advanced diagnostic, treatment and neuroimaging technology to provide better outcomes for your child.[] Among all patients, the mean body mass index (BMI) was 35.3 kg/m(2), and 46.4% exhibited empty sella syndrome.[] An endoscopic transpterygoid excision of the encephalocele and multilayer skull base repair were performed.[]

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  • Schistosoma Japonicum

    One schistosomiasis patient with severe nephrotic syndrome underwent percutaneous renal biopsy.[] Recombinant phosphoglycerate mutase (PGM) and UV excision repair protein RAD23 homolog B (RAD23) proteins were expressed and their diagnostic potential for schistosomiasis[] Herein, we demonstrate that the S. japonicum tegument proteins were analyzed by an integrated immunoproteomics and bioinformatics approach.[] Exosome-like vesicles isolated from S. japonicum contained a significantly different protein compared with debris pelleted and the apoptosis body.[] These were removed by endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR).[] Fasting blood glucose and other metabolic parameters, including body mass index (BMI) and serum triglyceride and total cholesterol, were compared between the two groups.[] The key risk factors identified with this approach were the absence of a sanitary stall house for livestock and presence of living and infected intermediate host snails in[] Detecting circulating antigens from adult worms in patients' body fluids should be diagnostically superior to examining eggs in feces.[]

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